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Original Works

  • Leopold Orso and the Case of the Bloody Tree

    Leopold Orso and the Case of the Bloody Tree


    This is a short-story prequel to The Sublime Electricity series. UPON BEING promoted to the rank of detective constable of the New Babylon Police, Leopold Orso had no idea that, from then on, he would have to track down succubae, exorcise poltergeists and hunt for werebeasts. But, even after grappling with the supernatural had become routine, he was still thrown into a trembling fear every time he thought back on his first investigation: The Case of the Bloody Tree. The Second Empire stretches from ocean to ocean. Army dirigibles hum through the heavens, and its waters are furrowed by steamships. But above all else, the power of the state is derived from industry. So one day, when workers start disappearing from a nearby factory, the New Babylon Criminal Investigation Department takes up the case. But, the detectives have no idea what horrors the acrid char of factory smokestacks can awaken...

  • Adam Online: Absolute Zero

    Adam Online: Absolute Zero

    Video Games

    Leonarm, an Adam Online ex-champion who hasn't played the game for ten years, logs back in - this time on an assignment from the secret services. He needs to get to some of the game's closed locations and seek out the entities called Mentors who are rumored to have solved the problem of digitizing the human mind - which would allow human beings to live forever. Still, completing quests and finding his way around the unfamiliar game mechanics is the least of Leonarm's problems. He soon discovers he's being hunted down by a clan of mercenaries. He has no idea who hired them - but whoever it is, this person doesn't want their fellow human beings to live forever.

  • An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue

    An NPC's Path: The Dead Rogue


    Virtual worlds are places of boundless freedom. Anyone can become an elven mage or an invisible rogue, join a clan and go on raids, fight, develop their characters and most importantly, escape from the daily grind. However, a game is only a game if you can quit. This is something I learned the hard way. I just wanted to let off some steam in virtual reality and ended up getting murdered and imprisoned in the body of one of the undead—slow, clumsy and cursed to die at the hand of other players over and over again. The only way out of this awful predicament was to find the legendary Scroll of Rebirth, but the helpless plague-ridden corpse would need to be turned into a real killing machine. If only people knew what it was like to level up a dead rogue...

  • The Bard from Barliona: The Renegades

    The Bard from Barliona: The Renegades


    What would happen if a professional rock musician joined a virtual MMO in search of inspiration among its gameworld? What would happen if she decided to play as a biota bard, a brand new race of humanoid flora as well as a new class? Whatever would happen, it would surely be fun…

  • Galactogon: Start the Game

    Galactogon: Start the Game


    Twelve players set off through the online world of Galaktogon, lured by the game owners' promise of an enormous payoff. The question is, who will survive to tell the tale? Which of the twelve is a potential hero - or a traitor in the making? Which of them will defend the weak and who will become the ultimate evil overlord? A knight or a coward? Each of the twelve will have to choose his or her path. Each will keep a poker face. But if the billion-pound prize calls your name, you can't conceal your choice. And you will do everything to lay your hands on it.

  • Edge of the Abyss (Respawn Trials - 1)

    Edge of the Abyss (Respawn Trials - 1)

    Video Games

    What does technological development have in store for us? Our nature is grounded in the basest of human feelings. Still, until recently I had no idea just how big the problem actually was. I’d spent twenty years of my life writing books about war, space exploration and artificial intelligence, firmly believing that humanity kept progressing morally as well as technologically. Still, my experience writing LitRPG has forced me to change my mind. In order for my books to be believable, I spent a lot of time playing online – and the truth lurking behind some of the players’ avatars horrified me. The anonymity of the Internet tends to reveal what’s usually concealed by the veneer of civilization. As I worked on the Phantom Server and Neuro trilogies, I still harbored some faith in humanity. But as I approached the task of writing Edge of Abyss, I did so in the firm belief that each human heart conceals a slew of vices which can break loose the moment a person tries on a virtual mask and acquires a taste for anonymity and impunity within game worlds. We might actually invent full-immersion virtual pods quite soon, allowing us to experience whole new worlds first hand. The sheer thought makes my blood run cold. There’s a high danger of us losing what’s human about us, ultimately degenerating and eventually becoming extinct. And when we do realize the danger, it might be too late to do anything about it. This is basically what my Respawn Trials series is about.

  • Countdown (Reality Benders - 1)

    Countdown (Reality Benders - 1)


    At long last, an extraterrestrial civilization reached out and made the First Contact. However, no one on Earth took their communique for the genuine article. In a similar vein, very few people appreciated just how little time our new suzerains had promised to keep our planet safe. Regardless, the end of their message showed humankind how to access a mysterious game. The objective of this game is unclear. No one can say where its servers are located, and its inner workings are beyond comprehension. But the game slowly gained momentum, pulling in more and more players. Soon enough, it became impossible to ignore the fact that things that happened in the game had a direct impact on our reality. And not only ours... But as people figure out this mysterious game, the countdown timer ticks away. And no one can say exactly what will happen when Earth’s safety is no longer guaranteed.

  • Class-A Threat

    Class-A Threat

    Video Games

    Our future. Noncitizens and individuals of low social standing can only find work in one place – the virtual world of Disgardium. And that might mean mining ore; it could just as well mean cleaning pigsties or washing dishes in a tavern, but that’s about as glamorous as it gets. Fifteen-year-old schoolboy Alex has dreams of working as a space guide. All he can think about is the stars, but life gets in the way and now his only path to achieving that goal is through the game.

  • Re-Start


    Video Games System


    At thirty years old, Phil is an unemployed gamer who struggles to make ends meet. His only source of income is freelance writing (when he feels inspired enough to add another article to his less-than-popular blog). His wife has just walked out on him, leaving him without money, purpose, or food in the fridge. On the day his wife dumps him, Phil receives a mysterious piece of wetware. A game interface seems to have been implanted in his brain which allows him to see the world through the eyes of an RPG player. Now that Phil discovers his real-life stats, he can see they’re far below average. With 4 pt. Agility, 6 pt. Strength and 3 pt. Stamina, his most advanced life skill is predictably gaming. Luckily, real-life stats can be leveled up just like virtual ones. But will it help Phil get his wife back? Can he stop being such a couch potato? Would the new game help him become fitter? Or more successful? Can his gaming skills finally come in handy in real life? Last but not least, can he find out who could have uploaded the mysterious game to his brain? And how is he supposed to deal with this unknown but apparently omnipotent force?

  • The Time Master

    The Time Master

    Video Games

    An ordinary Russian guy, Sergei picks a fight in his neighborhood, defending a little boy. Problem is, the guy he's just defeated vanishes into thin air, leaving Sergei to discover he now possesses the ability to turn time around. On top of that, Sergei can now travel between worlds. He acquires even more mysterious new skills and abilities. And he discovers there're many others just like him in our world. Sergei finds his own place in the secret community of the Seekers - creatures with superpowers. He even teams up with a few of his new buddies, planning to strike gold in one of the neighboring worlds. Sergei has no idea that his every step is being watched. He's being shadowed by the Darkest One - one of the oldest Seekers around who'll know no peace until he gets hold of some of Sergei's unique abilities.

  • World 99: Blood of Fate

    World 99: Blood of Fate

    Video Games

    The body of young paralyzed Luca, a boy killed by cruel bullies, becomes home to an interdimensional traveler. This is the ninety ninth world for this traveler who has spent an entire life in each of his previous worlds. And now he is out of lives, his previous misdeeds leaving him with a negative balance of points and preventing him from reincarnating anew. Once he realizes that he must spend his final life in a poverty-stricken family in a backward world, he awakens the consciousness of the deceased Luca and ends his own physical existence, leaving all his abilities to his heir. One such ability is the use of the Wheel. Every traveler can spend points to spin the Wheel and gain a special talent, a superpower, or... a deadly illness. Luca spins the Wheel and gains the superpower of metamorphosis. Now he can regenerate, recover from deadly wounds and even take on the shape of other beings. The young man takes on the form of the Emperor: to avoid death, help his family and, finally, to bring order to the Empire!


September 9 and yes it'll be on KU. View More

Jrs360: Interesting... when is this out? Also will this be on Kindle Unlimited?

World 99: Blood of Fate · C7
1 week ago
Thanks :) And don't worry it's true. You can always join Dan's page on facebook and ask him directly (https://***.facebook.com/dansugralinovslevelup/). In fact he's very excited reading all the reviews and comments here on webnovel. View More

Hyruler: I guess I’ll believe you. If only because I’m too lazy to fact check and take it further. Thx for replying though!

3 months ago
Hello! Thank you for the notice. In fact links to Amazon are given every 3-5 chapters. This is official account of Dan Sugralinov's publisher - Magic Dome Books. View More

Hyruler: Anyone can find this book on amazon. It’s currently up to book three and is written by a very well known Russian RPGLit author.
Could the “Author” of this page please include the original author’s name and amazon info for everyone?

3 months ago
Sorry, guys, there will be no more chapters. If I post more, it's going to be violation of KU agreement. The rest of the book is on Amazon. Thank you for reading! View More
Re-Start · C22
3 months ago

Dyandrra: This story is kind of depressing and slow, very slow.
too much info dump, unnecessary info, so little story progress.

but still its a great story
i hope the author can pick up the pace
i know characters building is important, but this is already way too slow in term of story.

3 months ago
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