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GoldenFoxs: I FOUND IT I FOUND IT IF YOUR LOOKING FOR THIS BOOK IT'S ON THIS LINK https://m.xbiquge.cc/book_1458/


The Peerless Emperor
4 weeks ago

LordTurtle: Same weird comedy that's abundant in the original Chinese webnovels is again used in an original novel! The overuse of "misunderstandings" trope is so much that it got unbearable atleast for me. I understand the title of the novel is not a cultivator but still is the MC going to stay a mortal all his life hiding behind others? He gets stabbed by his crazy yandere fiance and he can't do **** to even stop or protect himself as he's a mortal trash. That yandere ***** should be killed first. Everyone misunderstands the MC for even the tiniest things. There are hit fan favourite comedy or action/cultivation novels that use this trope a lot but they are applied more naturally. The MC gets to faceslap everyone but here the MC gets slapped either way. His father a prestigious clan leader couldn't get his son a couple of strong & reliable bodyguards. No he had to get two complete dumbasses that are weak & don't care about their duty. They give a small reason but after all the issues that they had caused they should have been executed. Really in such a world which clan wouldn't have shadow forces or secret strong bodyguards for the leader & young master of the clan? The guy couldn't just get him some absolutely loyal bodyguards that would be willing to take their own lives before revealing the truth about the MC's crippled/mortal status. Well it's my personal opinion and I'm dropping the novel. If anyone doesn't like some of the same things that I mentioned then you would be better off reading someother novel. But if you like this kind of comedy and would like to see how the MC is going to get out of all his troubles then please read. I know some like it. I appreciate the author's effort. Thank you.

Not A Cultivator
2 months ago
Twins names suggestion, Lissandra or Liaana and Lucien or Lucas,
Lyra looks common,
Lupus sounds like a disease.
Pls more update View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C39
1 year ago
Reading Status: C1
What a good novel, Superb!!!!
But i can see it still a novice translation, just a quick tip if your writing the system voice you can put it in the bracket. For example in Chapter 1
[Should we activate the system?]
The mechanical voice spoke again, sounding closer this time.
Is it a ghost!? Wang Yao quivered with fear before asking, "Activate what?"
[Got it. Pharmacist system is activated. Scanning data…]
There was a flash in front of Wang Yao.
Pharmacist system?
Easy to read right and it has a certain tiuch in reading.
Thank you for a good translation, keep up the good work. 🎉🎉😘😍😘🎉🎉
🏅🏅🏅🏅🏅 View More
Elixir Supplier
1 year ago
Thanks for the chapter, more please View More
Stronghold In The Apocalypse · C16
1 year ago
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