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Li Qiye in Marvel · C9
3 weeks ago

NoKannaNoLife: heh, David more like Dic-- dice, yes dice.

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C0
1 month ago

Chado_Sama: Your opinions matter to me not at all, it is your attitude!

lol, you are a little b*tch masquerading as a white knight. An SJW pretending to use logic.

Whether you dislike my MC and say so is indeed your opinion, but you never give a reason for it.

Your very first comment actuall told me to make my MC nicer or you and your people would not read my book!

You are a whiny little emo that needs to be called out so you can learn not to be so much of a butt hurt little child.

Then again, that could be the reason you feel the need to continuously comment on a story you have repeatedly said you don't like...

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C0
1 month ago

Chado_Sama: Lol, there will be a minimum of 4 chaps this week because there were none last week.

I don't mind critique or negative comments, just as long as you have a reason.

If your reason is "just because" I will take great pleasure in retaliating!

Everyone is human and therefore prone to being arseholes, don't see why Authors, especially amat*urs on this site, are held to a higher standard.

I'm just as much of a d*ck as the next guy!

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C0
1 month ago

flamereader: lol i don usually comment but this mad me laugh its good to see authors act human once in awhile i'm loving the story man please keep i up

Dark Lord Dumbledore · C0
1 month ago
Thx for the chapter it is a great FanFiction noovel I have read recently View More
Aias the Pillar of Marvel(Hiatus) · C12
2 months ago
When's the new chapter??? View More
Rebirth 1973 · C64
6 months ago
Maria Rambeau View More
Chaos In MCU · C0
6 months ago
Great novel I like the idea and the plot View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C20
7 months ago
What is the language you're writing in????? View More
1 year ago

SlyImmortalDevil: Of course I will give myself 5 stars,I'm shameless,bite me.
This is my first attempt at a fanfiction,so of course you can expect to see countless mistakes. Let me know in the comments if you see any problems,but no hating for no reason. Toss some ideas at me if you wish,I could seriously use the help.I will explain more of his past as we go along but not much cause I will just make it up big time.

I'm Batman+
1 year ago

Abendfeuer: Please dont stop writing!!!! I have been starving for a week😭 Although the plot of someone that goes through rebirth and wants to become a superstar are common i still like how the author tells the story and want to read it.

Tje little sister is soooo cute💕💕💕

Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top
1 year ago

EdgarWright: Hi! I am the writer or should I say translator of this story. I read it quite a while ago and liked the concept and pacing of the story. I am not a real translator but a fan who decided to Machine Translate this work, polish it up a bit and share it with you all. I thank you for your responses and look forward to more responses. I'll try to keep this as regular as possible but I am also thinking about posting a few more stories that I recently read. For someone who asked about the link:https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=79800

1 year ago
It's a good novel View More
Reborn in Againts the gods · C0
1 year ago
Good novel View More
Jay Aslan: Journey to the Top · C14
1 year ago
666 View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1273
1 year ago
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