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Original Works

  • Darius The Legend (Indonesia)

    Darius The Legend (Indonesia)

    Fantasi Reincarnation System Kingdom Building

    Darius Aurelio von Aeon seorang High Human yang terbangun dari ‘kematiannya’ setelah lebih dari 20.000 tahun yang lalu, dimana High Human masih berjalan di muka bumi ini dan monster-monster yang kuat masih melakukan teror terhadap makhluk lain. Namun keadaan saat ini berbalik 180°dimana hampir seluruh rasnya sudah hampir musnah dan tersisa hanya segelintir orang yang mengetahui namanya, dimana High Human dikatakan hanya sebagai legenda oleh masyarakat dan saat ini dia memiliki misi. Misi untuk menyelamatkan rasnya dari ancaman. Bisakah Darius, seorang High Human di peradaban yang baru ini menjalani kehidupannya dan mencegah monster di dalam kegelapan menyerang tempat yang dilindunginya? Apakah dia akan menjadi seorang Pahlawan yang seorang diri melawan musuh atau Pemimpin yang mengumpulkan banyak orang untuk menahan serangan mematikan dari kegelapan? ---------------------------------------------------------------- Pertama kali membuat novel ini menjadi publik sambil menunggu jumlah chapter yang lumayan untuk di publish dengan bahasa inggris. Maafkan jika masih banyak kesalahan dalam pembuatan kalimat karena penulis sendiri masih baru dan saat ini penulis masih belajar untuk mengembangkan lagi cerita ini. 100% novel karya orang Indonesia Target: 3chp/week. terima kasih telah membaca dan jangan lupa saran dan komentarnya yang membangun!


This is it time to quit reading this mad novel from webnovel, I'll read it somewhere and it is FREE.

If this novel have consistent update release then I'll gladly unlock the chaps but this **** always come 1ch/month and the webnovel decided to put this **** on locked. Shame. View More
Tales of Demons and Gods · C489
1 week ago

Supernatural: Wow, this guy needs to find a better Novel to read if ATG is his favorite. I mean, if Yun Che wasn't the MC and was instead the villain, he would've been one of the most hated villains in Wuxia Fiction considering he basically r*pe half his girls.

The only reason the girls didn't do anything against him is because they can't and chooses to become one of his girls instead. If he was weaker than the girls and doesn't have plot armor, he'll be dead before or after the first time he tries to r*pe one of the girls. Doesn't matter if its to save them or not.

I'm sure most girls/women will rather risk dying compare to being r*pe by a stranger, especially if its the girl's first time.

My advice to people who actually like Yun Che... go read Douluo Dalu, it's wayyyyyyy better and actually have a likable MC that is also not a p*ssy... unless the one opposing him is his girl... but his girl doesn't really try to take advantage of him anyway so I'm sure you'll like them. In my opinion, Tang San and Xiao Wu(DD) is one of the best couple in fiction right up there with SAO abridge Kirito and Asuna.

Damn, I went on for too long... Stup*d college English class, always making me write long essays.

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C1
1 week ago

Lux_Arcadia_5429: if you are reading in webnovel you need to turn off your brain for 90-99 percent of novels.

Silverhart Online · C1
1 week ago

YinYangOverlord: It’s been already 1500 chapters 😆
It’s been a long ride Ein 😁
And I know nobody would complain if we reached 4k chapters 🙃 *just hinting* *calmly nods head*

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1500
1 month ago
*wink* View More

YinYangOverlord: It’s been already 1500 chapters 😆
It’s been a long ride Ein 😁
And I know nobody would complain if we reached 4k chapters 🙃 *just hinting* *calmly nods head*

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1500
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
It's Elion novel what else do you think? So the novel is going to be good and mc have real character development.

Test 140 words is too long. View More
1 month ago

TNT_Subho99: And i don't plan for any world travel protagonist stays in DXD only. So i just knocked myself out with the power levels.

DXD: Golden King of Lucifer · C0
2 months ago
Honestly I like this chapter, idk..

Hope vahn will get better and take this event as knowledge and wisdom for him to grow. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1402
2 months ago

LeFaiseurDeBriques: Scathach was ... broken ? I am not sure it's the right word but it describes the feeling i get from her. She was cursed, forced to live more than 2000 year on a land of death while knowing the future without the ability to change it, frankly the fact that she didn't become completely crazy is a miracle .
She was just too far gone to be saved, i think that's the last lesson Scathach wanted to give Vahn "you can't save everyone " or something like that.
Plus she made it very clear that she thought she wasn't worthy to stand alongside Vahn, considering her "past".
Thus she created an "untainted " version of herself who could surpasse her original self without her curse.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1402
2 months ago

Lancron: While I still think brother windcloud nine has a old fashioned view of what a woman should be I can see he genuinely loves his wife and would defend hew honour when the situation requires it to

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C645
3 months ago

Condemned: Like for harem.

The Black Market · C92
4 months ago
Thank you for chap! View More
New Emperor Of Ghouls · C66
4 months ago

Panda_Daoist: I’m reading this because he decided to give her a child. I hate these types of stories that avoid children like the plague.

Goddess Collector: Every Hole is a Goal · C6
4 months ago

Agracia: Damn i don't even read it

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C856
4 months ago
Soap drama in jail, aye? View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C177
4 months ago
I, one of the elders from MILF Sect approving this more milf, more happiness for mc. View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C178
4 months ago
Oohhh you're back! Welcome back.. View More
CEO in a fantasy world · C7
5 months ago
Jessica is keeper. View More
Lone_Wolf · C186
5 months ago

Thoth0: I also wish to see Vahn bed Iris, so that there can be a Mother x Daughter Sandwich.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1215
6 months ago
First iron rule.

Never, ever. Pissed a f*cking God and MC! Especially if the MC is God. Damn View More
Wholly Undead · C210
6 months ago

misterrp_747: Vahn : *Wakes up*
Merlin : "Hello Vahn, it will be 50 dollars per resident of the castle"
Vahn : "What the heck !?"
Merlin : "What do you mean I'm the official psychologist of the Empire, I need my pay..."
Vahn : "The **** Merlin!!! Stop eating and replacing people dreams!!!"

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1197
7 months ago
I don't mind it tho. View More
A Time Traveller's Guide to Feudal Japan · C102
7 months ago

OriginSaint: Satisfied? Hopefully... certain people might be triggered after tomorrow's chapters... haiiiii

Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C169
7 months ago
I the great elder from MILF sect, approved this chapter and may the 9 heaven blessed this author! View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C165
7 months ago

Vanyo: Man of Culture...

Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C163
7 months ago
Man of Culture... View More
Harem God of Origin (ATG) · C163
7 months ago
Okay author, just see this on my recomended in webnovel so I just hope you can achieve that goal or something closer instead 2k

Good luck for your novel! View More
I Freakin` Reincarnated With A System · C0
7 months ago

Vanyo: Appointment for all member of the MILF sect will be held, I see...

Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C668
7 months ago
Appointment for all member of the MILF sect will be held, I see... View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C668
7 months ago
You're back!

Welcome back author! View More
Divine Emperor of Death · C161
7 months ago
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