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  • not a novelzzzz

    not a novelzzzz


    Nothing to read here: Preliminary work of the actual novel. I wrote some chapters but was not happy with the progression. So I restructured the story and fleshed it out more so that it flows better (I hope). The rewrite will be published later.

  • Testzzzzz



    Test platform for formatting. Nothing here. Not a novel. Don't read.

  • Crimson Gloom

    Crimson Gloom


    Crimson Gloom. The time when the moon turns crimson, illuminating the landscape with its crimson glow. The time when the ‘doors’ to the Crimson Abyss open. One shall gaze into the abyss and gain its secrets and powers. Concurrently, the abyss also gazes into oneself, gaining one’s sanity and humanity. _____ Dimensional rifts appeared spontaneously on Earth, bringing otherworldly demons along with the Crimson Gloom. Bloody battles were fought, noble sacrifices were made. Humans eventually sealed the rifts and successfully defended their homeworld. Alas, the seals were not perfect. The Crimson Abyss continued to exist, slowly influencing Earth and its inhabitants. Half a century of relatively uneventful years passed… humanity slowly descended into corruption, and the majority of them knew nothing of the effects of the Crimson Abyss. Is there only the dreadful gloom left to the world? Can one find brightness in the increasingly gloomy world? The youth who had gazed into the Crimson Abyss had no answer, nor did he care. He only wanted the Crimson Gloom to end, to forever seal the Crimson Abyss. A mistake and a twist of fate led the youth into a seemingly totally different direction. Will he forget his lifelong goal? Will he instead step back onto his initial path that he fervently pursued? _____ Disclaimer: I do not own the image on the cover. Image edited on canva.com _____ Will be posted on RoyalRoad pending confirmation.


CrossArk: I swear I’m sleeping kooki....


I think it’s good. Chapters are long😳
Really long. And long chapters are good


Crimson Gloom
1 day ago
yeee new chapter View More
The Scary Yakuza Is My Husband · C78
3 weeks ago

cluelessfirefly: Use Yuan for local events and association award and USD for international tournament prizes(more logical).

King of Sports · C85
1 month ago
It's a great scene! Really gripping and exciting :D View More

David_Tieku: This took way longer to write than I expected. Still trying to get the hang of fight scenes this one took way too long to put together.

That's all for today anyway people. Will try get bonus chapters done this week. I still have 4 to go. Don't know when but I'll get them out. 😴😴😴

I'm off to eat 🍔🌮🌭

King of Sports · C81
1 month ago
I'm first!! Oh my, what treasures! View More
Xenon: The Thunderstorm · C12
1 month ago
Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. He died when his chest was stung by a venomous stingray. View More

Exallion: Still no idea.... >.<

Mutagen · C182
1 month ago
Reading Status: C10
I'm gonna give a proper review since this novel lacks one.

Writing Quality: Good for WN standards. Minor grammar mistakes, but hey, who doesn't make them? (unless you're a pro in English)

Update Stability: As of now (19-08-21), the chapter updates are paused until the end of the contest. If more people read and support this novel, then the author will update more, who knows? If not, tell me and I'll smack the author upside down.

Story Development: Story is engaging and develops at a good pace. You would want to know more.

Character Design: Not your typical characters. Each character seems to have more going on in the background.

World Background: An academy setting with the characters as students. Not much of the world is revealed so far.

There are mature scenes, although they are not explicit. Who knows if it will change later on? Also, the author really wants to finish this story, so please give it a chance. According to the author, this story is twisted where light can be dark and vice-versa. Who knows what the ending will be? View More
Call Me: Sir
1 month ago
Call Me: Sir · C10
1 month ago
Translations? Are you serious? View More

Dagi: Get good sleep so you can give good translations. Thank you for chapter. Still best zombie story.

Mutagen · C169
1 month ago
Rest well and get well soon View More
Mutagen · C169
1 month ago
Ok. Praise Ika. View More

IkaZainudin: Praise me! I'm first again!

Xenon: The Thunderstorm · C11
1 month ago
Where is the next chapter? Hmph hmph hmph! View More
DELETED2125 · C0
1 month ago
Lol no wonder the story looked familiar View More
The Scary Yakuza Is My Husband · C76
2 months ago
Aww, not another Dominador-like person. Anyways, thanks for the chapter! View More
Mutagen · C164
2 months ago
I.... I'm first? :Blobwhoah: View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C51
2 months ago
So sad *cries*

For some reason it feels like this novel is coming to an end too.... *Blobthinkglare* View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C49
2 months ago
<--- Only 11 collections. One is from me. Out of 10, probably about half are from fellow authors from discord. XD View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C36
3 months ago
Diz iz fani... *Laughs in kooki* View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C34
3 months ago
First! :cookie:

Hah! It's not Murakami today :p View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C33
3 months ago

Cel_T: Read it to know about WN authors' blood, sweat, tears, smiles, curses, worries, ecstasy, excitement, writer's block, deadness, more RIPs, and mass refreshing of the inkstone dashboard page.

RIP refresh button.

The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup
3 months ago
Plutia's so violent... *Sobs* OMG can't wait to see the pwincess!

🍪🍪🍪 View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C27
3 months ago


The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C24
3 months ago
I watch TwoSetViolin too! XD

:cookie: View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C23
3 months ago
Reading Status: C11
The story starts off slow but builds up in the later chapters. Read as Griff who lost his memories try to find his way around the world. Keep writing and all the best. ^^b View More
Runes - A Tale Of The Abyss
3 months ago
Nuuuuuu! :cookie: View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C22
3 months ago

Zehell2218: the writing is superb this is a hidden gem even though I don't know about the plot but the writing alone is good. Don't give up writing and keep on improving I believe with a good plot this will merge to the surface 😉

Crimson Gloom
3 months ago
Celty: Oh no! What are my step brothers plotting behind my back!?

Also: Free cookies for everyone! View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C21
3 months ago

Yohanlie: The narration is very good. Its bring my imagination to the story perfectly. And also i love the world building, such an interesting concept specially about the dark knight and immortality. This kind of story need a lot efford for develop and i appreciate how the author can bring it to us.

Crimson Gloom
3 months ago
Reading Status: C6
This story feels lighthearted and has funny moments. The world seems vast and has much to be explored. The only minus is the language but it's normal on WN. Among the problems are tense shifting (present and past). Perhaps getting better editors would help. Keep writing and read more formally published English books. This could help improve your writing.

Keep it up! View More
Legend of Bumi
3 months ago
Cel_T's debut! :cookie: View More
The Webnovel Writer's Chatgroup · C19
3 months ago
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