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getrektfgt: How did she grabbed the bed when she was standing upside down? Using her feet?

Dreadful Radio Game · C3
1 week ago

Sinfish: Remarkably bad on almost all fronts. The translation is rapid, but incredibly poor in quality - sentences often mean the opposite of what they actually say. The plot armor is thicker than a nuclear shelter.

MC gets transported to another world, but it's one of those transfer MCs where you question why they even bothered since none of his thoughts are ideas are from Earth except when he thinks to himself "this system is like the card game I used to play" except for that one time he thought to himself, "Oh, just like the webnovels I read on Qidian". MC gets a gacha card "system" with pretty absurdly strong powers, which is fine. MC proceeds to use it very poorly, which is less fine.

World in general is what I call "low-intelligence worlds", where a moron from Earth is a genius in this world. MC hailed as a genius for having mediocre ideas. Note that this is despite the world being seemingly at least equal to Earth in technology along with a large variety of "system" magic and magic tools.

And it gets worse. Characters are needlessly wasteful of resources and lives. Characters are randomly cruel or self-centered in ways that normally don't survive 8th grade, and this includes the MC. Character personalities are completely inconsistent, and so far his life and powerups are a series of random encounters that has essentially no input by the character or supporting characters having any persistent, reasonable motivation. The world and its people seemingly only exist for the MC to do his thing, but the MC doesn't have a thing to do. He sort of had an immediate motivation in that his life bar was set at ~60 days at the start, but that got solved partially without him trying because it turns out his system gives him like a year of life just for killing one bottom-tier monster and then it gets solved completely without him trying because of a random encounter was like "hey thanks for doing this thing that you did with no effort, btw, I am actually a god and I fixed your supposedly unsolvable problem without you asking me to"

But worst of all is the nonsensical things that happen. I would call it a plot, but that's an insult to actual plots


MC's temporary boss/high ranker/harem candidate tells him not to let anyone leave town because it might be too dangerous. Random low-tier noob says she wants to leave anyway. MC pulls out a gun and point it at her head and tells her he'll kill her if she leaves. He could have just said, "hey, the gold-ranker says you can't leave because there are monsters roaming outside" but naw, straight to gun-in-face. Keep in mind this isn't some grimdark fantasy, this is a hyper-modern world where there's supposed to be rule of law. Our MC is a psychopath, but it gets worse.

Random bozo tries to stick up for the girl and say the MC is being unreasonable, MC literally thinks random bozo is just doing this for a pretty face and is proud that he isn't swayed by pretty faces. Author makes it clear he's also proud his MC isn't, the chapter title is literally titled "What's Being Kind to Women?".

Suddenly, for no reason at all, random mid-boss antagonist who has been harassing MC (and other people) jumps in to start a fight against MC, not because of the girl but because he wants to pick on MC. They look like they're going to get in a fight. Mid-boss is definitely stronger than him, he literally beat MC like yesterday and let him go because "you're so weak you're not worth killing even though I'm here to kill weak people because I'm weird."

MC doesn't back down, because I don't know, being a dumbass threatening some random girl with shooting her in the face so she doesn't endanger herself is more important than his own life, which is all so stupid I can barely breathe. Fortunately, they're suddenly interrupted by random bullsh*t and everybody forgets what they were doing. In the ensuing few days MC exerts his dominance by beating up sh*t-tier background characters with no names and doesn't let anyone leave.

Somehow, this makes people trusting and admiring of him, which is important because he's about to lead a squad into battle because his boss/harem candidate thought all that previous bullsh*t was genius work by him. A couple of chapters later he declares he's going to stay and defend the town from monsters despite being having a power rating of effectively zero when there are literally a thousand other super-powered high level humans running around. Literally tens of thousands of years of combat experience between all of them, and somehow MC is piping up with his sh*t-tier ideas and people are calling it genius. It also feels super weird because our MC has been relatively focused on himself and his sister so far, and this is the first hint that he gives a sh*t about anybody else, yet he's suddenly burning with self-sacrificial desire.

Not long after, it turns out this was a tremendously stupid idea (which literally other more experienced people than him told him at least three times) and he's going to die, 100%, no take-backsies. Just then he gets a system notification: Would you like to get your get-out-of-jail-free card I didn't tell you about and you didn't know you had? He's like: "sure". And then the magic wish automatically determines how to get him out of the situation with no input from him, and kills millions of monsters with a nuke that only hits bad guys and instakills everyone but the boss, and saves the day. No, I'm not joking or exaggerating in the least.

But wait, it didn't kill the boss. Boss appears and says, haha, you humans are so dumb, Superman-Goku Macguffin the 3rd isn't coming to save you, Superman is a dumbo and is fighting my sekret clone. By the way, I'm going to kill all of you, especially you MC. Suddenly, harem candidate goes, "Wait boss monster, can you please give me 3 minutes to confess my love for MC? Pleaaase? Pretty pleeaaase?" Boss monster goes: "Okay, sounds fine with me, but don't doublecross me or I'm gonna like, kill you. Uh, I guess I'm gonna kill you anyway but I'll like really super duper kill you or something", and he goes to sit in the corner and jacks off for awhile.

Harem-candidates grabs MC, and then is like, "omgersh boss monster, you so dumb!" and then she pushes through MC through a portal while boss monster is distracted. Staring at the portal he goes, "How dare you lie to me!" "Curse you humans and your predictable yet inevitable betrayal!" "It's a good thing you were too dumb to take your own portal, now I'm going to kill you even harder!"

But then she goes "Wait, let me give a dying speech. Okay, still giving a dying speech. man, why am I not dead yet? Guess I'll speech some more. Also, it's sort of weird that I pushed MC through the portal and stayed behind but he's still here but oh well, if the author's not paying attention why should I? MC even though I met you like last week and we've literally never had a conversation, you are the most amazing man ever and I love you."

Boss monster: "That's great, I'm gonna kill you now."

POW! Suddenly the goddess our delightful MC met last week in yet another random encounter roll after feeding a squirrel who turned out to be a immortal god-beast who was the pet of the goddess back in the day so he was like, how about I show you her corpse and then just because MC is MC the goddess came back to life from him getting a plot boner or something and was like "Oh hey MC, we're soulmates and I love you. Please ignore my irrelevant background story which makes it seem like I should vengefully kill all humans." Anyway. Goddess shows up and her pet squirrel smacks boss monster to death with a single slap. Literal Deus ex Machina. BTW MC, since we killed a immortal super boss monster, why don't you take its soul, you can raise it as a soul pet and get super powers you didn't work for, again.

MC: "Oh yeah, goddess, can you help save this harem candidate who I met last week?" "long as you're here doing miracles, y'know?"

Goddess: "No, that is impossible... unless I had a boss monster soul or something like that, but those are pretty rare and it's not like we just have those lying around." "Oh whoa, it turns out there's a boss monster soul I just gave you. But are you sure you want to give it up? You worked so hard for it. Oh wait, no you didn't I just showed up and gave it to you."

MC: "uh, sure, yeah, whatever G-dog"

Goddess: "haha, just playing, I don't need the monster soul after all. It'd be too much of a pain in the ass to write another monster in...I mean, I don't need one because I got others. Despite me being dead for the last thousand years or whatever" "Bippity-boppity-boo! This girl is alive! But hey we're still gonna get it on at some unspecified later date when you're a god through remarkable happenstance, right?" "also, the girl is super mega powerful now cuz I put a god-beast in her. The soul I gave her was like a super rare Phoenix soul I just had lying around."

MC: "Yay!"

And that's when I stopped reading.

Monster Paradise
1 month ago

rynnix: The novel starts off quite interesting. As is typical with the trend of transmigration stories, MC doesn't think twice about being teleported to another world- that's completely ok, actually. His transmigration and his immediate assimilation into the world can be excused, despite the fact that he came from a world of familiar smartphones and not a world with a jumbled mix of advanced "ring" systems, ancient relics, and wacky monsters.

That one point. That is excusable. However, much like credit card debt, you cannot declare bankruptcy the second time.

It would appear as though the author definitively planned out the first 20 or so chapters of the story- it feels pretty realistic, and the MC's wits show through in a manner that engages the reader, despite his crippling handicap. Ever present in the background was his impending death, as his lifespan was essentially crippled to around 3 months.

Then, the warning signs begin to show.

His cheat skill, a sort of system, activates and immediately catapults him to importance by granting him the ability to summon monsters he kills, which the translator terms "Imperial Censure". There is no explanation on how this role fits into society, simply that the role is "exclusive" and represents "high status".

What else does it do? Allow him to copy skills, for one. Instantly, MC is a comprehension genius. The author's lazy writing starts to show through here, around the assessment arc.

MC enters desert. Desert has sand monsters. Fight sand monster, summon sand monster. Mutated?! Joy!

The above is literally how the world building in this novel works. Author throws out a random location, describes it with a line or two, and then focuses back on MC.

This could be remedied if the MC was adequately fleshed out, but that doesn't occur, either. The whole reason the MC is joining the assessment is because his system would've deserted him otherwise, because apparently the transmigration, monster, and OP system tropes weren't enough- the author needs a quest aspect as well.

What else happens? MC meets possibly the most overpowered character in the entire story (literally a surviving half god) and his blood somehow managed to revive her. Then, she instantly heals his crippled lifespan. He subsequently proceeds to learn an Epic skill from watching her brew tea. Afterwards, he returns to the assessment like nothing happened.

Yeah. However, I digress.

Overall, the author attempts to demonstrate the MC's prowess at the expense of world building and other characters. Bai Yan, the main antagonist, was initially portrayed as aloof- he stated he wouldn't kill the MC because the MC was week. Flash forward 2 days and Bai Yan now picks fights whenever MC says anything. In public. What?

MC apparently is the only one with brains as well. With an impending monster horde, there's no way for everyone to escape. What should they do?

MC suggests rather plainly that they could group up and fight- author throws in some random locations to make MC seem smarter, and everyone reacts as if MC is a genius. He's really not. Even his power is borrowed. And what he does have came from plot armor. He's essentially a vessel that is given "personality" by the secret seeds of wish fulfillment within our hearts- nothing more.

If you value world building and character development, don't read this. If you're willing to turn off your brain and become one of the numerous other side characters that fawn over the MC, then I guess you could give it a shot.

*Translation and editing are both really basic. I do not profess to be competely adept at grammar, but as a native, the choppy sentences are quite numerous. Additionally, the word choice is extremely bland and basic.

On the flip side, I guess there's at least a semblance of uniformity across the mundane story, cardboard MC, and uninteresting descriptions. I hope the irony of this praise is not lost to you.

Monster Paradise
1 month ago

RobynHood: It's good that Kim Dokja, and by extension the author, recognizes and distinguishes the differences between modern Japan and Imperial Japan. While there are many issues with the way the Japanese government has handled its history, the government is not a perfect representation of the people. There are good and bad Japanese people just as there are good and bad people in Korea and the rest of the world.

Omniscient Reader · C124
1 month ago

Sephiroth_Naruto: I still ship Yoo Jonghyuk x Kim Dokja. Heck, they even made a story/promise about being with each other in life or death.

Omniscient Reader · C119
1 month ago

Lord_Meh_Meh: All these names are confusing. I barely know who to root for.

Omniscient Reader · C64
1 month ago

WakelessMars: I really hope they dont become a couple this is not cute to me its just fucking annoying. She's a ***** you would think she would want to stay away from a "pervert". No she actively pursues him its irritating might drop it dont understand why authors make love interest like this.

Super Gene · C26
1 month ago
Shes really not even attempting to keep a low profile at this point... View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C47
1 month ago

DarkImmortal_Intel: good LN, my only two cents would be: I wish there was more character development for the MC. The story kind of revolves around powering up her new 'friend' she just met a couple of days ago. And she's kinda making to many OP weapons. It's kinda clear you're going to make her get caught by someone and it's going to be the elfs fault somehow. Plus the whole cliche dude who's fixated on the MC. Even though MC literally showed up a few days ago. How large is the city she's in? 12 people? Considering how often she pumps into the same individuals over and over again. It's kinda surprising. Also, why isn't she trying to keep a low profile? Isn't she a monster? She sure loves that anu-s attack to make every single person remember her. Good LN. But there are glaring cliche's and plot holes.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C47
1 month ago
Reading Status: C46
Started out promising but quickly became a bit repetitive and boring. Characters are odd and always seem obsessed with the MC. Quickly lost interest once the story basically became yuuri focused and every fight was the Mc talking about stabbing monsters in the ass. View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?
1 month ago

rinpyon: Concept is good but the story loses momentum quickly. Focus keeps shifting from the mc to her friends who she decides to raise. In my opinion both of them are completely uninteresting and one is a total pervert, who gets increasingly perverted as time goes on. Leans heavily toward yuri, and from my interpretation of clues this will definitely become the main direction.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?
1 month ago

mustrum: This is most definitely a feel good story, and it is up there in quality compared to some other works on this site.
Unfortunately this does not mean that it's great, since there is a lot of **** stories here.

The main problem I see is that the author most likely practices a discovery writing and makes stuff up on the way.

For example the MC gets skills or useful items that are later forgotten and not used when needed.
There's a skill system in the world. What purpose does it serve is unknown, because MC can just go around and make whatever 'cool stuff' with ice she imagines even though it is not her skill, and apparently the stuff she does is for some reason more effective than skills (exploding/splitting/transforming/remotely controlled ice spears/balls/walls/ramps or whatever else).
There's a lot of things that are suddenly introduced even though it might have been important earlier (time dilation in dungeons for example).

Minor spoiler ahead:

What got me to completely drop the story was the MC killing some random bloke after a second auction just because he happened to have bought an item that she needed. He was not fighting or threatening her. He was just running for his life, being pursued by two thieves. There goes all the talk about her moral integrity and not slaughtering ppl for power I guess.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl?
1 month ago

Kul: This ass thing was cool in the beginning but now it's just making me cringe

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C43
1 month ago

Frostis: Am I the only one that thinks that the whole anus thing is extremely cringy ?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C43
1 month ago

Rawr_Kitten: Shes a 30 yr old in a 13 yr old body stop trying to shove perv down the novels throat you degeneretes

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
1 month ago

DaoistArcadia: romance is fine regardless of gender but please put more of a focus on the adventure part of the story so less lovey dovey and more skill ups and smashing enemies PLEASE

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
1 month ago

Dao_Balance: You are absolutely right, and i did not say that i am against the same gender love, more so i think it is healty in our society and normal thing, but i do not want to experience it trough the eyes of the mc more so becouse i am a visual person, and it would feel like i am the one in that shoe.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
1 month ago

MyXiao: Please don't turn this into yuri. I beg you 😟

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
1 month ago

Dao_Balance: Stop the yuri!!!!

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C30
1 month ago

Miya_Jheale: Hopefully none of the above... romance kills stories.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C19
1 month ago
Reading Status: C405
Amazingly well written story! Definitely give it a chance! Overall the author has done an awesome job fleshing out the world of pangera. Multiple distinct characters with their own backstory and motivations abound in this story. The author does a great job making his characters actually feel alive. To the point you’ll find yourself conflicted on how to feel about characters formerly thought to be generic one dimensional villains. View More
2 months ago

Ree_Trace: repeat in this chapter

Chrysalis · C362
2 months ago

Drakzil: When Anthony and his pets retire, Tiny uses his last evolution pumping all stats into Cunning and Will. He then proceeds to become the most hailed Philosopher and mathematician of his time

Chrysalis · C277
2 months ago

Daoist_Kun: I didn't like the priest at first but now that I've seen how much more weird he's become . . . . I like him now . . .

Chrysalis · C223
2 months ago

CallMeSoraka: This author has a way of making me like characters that I initially hated with these povs. Now I feel like I could read a mini novel centered around Beyns growth with this new settlement ;-;

Chrysalis · C223
2 months ago

TheGoldenSquid: REMEMBER: First thou pullest the Holy Pin. Then thou must count to three. Three shall be the number of the counting and the number of the counting shall be three. Four shalt thou not count, neither shalt thou count two, excepting that thou then proceedeth to three. Five is right out. Once the number three, being the number of the counting, be reached, then lobbest thou the Holy Hand Grenade in the direction of thine foe, who, being naughty in my sight, shall snuff it

Chrysalis · C58
2 months ago

DaoistMasterJohn: Uh... really interesting so far. And in general relatively good quality. I will continue reading immediately.

But this chapter had 3 things I don't really understand.
- The MC is a normal, small ant, he said it himself. But actually he is around 30 cm high and 1 meter long? Wtf. He is a fucking giant monster ant. But he still calls himself small and isn't surprised at all. It is paradox and makes no sense.
- The MC doesn't know where he is at all or what this cave is, then he thinks the stairs are elf or human made and then suddenly he calls it a dungeon and knows that there are stronger monsters downstairs. But then suddenly he calls it cave again and seems to not know it anymore. Really paradox and strange.
- Is the MC really that dumb that he forgot he was a monster and humans enemy? :/

Chrysalis · C7
2 months ago

Mookashea: This story has a big problem with telling and not showing. The unnecessary family conflict seems forced and fake and the "she is just to hot can't keep my hormones in check" is worn out trope that makes the mc unlikable when they get manipulated. Also the " he could spit up blood" is more used in eastern LN because it comes from the culture using it here felt out of place.

Farming For Gold · C2
2 months ago

StillAlive: I've noticed that sometimes Chinese web novels use the word autistic to describe someone who displays certain tendencies like being withdrawn into themselves or not speaking etc. but it doesn't necessarily mean they have autism. I'm assuming it's probably the case here too.

Zombie Sister Strategy · C27
2 months ago

TheBeast41: Is it just me or do i see a fatty friend in most of the books I read?

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
2 months ago
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