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WhatIfMoble: I just love that song did not even know he was there and only guessed. The best part is that it makes perfect logical sense for the things he has had to go through.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1126
6 hours ago

Chengchenggg: Feng Ruqing’s identity crisis😂😂

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C359
2 days ago
To be honest with 800+ chapters this novel is already worth multiple real books View More

Honey_Miel: This novel is getting more and more expensive than a real book. It sucks. Really sucks.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C880
2 days ago

Migole: This is totally going to turn into a contest of defense techniques between Shuhang and Winter Melon.

(WM)Look at my armor technique!

(SS)Behold my saber intent armor technique! 

(WM)Well here is my high level holy light barrier!

(SS)I have a higher rank light of virtue barrier who’s also a golden lamia!

(WM)Well I have this mirror artifact that can reflect attacks! You cannot hurt me!

(SS)In that case, I have all these nuclear middles enhanced by the tribulation! Attacks on me will end in mutual destruction!

(Awkward silence as neither is willing to attack)

Keep in mind, winter melon took a very long time to complete his tribulation, so I expect he has a very weak attacks. He might be one of those psychos that only can damage people that attack him

Cultivation Chat Group · C1123
3 days ago

froz3nm3mori3s: It’s a double edged sword situation: the could lose their lives or this could force out their potential. I’m praying for the latter. Ling Lan alone (no matter if she is at her peak) will not be able to handle all these Imperial Mecha Operators. She needs all of her team members to level up.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C878
3 days ago

Khalis: Fast forward to the wedding:
Yellow Mountain: "In the end, the one to marry Doudou ... will actually be Doudou."
Doudou: "Oh my Buddha..."
Chat Group: "Yellow Mountain ..."

Cultivation Chat Group · C1122
3 days ago

Migole: New theory, his ghost spirit did go back in time and do all this, at some point it gained a corporeal body, and kept on cultivating. One day it was severely injured with a blow to the head, causing its realm to decrease and lose its memory.

After a time of futile struggling to remember, is adopted the name thrice reckless…

Cultivation Chat Group · C1118
1 week ago

idreaminanalog: "Did it have blue eyes?" Oops, wrong story.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1117
1 week ago

Lillia24: Nooooooo!!!! I jumped ship and bought all the privilege chapters just to get hung on this kind of cliff????!!!! Whyyyyyy?????!!!! Just kill meeeeeee!!!!

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C867
1 week ago

Blow_03: Daddy Ling sure is smart.

(1) Introducing the well-known veteran Mecha operators first to encourage the hearts of the civilian crowd,

(2) Laying down all their achievements knowing that the other generals and marshals can't expose their "health issues" without shooting down their own as$.. thus making those who oppose to send reinforcement seems to be inhumane. Also affecting the moral of the rest of the military. Because it will seem to be that no matter what their achievements are, the military will only treat them indispensible.

(3) THEN! Introducing Ling Lan: This promising young man whose achievements surpassed the Federation's idol and youngest legendary God-class operator: Ling Xiao!!!!
If he introduced Ling Lan as his "son", it will create quite a ruckus to normal people but it won't sway the Marshalls to his favor.. BUT!! If he said that Ling Lan is undeniably a genius with the possibility of growing to be the next God class operator that the Federation will have, that would entice the interest of these old geezers right?

As expected of our Black-bellied Daddy!!!

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C867
1 week ago

phrel07: I’m very disappointed with Webnovel, they keep on expiring my coins that i have painfully earned so I can saved up and used it for my fave novels that I want. I hate this app now. Before I personally promoted this to my friends here but now that they change it and keep on expiring my coins in a short time frame I really hate it. I’ll disable this app. Really hate it. I’ll just read my fave novels on other website instead. You don’t know how to appreciate your patrons.

Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C313
1 week ago

just_looking: Be it land , sea or even the sky

Cultivation Chat Group · C1116
1 week ago

Absent_Deity: This...is the cruelty of life. No matter how dear someone is to you, you'll need to sacrifice him in order to save the millions.

I'm waiting for one of the higher ranks to say this on the next chap

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C865
1 week ago

N0ES: I bet SS will adopt an army of lolis, with Sixteen spearheading the formation.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1115
1 week ago

Blow_03: And this, here is the reason why Leopard is the ML..
When Ling Lan was getting emotional over the amount of casualties on their first war, he just said "So what?".. not because he's unfeeling and doesn't really care (aaahh, no wait!? Maybe he is?? 😅😅😅), but to get her to calm down and her head straight that in a war, it's already a miracle that they managed to limit the people who died in a large scale and surprise attack like this...

He understood what Ling Lan needs to prioritize in a battle, not because of blind faith but because he UNDERSTOOD.

And Ling Lan would only show her vulnerability to her Leopard.. with her other friends and team captains she maintained her composure and remained steadfast..

I saw so many pink hearts this chapter

Love in the midst of war
The Li brothers' ships are sailing
What about you Li Yingjie!?? 😂😂😂

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C862
1 week ago

10sWBooks: Heh , ' Cocooned Cow ' ain't that the author of Martial World and True Martial World?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
1 week ago

reyou_leo: Ahhh, great sage tyrannical song is about to have a daughter. 18, not married, no girlfriend(?), a virgin and now a daughter. Truly amazing, befitting the first sage on a thousand years.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
1 week ago
For some reason my iPhone can’t upgrade the app at all so I’m still getting SS View More

Jocylin: Right! I’m in the same boat. Too bad I have an iPhone, if I had an android I could download the older version of this app and earn SS again

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C856
2 weeks ago

Zacc: Now then... how is his luck going to help him find the appropriate forging method? Will another cultivator come crashing through his window?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 weeks ago

Stenone: Shuhang: How to find the method lost in time...?
A second later
Shuhang: Who is that elder who is falling in my house ?!

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 weeks ago

reyou_leo: Something that is lost for eons never to be found? A SSR item that rng-esus denied giving you? Have this problem caused you to lose hair thinking about it?
NO WORRY! We have the solution! Presenting Senior White! With the appropriate price(life threatning event), senior white can find you what you need or more!(considering you manage to live).
Call us at 1-800-tribulation space. And bring immortal food to improve your chances of him blessing you.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 weeks ago

fushigi: Although I am frustrated for my girl Soft Feather, I think you're right. Sixteen has true FL power.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1110
2 weeks ago

Spica320: SS manages to receive plus 3 to his EQ save, only to be sabotaged at the last second

Cultivation Chat Group · C1110
2 weeks ago

Lijun: I love sixteen’s bold personality

Cultivation Chat Group · C1110
2 weeks ago

Lancron: The interaction between Shuhang and sixteen is so pure and heartwarming much like in a romance novel.

Little did everyone know sixteen is a lot more senior than Shuhang

Cultivation Chat Group · C1110
2 weeks ago

BladedCCG: Sixteen once again defends her title of best girl with a brilliant display of girl power. None can challenge her.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1110
2 weeks ago

Wuxia4Life: Damn Shuhang should get an Oscar for that acting.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1105
3 weeks ago

puspaindah: Does senior white want to advertisment 'that'while ascending to eight tribulation ??

Cultivation Chat Group · C1104
3 weeks ago

SmilingReader: I can just picture it, Shuhang walking into a store picking out women’s clothes and accessories “for a friend” and senior spirit butterfly misunderstanding the situation again 😂

Cultivation Chat Group · C1102
3 weeks ago
I don't think the bracelet wires can dissipate into fog though, unless the Chamberlain made it that way View More

TL_Shay: Because of how the threads are described. Thin, almost can't be seen by the naked eye, and can mince a person to shreds. Fog element was also described as a domain that was good for assassins and had little offensive ability. Which was why Ling Lan used the whip at the beginning of the fight. That's why I believe it was the assassins wire in her bracelet.

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C843
3 weeks ago
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