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It actually mentions earlier in the story only the leader is an A plus but the second in command is close to A plus and the feast would be level 180-190 if 200 is the benchmark for A+ which is really strong because the Air demon A rank from dark star who was a veteran A rank was still only in the early to mid 170’s also its not just level but skills most have elite skills and elite A grade level/ strength but given a decade or two with this war half or more will be A plus grade most likely View More

Doc_E_Style: I don't think thats likely, considering Hebers theme is the purest form of survival of the fittest.
Like we've seen when HX fought this other mechanic, back when they attended Hebers party, Heber values strength over anything.
So I don't see his trusted officials being anything less than A+, otherwise their positions could probably be claimed by other, stronger supers.

The Legendary Mechanic · C656
5 days ago
It would but it has more cons than pros. Pros he is in the good graces of a dying king cons he may cross the line in drawing to much attention because one it may be a potion that doesn’t exist creating many questions and second he is a blacksmith not alchemist so how he got such a potion may also raise questions View More

Daku_Doragon: I think he should've given the king a master's qi potion, that deffinatly would get him in good graces.

Abe the Wizard · C97
6 days ago
First he appeared a year the players joined aside from a few day beta then it was about one and half to two years at least till the version 2 update then a two year gap till the players appeared again and now it’s been at least another two or three years so around 7 to 8 years to this time skip will be longer than the total time so far since he has reawakened View More

Doc_E_Style: Does anyone know how much ingame time has passed up to this point, from HXs' "awakening"? Because in 10 years he should probably be S grade

The Legendary Mechanic · C652
1 week ago
This is a bad move. Abducting these monsters is bad enough for those that are sapient or close to it because given a monster likely personality they plot revenge and while supporting them may balance this a be slightly in their favor pushing them to battle to the death will lead to their doom because the ancients are likely all sentient and being in their bad books is the worst that could happen which is what they are doing because which ever candidate survived may well have a grudge and lead to their ultimate destruction View More
Chrysalis · C461
2 weeks ago
But imagine combining split thoughts with multiple brains once he strengthens them one more time with a evolution he could shoot out bolt magic like a machine gun with enough practice and that is just one of the simpler applications on that ability View More

TheEverchanging: He really should wring out every bit of unlocking information from the cult. Just imagine every (mage) ant with Anthony’s mental capacity without having to grow multiple brains! 🐜🧠🧠🧠

Chrysalis · C457
3 weeks ago
To be fair their army tactics are likely at best just a step up from middle age tactics even during the revolutionary war they stood in lines and basically took turns shooting at each other and on top of this the leaders are knights focused on improving the personal power and prowess not the tactical skill they also aren’t seasoned commanders at least not as commanders because those successful as commanders and warriors become lords and being just knights even if elite knights most of their knowledge is probably theoretical instead of experience based View More

SleepWalkingMan: What kind of ambush is this , when they know much about orcs physical strength they shouldn't have given time for orcs to stabilize their army. Ambush should be a fast attack to enemies not a head on battle like this

Abe the Wizard · C47
1 month ago
I think he will capture one or two with the best abilities but given their strength capturing them without a few deaths seems unlikely given that are 6 A+ but capturing some with Ames help should be doable View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C640
1 month ago
1# is good to if he can level it up a change the twelve to twenty or more and 6 to 10 or more because a 10% or more multiplier is very useful as and A grade and very useful when he reaches A+ or beyond A because at that level it would add at least dozens of meters to his range in A grade and may add kilometers at A+ or at least that much at beyond A grade View More

The_Ev1l_fluffy: #5 seems to be the best to me.

The Legendary Mechanic · C636
1 month ago
I agree aura would have been a good substitute for Qi but still be use in a similar manner are a warrior based abilitiy View More

Hnn17: odd mix, knights and qi and meridians. why not have pure western fantasy ideas with strength and magic and mana.

Abe the Wizard · C2
1 month ago
I agree what did they think would happen if corner a monster just like an animal it will bite you and since some are smart it will seek revenge like you said them just deflecting garrolosh and not finishing it of is entirely there fault so the death of the kingdom is indirectly entirely their fault without the garrolosh they could have survived at least much better than they did and without her the wizard lizard also wouldn’t have been involved showing for how old the legion is how narrow minded and uninformed they are View More

AdamNics: They can completely blame the monsters if they want but garralosh being there is the legions fault.

Chrysalis · C443
1 month ago
He also only received the information recently given his class it would have taken at least a week or 2 to prepare and he would have no way of knowing his opponent was his living kryponite until he fought which isn’t something he could prepare for View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C633
1 month ago
I just realized it now but why did you change rat men from 0 tier to 1 tier in the next chapter are you trying to change 0 tier to tier 1? View More

Maddawg1808: You have a major error or you made a time jump you didn’t properly explain he became a dragon kin only after evolving every thing to tier 1 how is he already tier 2 on top of millions of others and couple of billion tier 1 I think since you were gone so long you accidentally forgot where things had progressed stat wise in the story which is understandable but causes major issues in the story I only noticed since I read most of the story so far at once but it has been a interesting story so good job writing this story

1 month ago
You have a major error or you made a time jump you didn’t properly explain he became a dragon kin only after evolving every thing to tier 1 how is he already tier 2 on top of millions of others and couple of billion tier 1 I think since you were gone so long you accidentally forgot where things had progressed stat wise in the story which is understandable but causes major issues in the story I only noticed since I read most of the story so far at once but it has been a interesting story so good job writing this story View More
1 month ago
This will sound random but I don’t think you understand how tall the average person is the average male would be between 170 and 180 cm so to say he is only a little taller at around 2 meters you either are tall or comparing extremes like professional baseball player because at that height combined with bulking up he would become and rpg Barbarian warrior View More
1 month ago
No just short chapter their are poor translation out there with similar length just so poorly translated it is closer to broken English View More

FatCat: Chapters getting shorter to combat the fast pass webnovel changes?

The Legendary Mechanic · C594
1 month ago
Even worse Gordoa announced black star tracked down dark star a terrorist organization that eluded a star system level organization for at least 2 or 3 decades why does he think he is safe and won’t be found just by not showing up? View More

SpencerJP: First happy new year.

Second the moron pirate does realize that black star is an employee of a person who can wipe his entire operation out in seconds.

Not to mention that when black star was a B grade combatant, he fought 3 A grade combatants by himself and survived. Now that he is an A grade combatant with the proper equipment he is probably able to kill 2 A grade combatants on his own. This pirate obviously did not think things through.

Plus black star needs a show of force. To show people the consequences of messing with his subordinates and this pirate is so kindly presenting himself for black star to do just that.

The Legendary Mechanic · C593
1 month ago
Do you need help with naming the next tier of body part mutations and the four new Magic’s Anthony will unlock soon when reaches tier three of mind magic because even if gravity is one he will need three other magic attributes an idea that just came to me is you could group up all the ones that me physics such making the four something like. Gravity / Time / Space / and maybe summoning if that is a thing in this story it could be the opposite of core shaping that focuses on quality summoning could focus on quantity. But each of them would be similar in bending the laws of physics gravity, time, and space are self explanatory while summoning could be similar becoming like the dungeon in that it is a being created of pure mana View More

RinoZ: Congratulations.

Chrysalis · C429
2 months ago
Plus if you worried about that Anthony will probably start using fire a lot during his stay in the second strata so there will be plenty of light now. View More

MythologyMaster: Pretty sure when they first got to that strata and anthomy activated his mana sense he described what he saw

And i mean this whole level is about the eerie nature of not being able to see anything and only sense your surroundings. So less about the vividness and more about the atmosphere

Chrysalis · C431
2 months ago
And given his reaction the strongest individual or individuals of this group are at least people who reach around Ames level else the leader wouldn’t have felt pressure are the backer wouldn’t have as much power and support as he does View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C585
2 months ago
So he unlocks new magic at third mind magic / each new category that reaches third tier and he is second tier level nine when is he going to get the next set that probably has gravity magic now because fifth tier now a so beginning to learn official gravity magic wouldn’t be potential completely broken now that he is entering areas where even the shadows can be his enemies View More
Chrysalis · C426
2 months ago
Out of curiosity why did you make the MC a bard it is definitely different but usually their is a reason so I was curious why at least early on you made him take a more supporting role View More
Project New World · C14
2 months ago
I am actually surprised that they went through with their attack on aquamarine because considering the battle of golden gate from a logical stand point to be ambushed that badly they should assume that they have a major intelligence leak so put almost all their eggs in one basket by attacking the planet if things go wrong their ground isn’t just damaged but crippled because with only 2 calamity class to gordoas at least 10 means they will be defenseless in space battles and have lost any hope of ever winning View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C568
2 months ago
I am curious how the world would categorize the ants because while they dungeon in origin they are closer to a early sentient race or young civilization that a group of monsters and given their abilities to reason and cooperate with the town people they may be capable of peaceful coexistence with humans issues would only happen if attacked then it would become closer to an eye for a eye View More
Chrysalis · C417
2 months ago
Given what we know about the sky mercenary group if i reacall correctly they have at least 2 calamity grades in their group and the other two should be about equal if we assume they have at least one mothership level per calamity grade super then dark star is out numbered 6 to 5 in fleets which isn’t taking into account planetary defense force and they are also out numbered in calamity grade supers which sucks because each mothership without a calamity super can be destroyed with out being able to effectively defend them View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C565
2 months ago
Considering it is both a simple blue print a Black Stars nature with business at the least he should be making 1 ena profit for each sold but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was closer to two or more mean he will likely be at 6 or more million in savings meaning he will be able to pay of the loan and still have at least tens of thousands left over to tide him till he make money again and with his foundation now it won’t be hard to make at least a million or 2 in the next few months even after paying off his debt View More

StellarWings: Lol, how many millions is he going to make? Assume 2 million players * 3 = 6 million. Don't know his production costs though.

The Legendary Mechanic · C557
3 months ago
I think this goes beyond just greed this is to the point of collapse of military discipline and chain of command be most certainly their number on command is eliminating demons they disregard it that easily I would be surprised I the military is lax and that when superiors aren’t present they will do what they want which compromises their entire chain of command View More

LoweCypher: These people can only blame themselves for being too prideful and greedy when even noticing that those wolves didn't even want to get near them. They already have a demon to watch out for and they just have to annoy attract more trouble to themselves... They deserved it...

The Divine Wolf... or? · C124
3 months ago
The thing this I am most curious about now thinking about this chapter are how his relationship with Ames potential change first when he becomes A rank because at that point he will officially her most valuable subordinate and give a power resource and the second is when he becomes at least A+ to when he enter beyond A grade because with his power he would become close to a good friend or colleague than subordinate and it would be interesting to see how that affected the dynamic of their relationship View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C554
3 months ago
I am not sure what the limits are on how many aphids they can fit in the expansion but considering Sloan said they killed all of the other type of aphid in such short time their probably weren’t more than a couple hundred thousand and that is high balling it so realistically they can probably stably support a couple hundred thousand ants but the flip side is if they went beyond that most if not all of the million + ants would be tier one and two which would be slaughtered against things like the abyss legion View More

EternalCircle: That is the reason the Legion was so against the colony. After all, it's not a linear growth. As more queens are created, as more biomass is farmed, more eggs will be made on a daily basis. So a year may not see millions but hundreds of millions or even billions. The only downside to curb this would normally be biomass farming becoming a complex or nigh impossible task... but with the aphid population... Yeah Anthony has built the foundation of a great empire.

Chrysalis · C407
3 months ago
This reminds me of a light novel called praise to the orc where the main character slow synchronized more making the game more real but eventually he realized it was a alternate world and I believe the ai in that was actually a god or connected to one View More

Plowbat: I'm also getting concerned about the part of the game company in this... Eisen needs to speak with Samuel and the Goddess IA lady asap!

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C322
3 months ago
Why didn’t he evolve his stomach more considering garroloshs size and evolution level has enough biomass to evolution his stomach to at least 15+ if not 20+ and if he evolved it that far and focused on lower the effects of the evolution penalty he may be able to eat things as if they were a whole tier higher or if luck an especially power creature of a tier ahead View More
Chrysalis · C406
3 months ago
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