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You can't say their name out loud or write it down or they notice.

Or was that the other secret cult? View More

Alessan: Klein didn’t mention the visit from the Twilight Hermit Order. I’m somewhat surprised as it’s rather important and shouldn’t invite any suspicion on him. Maybe next chapter?

Lord of the Mysteries · C631
5 hours ago
He forgot to change his face before coming for volunteer work xD View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C618
6 days ago
It's also because those sequences lack a Sequence 0 and thus have an empty spot for Godhood. View More

bubba3737: The first page of Roselle's diary that Klein reads in the beginning says: "I should have been a Seer, an Apprentice or a Marauder. " That's because these three pathways can access the fog. They are also exchangeable at high sequences. So, Roselle was stuck because he chose the wrong sequence, while Klein was helped by a hint from his senior.

Lord of the Mysteries · C615
1 week ago
Pretending to be Gehrman Sparrow is a good way to get a Darwin Award. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C613
1 week ago
The Grey Fog seems to negate fate/luck curses but also buffs.

Oops. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C611
1 week ago
Lucien should have taken the warning more seriously View More

CreepyHands: so atanas is the mysterious entity from world of souls..

Throne of Magical Arcana · C486
1 week ago

CreepyHands: so atanas is the mysterious entity from world of souls..

Throne of Magical Arcana · C486
1 week ago
Not necessarily, if Arodes perceives Klein as a much higher sequence because of the Grey Fog then he has nothing to worry about he's an "underling"

Other option is that he's related to that family that holds the Seer pathway formula and Klein got in contact with that book. View More

yojire: If Arrodes is from the seer pathway, it would never treat Klein as its lord given the risk of becoming part of Klein's potion.

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 week ago
Different pathway.

The pen is a high grade Spectator artifact.
Arrodes is most likely a high grade Seer artifact which is why it bootlicks Klein.
The dice is a high grade Monster artifact. View More

LoliStalker: Is it just me or the dice might have some connection with the stupid pen and maybe even with arrodes, the same pathway maybe?

It might even be related with the snake, since it is about luck and fate

Lord of the Mysteries · C604
1 week ago
The die is almost certainly from the "Wheel of Fortune" aka "Monster" sequence which manipulates luck.

Now the question is how dangerous / high grade it is. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C601
2 weeks ago
Did she just eat Ramiro? Wtf? View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C481
2 weeks ago
Eh I like him.

He has a creepy power and seems rather determined. View More

Dextuary: Please please please! Let this fool die. Ramiro has more survivability than our mc? Preposterous, it cannot be! Lucien turn him into an ice sculpture using the absolute zero attack and we see if he can come back from that 😤

Throne of Magical Arcana · C480
2 weeks ago
Snake of Mercury is immortal too. View More

Alessan: It seems quite a lot of Pathways have various Sequences that lead to entire life or something similar. So far we have Undying from Death, Demoness of Unaging, and Miracle Invoker from the Seer Pathway. And we know very few demigod names, especially those above Sequence 4.

Lord of the Mysteries · C588
3 weeks ago
Are we reading the same story?

The Seer pathway is ALL about Fate.

Perhaps you want to re-read book 1 and 2 View More

Dex2: Whoa! For a pathway that has little to do with fate - the Seer pathway - the grey fog sure is drawing a lot of powerhouses to Klein. 😱 even demigods are not exempt from something we believe to be the uniqueness of an entire pathway.

Now that I've mentioned it, it really seems a uniqueness of a pathway will provide all the abilities of that pathway to the one that possesses it. We seen Seers have great divination abilities which the grey fog aids greatly with. You can even be a deity stalker a number of times and still live 😅.

We've read that Miracle invoker which is Sequence 2 of this pathway, can return/bring back from the dead. The grey fog has done this for Klein at least twice. Though surprisingly, it did this before he even became a beyonder meaning uniqueness (if it is) can be grasped by virtually any one. He did the ritual of walking 4 steps counter clockwise and boom! Took over it

Lord of the Mysteries · C575
3 weeks ago
They probably mean a powerhouse like Amon or someone equally powerful who can pretend to be a god. View More

Aby55: Why do they keep mentioning that the Fool might be an old friend??? Captain?

Lord of the Mysteries · C565
1 month ago
Could be all related to the Seer pathway as it manipulates fate at higher sequences. View More

Alessan: I’m really curious about these items that connect to the gray fog. There’s definitely some secret behind them and I doubt it’s simple. Especially interesting that they seem to mark people’s bodies when they shatter.

Lord of the Mysteries · C563
1 month ago
The super speed messenger was still the best.

Shame you need to be The Flash to even perceive it though. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C561
1 month ago
We hit rank 8.

More chapters soon? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C541
1 month ago
No wonder he's ranked 13th.

That's one scary ass assassin, with a nearly lich-like immortality as long as a piece remains somewhere safe. View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C465
1 month ago
Keep in mind he's probably convinced "Gehrman" is a sequence or even two above him AND has mystical items. View More

Randompasserby: I'm laughing my ass off at how much like a pretty crook or a small fry Danitz is acting when it comes to Klein.🤣😂😅

For God's sake man, you are at least a sequence 7 beyonder! Have some dignity!
...oh what's that, Gehrman ate your dignity and scaret you sh1tless? Nevermind then, carry on 🙊

Lord of the Mysteries · C533
1 month ago
"This is unscientific!"

Now I'm imagining that pirate captain having a laboratory on the ship... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C531
1 month ago
"As long as he's just killing pirates lets not bother him, agreed?" View More

ResidentialPsycho: Also the flying carpet! I wonder how long it will for them to connect the traces of this battle with Creeping Hunger and the person who killed Qilangos. The Mandated Punishers will really start freaking out then.

Lord of the Mysteries · C528
1 month ago
Manipulate a non-beyonder into doing it for her. View More

swampboy45: Sort of curious how Audrey expects Susie to concoct any potion without hands.

Lord of the Mysteries · C518
1 month ago
When I mean "at the end" I mean when he resolves all problems and becomes a Sequence 1 or 0. View More

Dex2: Nah, it would ruin the image of the Fool. That's why he couldn't even tell Audrey to cheer up after the incident in backlund. He has to consider there are several things to be taken care of in future. His character can't be inconsistent

Lord of the Mysteries · C516
1 month ago
Well it would be impossible to deduce that World is just a dummy stand in for the Fool.

World being an adorer makes more sense and the info he provided makes it almost blatantly obvious he's the same person from Backlund.

I still hope Klein in the end admits he tricked them all just for their reactions. View More

ResidentialPsycho: The Hanged Man has got The World all figured out! Or, at least, what Klein intended for him to deduce... How sneaky.

Lord of the Mysteries · C516
1 month ago
After the revelation

Klein on the outside : relaxed, stoic, badass

Klein on the inside : "holyshitIalmostdied!" View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C512
1 month ago
I wouldn't be surprised if Steele ascends to be the goddess of sado-masochism View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C72
2 months ago
Until he can make both ladies and gentlemen fall for his good looks AND cut a black hole with a sword, he's far from D's level. View More

SaintBookwormLich: Yep, super OP-awesome, mysterious and sharp just like D from Vampire Hunter D 😆

Lord of the Mysteries · C508
2 months ago
"I wanna get ****ed to death by a dragon"

Is how dragonkin were made. View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C62
2 months ago
You forgot it was also God of Insomnia at one point. View More

neopolitana: why are they changing the name of this god all the time, one time its night warden, anothor its sleepless guardian and now its sleeplessness -_-

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C48
2 months ago
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