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Original Works

  • Uncrowned Emperor (Fairy tail)

    Uncrowned Emperor (Fairy tail)


    After dying an ordinary boy gets a chance to go to world of Fairytail. He gets to choose 3 abilities and additional perks. Read as He becomes Uncrowned Emperor of Fairytail. The Pairing will be Oc×Mira×Erza (or more). The MC will be Op. ⚠️ Rating M for swearing, Gore and explicit contents.


Help me out pls! I went to the website and created an account. It's not letting me have access to the story saying you don't have permission to view this page. View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C64
2 hours ago
Pls do, got any evil Si? View More

OrangeSoda: suggestions? Huh~ be prepared cause I'm gonna share my SI and OC fanfics that are on my library

My Self-Insert Stash · C63
3 hours ago

FBI_B1TCH: Everyone else is talking about the brutality of the chapter. Whether he will become a hero or not. Meanwhile, we got you complaining about swords.🤔

I like it.👍🏼

My Hero Academia: Killer Quirk!! · C1
3 days ago

FBI_B1TCH: The MC will become incredibly lame if everyone becomes a lycan. It's the only thing that sets him apart, the only advantage he has.

Game of Thrones FANFIC: Lycan · C5
3 days ago

Ahmed_Maged: I hope he kill them all
Let his enemy live is the most ediotic thing to do
I mean they enslaved nami for what 8 years?
In the show all sound fine and dandy but in my opinion you should kill them all
For god sake they killed a mother in front of her children and enslaved a child ACHILD how sick can you get
And to all fanfiction who spared hachan because he was kind that is bull**** he still let them do what they want and never left them
The world is cruel and Hell if i were him i would torture them very very slowly until they cry blood

Sinful life with the strongest system · C39
4 days ago

The_Faggotten_Ones: thats just typical shounen genre, easily get boring.... -_-

Sinful life with the strongest system · C38
4 days ago

veerae: nami is nice/beautiful but it pisses me off each time she thinks/asks for money , also such a drama queen at this arc

Sinful life with the strongest system · C38
4 days ago

GrandArcana: I disagree with adding OG characters just for the sake of being original. It has the tendency to warp existing power scaling.

I am Krillin! · C32
1 week ago

amaturewriter: novels good but damn it..I hate when MC trains others...you know the saying..
when everyone is super ...no one is super

I am Krillin! · C22
2 weeks ago

MassDestruction: Well as long as MC is OP.

The Strongest Saiyan God (An ATG Fanfic) · C44
2 weeks ago

PettyOfficer: Remember kids: NEVER open a suspicious email and NEVER click on anything in an email, or you might unwillingly be transported into another world.

Or, you know, lose your bank information.

Unfathomable Patriarch · C1
2 weeks ago

Ryuu23: Why does the hero get injuries / pain if he uses the quirk of the "almighty" if he already has a wolverine body, i.e. exceeding the limits of an ordinary person. In addition, you yourself said that he had completely mastered control over the quirk. I am really disappointed with what is happening. Do not get me wrong, the hero wished a lot of strength, but it all turned into a farce. For instead of supplementing his abilities with the power of the Almighty, the presented fad became his main strength. This is frustrating. Moreover, the hero for some reason hides himself in the new world. I still cannot accept this. Just stupid.

ReLive : Boku No Hero Academia · C6
2 weeks ago

ExOxE: Man of culture i see
I feel you man they should get kushina and mikoto and kaguya or even reviving mito milf for the winhaha

Ruthless MGA, DD, BTTH, TDG, Naruto, ATG and other novel or anime wrld · C9
3 weeks ago

DragonBallDaoist: Fun Fact: Ultra Instinct is a technique so he also get it. Of course he still needed to master it likr his other techniques but he should be able to do it one day.

I am Krillin! · C16
3 weeks ago

Thiago_guedes: please let him be a loner, no boring girlfriends and no family in the ass, just make him a lonely warrior, I've never seen such a good story so don't mess with that boring stuff, and if possible make him kill everything he gives sustainable exp

The Universal Villain · C14
3 weeks ago

Licorice: what the F with authors this days....butterfly effect this butterfly effect that.....he done nothing to strenghen the villains....all authors using this bullcrap called butterfly effect as "good"(high sarcasm) excuse to change some events and power of enemies. In other fanifcs they do this coz they think they made mc way too OP and need to adjust but by doing that they ruin a story while creating plotholes which they fill with butterfly effect -_-. This fanfic is dragonball there is no damn reason to power up enemies - they are already OP.

I am Krillin! · C11
3 weeks ago

TycKa: And now the demon king will become a pu.ssy king who will seek to be together with erza and become one of the strongest kindness demon to ever exist. Probably story will become sh.it in next chapter. Still hope he will kill makarov and fairy members, but chances of that happening dropped to 1% after he meet erza, so yeah cool ren is gone, welcome demon of love and kindness.

Fairy Tail: The Demon King · C5
3 weeks ago
Hello, darkness my friend . View More

Layfon: *Sigh* Why'd the marking have to increase her reserves.... Can't it be a simple marking without any advantage?

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C28
4 weeks ago

zerosan: I won’t judge right now as it’s the beginning of the new world but I don’t want him to just go protecting humans 24/7 like have him protect his friends and family because him killing ghouls is fine but for protecting humans I think that’s a bit stupid if he ends up saving a human because he killed a ghoul then fine but to save a human I don’t really like

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C20
1 month ago

OverkillBills: don't let the becoming a kid thing affect him too much it wouldn't make sense as it didn't in the last one and it would count as a flaw because he would become weaker and less perceptive

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C19
1 month ago

RighteousDemon: Mind blowing s*x is a much better way to deal with this than the girl being all "i love you so much it's ok to share". At this point it's a drug and they're addicted. THE WILL OF "D"

Sinful life with the strongest system · C20
1 month ago

AdrianVeidt: So this is why the world govement said "he who bears the D will cause havoc"...

The fate of Dic* i mean D is strong here on lucas

Man of culture, Assemble, we have found a gold mine here!!
**me suddenly stand at the table and shout proudly**

Sinful life with the strongest system · C20
1 month ago

Mgun1: Moral story is you need expert massage skills, god of tongue and above average D to make a polygamy work.

Sinful life with the strongest system · C20
1 month ago
Yeah, What a waste of instant mastery! View More

Kilaske: MC not gonna learn other magic? Even basic ones for things such as healing and other auxiliary magic.

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C8
1 month ago

Layfon: Once again, the goddess only stated that his memories would be sealed. It didn't say his instant mastery ability, and instant regeneration ability would be locked.

So even with his memories sealed, those two abilities should've been active. Letting him learn and grow stronger!

I hope he can use his dragon form like Acnologia.

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C3
1 month ago

FvkYouBoy: The mc personality is so boring and so idiotic

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse · C5
1 month ago

willy_aprianto: Sensei Make long yuyin , gu lan , and nie lie master become mc harem + make all woman from heavenly note sect become mc kingdom concubine/maid/slave knight

How Much For Your Soul? · C52
1 month ago
For your 4th question, all the Otsutsuki members that possess rinnegan has been shown using Dimension travel jutsu beside (hagormo). So it's possible for rinnegan user to travel Dimensions using correct technique. View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C0
1 month ago
Chakra strings with fire affinity. Ito-ito no mi. View More
Naruto: Road To Godhood · C12
1 month ago

PerfyX: Shadow clones, this is the first thing you need. Yes, and he was born at a good time. When a nine-tailed attack occurs, he can steal various jutsu, money, weapons, and so on. A dangerous world, and it’s better not to get attention until there is a kage level strength. No matter how rude it sounds. But if you want to live, then be able to spin.

Naruto: Road To Godhood · C2
1 month ago
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