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Original Works

  • Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human

    Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human

    Anime & Comics


    When you die what do you expect to happen? Do you vanish into nothingness or be reincarnated? Let's say you do get reincarnated, but at the same time, you get nothing but being reborn. You have only your knowledge from your previous life and nothing else. Well, at least if everything went by the rules. Let's embark into another Saga where a human stands at the most forefront of power in the world of Dragon Ball. Note: This is basically an experimental novel of mine and is prone to mistakes etc. I appreciate harsh ratings and do not condemn them. I want to see where I could start to improve myself. Updates: Irregular. !!Disclaimer!! This Novel is a Non-Profit Fan-Fiction. DragonBall, DragonBall Z, DragonBall GT, DragonBall Super, DragonBall Xenoverse, DragonBall FighterZ, and Dragonball Heroes are owned by their respected owners and Akira Toriyama. Please support the official releases.

  • Star Wars: Force Bound

    Star Wars: Force Bound

    Anime & Comics

    Synopsis: When someone enjoys one's life without worry and ignorance overshadows everything else, then life will hit you hard and bring you back to reality. Three young men were murdered in their previous world after meeting up and watching a movie. Now they find themselves in the universe of Star Wars. With no real knowledge about the universe of SW and their healthy common sense, they embark on their uncertain journey. Will they live out their lives or die a cruel death once more? Find it out yourself and join a Sith, a Smuggler as well as a little Techy on their journey through Star Wars. ---------------------- Reminder: [This project is more of a one-shot than anything (Very likely to have a low amount of chapters in its final state). It is written together in collaboration with friends of mine and will have very spontaneous updates. Also, don't expect too much knowledge about the canon storyline besides the movies. Pretty much every one of us had not read any comics or other material. Well, doesn't that already sound tilting for true SW fans? I thought the same. Enjoy the rage of the dark side, young acolytes. Sometimes it gives strength. But mostly a heart attack. :D] [Contains Tags: Reincarnation, System, Weak to Strong, Group Focus] Disclaimer: As always, since this is a fan-fiction it will remain non-profit based. All rights of certain characters, as well as the star wars universe in general, are copyrighted to their rightful owners.

  • Game Of Thrones: Fireborn Overlord

    Game Of Thrones: Fireborn Overlord



    A man reborn after death with a single granted wish by God. The wish to be able to summon an army of fire, warriors of flame. Undying souls just like himself. A true knight of light against the horrors of the dark. Or will he himself succumb to darkness, abandon every ounce of his humanity and reign true horror over the known lands. May everything burn to ashes and be swallowed by chilling death. Now dance in the song of Ice and Fire! -------- Info about the content: Reincarnation, System, Summoning, Kingdom Building. Updates: spontaneous since a trial story Disclaimer: As always, since this is a fan-fiction it will remain non-profit based. All rights of certain characters, as well as the worlds, are copyrighted to their rightful owners.

  • Bleach: Crysanthemum

    Bleach: Crysanthemum

    Anime & Comics

    What is death when you become its servant? If you enjoy a Bleach Fan-Fic then you can go ahead and read. For the time being there is no synopsis. [Contains Tags: Reincarnation, Weak to Strong] Disclaimer: As always, since this is a fan-fiction it will remain non-profit based. All rights of certain characters, as well as the Bleach universe in general, are copyrighted to their rightful owners.

  • Be A Villain

    Be A Villain

    Video Games

    When life is at an end, we all think back at what we once experienced in our lives. What you may feel at that very last moment, is what will make you either fall asleep peacefully or with utter regret. Was the own life fulfilling or not? Everyone will be confronted with that exact same question. But what if you are actually given a second chance to live. Will you take it no matter what the cost is? Or rather just accept death? If yes. Then let's say you were actually killed in a terrorist attack and the last thought in your mind, was about utter hatred against those people? Will you still take your second chance at life Especially if you know that your life is attached to a certain condition. That condition is to become what you hate? Join Zach Orlow on his journey to become something he may utterly hate and regret just for a surreal chance at life.

  • Naruto: The Twin Flashes

    Naruto: The Twin Flashes

    Anime & Comics


    A lost soul wanders in the endless void and finally reaches the end of its journey. But before its rebirth in the new cycle of life, it sees the tragic deaths of Naruto's parents. This shock lets the soul remember all its past life experiences. Being saddened by the events, it involuntarily interrupts its own rebirth A celestial being notices that and gifts the soul something to go against the grits of fate. One wish of its choice. Everyone knows what happened in the World of Naruto. But would have anything changed if our blonde protagonist had a twin?


Thats actually pretty uncommon as well in german. Anyway, this world seems to have german as well as some east countries as an acceptable culture. That is why Tatyana and Victoriya (both are more common in Russia) are our main and supportive mc in the novel.
So in a sense you can even give her a russian name. But maybe Veronika? Well it would sound too much like Violet .. maybe Angela (current head figure of germany xDD) or maybe Hildegard. The last one would give her a royal sound while the alias would be hilde.
Anyway I think you will do a good job author. View More

Eko_Wardoyo: frederica :3

Weltkrieg: a youjo senki fic · C13
6 hours ago
For human running, that is a lot. In fact, someone that is an athlete cyclist for example who sprints with the bike can produce up to 5 HP in an instant. With HP comes momentum and acceleration that defines speed.

Well, I guess using this term is a little bit silly. Anyway View More

MrKag: 150 horse power is not that much... it is barely more then a normal car most car at less have an average of 120 horsepower and horse power don't necessary mean more speed

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 day ago

TrueImmortalDevil: So its because the chakra dosent leak out that he got thaat 25% health debuff?

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
6 days ago
I searched around and apparently there are quite a few novels with Reincarnation + Gamer Ability. View More

FrogThing: I haven't seen a combination of a rebirth and a Gamer ability before and initially thought that the mc would either be too op or feel like he didn't really worked hard enough for his achievements, if that makes any sense. I'm glad that this isn't the case though since I'm a fan of the rebirth trope and of The Gamer comic as well.

I think you're going at a pretty good pace story wise and character development wise, as in you're not rushing through the problems that Kaito is presented with or brushing them off too quickly given that he is both a mc who has been reborn and has the gamer ability.

Tl;dr: Skeptic about rebirth + gamer ability combo but skepticism was put to rest b/c of good pacing

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago

FrogThing: I haven't seen a combination of a rebirth and a Gamer ability before and initially thought that the mc would either be too op or feel like he didn't really worked hard enough for his achievements, if that makes any sense. I'm glad that this isn't the case though since I'm a fan of the rebirth trope and of The Gamer comic as well.

I think you're going at a pretty good pace story wise and character development wise, as in you're not rushing through the problems that Kaito is presented with or brushing them off too quickly given that he is both a mc who has been reborn and has the gamer ability.

Tl;dr: Skeptic about rebirth + gamer ability combo but skepticism was put to rest b/c of good pacing

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
What was the reason for your skepticism? View More

FrogThing: Thank you so much for writing this! I was a bit skeptical about picking this up at first but I'm glad that I did. It's a good read and I'm very curious to see where you go with it!

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
Nature manipulation includes the sensing and usage of nature chakra. He has no access to Sage mode so he struggles to max his Chakra Control and therefore Nature Manipulation at higher levels is being difficult even for him. Do note that The Gamer Han also needed certain attributes to learn certain skills.

So the training goes something like this:

1- 5: Leaf Concentration Method or Meditation.
5 - 10: Tree climbing or Meditation
10 - 15: Waterwalking or Meditation
15 - 30: Shape Manipulation (Rasengan very useful) or Meditation
30 - 50: Nature Manipulation (Chidori very useful) or Meditation
50 - 70: Fine Control (Mystic Palm very useful)
70 - 90: Expert Control (Rasenshuriken useful).
90 - 100: Perfect Control (Sage Mode useful) This is the level to perfect control and starting point to master Nature Manipulation. Also, the point where normal people need to be to use Kekkei Genkai if they don't have the DNA imprinted for certain elements.

Rasenshuriken is a skill with Expert Control. Naruto did not grind it for nothing. Why he was faster? He did it with thousand of clones while MC only had very few clones at the start and even now only has about access to 30 clones if he wants to duplicate himself and train.

To become more efficient in training and controlling nature energies MC would have to increase his chakra control. That is only possible if he can get his hands on a sage mode to perfect his control.

BTW: I rate Tsunades Monstrous strength as a 70 and Rebirth Technique as a level 80 Chakra Control skill. View More

crouchingTiger: i don`t see where he has a problem with his nature manipulation, he can already do rasenshuriken which needs a high lvl of wind manipulation he can do rakiri to some degree which does the same, maybe he wants to do all 5 elements or something and create/make his own bloodline power, well i am still waiting for him to hunt monsters in his dungeon to lvl up and why doesn`t he let naruto into the dungeon? i mean he is his brother and it will only create a gap between these two if he growths too strong without narutp and he feels left behind

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
Hmm, that is why this is basically a test chap.
True enough, I forgot to put it under neutral after I got lazy writing all those skills.

But then again. Is the Rasengan really neutral?

After all, I think shape manipulating it into a ball is one thing but then also rotating the chakra already goes into nature manipulation of wind.

It is the same with Chidori. You shape it into a surging/pulsing form and add the nature of lightning to it.

So Rasenshuriken would just be max out nature manipulation to the Rasengan and the Raikiri would be the max out nature manipulation of the Chidori.

But those are just my thoughts. View More

Sabth3607: There’s not much need to rewrite it just explain his training after the bell test and take the rasengan out of the wind style justsu category is just pure chakra

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
I dont? Why should I explain his chakra control?

Naruto his seal is leaking so Kurama is fighting with him and screwing his progress without his knowledge.

When he becomes very emotionally angry the chakra from the kyuubi intensifies and shows itself. That gives Naruto a bigger chakra pool to work with.

And since Kurama gets an opportunity to act if he "wants" more of that power he gladly lets him control it and doesnt screw with his control much.

It becomes worse after Orochimaru uses the five element seal.

On the other hand in MC his case it is completely sealed without leaks. But because there is no way to "breath", the energy corrupts his body.

Anyway, as told in the story he focused on attuning himself with the elements more than he actually did jutsu training.

Oh well. I will later rewrite this and delete the comment. View More

ADD: I thought your chakra control was maximized by being a gamer, which is why he didn't have the naruto problems to control the chakra, but now I see you have no explanation for that. better not blame it on the yin element because we know this half of the fox is so much more violent than the half yang, which makes it so much more unmanageable

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
I guess I should redo the chap and include a training montage. I could also "explain" why there is no gamer mind and body.

First, he was no real addict to games. He just read the visual novel. So why should he be granted those traits? They are basically skills granted by the will of the world.

The gamer ability does only save progress in a way. It still depends on you to understand power.

There is no reason for a higher entity to grant someone ultimate power. It would be a waste.

You yourself probably think why bother giving pets clothing, right? Same principal. View More

ADD: No, he must be much stronger as a gamer, he doesn't even have the basics like id creation, mana bolt and other player skills like body gamer, so no, you didn't overdo it, I'd say you are avoiding a lot to do it OP , so that the protagonist has to work so hard just to get beaten by some jonin later, this was 4 years as a gamer right? I would already be at the level of world domination

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C22
1 week ago
Right, it was that way around. I am still waiting for 28 months later XD View More

Morning_Fragrance: The crow was alive and it was cawing on top of a dead body of someone who was infected. The guy was trying to shoo it away and the claw of the crow which was used to slice the body to eat, dropped a drop of blood which was on it into the man's eye.

Yes, a single drop cucked him. But in the walking dead, it has been proven that very rarely do people die from zombie blood and other parts. I assume it has a chance of causing the virus to flare up with a possibility of someone, Gabriel being proof, surviving.

The Walking Dead's Gamer · C13
1 week ago
Yes. But both techniques are the same in the end. It is just the way it is used that gives differences.

While Tobirama didnt have much time specialising in it, he did use it more offensivly and Minato did it more defensivly.

That is why a lot of people think the technique is different. But it is actually not. Minato just had more time to use and "perfect" it. And come up with more ways to use it.

Well, together with fuin it could basically be renamed and made into its own technique though since later the connection of two hiraishin networks did result into a new coop technique. View More

DaoistEFB: hmm even if it's the flying thunder god it should be the one Tobirama made right, and not with Minato's notes?

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C21
1 week ago
Well not really. 28 days later had the rage....pathogene. Chimpanze were the first test trials and other animals just got infected as well.

But wasnt that crow dead and only a drop of blood fell into that one guys eye? View More

Morning_Fragrance: Is it weird that the crows made me think of 28 Days Later? LUL

The Walking Dead's Gamer · C13
1 week ago
I think there is actually another flick where "zombified" crows play a major role. Also dont remember the name though. Eather old one View More

WolfLord: That would be Resident Evil the third one when a horde of zombie crows attack the bus with children in it. It was only beaten by Alice because she had the ability to control fire when someone else used a flamethrower she changed it into a giant cloud and throw it at the birds.Thanks for the chapter on a good story

The Walking Dead's Gamer · C13
1 week ago
So knowledge = expertise now? So if I tell you to properly soder up an electric wire. Can you do it? Maybe but you will to 100% miss details. Nor will you be able to do a proper job.

Mc is not begging but asking. If the third didnt give in to his request, the likelihood of MC disregarding the village would become higher.

Meaning: Not only does he know that he was made the Jinchuuriki but he also is treated poorly by the villagers.

And now not even the smallest request can be granted?

Every other person would have felt treated unfairly at least at that point and would become aggressive against the village. A threat that the third can not let bypass so easily since he is the Jinchuuriki. View More

Skepparn: Why is our nc so trashy? And now he’s going to third to beg cmon he’s got the knowledge on what was coming so why didn’t he train atleast a little?

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C20
1 week ago
Yeah many FF kinda hype Minato and make the Namikaze name bigger than it is. What makes him special is that he came exactly from a no-reputation family. He was a commoner just like for example Sakura.

But he still archieved what he was through hard training (and talent I guess).

Clans were actually something akin zo nobles. Not exactly the same but still in a way since they owned their own land and buisnesses in the villages they resided in. View More

World_Atlas: ahh ok prolly been reading one to many fanfics

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C20
1 week ago
There was no Namikaze clan, therefore there was no compound. The Uzumaki compound is in the lands of whirlpools (the place of Uzshiogakure - where Orochimaru got the reaper mask to release the kage souls.)

The only place to get his inheritance right now (even if it may be very thinned out) is from the third. View More

World_Atlas: First thanks for the chapter and they should have the uzamki and namikaze compound as well

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C20
2 weeks ago
I already ignore people like that. They think the MC of every story needs to have an alpha complex to compensate for their insecurities. Not really sure how that helps.

Same thing the MC from my Bleach FF is going through ^^ Just because he let himself get hit just to stay low key and not get sent to the prison forever, there are still some people that call him beta now lol View More

ever_burning_flame: i really don’t see were you got that idea

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C19
2 weeks ago

Skepparn: Honestly if this doesn’t make our mc train seriously and I mean hell like training I’m about to fucking go mad

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C19
2 weeks ago

Skepparn: Honestly if this doesn’t make our mc train seriously and I mean hell like training I’m about to fucking go mad

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C19
2 weeks ago
Haku is male...I know it is confusing my friend...And you can blame the current manga artist for that trap... but still....no xD

Anyway, about Movies and Filler. I am currently rewatching a lot of plot(filler) from the anime. I kinda notice that I forgot a lot of things O.o Just goes to say that a lot of time went by. View More

Daoist888813: I think you should keep all the relationships the same and have Naruto see that Sakura is not interested in him and move on and as for the MC I think you should have him be with a female Haku or Shion

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C18
2 weeks ago

ADD: he is a player, he is very likely to specialize in everything he does, if not, all that trouble about having karma defict would be seriously unfair

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C17
2 weeks ago
Someone is actually able to follow my thinking :) In the end if the MC only went with Ninjutsu he would get killed easily if he ended up in some strong Genjutsu.

Medical Ninjutsu is a must have to perfect chakra control to the level where he can enhance his body like Tsunade and Sakura.

It also plays a major part in later events I planned.

And for all those that think the MC will mostly use those techniques, that is not the case. Right now he starts to build his foundations.

Remember that Sasuke was a Ninjutsu specialist, Naruto a Taijutsu and Sakura a Genjutsu one. View More

World_Atlas: thanks for the chapter i think it awesome that your going that direction as he needs perfect control over his chakra to do those and there for make everything else he does stronger for less

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C17
2 weeks ago
They actually drop them at the most interesting part? lol

Anyway. Yeah the pace is somewhat slow. I do notice that myself. This project was actually planned to be one that should have ended with very few chapters but currently it is going kinda in the other direction.

But I already planned to increase the pace. The thing is I got some ideas here and there but implementing them into an already established world and setting is really something.

That is if you dont work with an almighty system that can bull**** yourself out of everything xD View More

DatDarnOtaku: yay another chapter keep it up author-sama love this story and where it's going a little slow but ik it's needed for character build up for later in so you got no complaints from me just hope u don't drop this mid way like most people authors especially during the chuunin exams idk why but they do lol

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C16
3 weeks ago
I will repeat only once more. MC currently does NOT have any access to that chakra. And I am not talking about the Bijuu mode where you subjugate the beast to gain more from it without its negative corruption. That is already a different matter.

I know that Bijuu chakra is massive, no one is saying otherwise.

And Vitality is key for the general max amount. Madara was VERY old and couldnt do as much as when he was young. That is also why he used Obito in the first place.

But I am not implying he has no chakra at all or anything. He still used his eyes to start his plans. So it does not mean his cells completely forgot how to produce chakra. The decline in power is rather slowish as seen in Tsunade who actually collected it, but it is there. And if you are ancient it is even worse. I am probably correct in assuming that Madara actually didnt do much but sit around and let Zetsu and Obito do his bidings.

Another example would be that even Kurama says to Naruto he is getting old and rusty (32) when he regenerated slower from a stab wound than when he was young. Indicating a decline in chakra capacity.

So back to the third. He was getting pretty old as well and had the same problem. He was even older than Tsunade who was around 50 - 60ish. A lot of characters mention that. Just goes to say how people underestimate Hiruzen as a Kage-Level character. View More

Skepparn: I don’t think you realize the amount of chakra sealed in them yourself
It’s 9 tails, although only yin half, the yang half was enough for naruto to create hundreds first time...
And I don’t think Vitality and Chakra has such a huge correlation as you think, if it did then 3rd hogake would be dried up and madara would be aswell

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C15
3 weeks ago
I am not sure what you are so angered by. His chakra in itself is large. And remember he is level 2 and still has a low vitality. So his cells do not produce the chakra that his potential can give.

Also Shadow-Clones always "steal" percentual chakra from the host. Not even Kakashi as an elite Jonin could do more than 3 Shadow-Clones.

If you are comparing him to Naruto and his later feats then that is simple. Having access to the Kyuubi chakra is what is making a difference. Naruto became extremely angry at Mizuki when he hurt Iruka, tapping into his dark emotions that let the Kyuubi attack the seal slightly whoch gave him access to the chakra. That phenomenon increased by manyfolds in the Zabusa arc where he even emitted the chakra.

Also, there is a reason for those ???. View More

Skepparn: He has nine tails yin chakra in him, if his chakra is so pathetically low he can only make 5 clones max then you’re obviously doing something VERY VERY wrong

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C15
3 weeks ago
Yep, agreed. Or one is able to deliver after that. Sadly at some point, I screwed up and still made him more OP than he should be. Well, this Novel was my first try on things. xD View More

Granville4554: I like the no immortality and no eternal youth. I think he's getting a little bit too op too fast and me personally I don't like characters that start off too op or with ridiculous cheats really early because I feel they kill the story and make it boring. To me when the mc can already do everything right off the bat we as readers don't get to immerse ourselves in the journey/struggle of the mc on their path to the peak. Plus stories like that seem to end up being really short or dropped early

Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C22
4 weeks ago
aircraft carrier were already a thing at that time. And looking at the advanced tanks deployed already my guess is so are more advanced ships.

The whole conversation seemed to revolve the wolf pack doctrine. Meaning more U-bots and Support Aicrafts than actual ships. Wich is by no means bad. View More

JillValentine: Aircraft carrier 😳 I think someone is gonna conquer the world! I think if this project success in that era it will be devastating to the enemy and may bring the war to the United States soil.

Weltkrieg: a youjo senki fic · C5
1 month ago
Well that explains a lot. You will have to copy it when you try to reply to the comment. View More

HalfAdonis: App

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C12
1 month ago
wuxia words? View More

Glitner: I like this very much , but please dont ever put wuxia words in a naruto story its like putting crap on a pizza haha

Naruto: The Twin Flashes · C12
1 month ago
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