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General_Overlord: Let the ship sail with full winds behind them

Out of Space · C331
2 days ago
The Sons of Slaughter sound like ******** p2w players. View More
Abyss Domination · C184
5 days ago

Randompasserby: Zhou Mingrui, The King of Yellow and Black, The Fool That Hails from Another World.... played God and regularly answers prayers in the bathroom.

Oh my this image is so beautiful I can't bear to watch 🙈

Lord of the Mysteries · C667
1 week ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: So quick and clean. You won’t get that kind of customer service with the normal, run of the mill Gods. Klein is like Escape Rope of the Tarot Club.

“I don’t want to explore any more, Oh Mr. Fool...”

“My body is poisoned and I won’t make it to any healers in time...Oh Mr. Fool”

“I think I’m about to lose my sanity and go on a murderspree...Oh Mr. Fool”

Mr. Fool is the Tarot Clubs’ plot armor personified. Between the free abort button; information gathering and dispersal; power creeping; hidden alliances; and Intel on a Godly scale. The Tarot Members have basically subscribed to the Protag Plot Armor Package. That’s not even including the possibility of resurrections based on the foreshadowing of Klein’s future powers.

Hot meat on a stick am I excited for when the Tarot Club officially enters the stage for world dominance.

Lord of the Mysteries · C667
1 week ago

toblerol: Dear author, i hope you can share the pervy lyrics of the song about the farm girl and her horses

Paragon of Destruction · C332
1 week ago

Amathyn: Love that the author treats every character like an individual, with their own quirks, yet despite that they still grow and change as events play out.

Lord of the Mysteries · C665
1 week ago

TomVanDyke: Find me a portal to some dimension where time stands still, and I will happily give you all the mass releases you desire.

But failing that, alas, there's nothing to be released en masse.

Paragon of Destruction · C329
1 week ago

elegiac: I am the tree sap

Abyss Domination · C36
1 week ago

Manaworkz: The last time March 21 was a Wednesday was 2018. The next time March 21 is a Wednesday is in 2029. This means we need 300 votes in the next 10 years.
I find this a completely reasonable goal.

Abyss Domination · C24
1 week ago

Aby55: Anderson's New Nickname: Second Strongest Hunter

Lord of the Mysteries · C651
2 weeks ago

ReadsforFun: wtf is the imperium the remnant of the other world where the shadow invaded?

Paragon of Destruction · C325
2 weeks ago

Loli_Haze: Foes shows the notebook to Mr. Fool...
Klein: "Oh, this is interesting..."
*summons storm* - fail.
*summons storm* - fail.
*summons storm* - fail.
*summons lightning* - Klein's hair gets singed. Book fails to record the spell.
Klein: "Goddammit!"
*Notebook records the curse*

Lord of the Mysteries · C646
2 weeks ago

toblerol: Because arran wants to experience the hardest path..... she invited arran in her tent to test how hard he can be

Paragon of Destruction · C323
2 weeks ago

Hilers: A dragon is just a DOG that RAN so fast it flew.

Lord of the Mysteries · C641
2 weeks ago

Meowhead: A dragon is just a dog with extra letters.

Lord of the Mysteries · C641
2 weeks ago

AllanV: OMG! It's the legendary, heaven-defying, mass-release!

Lord of the Mysteries · C635
2 weeks ago

GoodWithAToaster: Klein trying to look at Nina as a bounty instead of a blonde hottie: “Her bust—I mean, bounty...her bounty is 36D...ollars. 36 dollars. Wait, did I say 36? It’s obviously much more than that. Worth many mounds...er, pounds. Worth many pounds.....soft, supple pounds....😅”

Good thing he’s got his Gherman mask on and some very handy clown powers haha

Lord of the Mysteries · C640
2 weeks ago

Ozwin: Klein, please, I beg of you, meet with the crew and begin addressing people by the amount listed as their bounties. “Good evening 7,600.” “You are looking under the weather 4,200.”
*Pirates become more and more unnerved as time moves on*

Lord of the Mysteries · C638
2 weeks ago
OMG! It's the legendary, heaven-defying, mass-release! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C635
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: Wonder how Danitz would react when he found out his dreaded Gehrman Sparrow is hanging around another Pirate Admiral's ship.
I'm picturing him acting like either an grieving abandoned maid or a tsundere pretending not to care 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C634
2 weeks ago

Arrodes: It's Chinese version "天体" has two meanings. One is heavenly body. The other is Naturism (Link for the translator
https://zh.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%A4%A9%E7%84%B6%E4%B8%BB%E7%BE%A9). Cynthia dreamed the stars, Klein saw the stars during the fight, but the people Sect doesn't worship the stars. "They do not wear clothes, in a bid to return to nature." is much closer to the Naturism meaning.

Lord of the Mysteries · C629
3 weeks ago

UnrivaledSolicitor: Ooooooooof. Go act as a demigod, they said. It’ll be safe and easy, they said. You’ll only have to deal with simple day-to-day matters, they said. They a bunch of lying fookers. 1 and 3/4 days in and he’s already killed Amyrius’ Mistress....Good thing Klein had the foresight to send Aston away before “Amyrius” had to commit fratricide. Huehuehue never a dull day with our favorite Faux-God.

Lord of the Mysteries · C628
3 weeks ago
He is a spy. Flashing the token might get him through but it's also the equivalent of yelling out: "Here I am, look at me and put each and every action I make under scrutiny!"

If he actually did that, then he had learned nothing from being under the 9th Valley Matriach's shadow. Brightblade ought to appear in the next chapter just to beat his stupid ass. View More

JPNovelFan: Yea like he should have a free entry pass with that thing. It’s a freaking knight’s symbol. Clearly they’d give him face and let him in. Idk seems really dumb plot wise. Doesn’t make sense.

Paragon of Destruction · C317
3 weeks ago

hhhhz45: Its not a plot hole, arran is super suspicious i think he trusts anyone truly. He is calculative. In my opinion he thinks that the ring is more trouble than ot has uses, by using it he would get certain advantages but it can also mean danger to him, danger that knight brings, another hunter faction that might be interested why a nobody from border has a favour of a knight and much more. I dont think he will use it at all unless he is in a dangerous situation and eill be forced to

Paragon of Destruction · C317
3 weeks ago

Aby55: Klein with the identinception! The Admiral who is the crazy adventurer who is the cunning detective who is the family man who is the transmigrator.

Lord of the Mysteries · C624
3 weeks ago

Darkdelusion: If it was the quill, the mistress would be a demoness.
The quill really loves shipping demonesses with Klein ヾ(≧▽≦*)o

Lord of the Mysteries · C623
3 weeks ago

Loli_Haze: Kyaaaaaaa! Uncle sparrow is so cool! Now he is even wearing uniform! Sexiness overload!!!

Lord of the Mysteries · C622
3 weeks ago

Ozwin: Pretend to be a demigod? I am afraid Klein is overqualified for this position.

Lord of the Mysteries · C620
3 weeks ago

Ozwin: Klein!?! Are you trying to speed the process along by scaring people to death?!? Why would you use your identity as Sparrow to volunteer!!!??!

Lord of the Mysteries · C618
4 weeks ago
That kind of explains Arrodes' ability to connect to Klein via the gray fog, as well as his fervent desire to suck up to him at every opportunity. View More

Ozwin: Or maybe the fog is the uniqueness of the seer pathway and it saw a really long game plan to prepare for its true owner and used our wise emperor to set the stage for Klein and what is eventually expected of him?

Lord of the Mysteries · C615
1 month ago
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