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DaoistCitizen: Wow...

Holy **** I wasnt expecting this at all.

Ok, damn, so paradise earth inheritance were the path to somehow lead fang yuan in the right direction!

No brutal death, no fatality of xia lin, the paradise didnt get purged, and the demon suppression sea was actually connected to the regret containing stone lotus island huh? And thats how paradise earth used regret gu, although its still to go to fang yuan in the end. Nice to have a venerable of time to foresee and assist fy here. If he could use the move prepared by red lotus he couldve summoned demon venerable fy, that would be awesome.

Still, so the demon locked in the sea is also another otherworldly demon? And paradise earth wants him to act as the inheritor instead, borrowing regret gu to try and reform him.

Fang Yuan is the worthiest owner of perseverance indeed, two immortal venerables regret and yet his heart has no regret even in death. Perhaps spectral soul and the rest of the demon venerables too though.

Reverend Insanity · C1679
7 hours ago

DaoistCitizen: .... holy sh!t.

Holy **** holy **** what in the motherfucking HEAVENS!


I felt originally disappointed given how easy a life hong ting has as red lotus which I admired, but the more I read the more this... this unadulterated, pure, horrifying and putrefying disgust well up within me.

What the FUCK! I'm legit fucking horrified, to have an emotional person of all things to be taught since day one the irreversible arrangements of fate! To see all these people you care and you knowing you simply can't help them, and to just watch, all because this is fate's arrangement. To be a bystander and a fucking watcher aware of the future in your own damn life. To have these zombies of absolute power endlessly proclaim,' fate, fate, these people died because of their value to you, fate, fate, his value is yours, fate, my purpose is you..... ' until even your beloved, your parents, your teacher, best friend, watching them all with a detached fucking gaze of its fate so its inevitable.

And its fate that he now holds her lifeless corpse in his hands.

What a horrifying fucking life. Theres ones who live as a caged bird, but this... this is people sacrificing themselves for you without you being able to stop them, and being instilled the idea that the world is all for you, events happen to help you, like some god, a chosen invincible lord of the world, and with all this, you cant even make any decision on your own.

Its fate after all right?....


Reverend Insanity · C1677
1 day ago

ChibiGeneral: I felt a chill when I translated the final sentence in this chapter.

Reverend Insanity · C1677
1 day ago

Tetractys: Okay, I'm pretty sure they're legionnaires, not golems. I forget the chapter, but the armor was supposed to be super bulky and rock-like, right?

Chrysalis · C449
2 days ago

TheMushroomLord: I've just had a thought! I reckon that external mana manipulation may well be one of the best skills for the Colony and a team of Formica specialising in the ability may well be a worthy investment.

Firstly, such a team in the long run would be able to expand the range each tier of Formica could move around in, allowing the lower evolutions ones to venture deeper and the higher level ones to venture to the surface.

Secondly, can you imagine to potency of mana deprivation as a weapon against heavily evolved monsters? Garalosh was hardly able to survive at all on the surface for any reasonable period of time without the constant aid of the mages and she wasn't even able to evolve to a significant tier all things considered, so imagine the potency of depriving the lower level monsters of the rich mana they require.

Thirdly, could mana manipulation be used to increase the chances of monsters to form cores or even be used on pets for the purposes of forming core farms?

There are other things to consider as well like the potential that many of the dungeons unexplained phenomena, like its physics defying ability to not just collapse in on itself or to spawn monsters are the results of mana. Whatever the case it may be worth the Colony looking into.

Chrysalis · C439
2 days ago

EternalCircle: That is the reason the Legion was so against the colony. After all, it's not a linear growth. As more queens are created, as more biomass is farmed, more eggs will be made on a daily basis. So a year may not see millions but hundreds of millions or even billions. The only downside to curb this would normally be biomass farming becoming a complex or nigh impossible task... but with the aphid population... Yeah Anthony has built the foundation of a great empire.

Chrysalis · C407
2 days ago

Darquesse: I don't think so, I think it was a reference to Something that those legion guys mentioned before. The 19 big monsters in the depths of the dungeon. They mentioned that there are suppose to be 20 of them, and that is why the legion is doing their best to stop the big croc from going down, they don't know what will happen when there are 20 of these "super monsters." The big Crocs instincts are telling it to go down and join the others and the legion is not letting it. This Before word suggests that there is an opposite group. A secret society that believes that something amazing will happen when the 20 monsters are together.

Chrysalis · C344
2 days ago

Demon_Venerable: Wow… I mean, what do you even say to this chapter?

I understand now why the heart of a demon never has regret. What is there to regret when you’ve truly lived every moment of your life to the fullest?

I understand now why Fang Yuan was laughing facing his own death when Spring Autumn Cicada failed to active on Yi Tian Mountain. Why fear death when you’ve given everything you had and died in pursuit of your goals?

I understand now why only perseverance remains in Fang Yuan’s heart. What greater ideal and self-fulfilment is there than to live life completely according to your own intentions?

You call a person like this a lunatic and a madman? Fine, then I don’t want to be sane.

You call a person like this a true demon? Fine, then I don’t want to be righteous. Fang Yuan is Human beyond Ren Zu.

This is why it’s impossible for me to dislike Fang Yuan despite everything he has done. There is something about this level of commitment toward a goal that may not even be possible to begin with and voluntarily choosing to live in a way against and hunted by the entire world that even death is no deterrent that deeply resonates with the human spirit. I just can’t help wanting to see someone who “wants it” this much succeed.

I must express my gratitude to this author. His work has taught me much more about how to live my life than I ever thought could be possible.

What boggles my mind is how this author was able to craft such an intricate world with so many unusual ideas not seen elsewhere and weave them into a multi-thousand chapter long story across more than half a decade with so few inconsistencies and at the same time incorporate so many different areas of knowledge together such as philosophy, sociology, politics, and psychology in a way that is easy for the readers to understand and appreciate. What’s more, from the picture of the author, he appears to be quite young, around his mid to late 20s or so. It is quite an achievement.

Reverend Insanity · C1673
2 days ago

TunnelTy: I just had a thought...

So the current situation is a swell of Mana, causing a dungeon break.
When this recedes the levels will drop, and it's likely not only Anthony but also most of the nest will suffer from Mana deprivation, meaning they will need to go deeper.
But if they go deeper, without realizing it, they may end up having to face the legion, or digging their own route through to a far far deeper level...

But... Enchantments exist right?
And Anthony's legs have a biological ability to draw Mana in, right?

As terrible as it sounds, what if they used specific monster parts that conduct Mana in one direction to make a sort of Mana pipeline, that is pumped into the nest, to keep saturation levels to what is needed by the denizens? Surely they can core program some vining plant to have massive vines or roots to tunnel deep into the dungeon and then spray it out at a higher level, at excess it can probably make a sort of core fruit, not quite a monster core, but certainly some sort of Mana repository fruit flesh yes? This would be beneficial in several ways, as having a giant monster, or a sort of hive mind low intellect plant beast network would give a great grazing area for the aphids, Mana laced fruit, and even the potential for more core farming, as well as a possible defensive entity for the nest.

Chrysalis · C292
3 days ago

tommyjl7: Given the intelligence of humans what will an ant do?... figure out how to kill its self the quickest to prove it was the most dedicated to the colony apparently haha 😂

Chrysalis · C260
3 days ago

Lagrange7: Am i the only one who imagines Vibrant running with with an army of ants behind her towards the human colony to defend them from the monsterwaves while screaming:

Chrysalis · C256
3 days ago

geass222: If I'm the one who talks to that rude girl, i will as her, "so do you think all monsters in dungeon are mindless beast that ate humans?? Well, to be honest human are not much different, they go to dungeon and slaughter the beast inside. Then what's the difference?"

Chrysalis · C238
3 days ago

woodzrox: Meanwhile, in the aphid’s POV: It bought my act! Stupid ant will protect me and feed me all the tasty leaves I can eat and all it wants is to eat my waste.

Chrysalis · C222
4 days ago

Mistborn: A bit hard to believe Vibrant and Crinis aren’t getting damaged by Tiny’s area of effect attacks. They don’t distinguish between friend and foe after all. Antony is tough enough to take it, but those two tiny freeloads... doubtful

Chrysalis · C186
4 days ago

Codel: ... isn't it obvious they are running away?

Chrysalis · C185
4 days ago

Azgaroth: During the time between the chapter today i had and idea but i don't know if it's fit in the story:
We know that plant monster exist and anthony can make surgery on monster so can't he create some kind of rainbow plant wich produce fruit giving biomass with each color egal to a monster tier or something like that, and a vine monster who pump the dungeon mana into the surface, preventing the problem with leaking core. And for plant evolution some organ like mana/biomass convertor or mana/exp convertor to use the mana to grow ( like a "normal" plant) with an exchange rate of 10 to 1 for exp and 25 to 1 for biomass for example so they cultivate the plant for expanding the family

Chrysalis · C183
4 days ago

Velsude: Tiny needs his core fixed to not be all brawn.
Time to go find the awful tasting biomass.

Chrysalis · C178
4 days ago

DaoistCitizen: .. God, damn.

I lost my breath for a bit there, I.. damn author, you excell in writing stories of absolute perseverance, in fang yuan. In scheming and politics, through the righteous path. In tragedy, through ones like the two fairies slain by fang yuan. In tragic childish love, between Ma Hong Yun and Lian Yun.

Even a bit of dual personality and classic transmigration hijinks from thieving heaven dreams.

Who would've expected this incredible quality of classical romance cliché, a world traveler meeting love with a mermaid saintess who had saved him- singing together a song of sorrow and love of the traveler's past world?

Whatever fiction he shall continue to write i'm basically set to be a sloth hanging to this authors legs

Reverend Insanity · C1667
4 days ago

wryyyyy: Fang Yuan's advice has far more meaning than any advice that my counselor ever gave me.

Reverend Insanity · C1671
4 days ago

Demon_Venerable: I doubt it. This is all about completing the task on the Merit Obelisk, not about Fang Yuan correcting his own past mistakes. Besides, after he is reborn he should have no regrets remaining in his heart. When we are him dying before when SAC failed to activate, he was laughing while facing his imminent death.

Reverend Insanity · C1671
4 days ago

Jacqli_9177: Really reflect Fang Yuan way of thinking, reputation are merely an opinion from other people, they didn't know your true self, they just label you as they please according to what they believe.

Fang Yuan was indifferent, he would be the goodest boy on gu world if that was the best way to reach the top, or be the absolute demonic bastard ever existed if that was the best way to reach the top, but the world are not black and white.

As such I don't think Fang Yuan even in the past was good and turned into bad later on, he was always indifferent and know how the world work.

Reverend Insanity · C1671
4 days ago

Charizma: They just need to stay go back to the up layers of the dungeon. Anthony is being overprotective and not letting grow through the dungeon's baptism, fighting.

Chrysalis · C148
6 days ago

Trueblue: Of course we would care for a grub. If the author took the time to single out this one grub and describe it for a paragraph or so then it become something later....
If not ill be slightly disappointed but oh well.

Chrysalis · C107
6 days ago

Swampchill: I thought the ape and reptile is too bog and strong, how is he able to survive and even fight those things?

Chrysalis · C43
1 week ago

myeyeshurt: rookie mistake clearly he shouldve eaten the flower. its shiny and all shiny things should be eaten always.

Chrysalis · C18
1 week ago

Fleeting_Cloud: I don't understand why he is going for the costly eye improvement again, when he could improve his survivability by investing in legs and exoskeleton right now.

Chrysalis · C9
1 week ago

DaoistSunder: This chapter describes his mental state at the time he is helping Xie Han Mo.

When after giving his all to survive for so long and yet he still fail and was dying to the black oil, he has given up on his life. Later he awakes to find himself saved and as part of his morals that he was still clinging on to as the final clutch for his mental health, he decides that he needs to help Xie Han Mo, even at the cost of his life, to repay her. It shows that he has already given up.

But as a top tier waifu, Xie Han Mo notices that and prevents it at the cost of her own reputation each time. It is because of her that Fang Yuan found some meaning in his life again.

I would say the feeling Fang Yuan have for her is more gratitude than love at this point because his "want to die mentality" will not allow for such thoughts to germinate.
It is probably later on when through her actions she slowly changes his mentality and he fall in love with her.

I also think that something happened here that made our MC what he is today. The only thing I can think of is that she died an unjust death. But how did that happen, why did it make our MC want to pursue eternal life. What is it that broke the thin line holding together our MC fragile morals and proceeds to have him descend into Insanity.

This just makes me want more chapters! MORE!

Reverend Insanity · C1663
1 week ago


I Have Countless Legendary Swords! · C5
1 week ago

Demon_Venerable: The fact that Heaven's Will made Paradise Earth a Venerable seems to suggest it no longer wants Humans to be on top. Heaven's Will takes away excesses and replenishes deficits, with Humans on top for 3 million years, it's time for a change...

Reverend Insanity · C1656
1 week ago

Demon_Venerable: I think its more possible that Paradise Earth's Regret Formation set this up as a way for those inside to be reformed. We already saw Lu Wei Yin use something similar.

Reverend Insanity · C1655
1 week ago
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