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moketam841: thanks for making this story!
it's one of those gems hidden in a pile of sht, it's difficult to find, and tiresome going thorough all the bad ones, but it's a fresh breath of air when actually finding something great one, makes it all worth it

Maiden Of The Splitting Moon · C111
5 days ago
Wasn't the swords name Drifting Sky? When'd it become Drifting Cloud? View More
Maiden Of The Splitting Moon · C110
1 week ago
You need to learn when to shift between characters better. In this chapter after saying Xuan Yin broke into earth realm not too long ago you kept referring to "her" without shifting back to Ming Yue, so everything written, per the rules, applied to Xuan Yin. Easily fixable by changing "She needed to catch up.." into "Ming Yue needed to catch up..". Just something to pay attention to to improve your writing. View More
Maiden Of The Splitting Moon · C100
1 week ago

Athimaharathi: You are wrong. People quit being a translator because they are bad at translating. Yeah. I know that I cannot translate from Chinese to English. Which is why I don’t try. And while some of the readers might be reading for free, the translated is actually getting paid.

The Sacred Ruins
1 week ago
Reading Status: C91
Review based up to ch 100:
Recommend reading it.

No crappy romance thus far, steady updates(every 2 days, 1 chapter), no drama, no white lotuses, no constant and senseless face slapping, no elder siblings/elders/patriarchs/ancestors used to progress in a stupid direction, no stupid young masters thus far, no aLcHeMy.

The story and general info on cultivation methods and techniques is lacking and therefore more desired, but otherwise its a decent story with a decent female lead. View More
Maiden Of The Splitting Moon
1 month ago

shelwyn: The story follows a really typical format for back to the past cultivation stories. MC was the supreme god, he was translating or reading some tablet that pushed him back to the past.

MC is back to 2018 earth year but is on his original planet, he had been sent to earth by some mad cultist before but he's on his original cultivation world and plans to avoid earth.

The story follows the typical upscale fights, bead up a kid, his parents come knocking, kill them. Some kids throw shade on you, kill them. Some sick rich guy comes, cure and take his belongings.

Just the usual stuff, his distant family is a piece of sh*t so we can expect him to fight some level 1 or 2 then it goes to the level 3 uncle or whatever then the level 4 comes to take revenge. I'm sure it can even end up with him vs the country's strongest level 5 why not?

Well that's all typical cultivation novel MC is also an Alchemist and a Healer and every profession possible god probably. Also he's a slaughter fic MC he's kind of crazy.

Some guy blocks his way and taunts him so be cripples him, some girl throws shade on him so he threatens to kill her, some grieving family comes so he kills the 18 generations. It's that slaughter fic kind of story. Lol.

The Supreme Lord Donghuang
1 month ago
god damn this novel is such complete garbage rofl View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C233
1 month ago
So he can very easily defeat a 6th realm warrior but will surely suffer defeat against a 7th realm warrior? That's fucking stupid. View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C225
1 month ago

Eonia: Silently stalking how this novel will progress.

So far I can say that I'm highly disappointed with a lot of things.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C220
1 month ago

SwiftFate: Oh. And before people complain, at least my review is somewhat constructive as-opposed to the way the QI system on this site works by enticing readers to literally review bomb novels for a few spirit stones. Not necessarily good reviews, but most people will obviously go for whatever is quickest and just rate it highly anyway. The review/rating system is a complete sham.

The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood
2 months ago
Values and virtues we respect are not so easily twisted or changed as these novels make them out to be but I understand your point, authors freedom after all. I agree to disagree. View More

LMaltez: And yet he has lived in that world for more than a decade already so the feelings even if weird are justified...

The Water Body Refinement Adept · C5
2 months ago
I have read properly, but you seem to be living in a completely different world. He came from our world, not theirs. There is no reason for these feelings unless he's completely retarded. View More

LMaltez: If you had read properly you would understand that it was humiliation and helplessness because he was receiving pity even from a old man.

The Water Body Refinement Adept · C5
2 months ago
The content of this chapter is a mockery to its title. View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C181
2 months ago
Reading Status: C79
Not one chapter in this novel where the MC doesn't do at least one of the following:
1. Frowns (even for positive things, he frowns for no reason)
1.1. Frowns bitterly
1.2. Frowns helplessly
2. Laughs bitterly
3. Bitterly sights
4. Throws a bitter look
5. Makes a bitter face
6. Laughs helplessly
7. Throws a helpless look
8. Helplessly sighs
9. Helplessly frowns while laughing bitterly
10. Bitterly frowns while laughing helplessly
11. Feels bitter
12. Feels helpless
13. Feels bitterly helpless
14. Feels helplessly bitter
15. Bitterly laments his situation
16. Helplessly laments his situation
17. Bitterly laments his helpless situation
18. Helplessly laments his bitter situation

And helplessly so on. I don't like giving low points for translation and I feel bitter about it this time too, but I'm helpless aboot it. *sigh* View More
Divine Brilliance
2 months ago
You might want to actually finish those dialogues with proper .?! endings. Most of them are just: "This is a dialogue". See that? Doesn't look good. View More
Ascension of the Martial Gods · C22
2 months ago

Bjacco: I hope after the five years she doesn’t become his wife after all

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C30
2 months ago

CaTastrophy427: In five years, she'd be dead, right? She's only got three years before her veins kill her, IIRC.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C30
2 months ago
This is a whole 'nother level of stupid. He got tired from such a test with his insane stats but you're telling me support classes managed to keep up as well? Come on. View More
Born With a Unique Skill · C8
2 months ago
His parents think he is a warrior but they give him a skill book for fire bolt? The f...? View More
Born With a Unique Skill · C4
2 months ago
Split your giant walls of text into multiple paragraphs. You can't possibly think this is easy to read.. View More
Born With a Unique Skill · C1
2 months ago
"... once he had her fun..." -> "... once he had HIS fun..." View More
Maiden Of The Splitting Moon · C72
2 months ago

wolfpriest13: Shes gonna die from her yin body type since he was the only body type that could help relieve her of it her father even told him this but the moron decided to be a brat throw a tantrum and disregard her own fathers wishes shes so stupid not only that she got others involved with her own problem and now if her mother doesn't beat her to death the MC will

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C24
2 months ago
Is there no editor for this novel? View More
The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C143
2 months ago

Raveve: Why hate her? Her reaction next chapter is completely natural. Why would she just accept this outcome from some stranger that was given a mission from a father she hasn't seen in 10 years.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C22
2 months ago
With a body of pure skin? Can't get cringier than that. View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C21
2 months ago
Dropping this sh!t, too much bullsh!t happening too fast. Every chapter is a hyperactive train towards I don't know what. Too much attention on MC too fast, cultivation is a joke so far and now this crap. Its just bad writing. The rest are here for lolis and lesbians it seems. gl hf View More
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C50
2 months ago
Alright so this is a huge oversight on your end imo. You previously said that other children start perceiving Qi at the age of 10, but MC is only 8, looking like a 6 year old, and the audience considers her complete trash in this chapter for her lack of spiritual qi. So... yeah. View More
Ah Chun: Ascending The Heavens · C40
2 months ago

EvilAsura: dont forgot the rape because of a drug that turned into love lol

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C20
2 months ago

Kyoang: I hope really he just stays faithful to the girl and not just go thinking with his di*k and fu*k every girl he met for 5 minutes just because she is a beauty.

Harem novels are only fun to read if the romance takes it slow and steady while the girls have a nice and not literally same personality.

While most harem novels are:

Oh wow you are nice and beautiful.... I saved you just now and still looked at you as a beast.

(And she fell in love with the mc...)

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C20
2 months ago

CaTastrophy427: WOW! That was unexpected, such a great plot twist! I am in awe of the mind that came up with this entirely original and unforeseen event used to advance the plot in a new direction! Good job, author!

/S (/s so much, I can't express how big that 's' is)


The Martial Emperor with Dragon Blood · C141
2 months ago
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