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TheDeathmail: Okay, for you poor folk too poor to read the chapter, here is a simplified summary. 3 losers lost a fight. Afterwards, our pedo-king scams his little sister to make her more obedient and tells her lies just to have her cuddle up to him, angering the sword spirit.
Then, he goes, tells the 3 losers that he is a doctor and traps the idiots, claiming to have a heart of a patient, worrying the sword spirit.

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C897
1 week ago

L0v3lamb: The Secret Diaries of Jin-Woo

Day One: WHEE!

Day Two: I love my shiny Dragon's Wraith. Oh $h!t! I just renamed them... (ಠ o ಠ)¤=[]:::::>

Day 3: I look good with my shiny swords. Beru praised me and I scolded him... Secretly liked it though. („ಡωಡ„)

Day 4: I look good standing still. Still doing my daily exercises running around the netherrealm. I swear, this armor makes my butt look finer.

Day 5: I think Beru was starting at my butt.
( ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ)


Only I level up · C246
4 months ago

YunCheGOD: Well then. Is there a way for a ultra mass release, to bring all the chapters at once? I feel like my heart's been beating in and out for a while now, oh, yes, probably since I started reading this novel. Cliff after cliff after cliff. You'd never think an author would be so inspired as to build the story in such a way that every single chapter ends in a cliff..
Thanks for the chapters translator-nim, we appreciate you. Also, we'd be willing to buy ss if you were to get that mass release to finish the story in one go 😁😁 just saying, we'd all be happier

Only I level up · C236
4 months ago

BuffDumpling: Finally some relationship development. Also did anyone else laugh at the fact that the shadow soldiers rode the rollercoaster with them?

Only I level up · C212
4 months ago

Sirocco: His definition of fun is getting into fights
He wanted something to do with all his might
His sister told him to go see his friend
So he went on a date so his boredom would end
He went for the only chick that he considered alright
She wanted the D
so he took her to C
They shared all those beautiful sights
And together they lay under the star lights
Their hands holding and their fingers intertwined
And to make love was the thing in their mind
Alas the chapter ended and we don't know what comes later
I could go on and on but you know what happens after. *wink wink*

Only I level up · C212
4 months ago

thebigblackpanda: Chapter 566 Restoration? Breakthrough!?

Jun Moxie had been negligent, he suffered a strong, fierce backlash and his consciousness was instantly drawn into the Hongjun Pagoda, he felt like he was being tossed around in a wok with cooking oil, his heart felt like it was being stabbed by 10000 needles.

In the moment he was absorbed by the Hongjun Pagoda he thoroughly lost all consciousness.

While he was unconscious blood seeped out of his seven orifices and the black robe he was wearing suddenly blew up with a bang, and exploded into bits.

Since even the most outer layer of clothing, the spacious robe exploded, then there was nothing to say about the undergarments. They too couldn’t escape by luck. Thus, young master Jun was now completely naked. Thin threads of blood spurt from Jun Moxie's entire body like fountains, his entire flesh was bathed in blood, still he kept twisting, twitching, as if the veins in his whole body were squirming…. This time the borrowed strength was really too great, it surpassed Jun Moxie’s maximum limit by far.

The injuries on his body were also unprecedented and unequaled. Until that final moment, if the Hongjun Pagoda had not absorbed him quickly perhaps he would have exploded into a blood fog by now.... After some time, the rich Heaven and Earth Qi in Hongjun Pagoda came in in swarms, gathered toward the body of Jun Moxie and started seeping in crazily through the five organs and every pore on his body , his body welled up!

Not knowing how long it had been.... Jun Moxie twitched and finally slowly opened up his eyes with difficulty,he looked in every direction, finally he muttered “Damn! Originally father has not died, a lucky stroke, this really was a lucky stroke...”

Sentimental young master Jun also knows that he could’ve died this time without a doubt....This times act was really long.... after some recovery, he immediately felt a splitting headache, like a group of monkeys were jumping back and forth inside his head, on his temples the blue veins pulsed crazily, similar to skipping ropes, from top to bottom it felt like 10000 steel needles were being stabbed in his joints, what was worst was that even his little brother that usually swung with joy when pulled out was also hurting....This matter made Jun Moxie twist his eyebrows “ Damn, this does not involve you , I haven’t even used you in this fight, I cannot use you, why are you showing off your sturdiness?.....”

Just after scolding he was rapidly submerged by ache. Here, nobody could hear him, so young master Jun simply didn’t endure, he let out a pitiful yell that sounded like ghosts and gods were crying, it sounded like 10000 pigs were being butchered together!

“Your mother! Bah! How is young master so sore...? How young master challenge his limit..?” Jun Moxie strengthened his curses, he cursed in different versions, he used all the curses he knew from his previous life and even all the different dialects.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C565
11 months ago

Princess_Rouge: Do not blame the translator for the story he didn't originally wrote, he only translated what was already written, I feel people are really ungrateful for something given to you for FREE.

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C552
1 year ago
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