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Although I enjoy the story it would be better if you stopped inserting random “sex scenes” into every chapter. They generally feel out of place when compared to the other parts of the chapter. View More
The Black Market · C60
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Just to get this out of the way, the title is misleading. The system the MC has isn’t really a “Fate System” as it sells and gives things to the user from completely other serieses with completely different power levels. During the beginning yes it could be considered so, but a couple chapters in it starts to get blurred with the whole elemental dragon bloodline(Not completely sure if the nasuverse has such a thing, Arturia’s dragon core, yes, an elemental dragon’s bloodline? Not so much.) and the boundary between “Fate” and other verses is completely shattered when you started to introduce things like the rinnegan or him being an “Asura.” This problem persists throughout the story but I guess it’s more me nagging on a small detail at this point.

The relationship and romance between Jason and other characters is alright but I would generally draw the line when he starts to cuck everyone else(Grayfia and Venelana) This is as well as his perverse nature just makes him a bit more hateable for me. As for his parents and sister, they are completely nonexistent except for a couple brief(read as ‘a single’) mention(s) throughout the story.

As the story progresses Jason as a character starts to get more and more arrogant. I suppose although it can be justified as he is stronger than most of the characters we have seen thus far, but again this makes him a bit more hateable for me(though I’m sure some would enjoy it).

There were parts of the story that I enjoyed like Jason’s encounter/adventure with the Grigori and Slash Dog, but most of the other parts like the whole going to school in England and the first 50 or so chapters is what I really just can’t bring myself to read.

Overall, when compared to some of the other fanfics that are just hard to read this one is quite a bit better. The canon characters were written nicely and the direction of the story, although a bit iffy, were still enjoyable. View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System
2 months ago
Your choice. I’m not sure if the author wants to just repost the original or adopt it. View More

Weirdo: So, should we read this or not?..

Cool Anime System
3 months ago
This is just a copy of the original. The original was dropped a long time, but the original author renamed the story so it might be rewritten. This would likely be the case but there has been no actual chapter since it was renamed so it’s a bit iffy whether or not there actually will be one. View More

Weirdo: I think there is the same story with this... But stop for some reason.. Is this the rewrite of it or what? Or is this the new author with new story but coincidence same name n picture? If you steal this, better ask the original author.. If you are the original author, you must know that I am lazy to check the previous story detail of author...

Cool Anime System
3 months ago

Storm_Water: o ┻━┻ o

DXD: Hard to kill · C25
4 months ago
Debating on whether or not to just drop this fanfic completely. A 14 y/o dad even if he is 30 something y/o mentally isn’t very appealing especially with how the story is currently set up. It isn’t a matter of what age is acceptable but moreso about about how it that child might effect the story in the long run. Not to mention physically he is undeniably 14, not 30, not 40, 14 and that is how most others see and perceive him as. He is currently a child and this view is reinforced by his need to go to SCHOOL. Our MC has been given a child when he himself is still a child and so early into the story that the main DxD timeline hasn’t even started yet. View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C106
4 months ago
Reading Status: C12
The only thing I enjoyed reading was the game information. Personally I think the story is pretty bad first you have the whole parents killed in an accident ordeal. Is he even able to legally look after both himself and his sister? Usually in this situation they would be taken in by a relative and if not go to some sort of foster home. Next would be the power balance of the game. Next would be the power balance of the game. Its completely nonexistent. Usually all players of a game would start out with the same stats, no skills, nothing. But the MC here gets a endgame class and weapon right off the bat. And this gets far worse as the story progresses with him being able to take on level 100 and over when he hasn’t even hit level 20 and it has barely even been 10 chapters in. I just dropped it when numbers like nonillion were introduced. I could write more and start nagging about how the parents had a terrible reason for moving and just how stupid the whole ‘Stick Emperor’ thing is but I digress. Overall there is no set path for the story, it has a lackluster set of characters and a mediocre game with terrible power balancing and design flaws right off the bat. View More
The Chronicles of the Stick Emperor
4 months ago

McDroppedAsABaby: Having trouble with your stains? worry not as with "Lightning Quick Tide Turner" those stains will be gone as fast as "Wings of Wind of Wind and Lightning" lol

King of Gods · C582
4 months ago

Statesidespy: Shots fired: 793
Targets hit: 5
Accuracy rank: G-

Monster Paradise · C92
5 months ago

Adypoker: 1!!! Getting injured is needed for the introspection, but it shouldn't be Ichigo...

Rebirth in Bleach · C0
5 months ago

Ruruci: *fades into the shadows*

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C177
5 months ago

Ruruci: *stealths away*

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C176
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
6 months ago

1thebestreader: Why do this authors always...always annihilate Africa. We want to survive too......

The Hunter Academy · C1
6 months ago

RealShesmu: Thank you very much for your feedback. I will try my hardest to learn from my mistakes and improve. I hope that at the very least you enjoyed the first 35 chapters that focused mostly on the game. I will try to incorporate the elements that made those parts enjoyable in my second book as well.

Re: Sword Emperor
7 months ago
A fucking space and time element. How overpowered would that be. View More
Nirvana · C32
7 months ago
I enjoyed the chapter but why would he need a skill book for the stealth skill? Wouldn’t it be something they would have already learned at level 1? View More
Rebirth of the virtual world Legend · C4
7 months ago
Reading Status: C44
Overall I enjoyed the story at first but the whole demons are going to take over the earth in the future thing was just a giant turn off for me to be honest. When I first got into this book I expected it to be centered around the game not some bull**** demons invading the world. Not to mention the way the 2 who are transported back are introduced is just obnoxious in and of itself. You would think the 2 would have atleast some sort of training with them being previously a part of a post apocalyptic world even if they are among the weakest of the human race at that time but they could barely even fight a fodder the game throws at them. And how would they even afford to buy the game itself since the money at the time of the apocalypse would’ve been rendered obsolete and they would’ve likely switched it out for a new form of currency. View More
Re: Sword Emperor
7 months ago
Welcome back. View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods · C85
7 months ago

Avabliss: 'Switch'
*rapid SAO flashbacks*

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C105
7 months ago

TheGoldenSquid: When you have 511 int. But name yourself ‘Big Crotch’...

Lilim Heritage Online · C3
7 months ago
Flaming Cutie seems a bit like an idiot doesn't she? Deciding to "torture" a player who should be at around level 50 at that time. View More
Versatile · C33
9 months ago
Immunity to certain elements? View More

Silver777: I don't think ikuya has any need to go after the evil god's blood except for the Berserk element of it, I mean he himself explained that evil God was immune to those elements because of his paw comprehension of them.

The Strongest Saiyan God (An ATG Fanfic) · C0
9 months ago
Nice View More
Versatile · C21
9 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
My Beautiful Commander · C174
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Beautiful Commander · C154
1 year ago
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