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I agree with Xue Xue, she needs to fight and win against the black Vatican to help show she is not a part of their organization, however she has to be careful...anything goes wrong and it would blow back on her involvement. So IF and only if MC mentions this to her would I side with him.... View More
Versatile Mage · C866
3 hours ago
I feel strongly that ashlyn is going to evolve into either a Phoenix, or a griffon.

I can picture a griffin due to the mix of bird and lion

I also think of the Phoenix as the ultimate evolution of a bird of fire...and what fire is more powerful than Sunfire? (Maybe hellfire, but that is debatable) View More

Akshay007: So, if only 0.01% energy is used for advancing the the ability then, the rest 99.99% maybe used for evolution, mutation etc unknowingly....

Monster Integration · C425
17 hours ago
Yes he has the barrier, and it appears that the author purposely did that so that organizations (outside the grim battlefield) will ignore him and force the Mc to walk the lonely path, but he is already a super elite...not directly stated, but when you are the middle of the fourth stage out of the common twelve, and you can kill so called “elite” enemies of the ninth stage...what else are you

The author skews the perspective by throwing the MC around people who are innately stronger than him, however once he escapes his bottleneck, the MC will show how ridiculous overpowered he becomes when at the same level of his so-called peers.

Now, in defense of your statement, I do HATE how the author seems to want to drag out the growth of the MC’s (hmmm let’s call it) “power indicator” while he fleshes out the skills and abilities, but how else do you get a novel up to 1600-200p chapters? The more he drags it out, the more chapters he can use to get spirit stones.

Frankly, I want to see Michael grow more socially than to read about grinding 1% exp to next level each chapter. Keeping everyone at arms length is a way to survive, but not a way to live. I want to see him live. Otherwise, what is he fighting for? To protect his sister? He already can keep her alive better than almost anyone from his hometown. For the legendary competition? I don’t believe it....there is no way he would have chosen Ashlyn if he was truly determined to win that, it was more a dream (like marriage to a rich actor/actress, or winning the lottery) View More

JPNovelFan: But nothing is preventing them from learning and progressing in those rules. Remember. They have NO BARRIER. He has one and it is the bird. She is forcefully preventing him from advancing in cultivation. Unless something magical happens, she will never progress further. The only hope right now is the mystical fruit when he progresses past the 36th move of the body technique. How long will this fruit last? He has a barrier because of the bird. The others do not. That is the point I’m making. He can learn a rule to completion, but so can everyone else. However, everyone else can raise their cultivation quickly with no barrier. He is not able to do that. That is the point I’m making. It’s like you aren’t understanding what I’m saying. No one else has this barrier like he does and it’s because of the bird.

Monster Integration · C424
1 day ago
UA. ... I guess that’s not the United Arabia... so must be implying USA......why not just say so?

Then FBA... is that supposed to be the FBI or the CIA, or is it combined instead of two separate entities in the world of the novel?

As for Los Santos, I am guessing that it replaces Los Angeles? I think I need more liquor in me before reading this View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C50
1 day ago
I don’t want to wait to read the chapter where they “formally” meet.....I would say can’t wait, but I have no choice, so I must 😅 View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1330
3 days ago
Venerable Butterfly is a man that prefers to consider all the details View More

BearLord: I'm pretty sure he didn't want his daughter to get hurt during her tribulation, so he made her work hard all this time to safely pass it to get to the fourth stage. Then, since he didn't want her in the movie, he decided to use this chance to help finish the movie faster and keep soft feather distracted until its done. finally, now that his work helping her is complete, he is taking revenge for the whole "VSB was a butterfly, he should be able to teach you how to spin a cocoon" comment that thrice reckless made. I don't think this is a prank on soft feather using Thrice Reckless, just 3 separate events related to VSB

Cultivation Chat Group · C809
1 week ago
So many balloons, and not much substance....I agree that this story needs romance...pick one ...even if the author eventually kills her to add depth to the character, he stills needs a connection outside his family View More
Monster Integration · C417
1 week ago
But she has already evolved, what 3 time maybe 4 within 60 chapters...most of the stories I read, that’s unheard of......it would take 400 chapters for the main character to evolve this much View More

Sanshire: I know, what i meant was that her lvling is too slow.

A Goblin's Evolution · C63
1 week ago
I could see Miyumi becoming Min’s disciple and learning the ways of killer sex.... View More
A Goblin's Evolution · C61
1 week ago
I could see mengyuan and zhiyun having there hair wrapped up with sticks holding it up, then throwing them at him like that during “the forbidden kingdom” View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1313
1 week ago
Actually I suspect that the “fat monster syndrome” is actually a mark of a beast having a throwback to an ancient bloodline, but it requires special circumstances to be met to unlock/awaken it’s full potential, and since they are most likely different races....the steps are probably different and so unique that the MC’s lucky encounters are the only hope of him evolving ashlyn into a Phoenix or griffin (I’m leaning toward griffin because of the fire lion) View More

Kupkake: Author, can you in one of the future chapters give a comparison between the MC and the top tier people of his same age, just so we can see how he stacks up. Its hard to tell if he is strong for his age or weak for his age. We know he had a rough start but since he made it to the Grimm battlefield he should be at least close to the top tier super elites of the central continent.

I am honestly still waiting to see what Michael has other than perseverance that allows him to leave his peers in the dust. Part of it is going to be Ashlyn and her mysterious affinity with Sun FIre and also probably the natural evolution of Sun Fire, the Sun. Maybe he could focus on pure combat technique skill like being able to use his sword and shield combo better than any one of his peers can use their weapons. Or he can try and make his fire manipulation ability be the top manipulation ability of his peers but regardless he needs something that allows him to stand above his peers, that is not given to him by Ashlyn.

I also am going to guess that Ashlyn is probably as skilled at finding talented monsters as she is at finding rare herbs and miracle fruits. I say that because if she is hopefully Michael can continue to get super strong monster partners, if Ashlyn does indeed not have the Fat monster Syndrome like I still dont think she does.

Monster Integration · C413
1 week ago
😂🤣😂 now that’s a show to watch...even random mob offering to hire the guy View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1285
2 weeks ago
Ataboy Yang Ming turning a bad situation around and using it to his advantage 👍 View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1283
2 weeks ago
Ok, I am confused..... he is like a stage 3 or 4 knight and he is somehow able to kill ELITE stage 9 enemies and he is complaining about how weak he is....... am I the only one who doesn’t understand the power scale and reason behind this system... I am trying to use the glossary page as a reference, but this is starting to confuse me...... he should have elite guilds all over him if he is this overpowered View More
Monster Integration · C394
2 weeks ago
Wasn’t Hua the disciple of evil voodoo that Yang Ming killed....behind the theft of his precious jade, and so on? View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious · C1277
2 weeks ago
Doubtful....if former masters never touched them, how did they get in the book? View More

MJAgo: In far far future MC will reach to the pages of erossu book that no other previous masters reached right?right? So can we expect some untouched high quality Ladies in far future????

Master Of Erossu Book · C116
2 weeks ago
Actually, it is not publicly known that mo fan has the LAST flame belle.... WE know it fro. Reading the story, but it has not become common knowledge....people know where the flame belles came from, but not how they were born....part of the reason why the species is virtually extinct (virtually because there is one left, but no word on how she can procreate) so there is a misconception from the people of the story world’s perspective View More

CaTastrophy427: Lemme rephrase:

Flame Belle was said to be one of a kind.
By definition, that's as rare as you can get without going into the realm of extinct or fictional beings.

The Night Rakshasa was referred to as a species.
By definition, that means there's more than one of them.

People weren't freaking out about a NR being a contracted beast. That implies that it's not unheard of for that to happen, even outside of legends. That means that it's a species encountered often enough for multiple summoners to be able to make a contract with them.

If 1 in 10,000 mages are summoners (given the numbers of them in MF's school compared to total number of students), and we'll say that 1 in 10 summoners who encountered them have an open spot for a contracted beast, and 1 in 10 of those can succeed at forming a contract with the NR, that means that, on average, 1 million mages find a NR for every NR that becomes a contacted beast. With those numbers, it means that they're not anywhere close to one of a kind.

To go with the dragon idea, for every dragon that got tamed and turned into a mount, there had to be thousands of people who encountered a dragon, and probably a few dozen or more dragons who were hunted and killed by people. So, if there are a few dozen dragon riders around the world, you could extrapolate that into there being a few thousand that got hunted down. With that, you could prove that dragons are more common than a one-of-a-kind Phoenix or whatever. Still rare, but not the rarest things around by any stretch of the word.

Versatile Mage · C819
2 weeks ago

TheDragonBeyond: Pretty sure Lychee is a Reincarnation. That's why she feel's motherly... because her past incarnation was a mother. Ye Si's Mother.

Also, how Ye Si was reborn from a ghost reminds me of how Cheng Lin's 'rebirth' works. So I think Lychee is Cheng Lin's reincarnation, and CHeng Lin is Ye Si's mother.

Which would explain the wrath, since she was blamed for the fall of the ancient Heavenly City.

Cultivation Chat Group · C761
2 weeks ago
I am waiting for the scene where everyone leaves then:

Pond of wisdom: if that third realm cultivator had reached his level as fast as the sage he would have been qualified for some of the inheritance... View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C743
3 weeks ago
She wouldn’t have played around like a child....unless she treated the Mc like a rubber ducky View More

Dragneel_26: What if snake transformed into medusa that time
In the “BATH”

Battle Through the Heavens · C519
3 weeks ago
Actually I was kinda expecting lychee and ye Si to form the contract, and that would be why she treated her like a daughter View More

HowardH: I wonder what is the actual connection between Fairy Lychee and Ye Si? To the extent that she has "adopted" her?

And I guess Shuhang is wondering whether that ghost spirit has any connection to his own, but I doubt it.

Cultivation Chat Group · C713
3 weeks ago
Cat out of the bag? No it’s still taped in the corner........

J/k I understood the reference, but was infected by thrice reckless mad saber syndrome View More

JakZack: So the cat's out of the bag. Everyone is going to learn that Shuhang has a girlfriend. How will the ladies in his life react?

Cultivation Chat Group · C712
3 weeks ago
That doesn’t make sense... based on the conversation between “black” white and the floating ball of mercury (or whatever metal) black white is a leftover netherworld affiliation of the previous wielder of the will, and the ball of liquid metal is the avatar of the current wielder in the netherworld.... it sounds like “our” senior white is something similar to shen Lin’s rebirth method, but perhaps a failed product, where memories are missing or garbled View More

Supernatural: Now i am 90 percent sure that the current wielder of the Will is related to senior white. Senior White might be the Wielder of the Will that was about to die and created a rebirth or clone to live again causing his doppelganger to stay alive even though they both are suppose to die.
Since he was or is the Wielder that will explain his weird luck and charm

Cultivation Chat Group · C698
3 weeks ago
It’s called....a Christmas present......same principle View More

Zacc: Senior White.. why would making them anxiously wait for something you could give them now make them happy!? Isn't that the same as torturing them? Do you think they are masochists!?

Cultivation Chat Group · C658
3 weeks ago
If it helps...one wanted to moleste a girl, one wanted to moleste a guy, and the third didn’t care what your gender was, he wanted to make it ...painful if I remember correctly View More

Cheng_Vang: D*mn the mysterious island must have affect me too since I didn’t remember the pink-clothing demons.

Cultivation Chat Group · C641
3 weeks ago
Actually I hadn’t thought of that, what I thought was...oh so the cultivator of virtue wasn’t shuhang, but his ghost spirit View More

Zacc: So his ghost spirit went to the past and became Slow-Witted Song. The fact that he is 'slow witted' probably stems from his caution in trying to avoid altering the future. Such a good ghost spirit, trying to help his future self and avoid wrecking the space time continuum. :D

Cultivation Chat Group · C639
3 weeks ago
His appraisal technique will probably tell him the time limit, and hopefully the means to heal her View More

Zacc: So Li Yinzhu was finally saved.. no thanks to Shuhang! He better make it up to her by finally resolving her cold qi quickly :(

Cultivation Chat Group · C579
3 weeks ago

YKHeni: Song Shuhang's hands are totaly dangerous: he impregnants imaginery wives with his touch, he tortures himself to death with his touch, now he also has got an ability to exorcise ghosts with his touch 😅 the only redrmtion for his hands is that he can recharge mobile phones with their touch too. 😂😂😂

Cultivation Chat Group · C572
3 weeks ago
Maybe when she breaks true to the third battle realm, she will regain her lost...weapons View More

HowardH: As always Shuhang is levelling up as if using cheats. Oh and poor Chu Chu, if she levels up enough she will probably naturally recover her, um, original shapeliness. And meanwhile Gao Moumou has probably been forced to write nonstop for the last two days.

Cultivation Chat Group · C545
3 weeks ago
I think he has already reached the 4th realm whereas northern rivers is 6th realm and thrice reckless is on the verge of breaking into the venerable rank View More

abbad0n: Shuhang has to stop cultivating the Dao of Seeking Death. He's already at the mindset he'd like to live for only a few more years. 😭

Cultivation Chat Group · C421
1 month ago
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