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I wouldn't be surprised if Steele ascends to be the goddess of sado-masochism View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C72
1 day ago
Until he can make both ladies and gentlemen fall for his good looks AND cut a black hole with a sword, he's far from D's level. View More

MasterBookWormLich: Yep, super OP-awesome, mysterious and sharp just like D from Vampire Hunter D 😆

Lord of the Mysteries · C508
1 day ago
"I wanna get ****ed to death by a dragon"

Is how dragonkin were made. View More
Cthulhu Gonfalon · C62
1 day ago
You forgot it was also God of Insomnia at one point. View More

neopolitana: why are they changing the name of this god all the time, one time its night warden, anothor its sleepless guardian and now its sleeplessness -_-

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C48
3 days ago
Why stop at 3e? Because of 4e?

5e is pretty good and allows faster game setup for the DM, along with cutting out some stuff that made combat turns take too damn long in 3e.

It isn't really "dumbed down" as some people wanna think but rather its just streamlined. View More

Old_Doctor: Obviously you played DnD...^^

I started playing D&D in 1989.... then graduated to 2nd edition and the stopped at 3e...

Cthulhu Gonfalon · C45
3 days ago
So the 20 uber monsters are just reagents for something.

Probably to open a portal to another world(s) since the guys who wrote that seem to not like this world. View More
Chrysalis · C344
4 days ago

FleetingClouds: No, there was that one chapter about the ancient beings, 19 of them living in the deepest strata, and how Garalosh has this urge to climb down as well.

So probably it's not the ants, but the ancient monsters

Chrysalis · C344
4 days ago
They should consider themselves lucky they only lost a few teeth. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C498
5 days ago

Faruel: I think you have this all wrong it's more like;
oh, "saint" Evans released something new, let's look at what knowledge on the truth of light will lead to the death of those heretical arcanists.
looks at the paper: POP

Throne of Magical Arcana · C455
1 week ago

Pruf: Antony

Chrysalis · C341
1 week ago

Drakzil: Well, the dance worked

Chrysalis · C341
1 week ago

lairfin: Emilyn : It's not for me, it's just hypothetic
Audrey : yeah, like a beyonder pet ...

Lord of the Mysteries · C486
1 week ago

MandabulltheMad: I see... the Sequence 0 Beyonders that served the True Creator were either corrupted or killed and the True Creator was slowly corrupted into the Fallen Creator when he tried to team carry a bunch of now useless potato sequence 0s trying to do all their jobs. I guess one way to fix the situation is to put new uncorrupted sequence 0s in place and either purify the creator or become the new creator?

Lord of the Mysteries · C484
1 week ago
So the next volume will be focused around Forse I guess? And maybe uncovering more about Mr Door.

The next gathering should be hilarious once the vampire joins in.

As for the meaning of the title Faceless, there was a question about that a in the first chapter of this volume and I guess I got 2/3 right, I didn't predict the plot about the faceless unnamed people since that only became apparent later in the story.

I did wrongly predict a "faceless enemy" and seems I was almost half right with Mr A showing up since he always wore a golden mask, but he wasn't too important in the end. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C482
1 week ago
Azik is really helpful.

Klein should recruit him to the Tarot Club to keep him up to date on worldly affairs and for occasional help. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C480
1 week ago

BarbatosTheYonko: Wait Mr.A and Miss Pleasure aren't dead. Didn't the church confirm that those who disappear are still alive? What if they're trapped somewhere in the spirit world. Or maybe some other sort of domain.

Lord of the Mysteries · C479
2 weeks ago
Problem is all of his work also undermines church dogma and their made up god. View More

Inconegro: man honestly the church should just pay Lucien at this point the guy kill more sorcerers than they do, like when was the last time an archmage actually died? ages ago i guess. But the next strike is coming for them with this new alchemy i'm sure some guys will be consumed by the light

Throne of Magical Arcana · C451
2 weeks ago
Am I the only one happy that Trissy survived?

Guess the sapphire ring had some life saving effect.

Also interesting how even copying a Demoness power with the Shepherd ability makes the user more feminine.

Seems Klein is screwed and might have to die again, but he still needs most of his body intact to revive. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C478
2 weeks ago
A fan fiction writer who never got popular and transcended into a vengeful spirit upon death, who is now trapped in the magical quill. View More

YourJealousEx: At this point 0-08 is just trolling everyone including even the true creator.

Which author left behind this quill upon death? Was it angry squirrel?

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

Way_too_lazy: When 0-08 wrote: "Oh no!" It killed me

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

ResidentialPsycho: Man... Whoever had to hunt down and capture this quill in the first place must have had a helluva time.

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

Mr_Jiaoxia: 0-08... what tf are you doing?

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

StevenSenegal: Oh man why did the novel have to pick up speed right at the end of the month... I don’t want to spend another fortune for that privilege crap again

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

twoofeachanimal: Definitely one of the greediest and most stupid things ive ever seen a content creation service do

Lord of the Mysteries · C475
2 weeks ago

jiongnoij: A little bit spoiler: everything has its price, and the price of using 0-08 is extremely high,everytime the owner writes something with 0-08, the bloody quill then gets to write its owner, the power of the quill increases with level of bullsheetness of the owner's story---- the harder you screw others with 0-08, the harder 0-08 gets to screw you----so after our dear boy Ince creates some goddam%&ed Meteor out of no where, he basically gived that quill a "f^ck me to death" free pass. Which in the end, surely caused the death of Ince Zangwill

Lord of the Mysteries · C473
2 weeks ago
Its made from a Sequence 1 Spectator/Dreamer aka "Author"
I'm not sure if they implied it's actually made from Sequence 0 materials which would be the remains of the Dragon of Imagination who's power is "turn thoughts into reality"

As for Sequence 1 it can "manipulate people as if they are in a story" AND "can turn nightmare into reality " View More

BubbaBooey: Belated nitpick: Didn't the author say in the Tingen arc that the power of 0-08 consisted of manipulating people? Now, in the previous chapters, this magic pen can also create natural disasters. It's suddenly much more overpowered. I'm not sure anymore if 0-08 has any limitations on its power anymore

Lord of the Mysteries · C473
2 weeks ago
Um The Primordial Demoness is the Apocalypse/Cataclysm/End of Days given form.

Suffice to say nothing short of another god could stop her if she fully descends into the mortal world. View More

BarbatosTheYonko: Dammit. Am I the only one who actually wants to see the primordial demoness actually descend without Klein stopping her. That would be crazy having a mighty goddess just roaming the world doing whatever the fuk she wanted. It would definitely be more interesting. Cause from the way this is building up it's probably gonna be like the Tingen incident where at worst Klein only loses one of his last two lives and the primordial demoness gets vanquished by a sequence 6 faceless.

Lord of the Mysteries · C471
2 weeks ago
It's not omnipotent.

It only made the meteors arrive two days early. It probably can't CREATE meteors out of thin air.

It also doesn't know that Sherlock is Klein so it's not omniscient either. View More

Aby55: What. The. Fuck. There's almost no limit to this 0-08...

Lord of the Mysteries · C471
2 weeks ago
Aw come on don't sacrifice Trissy to reincarnate your godess. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C470
2 weeks ago
Probably surprised that they have a real vampire in the club.

And the Apocalypse story will make them revere The Fool even more View More

MasterBookWormLich: I'm eager to read about the next Tarot Club gathering and read how would react the senior members with Mr Moon and his chuunibyoo antics 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C469
2 weeks ago
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