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Original Works

  • The Youngest God

    The Youngest God

    Martial Arts


    At the age of 5, a mortal boy who resided in the Immortal realm was thought of as mere trash, not having any friends, family and loved ones. Then one day, a Heavenly General from the Heavens Realm came down to the Immortal world on a vacation day. Discovering that the trash mortal had a set of Heavenly annihilation veins only seen in the first Heavenly King who created all things in existence, he was taken and raised by the current Heavenly King. As the boy finished his path of cultivation even rising above the Heavenly King in terms of strength, knowledge and looks comparable to none, The boy decides to return to the Immortal world behind the Heavenly kings back. "He He, i'm almost 16, the prime of my life why would i want to skip it by becoming a king of some realm and locked inside this kingdom. If you want me to become the next Heavenly King, sit on your throne for a couple billion years and maybe i'll come back." ----------------------------------------------------- My first novel and as my first novel, the plot may or may not be clear it'll probably just satisfy what i usually want in a novel all put together Check out my other novels: https://www.webnovel.com/book/10786397506166905/The-Child-Of-Void https://www.webnovel.com/book/10804433406171305/The-Son-of-Hades

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  • The Son of Hades

    The Son of Hades

    Martial Arts

    Hades, one of the three major Greek Gods who was banished from Olympus and became ruler of the underworld had three children or so the legend goes. Hades first born child, finding out that he has talents that even surpasses Zeus, he decides to raise him in secret as the God of Death and destruction. However after the age of 18, he decides to leave the underworld and explore the world of mortals which he has always admired since a young age. ----------------------------------- As i said in my last novel, i'm terrible at making summaries so if you want a better understanding just read the prologue or chapter 1. I will rewrite this novel when i feel i am good enough to write a detailed web novel. https://www.webnovel.com/book/10786397506166905/The-Child-Of-Void

  • Omnipotent



    Millions of years ago, when science was just starting, a boy with the name of Cane Omni inherited the will of science. Interested with it since little, he mastered things that humans can only dream of from time travel, stopping space and time, increasing life span to even creating small chips that can grant you things that most wouldn't even consider scientific which are superpowers. This is the journey of a 14 year old boy who awakened in the 21st century. ------------------------------------- In process of recreation by Lindt_Chocolate!

  • In the remakes

    In the remakes

    Eastern Fantasy


    Before the existence of the universe. Before the existence of Heaven and Hell. There was only the void. For trillions of years, the void has always stayed empty. Not one entity was able to leave or enter it. Guang Wu, a child that the void gave birth to is the first and only child who will be able to cultivate in the mysterious arts of the void. Taking in Void qi for billions among billions of years, learning void alchemy that could allow one to transcend into godhood with a casual pill and Void techniques that could easily erase the Heavenly Emperors existence as if he never existed in the first place, follow Guang Wu as he was finally able to leave and to the Heavenly Realm. -------------------------- XOXOXO is picking up this novel from where it left off and any other novel I made if he so chooses.

  • The Child Of Void (NEW)

    The Child Of Void (NEW)

    Eastern Fantasy

    The void. A place that existed before any other. Housed nothing. Not time, space, life or planets. It decides to make an exception by creating one, and only one child. This is the story of the Child of Void. ------------------------------ This is a more refined version of my previous novel "The Child Of Void (OLD)" Tags: Curious Protagonist, Romance, Polygamy, Harem, Strong Protagonist, God Protagonist, hidden talent, hidden strength More to be added at a later date ^ -Removed Naive Protagonist tag- -Added Hidden strength and hidden talent tags- 3 - 5 chapters a week (most likely 3)

  • Returning Primordial

    Returning Primordial

    Eastern Fantasy Polygamy Fast Cultivation OP MC Resourceful MC

    During the primordial era, Chu Yu hailed from a farmer family but quickly rose to be known as the number 1 genius across all his peers. Due to special circumstances, Chu Yu, after reaching a grand state of cultivation at the mere age of 16, stole all the primordial cultivation arts and left not even 1 behind. Without the profound knowledge and Tinith aura that the primordial arts had, the primordial arts died with the ones who were able to cultivate it before the robbery! After the grand robbery, Chu Yu fled to an unknown world and sealed himself with a formation. 5 million years later, Chu Yu was finally released by the help of a fatty. ===================== The cover art is made by JalMcFarren. His signature was cut out because i couldn't fit the entire pic.


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