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Kylar_Ikaros: I thought we were done with the whole "glaring" thing? Please use another verb...otherwise, I will think everyone in this world is angry all of the time, and glares at everyone...

The Wizard World · C410
8 hours ago

SickBlad: men of culture hugging Their waifu pillows while listening to Vahn’s speech: Everything’s going to be alright waifu-chan.
Waifu pillow : I don’t feel so good mr....
*dissolves into dust as deemed as waste by the system*
The oceans then rose 1m due to the tears shed that day.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1313
9 hours ago
men of culture hugging Their waifu pillows while listening to Vahn’s speech: Everything’s going to be alright waifu-chan.
Waifu pillow : I don’t feel so good mr....
*dissolves into dust as deemed as waste by the system*
The oceans then rose 1m due to the tears shed that day. View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1313
9 hours ago

Muddus: How is Angele so strong compared to these wizards? He isn't even using his best spells/abilities. The chapters before this trial did not elude to this kind of power without his transformation.

The Wizard World · C391
15 hours ago

NovelCultivators: Such profound understanding, this daoist concede defeat

Cultivation Chat Group · C1123
20 hours ago

SickBlad: If thous defence is high enough, seeking death matters not!

Cultivation Chat Group · C1123
1 day ago
If thous defence is high enough, seeking death matters not! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1123
1 day ago

hs0003: With this advanced meditation technique that basically leads to the highest rank, I hope Angele don't just follow it somewhat blindly.
A really good thing about WotMW was that the mc made his own path.

The Wizard World · C323
1 day ago

Chouhouin: 100th comment. So these five days he didn’t bother to ask, but when the Gate about to open, he asked and had Lyn waste mentality? What stupidity. Also, wasn’t he supposed to attend the dinner party thrown in his honor on Sunday? It’s been 11-12 days now, plus the communication came 2 days before he came to this place. Author must be a member of the Axis of Time.

The Wizard World · C322
1 day ago
Atm his abilities are all over the place...
Okay so he focus on fire.
But he can’t remove his link to metal.
He has very high affinity for illusions, yet ignores it.
The plan should be to replace ‘earth’ in the technique with ‘metal’ then ‘molten metal’.
Then spice up life by learning some illusion stuff. View More
The Wizard World · C315
1 day ago

chingchongchin: I thought he only had two months to make the poison cloud potion..

The Wizard World · C314
1 day ago

PrinceMememon: Yeah, now I get it why I like WMW more than TWW.
Leylin : Full Control over himself and control others destiny. Even though he got that bloodline restriction from snake dowager, he never submit.
Angele : A dead soul threatened him, submit like a dog.
Honestly from me, the story went from 4 to 2 rating ever since Henn appeared. It's just painful to read act like a slave every time.

The Wizard World · C306
1 day ago

Tsuyashu: Wait... is no one going to question how they down played the whole son situation? Why didn't Angele react surprised when they mentioned him being the son during the registration? Did we lose a chapter that went over this?

The Wizard World · C299
1 day ago

ShadowOfLoki: What happend with absorbing different metals and upgrading his metal “shild” ?

The Wizard World · C290
1 day ago

Asura_Vajra: Aoko: I can't embarrass myself, It's not like I'll be part of his harem or anything!
Vahn: *Pallum-Shota Mode activate
Aoko: I immediately regret this decision.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1311
1 day ago

EchoNinja: I realized we have barely seen the bewitching effect, unless it’s so passive the author isn’t bothering to mention it or show people liking Mc more. Also sad we losing the metal mastery focus

The Wizard World · C287
2 days ago

Qnumbra: What gets me is that it was so hard to get from the west to central- you would think that there would be escorts or a safer way given that this is the HQ- I could see if it was some strange unrelated place, but as it isn't this is just silly if 90% of the people traveling die every time.

The Wizard World · C271
2 days ago

Ghizghuth: Ah, a wizard called him "Master Angele", but shouldn't they believe his name is Green ? Did I miss something ? :/

The Wizard World · C259
2 days ago

Sythcake: what the fucking ****? So they fucking promote infighting on a delivery trip??? Wtf is this bullcrap circus

The Wizard World · C253
2 days ago

Andy2c: The whole affair with Nancy was just a huge drop in quality. It didn't bring anything to the novel either, except some teasing for horny readers.
The only thing it did was to make me question why Angele refused to help the desperate girl with level 1 talent that he met on the ship while he was going back home. Since the only thing he did for Nancy was give her shelter (with some daily sexual herassment on the side), he could have done that for the other girl too. Guess he just wanted to toy around with a girl that once disdained him...

The Wizard World · C251
2 days ago

AvERaGeNP: How the fudge does he have baby? Was his sperm hibernating in her for years? But in the first place angele hated her from the beginning. Author really have to explain this without deus.

The Wizard World · C237
2 days ago

hs0003: Super rare heart of the tree, somehow acquires 18 boxes of them.

The Wizard World · C198
2 days ago


The Wizard World · C144
3 days ago
Not sure if you care after a year but...
Imagine you and 2 friends are chilling, 1 friend decided to kill a stranger to give you 3 time to escape a bear.

Stranger survives and kills your friend as revenge. Are you going to take revenge for your friend? Yep you are.

Therefore killing only the girl is the same choice as killing all 3, but you let 2 potential killers live on top.

The grandson would still convince the Wizard to mess with MC. View More

Ombrelongue: In fact, honnestly a think this *futur food* for the MC are in the right. Because not only he punishes them by cutting them a hand, but there more then they murders them! Seriously, he could not simply killed the girl? Given that he clearly heard their words thanks to the crow-spy he send, he perfectly know that the two hoteher don't want to take revange, no ?

The Wizard World · C131
3 days ago

Johnjayjay: So... he burnt his spellbooks because he didn't want to lose them? Is he going to burn down his house too? Don't wanna lose that too! *rolls eyes*

The Wizard World · C114
3 days ago

N0xiety: Meh this authors smoking weed and his head is not right... When he first came to this world he was 14yo. Then he spent 3 years with his father and became 17yo. He boarded the ship and took half a year ride so became 17.5yo... He came to academy and suddenly got younger again to 14yo... Sigh... Then 1.5 years passed in school and he had to leave so he became 15.5yo (19yo)... He became 16 (19.5) in the city, came back to school after another half a year so he should be 16.5yo (20yo) right now... But somehow he jumped to 18yo so i guess 1.5 years somehow passed in school after he returned? I don't even know anymore this author is way too inconsistent...

The Wizard World · C109
3 days ago

Chouhouin: Okay this is so retarded. The black card is worth 1000 high grade stones, which is 100,000 low grade stones. It cost him 999,997 stones just to buy the 100 level 0 and level 1 spells? That’s like 1000 low grade stone per spell. How the hell can wizard apprentice afford them? Patrolling is only 1 low grade stone a month, other missions are only a few stones also. That life and death mission was 50 stones which they never get to see anyway. Author need to pay attention to these details and not just throw numbers randomly. Angele is ready a dumb ass, why doesn’t he goes to his teacher and ask to buy the water of asu and defensive spells? I think he could get them for 999,997 stones?

The Wizard World · C108
3 days ago

Chouhouin: He consider himself a close combat wizard? Wasn’t he always uses bow and arrow as his weapon of choice? He doesn’t even own a cross blade sword for god sake! When the defense is strong he would choose ranged attack? Like that even worked at all with the wizard battles. His arrow just get defected away.

And why does the school has so many spells that seem to tailor toward close combat? Don’t wizard attack from a distance? 2 sec to chant an incantation in close combat with a Grand Knight equals death. Author need to think things through.

The Wizard World · C107
3 days ago

Tnyhy: Feels a bit incomplete, the characters, actions and world feel that way... incomplete and empty.

The Wizard World · C104
3 days ago

Se7eN: Mystery is good as long as it doesn't stay a mystery forever.

The Wizard World · C103
3 days ago
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