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No lucy pls. Erza,Mira and kagura View More
Fairy Tail:Dragon God · C2
1 week ago
Whitebeards fruit would be cool, imagine him with the speed of light with the destructiveness of the earthquake fruit. That would be cool! View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C66
3 weeks ago
Ofc make the fight so that yujiro uses 80-90% power View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C16
3 weeks ago
How to get a super bodyguard for his family? Tell yujiro that if even 1 hair is missing from his family he wont fight him again. Hahahahhaha View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C12
1 month ago
Imagine if he gets soru as well View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C26
1 month ago
Ah yandere sona and serafall would be nice :) View More
DxD.. with some weird ass MC. · C16
1 month ago
Im sure he will be stronger after rebirth. That's what phoenix do. Getting stronger every rebirth. View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C35
1 month ago
How sad, wanted xun er and yunyun too 😭😭 View More
An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C268
2 months ago
Smutty time + their scheming is why is novel is the best. Keep up the good work!. :) View More
The Villain's Wife · C292
2 months ago
Damn i really wanted him to surpass aomine with flexibility and speed with that height. That would be so cool. View More
Reincarnated-kun's Bizarre Adventure (Cancelled) · C11
2 months ago
Yea he is no.4 in espada but isnt he the strongest too? He got like 2 transformations after all. View More
Reborn: Ulquiorra in DxD world · C22
2 months ago
Spoil me please. Will there be more separations like this one. Honestly im getting tired of the author giving su yu more time than QC. If yes then tell me now so I can remove this from my library. Much thanks :) . View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1793
5 months ago
1.7k chapters 70% Suyu and Huo siqian 30% qin chu. Can I ask. Is he still the male lead or what? When is qc gonna appear? I mean exactly what chapter? Someone please tell me. So that I wont waste my time here. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1788
5 months ago
1790 QC comes back? Then aftr 20 chapsters dissappears again? Im done with this **** View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1779
5 months ago
So anyone knows what chapter exactly will QC come back? So that I can skip these chapters? View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1773
5 months ago
Lightning cloak kike the raikag enad railgun would be cool View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C40
5 months ago
That irregular in highschool anime. Both the president(saegusa?) and miyuki. View More
The Dragon God of Primordial Chaos · C3
6 months ago
Damn, it would have been good if you get this chance to improve his observation haki to katakuri level in that moment. Thanks for the chapters anyway. View More
Conquering the world with One Piece · C26
6 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. Momoi for the main girl pls View More
Reborn as kuroko's brother in KNB · C6
6 months ago
Rebirth: Teen Wolf/ The Originals · C0
6 months ago
I don't understand. Coudn't he just copy and improve wukongs battle style and apply it to his spear moves. Using his sharinggan? View More
Uchiha Madara : Reborn as Cao Cao · C9
6 months ago
Well lets just hope he will get madaras perosnality and thirst for battle. View More
Uchiha Madara : Reborn as Cao Cao · C7
6 months ago
Add zhu qing to his harem please. View More
Douluo Dalu : Legend Of Tang Long · C28
6 months ago
Well and here I thought he will be uchiha madara not cao cao -_- because of the title, but I guess not. View More
Uchiha Madara : Reborn as Cao Cao · C0
6 months ago
Zhu qing for main girl? View More
Douluo Dalu : Legend Of Tang Long · C17
6 months ago
Well since you said that incurso can move evn when the time freeze. How about giving him Hits ability? Time stop from dragon ball super? It should compliment regarding his ability to nullify time freeze View More
I Got Incursio as My Sacred Gear · C0
6 months ago
Author how about giving the MC the rinnesharinggan for his power boost along with incurso? View More
I Got Incursio as My Sacred Gear · C0
6 months ago
Tbh incurso is very weak if you put it in the dxd world. View More
I Got Incursio as My Sacred Gear · C5
6 months ago
Asia is better off as a human. Damn I wonder what fate awaits that diodora. Btw since he got sasuke's rinnesharinggan hes op af? Can;t wait!!! View More
bññnn · C0
6 months ago
How about giving him the abilities of ' the world' ? Or hits(dragon ball super) time freezing ability and the ability to adapt in a fight? View More
the original vampire in a crossover world · C0
6 months ago
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