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    Accidental Submission

    Fantasy Action Adventure Fantasy GameElements Isekai Leveling

    I forgot to submit the story to the writing prompt competition, so I'm submitting it again. E-mailing webnovel to remove this submission so I can submit it again properly

  • Heroes From Another Dimension: Fight for the Lost Land

    Heroes From Another Dimension: Fight for the Lost Land


    A High school football player with a promising future. A young man who was once homeless before being adopted into a rich family. The hero is summoned by the Kingdom of Meaviel, to save it from the demons and their fallen subordinates. Although hope feels lost the Hero will always know what to do to make things right. Warning: The first few chapters has themes of implied rape. If you're uncomfortable with these chapters, there's a summary chapter detailing what happens which I would recommend reading before skipping over to chapter 4.


This chapters have been amazing! This shows why wjx is the way he is! A soft hearted captain, but as he grew up when yx was so dominant he took the position of core player too seriously.

Yx back then was dominant cause his team mates at the time would cover his flaws and the only reason he had flaws was cause he knew his team mates would cover him. WJX who is also an aspiring talent also follows this mantra as a captain, but times are different now since there are more players who play at a high level now, and can actually function without their core. It fully shows both WJX developed both his strengths and weaknesses!

It shows both the strength and weaknesses of our beloved tiny herb captain and I love it! View More
The King's Avatar - For The Glory · C20
2 months ago
The notifications only have been first clears from all we know of bosses and dungeons. So far we only seen the 1st clear of the MC but not of the other players, so no telling how many 1sts everyone else has. Lu Li also doesnt enter dungeons as fast as possible except for ones he deems necessary like the big light and dark dungeons, nor has he gone to other continents for their first clears. Plus the big portion of him going online, while still the best player level and equipment wise in the eastern continent doesn't mean much in the others continents who have always been superior.

So for me that makes sense. But just HOW OP these equips are just sound unreasonable. It sounds like the author realized how broken he made Lu Li's bow so they had to make even more over the top weapons to counter it. View More

Hiryo: The only glaring point for this is that there were no global notifiations for such equipment to exist, the only reason is that Lu Li didn't see that since such notifications where done while he was offline, and damn that still being less inconsiderate for that absurd high level, and why not already covered.... meh. That is what stumps me that there were no notifications ahead of it. Then again, why the absurd level gap too?! Please tell me that these are hidden 'GM's'/'Devs'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C393
4 months ago
Yeah I feel like the equipment is always a biy of a stretch. But i guess they had to give a reason as to how he can solo bosses, but now it doesnt even seem like it's because he's that skilled. View More

Senelcar: Once again stupid equipement ... He just showed that HP is useless, as blocking 10 time will kill EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME. I really wonder if author even played mmorpg once ...

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C393
4 months ago

Senelcar: Once again stupid equipement ... He just showed that HP is useless, as blocking 10 time will kill EVERYTHING IN THIS GAME. I really wonder if author even played mmorpg once ...

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C393
4 months ago
This cliff hangar is so steep... i almost bought privilege... almost View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C361
5 months ago
I agree, although i understand the feel of working together in a small community, 20K people isnt really small... a lot of story aspects doesnt make sense for example how long it takes to make a character and waiting all that time on a ship and still beong hyped? After a long journey no matter where i go i am pooped... View More

belahbelah: So you cant play with your friends ever just because you live in a different neiborhoor/city ?!? This seems like a huge flaw that would make a ton of players insta quit the game....

Dungeon Core Online · C17
5 months ago

LazyDeath: The better quwstion is... How the hell does 30k player overcome that wall or deep abyss pit in the center which seperate east and west? Mc and fatty only overcame that because they had the frog... But what about these guys that suddenly raid an impassable area...???

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C169
6 months ago

Drinking_Alone: This novel is sooo much better then all the other mmorpg novels just the fact that the mc isn’t just straight up 1v1 every single boss straight away makes this a million times better then garbage like ROTSSG and the like, we have a level headed mc that is inclusive of all members, no ridiculous damage out put that are just bullsh*t numbers put together by the author and actual effort needs to be done to defeat the raids. The synopsis does not do this novel justice, the only people to even dislike such a well written MMORPG novels are probably the people who prefer crap with ridiculously broken MCs and a ludicrous harem in tow, bravo author I applaud this fine work of yours 👏👏

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C90
6 months ago

Khalis: "As a result, she specifically trained her ears for Glory and improved it even further."
I wonder how that training works.
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of grenades.
<boom> <boom> <boom>
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of Steamed Bun attacking someone.
Steamed Bun: Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi~
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of a tree falling on Huang Shaotian
Huang Shaotian: F***! F***! F***! <boom>

The King's Avatar · C1556
7 months ago
It's annoying but I found the chapter on another site simply cause it wasnt actually posted here. Since it's been so long i recommend reading it somewhere else. View More

Mistborn: I can’t be the only one whose finding the missing Synchronization chapter to be annoying right? Seems like it was an important chapter with a ton of info on game mechanics etc. why haven’t you fixed it Author?

eFate: An MMO Story · C13
8 months ago

alus: She did contact him.
But maybe she did it too late, as she had only managed to say something like "run away!"

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C802
8 months ago

MeAloneGuy: There goes my SS.
Press F to pay respect for your lost SS.

The King's Avatar · C1479
10 months ago
No classes on thursday? He only has 4 classes so he prolly doesnt have to go every day. Though since we dont know his schedule it's kind of whatever. View More

ThrustThunder: It's Thursday, shouldn't he be in school right now instead of in a love hotel? He has school, right?
Isn't school supposed to be a big deal to the system?

The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. [hiatus] · C66
10 months ago

J1N: Given that Roland already has developed internal combustion engine, he should ask for schematics for main battletank.

Even the crudest WW2 tank without electronics and guidance system will provide a huge military boost.

Release That Witch · C1367
10 months ago
Alright not up to date but I just wanted to say ive been reading this when im bored cause it was very mildly entertaining to me. Story just didnt excite me unless sayaka came out.

However these last few chapters have been great and im really excited to read more now! Toward the end ot volume 2 it is really apparent as to how you improved as a writer so kudos to you! View More
My Arata Complex · C50
10 months ago

Fleeting_Cloud: I like this story but every time there's romantic interaction between characters, it turns awkward and weird. And the fact that they have non-human bodies makes things even weirder.

Farming For Gold · C26
10 months ago
Wasn't hachi older than Xin? Isnt Xin 14 or 15? How is Hachi 10 now? O.o confused View More
The Great Thief · C342
11 months ago
I actually agree with you. Lets not forget this summoner uses a spirit style. Mo Fan is use to seeing the 4 beast style, and from a much weaker summoner too. LJ isnt really the best training partner for experience against summoners, and with a different fighting style, Mo Fan might be in trouble. Last match he overwhelmed his opponent but now his opponent knows not to underestimate our little ninja. View More

vamignon: Won't you think that this summoner will have a way to deal with mo fan now that he had his ass handed to him 1 time already?
A summoner to play defensively won't have any difference in playstyle in this low vision map compared to a normal one. On the opposite, his summons might be harder to grasp here

The King's Avatar · C1441
11 months ago
Just gonna be blunt, the grammar is unbearable. You use the word "he" too many times to start a sentence also. Try to flesh out the situation more and explain everything so we can visualize everything too. The more detail the better. View More
The Virtual World · C2
11 months ago
Kazuma Satou... going off by the 1st chapter he's going to meet a blue haired goddess and offer him a cheat to send him to a parallel world full of adventure where he gets to party with a loli arch mage and a beautiful onee-sama knight. Lets see what the 2nd chap brings. View More
The Virtual World · C1
11 months ago
Old wei, stay shameless! We all love you! View More
The King's Avatar · C1420
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C714
1 year ago
Yeah. Mech anime likes to make humanoid forms so special due to how flexible we are. The only reason humans are special is cause of our high intellect and thumbs. But in the world of mecha where you can go for advanced designs, it'd probably be more efficent to use other animals as a base.

Like use digimons philosophy. Add hella weapons to a random animal to make it stronger. An animal mech would be much more better specialized in speed than that of a human body design. View More

GeesPart: I wasn’t going to comment back but your comment made me laugh, just know the armor piercing “tech” in reality is still using the so called ‘drill’ technology - speaking of current generation munition today; and since when was a mech a reality? With our current technology it’s highly improbable not to mention it’s impractical to make a gigantic robot using the human body as a design model. Way too much problems to worry about, it’s such an utter waste of resources. Trust me when I say that a over-the-body ‘powered suit’ is highly ‘probable’, and it may or may not be already being tested as I’m typing this. 😝

The Mech Touch · C99
1 year ago
Lets also make all of the mech's weapons drills.

And the pilot has to be full of energy and kicking reality to the curb. View More

GeesPart: Why not build a mech in a way where the internals is a mini mech itself, overlaid with a bigger mech. So when the outer mech is damaged beyond its limits, eject out the inner frame mini mech and still carry on fighting losing durability and armor but gaining speed/agility and flexibility. And it’s always harder to hit a smaller target. 😏

The Mech Touch · C99
1 year ago

TommenJerry: You think you made valid points but you really didn't in my honest opinion.
1) Increasing his INT with candies is prohibitively expensive (as repeatedly said in the novel). Learning things the normal way takes time. Unless you want the author to purposely make the stats ridiculously OP so that he can please your expectations, then his current path is as logical as possible.
2) The skill trees are vague and nebulous. Most of what I think you can get through Mathematics can be gotten in a more readily applicable and relevant form through Mechanics. Also the story leans heavily on the hardware and basically not even touching the software. Of which there is only one that is applicable, which is the Neural Interface (which is, if you forgot or were simply too smart to read, heavily protected and regulated). Both of those skill trees you said has more use to a researcher than a designer. You'd know this if you were actually reading the story but he repeatedly says that he only has to design mechs and not build them from the ground up. (Literally mentioned this when he was recounting his gains from the Fusion Cup).
3) He's under time constraint which is why he didn't "hardwork" his way through that lighting quest requirement. Organic stat upgrades simply do not have as an immediate benefit to him because he's always pressed for time. He's not in an environment conducive to stat grinding. And do you really want him to use his fucking plot armor for something so ******? He's growing. Slowly. Slower than any other story with a System. But at least this system doesn't give him God powers so he can go around slapping everyone's face with his System granted ego-dick. Personally, I'm tired of that trope. You're probably thinking :"But if he had good stats he'd learn faster". To which I say: HE'S PRESSED FOR TIME. Your ideas only work if he had no bills to pay and if his System wasn't giving quests that pressured him to pursue immediate benefits. He's already mentioned the trade offs on these paths of growth. He has always considered that he can do things differently for a long term benefit but guess what? You guessed it if you're as smart as you think you are but in case you aren't, I'll say it myself. Repeat after me: HE'S PRESSED FOR TIME.
4) Let me just say this. READ THE STORY. ALL THE WORDS. The world building keeps reiterating that he shouldn't easily trust anyone. The MTA isn't his friend. They aren't his family. His interests aren't the MTA'S interests. He doesn't know why they have a branch on his planet. He thinks they're shady af for literally using a bloody iron fist to stamp out the wars and gaining hegemony over mechs. (You'd know this is you read the part where he bought books to shore up his lack of knowledge. But you were probably too smart of a person to read everything, I guess.)

The Mech Touch · C66
1 year ago
Yeah... Natsuya is kind of getting the boot on how reliable she is. Sure, Yomi is amazing but it kind of makes Natsuya look less amazing... its one thing for Seiji to surpass her, but another for her to become useless. View More

came_for_the_waifu: I know, all I kept thinking was "hmm he'll need natsuyas assistance again, *reads on * hold up why aren't you going to natsuyas resident *reads on* the more I keep going in this story, the more perverted the author and seiji get, he truly is almost the most depraved man he could be

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C590
1 year ago
Knowing the author he'll add it in 3 arcs later. View More

Nyaboron: Now that they mentioned going to the pool and stuff, what happened to planned hot spring trip during the school festival?

NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C648
1 year ago

VillAnthem: I bet Wei Chen and Fang Rui are going to co-author a book when this is all over.
"Taking the Low Road in Glory: How to Really Kick a Man when He's Down"

The King's Avatar · C1372
1 year ago

raifujinn: Here, Ye Xiu, Wei Chen is lending you his super-cute pillow from the random-Christmas gifts for you to rest at ease *pat pat*

The King's Avatar · C1356
1 year ago
Couldnt natsuya do the inspection instead? Or the female otaku spiritual user? I know, then seiji wouldnt touch these magnificent breasts, but still! View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C590
1 year ago
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