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    Martial Arts System

    *Ding* System upload complete ... System beginning modifications... Breaking the Host free from the laws of the universe under the order of GOD. Resurrection halted... optimizing System The resurrection of Hosts conscious... Hosts mind is operable to full capacity... Awakening Host...

  • Transmigration with an OP system

    Transmigration with an OP system


    what the hell is going on! the famous line within transmigration novels, MC-sama died in a very pathetic way (He tripped and impaled himself on a broken metal street sign... like i said pathetic) in accordance to the rules of the afterlife when one dies depending on his/her karma he/she built up during his/her life would decide their fate in their next life, For Example if one had good karma then one could choose their reincarnation or if one had a neutral karma then they wouldn't get as many choices and be rushed along but not overlooked and finally if one had bad karma depending on the level they would be either sent to eternal torture or moved along as they may have just been dealt a bad hand in life. our MC was one with very high karma from being a strong willed, kind person who didn't give up and worked hard to the world a better place. Now here he is after choosing his new life through an all powerful siri or automaton of reincarnation.

  • ****


    Magical Realism

  • The Music of Dread to The Music of Love

    The Music of Dread to The Music of Love


    A boy without purpose finds himself Enchanted by music, then he begins his journey to learn music of all sorts to feel the spirit behind it. then one day he was struck by Lightning and he died near instantly. RIP Jay Ren 2020 - 2030 "you will be missed" "YOU WILL CHANGE EVERYTHING! SEEK GREATNESS!" What greatness could he acquire? None! What could he change? Nothing! He had only started on his path toward music! Despite being only ten he was already a world-renowned Musical Genius! but now that ended. J could only scream, a cry, a shout of anger, depression, a Love Lost, an empty feeling that could no longer be filled and came out in a form of a great world-shaking scream even in the afterlife the world shook under the density of emotions in this roar of emotional pain and tore at everyone's heart causing them to feel the full amount of endless pain and longing. Then he fell, Screaming an endless pain endlessly for centuries his Voice tore at all, At everyone in ALL worlds unable to escape the horrible ache that this boy caused inside their heart of hearts, That is until the GODS could take it no more! and Sent the boy to the one place where his Dreams and hopes lay he had sent the boy to both the most beautiful and yet the cruelest place he had ever made he had sent the boy to the first Earth and the Origin of Everything. And the Screaming Stopped, But he wasn't alone because now every GOD and Divine being that had heard his cry, His plea had wanted to see him achieve happiness, And they WOULD, see him Smile once more as he did in the beginning when he first met music. But ONE more than any other the one being who loved him with his Entirety, with his everything the one who had Felt the boys pain the most Apollo, The god of music, truth, and prophecy, healing, the sun and light, plague, poetry, and He would never EVER leave this boy's side. [ALRIGHT, GUYS, THIS IS A PASSION WRITTEN NOVEL OF BL AN YAOI ROMANCE STYLE I AM WRITING IT WITH MANY EMOTIONS SO TRY TO OPEN YOURSELVES UP WHEN READING THIS FOR THE COMPLETE EFFECT OF THIS WRITING.]

  • D.R.E.A.M



    A man dreamed of dragons and magic a world were he stood above them all with the power of the gods at his feet this man was Reem he had no last name, in fact, he gave himself the name Reem to remind himself who he was and who he will be. Dreams are a powerful thing if used by the right person, Powerful enough to create and destroy worlds, Realities were molded by the dreams of the mortals whose dreams were powerful enough to do such things, And this is the story of such a person. -------------TAGS------------- System, Magic, Gore, War, Rags to Riches, etc.

  • Come closer Vampire

    Come closer Vampire


    The story begins before time, before calendar years at least when the celestials mingled with the mortals. The Celestial Beings bore children with the mortals. Unknown of the curse done by the primordial beings even beyond them, For the children they bore, Were neither human nor celestial, Neither mortal nor celestial, But something altogether different something far purer. The Vampire as they would later be named cursed by the primordial beings for the power they were born with they must drink the blood of the mortals to survive. -----This book was inspired by "The Blood Curse series by Tessa Dawn" you can find her on Amazon if you like this sort of thing-----

  • Taking the place of Song Shuhang with a system

    Taking the place of Song Shuhang with a system


    They call me Daoist Dragon Heart but before that, I was known as Orion Farewell my parents were Astrologists and named me after their favorite Constellation. We Lived happily for twelve years until we got into a car accident that killed both of them and nearly killing me, However, I managed to live through the injuries. Unfortunately, I was bedridden for the rest of my rather short life, My Grandparents took me in and cared for me. The Accident from when I was twelve haunted my nights until one day when I was 18 I died of a heart attack that seemed to have stemmed from the stress of my parent's death. Then I woke up standing on a calm endless ocean with the sun setting in the distance it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, Then broken out of my trance a voice spoke to me and the one that spoke was God.

  • Alucard's Reincarnated Little brother

    Alucard's Reincarnated Little brother


    a man dies in an accident, God shows up and offers him three wishes, what does the man wish for other than the opportunity.

  • Cultivation in Cultivation Chat Group

    Cultivation in Cultivation Chat Group


    MC is born ugly and dies ugly, MC is Reborn the Most Beautiful Mortal Being, Mind you not mortal for long... He chose to reincarnate to take Gods Throne as his Successor when he reaches Godhood, until then he is Song Shuhangs Older Brother Song Feng! Lookout CCG your New God is here and he will Live ow he pleases With is Omnipotent System! Watch as he gains fame, Wealth, and Women!!

  • Teen Wolf with the Fenris Wolf

    Teen Wolf with the Fenris Wolf


    Relatively cliche death ending up in front of an all-powerful, Being granted 3 wishes, Our Mc wishes for................ Also inspired by Author Poeticjustice Find him where he left a five star in the review, Please note if the review is not 5 stars the likelyhood of the profile being authentic is nil...

  • RE:Teen Wolf/Originals/Supernatural

    RE:Teen Wolf/Originals/Supernatural


    Stiles Stilinski was a kid with ADHD or so it seemed but the truth was his mind was moving so fast he himself had a hard time keeping up, Through the Supernatural Trials he had after his best friend Scott was bitten by a werewolf, Full moons, Hunters, Dark druids, Crazed Alphas, More Hunters, More Alphas, Crazy Supernatural Doctors, The list went on and on until one day they faced a threat they weren't prepared for, A force so powerful they had no chance of survival, In a single night, they were all wiped out... Except for Stiles, Stiles who they couldn't kill even after decapitating him he somehow survived, Stiles Stilinski had awakened his Source, His power, He was a...

  • Domination In Doulou Dalu

    Domination In Doulou Dalu


    [Cliche, Warning... Due to my love of cliche's that is] Sypnosis: Christian Roal a man with impossible dreams, on earth, there are many who like novels and manga and anime, However none more than him, His favorite... Doulou Dulo AKA Soul Land, He loved everything about it! and he couldn't get enough! One day Christian Died from lightning that was actually Gold in color, Meeting a ROB (Random Omnipotent Being) He was given a few wishes and reincarnation or transmigration as an apology, Enjoy!

  • Author's Fantasy: Blood Curse

    Author's Fantasy: Blood Curse


    MC - Dies and Reincarnates as the son of Napoleon Mondragon one of the Original Vampires the first of the twins. When Mc (now known as Valerian Mondragon) realizes he is actually in the world born from his favorite book series.

  • Descent of the Phoenix: Reborn

    Descent of the Phoenix: Reborn


    [I'm bored and I decided to make a Gender Swap Novel] Main Points - - Transmigrator receives 3 wishes from the System that helps souls transmigrate, Put in place by God after he grew tired of guiding souls. - Decides to Transmigrate as a Female after living as a male. - Transmigrates to the world of 'Decent of the Phoenix' which is a manga made by "Yi Shi Feng Liu" a wonderful story btw. - As He who is now a She Transmigrates, due to being unable to choose her backstory she Is now a Slave, After becoming a Slave the story protag purchases her. - A Slave for a worlds Protag doesn't seem so bad and with her wishes, she could leave whenever she wishes - This Novel was Inspired by another's but I forget which one, If and when I remember I will post it! If the Author of the series that I'm talking about reads this just remind me and I'll put a link to your series! ;)

  • RE: Harry Potter World: Dark Magic

    RE: Harry Potter World: Dark Magic


    Joshua Sheppard Is 24 years old this Thursday, Deciding to activate his new revolutionary Neural Interface that would allow complete access to the human brain. Which in theory, One could look through memories of their own birth or even separate their consciousness from their body and enter a VR body, The possibilities were endless. Joshua had decided to be the first one to test it, All was going well until Joshua's Body seemingly rejected it, Causing his brain to rupture and spasm until the procedure was canceled, Unfortunately, However, Joshua was no more. Joshua had Emerged in the void realm and was welcomed by a transparent screen, "You have three wishes remaining"

  • RE: Percy Jackson World

    RE: Percy Jackson World

    others System


    AN - So I am one of the many that grew up with this series and still read the spin off's because of that, I wanted to do my own fanfic of it with a small time system that can only keep track of your abilities and make it so you can't just unlearn things over time or damage your foundation over time, keep track of skills and their capabilities and masteries, That's all I wanted to say here's the Sypnosis. Daniel Sheppard was 19 when he was in the accident when he opened his eyes he was surrounded by darkness with a small screen illuminated in front of him, On the screen was the line. "You have 3 wishes left, And your Reincarnation and body creation are complementary"

  • Dawn of the Supernatural

    Dawn of the Supernatural


    [AN- A Story where everything that happens is decided by a roll of the dice, at least by the author, anyway here's what I have so far.] Sypnosis: Daniel Sheppard had done almost everything the world had to offer and repeated many of them, He grew bored of a life with nothing new he had tried all the food, and been to all the places the world had to offer. One day on the bridge of thoughts a large bridge in eastern side of Hawaii, the bridge was something that was Naturally made over the years and many people said at night the stars seem to drift down around you and a peaceful scene causes your thoughts to slow down a little. Daniel had decided to jump that night but as he fell he could fell a large hand grab ahold of him and pull him away at a speed fast enough to faint, when Daniel came to he found himself in front of a table with freshly poured tea and some sugar cubes and tea cakes to the side. "I saved you from death to offer you something new, don't ask why I'm just bored okay. Any way the world you go to is random even I can't choose it, however every last one of them is a world of fictions that were in your books specifically supernatural types, you can choose 3 wishes on top of your complementary Body customization and modification, the wishes may have imposed limitations or not, but once you wish for something it can't be taken back.

  • Marvel Reborn

    Marvel Reborn


    Samuel Sheppard or Sheppard as he prefers was a Clear Genius, He has Several PHD'S In Various areas some in history some in mechanics some in medicine some in Design, All of this before the age of 15. But before he could do something with himself he was stabbed fatally during a mugging gone wrong. After what felt like a long time Samuel woke up in a dense darkness with one thing in front of him... a screen, the screen read "You have 3 wishes left"


No question, I was just adding on to your comment. View More

vastoking: i was right tho.

Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C19
1 day ago
It's not ise either... View More

vastoking: It's not Isse it's Issei

Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C19
2 days ago
Reading Status: C5
One of the best novels I've read on this site! BlahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahBlahblahblahblahblahblahblahblahBlahblahblahblahblahblahblahblah View More
Holy Akashic Conqueror
1 week ago
Yep View More

ValyrianDragonLord: This lucifer Morningstar?

Nigh-Omnipotence: Unlike regular Fallen Angels, Lucifer retained his holy and nigh omnipotent powers, instead of them being faded away completely. Lucifer is able to manipulate any external force for any effect he desires. He cannot, however, create something out of nothing; for this he needs the Demiurgic force of his brother Michael, and later his niece Elaine. Together, Michael and Lucifer are capable of creating anything from living beings to entire multiverses. His most common use of power is calling forth the fire of the various suns he used to birth and burning his opponents to ashes. Lucifer is even stronger than the Endless and the only known beings able to rival and surpass his power are Michaeland the Presence.

Cosmic Awareness[1]

Energy Projection

Enhanced Intellect

Flight: Through the use of his large, angelic wings, Lucifer is able to fly.

Immortality: Lucifer will never grow physically old and can live forever. He is billions of years old. Only the Presence is said to have the ability to destroy him.


Magic: Lucifer was able to cast a spell on a door, so that if a person opened it, it would unmake the rest of creation.

Matter Absorption

Necromancy: As a psychopomp, Lucifer can choose the soul's destination if he kills a person or supernatural being (as a demon). He killed Musubi by her own will; she allowed it to free herself from Izanami's service.

Pyrokinesis: Lucifer is able to generate and manipulate holy fire.

Thermal-Blast: Lucifer can generate blasts of flames at will.

Incineration: Lucifer can incinerate beings with his flames.

Dimensional Travel: By projecting flames from his hands, Lucifer is able to create portals to hell.

Reality Alteration: Lucifer is capable of altering reality at will.

Superhuman Stamina: Lucifer is able to function without rest or sleep.

Superhuman Strength: Lucifer is strong enough to throw a person into orbit.

Superhuman Speed: Lucifer has been said to be able to circle the planet before his image leaves your eye.

Telekinesis: Lucifer was capable of telekinetically flinging knives at goons, and slicing them into chunks.

Wings: As a fallen angel, Lucifer possesses large angelic wings

Marvel Reborn · C1
1 week ago
Great, btw if your tea is cold just reheat it in the microwave. View More

My_tea_is_cold: How do you all like the story so far??

The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic. · C3
1 week ago
English! View More

Espectador: Não li o primeiro capitulo ainda, mas depois de ler a sinopse, estou meio ansioso para o que está por vir, porquê finalmente encontro algo que parece bom.

RE: Percy Jackson World
1 week ago
I've read all the books, many times over... View More

MisaqTheFallen: Good story I love it, too bad the author knowledge of Percy Jackson world is based on the 2 films of PJ and not on the fantastic book else it would be awesome.
The original world is much better, I hope the author know at last the final plot and prophecy inherent the destruction of Olympus at the sixteenth birthday of Demi god son of one the 3 big pieces.
if I turn a blind eye is not bad for now.
5 star for encouragement

RE: Percy Jackson World
1 week ago
Not really the alchemist are powerful, dont underestimate one who has extreme knowledge and talent in the field, also if you ever come across one dont anger them they're petty... View More

thewayofKABOOMMMMM: Isn't that a bit too op for a rank 1 pill...
Bone shrinking pill and Xiao can change his body size whenever he wants ....
Though birds bones are hollow and stuff but still

Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens · C20
2 weeks ago
Bruh idk(been a while) but my standards are low as hell and if I actually review something like this than trust me its bad... View More

Saberswordguy: Well this is a crappy review give some reason it is crap to not look dumb

Venture with Anime System
2 months ago
Incest much... View More

Lord_of_Winter: NO!!! FUCK HIS PARENTS!!!

I Hacked Everything · C35
2 months ago

Symbiote: still waiting for the possible NTR scenario. praying for it not to come.

I Can Turn into a Fish · C28
2 months ago
Me 2... I hate that **** too... View More

String_Of_Fate: I get the feeling that the NTR scene will waltz its way in soon...

I Can Turn into a Fish · C28
2 months ago
Bipedal means 2 legged right? But I'm curious about his wolf form as well! View More

sharkboy26: When’s he gonna shift? I’m kinda interested in what the description of Alex’s bipedal form...?

A New Wolf in Twilight · C10
2 months ago
When I feel like it, people need to leave comments on other people's works alone! View More

dragonfall: When are finishing you book

Becoming Immortal · C9
2 months ago
Isn't it sterling city? View More
Dragon Lord of Starling City · C1
2 months ago
Becoming Immortal · C9
2 months ago
Thanks but you know it's a fanfic of an actual book series right? View More

Elsontiger987: Please continue blood curse its a good novel.just my opinion.

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago
Fair enough! Catch you later then! View More

Lucanel: I'd love to tbh all that sand in mah boots is making me wah. But Wakanda's a pretty big country fam and I ain't never said anything about panthers

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago
Oh please! What makes you think I won't be the one to teach you a few things! Ha! And besides wakanda? The black panther is my childhood friend, and I can still beat his ass! But I know a nice bar nearby if you happen to ever stop by, first round is on me! View More

Lucanel: Fam Wakanda got some wacky warlords. Whence you think "African warlords" you usually don't instantly jump to lightsaber wielding neon genesis evangelion style mechs or frikin star trek enterprise looking ships for space battles. Fam let's meet up sometime I'll upgrade the heck out of your gear and you can give me some tips on fighting

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago
Damn good luck to you too! I'm operating in and out of Gotham central, come find me if you need a hand with them cannibalistic warlords. Also be careful to avoid the "Deja" a northern Sahara warlord known for his ruthlessness, But other than that have fun! View More

Lucanel: Huh? So you got an abnormal back story too? My parents were captured by cannibal warlords in africa, sor I've been roaming the Sahara with my brother trying to stay on top of my uni studies on mechanical engineering. My studies are going great since I can use the Internet mid desert. Good luck on bopping that mob boss dude

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago
I'm undergoing my X gene mutation, I'm also trying to hunt down my parents killer while balancing work, school, and my personal life, I've recently found the man who ordered the hit on my parents name is Alexander a local mob boss and head of cartel. View More

Lucanel: Fam you alive? Tbh I miss reading your novels my dude. Still how's your day?

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago

yearsafter: I love yaoi, I hope this is yaoi, but it also ok if it not yaoi. I gladly read it as long as the MC not BRAINLESS WHEN HE MET FEMALES, AND STUPID ROLE OF HAREM!

Anyway, thank for the chapter.

Ps* let me dream of this as yaoi xD.

Dragon God System · C5
2 months ago
Nope he'll gain a resistance to it and reform even if there is nothing left, nice try tho! View More

DaoNotExist: i known how to kill him, you only have to drop him on a super mega gigantic hyperbalastic gigant black hole to be shredded into nothingness.

Death with benefits · C20
2 months ago
Dude this is great! Keep it up! View More
Becoming Immortal · C5
2 months ago
Maybe... I'm just taking a break from everything rn... View More

moogen: Hey just wonderin why u stopped updating and if u were planning on dropping this novel i really hope tht u were going to continue with it

RE: Merlin
2 months ago
Lol but then Wanda would be off the table! (Haremwise) View More

DevilAsura: Nice, it would be cool if he reincarnated in Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff)

The Speedster with The System · C1
2 months ago
He used morgan to draw us in! View More

Zildrug: This deserves love .... JUST BECAUSE YOU DEPICTED MORGAN FREEMAN AS A GOD! And because it's an interesting story.... but mostly because of Morgan freaking Freeman.

The Speedster with The System · C1
2 months ago

Zildrug: This deserves love .... JUST BECAUSE YOU DEPICTED MORGAN FREEMAN AS A GOD! And because it's an interesting story.... but mostly because of Morgan freaking Freeman.

The Speedster with The System · C1
2 months ago
They're both actually... View More

DragonkingKyo: fox aren't lolis they are milfs

Golden Fox with System · C10
2 months ago
Nah man just a lot of shiit in my life rn, I barely have time to respond to your comment... let alone write a chapter. View More

Medusa17112001: U haven't dropped ur percy Jackson novel have u.

Transmigration with an OP system · C8
3 months ago
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