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Amen Arwen! Inaction is in the face of injustice is just another evil. View More
Caracara's Hunt · C83
1 day ago
Lol, I love the sheer ridiculousness of this story. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C104
3 days ago

CarefreeReader_Zen: I think some did... (the ones just reaching the place might be like "I'm outta here!") lol

but yeah I agree with you, I would have already been on the other end of the street with only dust in my wake by the time the kitty jumped the guard. XD

the reason that they didn't it's because they "froze in fear". Or something like that, according to story.

Caracara's Hunt · C25
4 days ago
I have noticed that the author didn’t quite pull off certain aspects of the mindset of a soldier, and he’s a little too trusting. I don’t think it’s horrible though considering some of the crap I’ve read as far as soldier stories go though. Also I love your username. Made me laugh 😂 View More

Daoist_SunFart: He confineds too much in in people he just met. He has the mindset of a teenager. I also have the feeling he's gonna be a goody too shoes. Then again it's mostly the authors way I feel this way. A good example of good writing is The Lord of All Mysteries. So maybe I was wrong about MC. It's the writing style that's annoying me.

The Golem Adventurer · C10
5 days ago

Saarlink: I have to say the idea of eating orc (which is a super common trope in isekai novels) has always bothered me. It is basically cannibalism. Yes they are technically a different race but eating another intelligent race seems...really not okay. Not really a criticism, but I just wish there was a bit more revulsion to certain things in these types of novels (the general acceptance and even emrace of slavery is another one that gets to me).

The Golem Adventurer · C13
5 days ago
How so? View More

Daoist_SunFart: ...........I think imma drop this. The MC is annoying me.

The Golem Adventurer · C10
5 days ago

sw_junk: Yes, please take the time you need for your health. We'll wait. Maybe not patiently, but we will wait. 😊

Data Dragon Danika · C267
1 week ago

Korpiks: Your comment made me spit my drink all over my keyboard, thanks you è_é

Summoning the Holy Sword · C215
1 week ago

Nine_Tales_of_Dao: 'Wife, come here, we need to make a new Heir, the current ones to stupid to live.'

Summoning the Holy Sword · C215
1 week ago
Ooh, busted. View More
Chameleon: My Real Face · C25
1 week ago
EEEEE!!! Dragon form for the win! ❤️❤️❤️ View More
Beast God · C62
1 week ago
So gross. Hentai is just evil and wrong View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C212
1 week ago
A promise is not valid if coerced by an evil man. View More
Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C168
2 weeks ago
Wooh! New dragon buddy! View More
The Soul of Lucifer · C32
2 weeks ago
I feel like you’re sending mixed signals on the situation of marc and nathanials souls. Sometimes you word it like Nathanial just inherented Marc’s memories and give no indication of what happened to his actual soul, and other times you give the impression that nathantial is now a combination of both of their souls. It really needs clarification. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C71
2 weeks ago
What happened to the soul of Marc? I liked him but it’s like he disappeared. View More
Immaculate Spirit · C9
2 weeks ago
Plz write more! Plz! View More
The Hitman's Codex · C17
2 weeks ago
Yup, definitely sounds familiar. View More

Cupcakegal: I dont think its rabies. It reminds me of the sickness that took Tapestry.

A Hand-Woven Universe · C156
4 weeks ago
Didn’t Artemis mention that as Leo got stronger his vulnerability to silver would lessen? View More
Werewolf in another world · C119
4 weeks ago
I don’t like the premise as much as jay aslan. Just doesn’t have the same impact. View More
Stardom- Logan Williams · C2
1 month ago
Lol, just like many scientists, in pursuit of knowledge he threw away his survival instincts. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C44
1 month ago
Dragons!!! I ❤️❤️❤️ Dragons! View More
Low Dimensional Game · C28
1 month ago

SmilingReader: If he can extend his telomeres so that his genes don’t degrade with each replication then he’ll basically be immortal 🧬

Low Dimensional Game · C24
1 month ago

Tim_vic: Scumbag indeed

Low Dimensional Game · C24
1 month ago
Wow, that poor ecosystem. At least he’s not killing the animals intentionally. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C16
1 month ago
Well, maybe scientists with a good sense of humor maybe. View More

Chupa_uva: this novel is not for scientists

Low Dimensional Game · C14
1 month ago
Lol, so unscientific I just had to laugh, then read more of the wonderful ridiculousness. View More
Low Dimensional Game · C8
1 month ago
Lol, matchlessminion, I love the way you think! View More
Data Dragon Danika · C230
1 month ago
Cute. Love the tooth fairy comment at the end. Let’s start the Dragon fairy legend! View More
Data Dragon Danika · C224
1 month ago
Epic quest foreshadowing? View More
Data Dragon Danika · C216
1 month ago
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