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Original Works

  • Hunt me down

    Hunt me down


    He made a deal with a demon, he had a good life. He was rich, popular and successful. The only hick is all he held dear had a time limit, and it just expired.

  • New life in the naruto vers

    New life in the naruto vers


    A anime fan of are world died, he was reborn in the naruto world. He didn't meet a god or was given some broken power, his only advantage was understanding the world he was in, and the possible futur it held for him and anyone else he held dear. This is his story, this is his moment... Not Naruto is still the plot armored MC, and he is only background persone G. "Im so dead." He looked up at the nine tails as it's wreaking havoc in the town.

  • One piece : rise of the merchant clan

    One piece : rise of the merchant clan


    I died, no point in taking about my past. I now find myself in the one piece world, with nothing but my own past life as an edge. Well il just have to carve out my own little piece of joy in this world.

  • New life in the phantom universe

    New life in the phantom universe

    Fantasy mature ghost Danny Fenton

    Thomas Root died, he learn that unlike web novel he's not getting his every fantasy realise. Instead he's given a choice, go back into the circle of his world after life. Loose his memory and start anew, or keep his memory and go trough a torture filed tunnel that will test his sanity. Oh and if he come out on the other side half sane he gets to keep all his memory and be send to a different reality. What his guid decide not to tell him is that, his memory is the only thing he gets. He does not chose a wish or power, system, ability not even were, when or who. This is but a game the high being play out of boredom.


Their are a few fanfic or story with this concept, so Il keep reading hopefully the mc will grow into a better version of himself. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Chat Group For Magicians · C1
14 minutes ago
Honestly I have my doubt about the emperor response, this is a guy who plotted and schema his way to the throne. From the brief description that the author gave, he sounded like a sneaky type. Remember the author said he came from last place all the way to be the ruling body, so someone like that to just loosing his cool from someone who he knows would be hostly too him. Makes me wonder if his short few years of being emperor he would loose all his political experience. Sure some of the nobles around could no doubt be loud mouth morons, but I find it hard to swallow that a prince who had to fight tooth and nail for the throne could easily be provoke by a proud mage. Any who just my two cents, love the story thanks for the chapter. View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C167
13 hours ago
Thank you very much for all the work you put into this, know that Im a fan of this story and Im happy too se it release in chapter every few days. Your doing a great job on the quality go you! And thanks again. View More
Tempered Immortal · C90
14 hours ago
Thanks for the chapter. View More
Tempered Immortal · C87
6 days ago
So when the next chapter its been a few days, thank for all the hard work hope to see a new instalment soon. View More
Tempered Immortal · C86
1 week ago
He should be able to sell his veg and grain, if he can take them out of his inventory to cook, he can sell them as well. View More
The Sovereignty System · C8
2 weeks ago

Jackel: Can't he sell stuff to the system store? Why wage stuff when he can sell it

The Sovereignty System · C8
2 weeks ago
Dude just the fact that you took it up, just for that I already have no complaits. True you can find the machine translation, but they away hurt my head. Nor do I have the patience to figure them out myself, so you presenting this story in a coherent setting is already generous in my book. Plus this story was sadly drop by it previous translator for years, you taking it up and bringing out more chapters is awesome. So thank you Ancient_devil, thanks for the chapter and the hours of work it takes into making this chapter into a readable shape. View More
Tempered Immortal · C82
2 weeks ago
Im so happy, a few years ago I found this story. Sadly the translator at the time stop working on it around chapter 50 I think. The site was closes and I lost a slow update good story. But now you seem too have pick it back up, I really hope that you'll stick with it. Thank you for picking it back up, now on to a bing reading. It a good thing I don't have plans tomorrow. View More
Tempered Immortal · C1
2 weeks ago
I have mix feeling on this kind of chapters, on one hand you get the hot stuff between characters. But on the other not much happens in the chapter story wise. Still it fine from time too time, plus I personally found that you did a good job of it. Thanks for the chapter, can't wait to see the next part of their adventure. Luffy part in this chapter made me laught. View More
One Piece : Sea Devil Sanji · C21
3 weeks ago
Brie, damn, now Im thinking of melted cheese, damn it, now Im Just hungry. What do you call a flaming bird? Not easy. Guest I like Penny, oh great now Im thinking of Pennywise the it clown. View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C82
3 weeks ago
I like Tony reason on too much power to fast. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C80
1 month ago
I really enjoy this mc, are you sure about no devil fruit power for him? Well at the very lest it will be different. Thanks for the chapter, see you next time. View More
That's One Strange Marine... · C12
1 month ago
Damn you cliffy! Thanks for the chapter. View More
Harvest Dungeon · C46
1 month ago
There is another possibility, the guard is making sure that they don't get any exp before entering the dungeon. In so making that if they die inside, the blame will be past on the dungeon or the team being inadequate in strength. Giving the person or group behind complete immunity in the eyes of everyone outside this political battle. Thanks for the story its awesome. View More
Omni-Mastery · C91
1 month ago
I approve his choices given his situation. After he comes out he no doubt will have to travel, and a spacial ring even a small one will always be useful. True if he was patience he could have eventually either buy one or found one. As for the skills he has those eyes to give him a better chances at getting basic skills. View More
Omni-Mastery · C53
1 month ago
Happy to see a new chapter. Thanks until next time. View More
Human In the Marvel World · C14
1 month ago
It makes sense that Ace refuse to stop chasing Blackbeard, changing the time line or big even shouldn't be easy. At least that is my understanding, but hey I could be wrong it not like we have the ability to test this anyway. Or do we thun thun thun thon. Thanks for the chapter awesome story. View More
One Piece : Sea Devil Sanji · C18
1 month ago
Free Fluffy! Don't hurt him, please author don't harm that loving big lung. Sniff please, let him be free it not his fault. It those idiots idea to place him in a room with easy access too kids. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C58
1 month ago
Yeah since reading this Ive replayed my fallout games series, I have lying around. Gasp! This is it! That the author evil plan, make us replay all are games. Run everyone, run away for we must escape him! View More
Not So Lonesome Road · C58
1 month ago

Vthor: I blame the autor for make me start playing new vegas again.
Ps: thanks

Not So Lonesome Road · C58
1 month ago
All are good choices, I personally would go with the time dilation. Thanks for the chapter. View More
My Future Self is Ruining My Life! · C46
1 month ago
If you think about it, all those thing are but the basics, this internal system can offer. So just how much can the mc improve, or I want to say mutate but I'm unsure if it applies to this. The possibility are frightening if he is given time and resource to upgrade, all of his body on a biological scale at the very least. That plus what this world offer in the supernatural, will no doubt create quite a powerful character. He might not be op depending on the author decision but if he is given room too grow. He will be someone not many will want to provoke. Thanks for the chapter. View More
My Future Self is Ruining My Life! · C44
1 month ago
Curse you, first! I two will have my revanche! Thanks for the chapter. View More
Not So Lonesome Road · C56
1 month ago
Wonder if its that old hidden snake that overheard him. Thanks for the chapter. View More
My Future Self is Ruining My Life! · C43
1 month ago
It makes sense in a way that Charlie boy wipe the mutant idea away from the human conscience. It clear up why, every government isn't on the hunt for mutants for now at least. My best guest would be as long as the mutant population don't attract too much attention. Thing will be calm, at the very least on the surface. Underneath it all, it wouldn't be surprising if some more morally questionable things were happening. Like weapons X programs and any other similar test going on. It not like cerebral was all powerfull, a small shield or distance from cerebral. Would make it hard too filter all the minds in the world into knowing everything. Beside Charles was alway weirdly focus on some kind of peaceful dream of coexistence, coming about in a almost organically way. He never tried too strong arm it, my guest is, that he figured the fallout on forcing it. On just if he ever took that rout, would plunge the world over the edge. Wow, I had lots too say on this, sorry about that. Thanks for the chapter. View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C74
1 month ago
Is this another plot armour appearance, nice, well it does make sense, since it is the mc best power. Lol, thank for the chapter. Happy to sit back, and see were this goes. View More
Harvest Dungeon · C41
1 month ago
At the part were Goku spins Frieza around, i keep hearing the song, you spin me right round like a record player. So I suddenly imagine the mc taking out a record player and pressing play on it. After Frieza cries out to stop spinning him around. Lol thanks for the chapter. View More
New Timeline · C0
1 month ago
Meh? What do you mean Meh? Is it in I could do better, please make it that its not in the sense I don't want too keep going. Cause the story is good I would hate to see you leave the story now. Please author tell me other wise, please don't leave me who else will entertain me in the evening at home alone in the dark, my dark soul weeps at the abandonment of my parent shadowy death, as they leave my ever eternal soul dividing embrace......... Arhum, sorry about that. Thanks for the chapter, hope that got a small smirk at least. View More
New Timeline · C0
1 month ago
First off love the story. I do wonder just how big of a harem the mc is going for? Cause by my count his already at four confirm, and with now three possible. So does he have a limit or is he going full buffet on this world. Since i fine if he pick up every girls he spots. Will he even ever have anytime for any of them? That has always been my big issue with harems. When should a mc stop in his pick up, because I'm pretty sure that no women no matter how open there are, will be ok with their husband docking around new ports all the time, if you know what I mean.
Any who that was my two cents. How much is too much in a harem?
Thanks for the chapter and keep it up, its a good story. View More
Rebirth Of The Mightiest Disciple (Reboot) · C62
1 month ago
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