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Komugi!!!!!! you have to find her!!!! View More
Endless Adventure · C45
16 hours ago
ok!!! View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple · C37
1 week ago
My theory is that brainwashing had some effect on mc, and that is what makes it act strangely. View More
Endless Adventure · C28
2 weeks ago
jajajaja View More
In Earth-1, With A Sharingan · C4
1 month ago
That god is evil, he's playing with him. Send him to a world where humans don't treat him badly like the world of Eragon. View More
A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim · C34
1 month ago
The best thing about creating a divine spark is that it gives way to create an overgod sprak or sovereign spark. I imagine that the difference between a fullgod spark would be that the laws are fuctioned. View More
The Burning Fiend · C115
1 month ago
mera mera no mi View More
Becoming Immortal · C10
1 month ago
- Ahem - View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C81
1 month ago

mrayj45: Mc will need jedi robes to hide the sparkles or maybe assassin's creed outfit.

Becoming Immortal · C9
1 month ago
This is so f****g good. A firebending vampire. View More
Becoming Immortal · C6
1 month ago
First! View More
The Burning Fiend · C104
1 month ago
It is an excellent novel !, With a fresh start, a interesting history and a perfect ending. I thank you so much for writing it. View More
Deleted_ · C0
1 month ago
thanks for the chapter View More
The Burning Fiend · C95
1 month ago
lol View More
When an Immortal Emperor enters a Cultivation Chat Group · C18
1 month ago
I wonder if we will see the level A mission in which Garra participated before the exams View More
Gaara · C28
1 month ago
thanks for the chapter! View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C23
2 months ago
First! View More
The Burning Fiend · C75
2 months ago
Well that was anticlimactic, but I guess it's according to his age View More
Gaara · C24
2 months ago


The Wish of the Dragon · C0
2 months ago
I think it was cool. singing the oath while they fight...

The only problem is the lyrics. View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C82
2 months ago

Inztinct: {{{
I am the string of my puppet...
Wood is my body, poison is my blood...
I have created over a thousand puppets...
Unknown to readers,
Nor known the author...
Have withstood pain to create many deaths...
Yet, these puppets shall never kill anything...
So as I pray... Unlimited Puppet Works~!

Gaara · C22
2 months ago
more!! View More
Gaara · C21
2 months ago
I always thought that I should have a natural way of becoming a Sovereign without relying on a Sovereign Spark. Maybe, merging the laws of different elements, similar to what Linley did at the end of the novel but with no more than 3 elements. View More
The Burning Fiend · C64
2 months ago

Slesk: Reynolds going to the Infernal Realms? Why-ever would he go there when he would benefit so much more from going to the Netherworld or the Fire Plane?

The Burning Fiend · C64
2 months ago
in the comic Azula is crazy because she thinks her mother never loved her, but this makes much more sense. View More
Hellsing: I Reincarnated as Seras Victoria · C73
2 months ago
well said!!!!. thanks for the chapter View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C187
2 months ago
thanks for the chapter. Do not pay attention to the comments and follow the novel to your liking, which is good. View More
The Burning Fiend · C58
2 months ago
Gaarra could develop a jutsu to detect like the jutsu of Pain with the rain but with sand. View More
Gaara · C13
2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. View More
Gaara · C10
2 months ago
very good chapter!! View More
Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C12
3 months ago
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