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Hope he gains some unique abilities along with a spike in magical power after the first transformation. Taking the ancient route should have some amazing perks being lost in the current era. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C34
20 hours ago
That was dark but awesome, people like him deserved every second of it View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C71
21 hours ago

LordAlmighty: But he isn’t weaker than them.....

The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C9
1 day ago
After all these years he should be alot stronger than what he is. I mean frost demon don't usually train. He has been training his ass of since the get go and some how it implies he still weaker than freiza and king cole View More
The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C9
1 day ago
such a great fight but Cap is salty and gloomy about it not being right....... View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C68
3 days ago
Snatching another one of Hajime harem members again............lol View More
God succession system · C221
3 days ago
Now they need to beat him to an inch of his life and then hand him to the psycho necromancer chick so she can have her own little heaven making him her pet boyfriend. View More
God succession system · C220
4 days ago

Icare: Well that would have been difficult in this case and he knows the girl like that guy anyway so it would just be painful to himself in the long run. He is also a psycho sooo 😂

The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
5 days ago
The system is being used, skynet, Tvirus and alot of his accomplishments are things he got from the system. His power level does seem a bit low level for all the years he has been training though. View More

Obito_Tobi: author you know that up until now the system was useless almost never been used why making a system if not using it this is completely a waste and the name of the story included a system but the system has almost no use and even don't use it at all this is why i said it's completely 100% a waste with a useless system and also almost none used

In the DC World with a System · C27
5 days ago
That's a really short revenge, longterm is making the girl yours to rub it in everytime they see you View More

Icare: Well the worst revenge you can have on someone is to kill their loved ones so it makes sense that he wants to kill her.

The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
5 days ago
so Reed messed up and he tries killing the hot chick that just agreed to dinner with him.............ah what is it with psychos!!!!! View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
5 days ago
Great chapter, thx View More
In the DC World with a System · C22
1 week ago
Save Sakumo and Rin, let Obito playout his role so he can be trained by Madara. Then find the way to let him in on the truth after Madara's death. View More
iShinobi(I will be a ninja my own way with ***** System) · C5
1 week ago
All the training so far yet no unarmed combat or martial arts. Issei was a brawler, mostly hand to hand combatant. Should not neglect this part even going on the path of a swordsman View More
Reincarnating in highschool dxd with cheat · C8
2 weeks ago
So Ten years and still unable to decide what to do in one piece world. Naive characters like Bob urk me. Even if he was unsure what to do, at minimum should have a desire to get strong to survive. Coming from another world, knowing strength is supreme in one piece, his attitude urks the hell out of me. View More
Quicksword Bob · C4
3 months ago
Hope to see a quick revenge killing and getting back his family company. Since whoever has all rights to company is the one behind everything. View More
Chaos In MCU · C6
3 months ago
Nice chapter but you made them waste a wish to bring Goku back to earth when he can instant transmission back himself. View More
My Life in Dragon Ball(Complete) · C25
3 months ago
Hope he does not kill Elder Lin because he will indirectly make his sister without a master and protection from others in the Sect. I understand teaching them a lesson for intruding but killing all of them would cause later drama. Good chapter though. View More
Soul Purchasing System · C17
4 months ago
Just hope, you have him go on killing spree when he gets stronger. The whole thing is beyond ridiculous, even her parents died.....money and so getting stolen, finally the house. Then claim she still a blood relative, all this because the self-righteous kids gotta there ass whooped for something they started. View More
Douluo Dalu - The Strongest God · C13
10 months ago
When is he going to reboot the system? First protoganist I know to get a system and does not want it, simply rediculous View More
Reborn As Harry Potter · C18
10 months ago
Any transmigrator begs for a system, he gets one but shuts it off due to anger............hope his personality improves...can't find a reason to disable a given advantage that can help you get stronger faster View More
Reborn As Harry Potter · C14
10 months ago

Molkar: I hope his personality improves with time because right now he's like a grumpy woman trowing tantrums for whatever little thing that happens...

Reborn As Harry Potter · C14
10 months ago
Excellent, look forward to the development and growth of the MC and Robin. Hope they remain in the dark from the world government till MC have at minimum quasi Admiral strength and Vice Admiral level for Robin View More
Prison Of The Dead(One Piece) · C17
10 months ago
Thanks for the chapter, however what's with the sudden engagement to chi chi....unless he gets both girls it would be pointless to have built up the relationship with him and Bulma, granting her special bloodline only to be like ooops grandpa promise to get married to her..........my bad View More
Dragon Ball: Altered Time · C7
10 months ago
Man, guess you're gonna wait till the cannon start to let Sona know he's her twin brother or some kind of flashback for them to realize he was actually extremely powerful the whole time View More
2. Legend of the transmigrator: Highschool DXD · C5
10 months ago
The story is going great so far, however it's moronic of the MC to let word of the Dragon Balls to everyone. The danger they bring is catastrophic, and he won't be on earth either. Nothing like having a dumb moment to come back to missing planet destroyed for the dragon balls. View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C36
10 months ago
I'm confused on him being on the weak end financially when the family gets a 6:4 split with the Alchemy Association over the last few years. Even for the original plot sake, there is no reason to keep it that way. I mean the MC has been in a very close relationship with her over the years, holds the title of genius of the city yet the family pushes a marriage with Shen Fei.........are you serious. Offend a genius that will become a legend rank fighter by pushes his girl to a notorious *******.........classic View More
Rebirth: Tales of Demons and Gods · C5
10 months ago
Please don't convince the readers that with his abilities he could not sense they're being followed. I mean just unleashing his aura can destroy the planet already. If his group of friends are going to join the circle that knows the existence of dragon balls then he should be create team b of Z fighters to protect it's true value. Interesting so far, just a little slow. View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C25
11 months ago
Ok, so what was the point on not wanting to keep his previous life memories. Wished for a family, only gets mom for bout 7 years and she dies. Now sees the memories of what happened to his clan which by the way is 1000 time more harsh than his original memories. I really don't understand the mind set of wanting a family in a violent world and you're weak as a chicken. Looking forward to the development of the story. View More
Naruto "Forsaken Clan" · C6
11 months ago
Thanks for the chapter, I just thought the MC is way to ***** with his trust in Danzo. I can't comprehend him knowing the history of all the crazy things Danzo did, especially for wanting Sharingans and still happily join Root. View More
Rebirth in the Naruto World · C28
11 months ago
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