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Well, that was dropped quickly. Fastest drop of the West. View More
Harry Potter: CHARMED · C1
15 hours ago
Hey! If you think you need a break to get past your writer's block, just do it and come back to us in 2 or 3 weeks. You can do a Togashi once in a while. ^^
(If you don't know, Togashi is the Mangaka of Hunter X Hunter, AKA Hiatus X Hiatus. I think you understand the meaning ^^) View More
The Arrival · C57
1 day ago

Thelazybatman: Dont kill yourself for us, the moment this stoos being fun for you, you should take a break
Now dont get me wrong
I like this novel a lot and hope you keep writing and put out a ton of chapters
But I dont want you to feel forced to do it

The Arrival · C57
1 day ago
Gohan would hate this training ^^ View More
Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C13
1 day ago
You can resume everything that Sakura try to do in Naruto with this sentence...
That's sad. So useless... View More

T0XIN: welp, Sakura tried at least.

Gaara · C54
1 day ago

Astyr_Wisteria: I agree to both statements... I feel that food are actually living sentient Beings that when you close one eye they will magically Be in your mouth faster than you can say delicious...

A Bend in Time · C202
1 day ago

lsoma: or atleast keep it as superman... idk superboy seems like a child. In the future...

Joh-El, a Kryptonian in the Marvel World. · C11
3 days ago
I don't think it would work. It is the universe itself which put this limit. And the Namekians are not powerful enough to rewrite something that the universe wrote. At least, that how I understand it. View More

ChickenStrips: They could use the dragon balls to ask for a greater fertility to have kids

Son Goku in Marvel World · C12
3 days ago
Someone could hide the truth about life inside, and no one would ever know. View More

Anwe: I don’t even bother to read it anymore.

Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C6
3 days ago
Well, then glad to help ^^ View More

Devilslayer: Actually I didn't 😅.. totally forgot about it ... Thanks for both the name and reminder .. 🙂

Naruto in My Hero Academia
4 days ago
Ah. The Synopsis says he was a guy. Well... Azula The First Genderbender. View More

UzuRyu: genderbend ? I don't see anywhere in the chapter that the MC was a man. Or I missed it. And if it is genderbend, she can be Azula : The First Genderbender ^^
Also, for someone infected by Blacklight, I don't think gender matter much, as she can take any form she wants from what I remember (It's been years since I didn't play Prototype 1 or 2 and I a waiting to get a XBOX One controller before playing it on PC).

Avatar: Blacklight Virus · C1
4 days ago
Naruto the Reluctant Hero. I guess you already found but it is for others who would want to know. View More

Devilslayer: Name in fanfiction?

Naruto in My Hero Academia
4 days ago
Levy will always be Fairy Tail's best girl. But OC or Erza otherwise would be my preference. However no harem please. It would fit a Jedi at all. A Wife. 2 would be good if it is well written. 3 should always be the max and be avoided. But that's MY opinion and you are the author, so it is up to you to decide. JUST : Don't drop this please. View More

Gray_stone3: Erza? /Lucy? /Cana? /Mira? /OC?

A Jedi in Fairy Tail · C9
5 days ago
genderbend ? I don't see anywhere in the chapter that the MC was a man. Or I missed it. And if it is genderbend, she can be Azula : The First Genderbender ^^
Also, for someone infected by Blacklight, I don't think gender matter much, as she can take any form she wants from what I remember (It's been years since I didn't play Prototype 1 or 2 and I a waiting to get a XBOX One controller before playing it on PC). View More

MakinChaser: Enjoyed the concept but sadly its genderbend... so i wont be reading this.
Good story tho. Keep up the good work

Avatar: Blacklight Virus · C1
5 days ago
Dropped or Togashi ? (Togashi is the Mangaka of "Hunter X Hunter" AKA "Hiatus X Hiatus") View More
Star Wars: Rogue Knight II: Return of The Sith · C20
5 days ago
Revealing slip ^^ View More

Melganor: "Act with all possible hate" should it not be haste?

[Star Wars] Rogue Knight · C7
6 days ago
He can just overwrite the chapter. So no big deal. At least, from what I know. It's kinda annoying when authors don't erase these sort of announcements. View More

CANAAN: That's fine, it shows when it shows.

That said...
Please do not use a chapter for such announcements.
... Or any other nless your dropping the story and then title the chapter as such...

Harry Potter - The New Dawn · C0
1 week ago

OphoTD: Could you please not put all the text in a single paragraph? Thank you.

Reborn in Marvel? · C1
1 week ago

YourFutureHusbando: What the hell, you guys are sick.. Why the hell you guys want incest??? Disgusting. Ok, i vote for incest too.

Harry Potter: The Silver Dragon · C0
1 week ago
The galaxy ain't ready for this... View More
The Arrival · C35
1 week ago
Is "Not Dead Yet" dead now ? More seriously, is it dropped or can I take the time to read it ? Because I don't want to lose my time by doing an autopsy. View More
Not Dead Yet (Harry Potter) · C33
1 week ago

Nebuloss: Seems like a really long week

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C157
1 week ago

rolas: by the way get jar jar binks. he's a walking weapon of mass destruction. not even the death star is as dangerous as him.

The Arrival · C21
1 week ago

koolsalad: the problem is he is too powerful, having such a dangerous weapon can also cause damage to your own forces

The Arrival · C21
1 week ago
Well... Sh*t. View More
The Arrival · C3
1 week ago
Dropped or hiatus ? View More
I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction) · C20
1 week ago
Look like sending her father away won't help much... View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C147
1 week ago
"""sin""" It was 1000% deserved. I would be God, I would be like : "Niiiiiice !" View More

Readsalot: That would be nice, and appropriate, as the little cat was the cause of his sin of killing his father.

Reaper Of The Wizarding World · C12
2 weeks ago
Well, Harry had 1,56% of Voldy's soul in him meaning Voldy was resurrected with 1,56% of his soul. 1,56%, 1%, there is not a lot of differences. So why not.

Fun fact : after Nagini, there are 0,78% of his soul in his own body, 0,78% in Nagini and 1,56% in Harry. The Diary was 50%, the Ring was 25%, Hufflepuff's coup was 12,5%, the Locket of Slytherin was 6,25% and Ravenclaw's diadem was 3,12%. View More

redDevils987: I hope the founder of hoghwarts back to life again

Wizardry System · C57
2 weeks ago
No. No. No. Nononono. You have to make him suffer before that. Same treatment as the Longbottoms. Then, you can kill him. View More

YourFutureHusbando: Just kill that coward fudge for godsake

Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C137
2 weeks ago
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