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RYUUZEN: Author i have questions !!!

Why doesn't red stop ye zong from being poisoned instead it's almost the same as the original one in the storyline just a few different things like the characters then women etc.

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C65
34 minutes ago

Supremacy_Ludyon: Come on man! All the chapter they say "be ready! be ready" and oh they were not ready, he can insult Nie li all he want THAT was a error of a idiot MC who underestimate an enemy even if he has people the MC love. An idiot i say, an idiot -_-'

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C62
3 hours ago

Ravindra_Bisht: I have to agree with you.
Even Nie li was prepared at least.

The mc hasn't prepared for anything.He is acting recklessly

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C62
3 hours ago

willy_aprianto: Nie lie soul become ghost that will haunted snow family 🤣🤣🤣

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C60
7 hours ago
You know author like It is bulshot that you should repect your elders becouse their are old it is also bul**** that you should prase people who wrote somethink. View More
In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C47
22 hours ago

kelpshake: Dude 😂 I made a comment about how I didn’t like the story and on why, and it was the most likes with a bunch of people agreeing as well, which put your novel in a bad rating.

Then you go ahead and delete it, 3 times , and your excuse was because I only read 6 chapters of it???

Doesn’t make you look good when there’s people reviewing more than once with 5 stars which is just spam and you keep it there lmao

Just admit it you’re trying to make your rating look good. I don’t know why you have to lie and make me look bad , but go ahead. 😂

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C47
22 hours ago

kelpshake: Why do you justify deleting reviews?......

You literally left all the high rated ones except at least 2 so you don’t make it look suspicious.

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C46
22 hours ago

kelpshake: Stop deleting reviews author. It doesn’t give you a good image smh

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C44
23 hours ago

PrimordialVampire: more chps.....this is so good...i always kinda felt that nie li was a idiot even tho TDG is my favorite novel...

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C16
1 day ago

SPRayKiNG: So half the last and all of this one minus one small paragraph was a copy paste from original, I like the story concept and the choices of the MC but he is supposed to be a world renowned scientist but he is just a complete Dick and acts like he already owned the heroines(not even acting like they were women more like he was talking about objects) , and now all of his act is down the drain since if it was consistent he would have shut down nie li's speech before he started and not waited for him to make an impression which might as well bring doubts to his friends

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C10
1 day ago

Aldunhokoron: Honestly, Ning'er is way more beautiful and better than Ziyun.

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer · C8
1 day ago
thx for chapter View More
1 day ago

JohnDeuz: I'm starting to think that maybe becoming a cannibal is not a bad choice.....


Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C58
2 days ago

An_Anime_Addict: Did you......did you just.......extend the FU*KING CLIFFHANGER BY TWO CHAPTERS!?!?!?

Fairy Tail: The Fourth Master · C57
3 days ago

ARISTOCRAT: Honestly if I could rate this negatively I would. I mean holy F. This is a novel that is in fanfiction.net and there's still no progress or refinement process to actually make it into an actual novel. I mean I don't understand how people can give a 4 stars or 5 like WTF?? Are they blind? Do they read with they're d*ck? No matter how you look at it, it's simply just a downgraded version of the original....the author changed the fuking name of mc but with the same sh*tty *ss personality(if not worse). The world background......lol he didn't even bother to changed any events of how they met. I mean the events in the Novel wasn't even changed, maybe minimal tweeks like raynare actually "liking" mc but even that doesn't change the fact he becomes a devil....which was the main reason he died in the OG.....like these kinds of tweeks are just plain stupid and the worst part is the tweeks don't changed anything major in the story.....this is literally just a garbage *ss plaigerised novel that had its MC's name changed...nothing more..

High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei!
3 days ago

Beniiboy23: The thing is its well written and all its just that this is too similar to the orginal and question is here why should i read it if i can read the original? Your mc took mc s position than does things lmost same way almost same power level each ark...so not for me....

High School DxD: The Tale of the Gutsy Sekiryuutei!
3 days ago

kelpshake: The content has been deleted

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer
4 days ago

kelpshake: When you get exposed you get so offensive. So toxic.....

Good , great, delete all the trolls, but that also includes all the 5 star spans and people who put a 5 star without even reading a single chapter.

Your excuse was that I only read 6 chapters.... but you still kept the 5 star spams.

It’s whatever man, I’ll stop but you don’t have to lie about fixing your ratings. I won’t judge, but I just hate liars who try to play the victim smh

In the world of TDG as a Beast/Monster Tamer
4 days ago

ledski: Honestly, this chapter felt a little bit exagerated. I mean, i know he witnessed cruelty, but his speech was oozing naivety. First he is a human, so why make it a racial thing? Secondly, this is war, he is not pulling any punches either, his righteousness kinda reeks of hipocrisy.
Still, i am enjoying the story so far, keep up the good work :)

World Seed · C62
6 days ago
I do not understood why he should let himself be persecuted he is powerful enough to concuer some small country and slowly start expand his bussines and military power. There is really no reason to stay in konoha. Especialy when this novel have title "Too OP!!" unless you go with typical japanees **** I can destroy wolrd but i cant hurt anybody so **** with me pls. View More
Too OP!! · C47
1 week ago
thx for chapter. For now is intersting novel. View More
The Kingdom Support System · C5
1 week ago

Daoist3Life: Well compared to tiger and those characters hes a saint, offers food and protection. The girls come to him becuase he is strong and fair while doesnt torture and enslave women. You have to change and adapg

God and Devil World
1 week ago

amaturewriter: MC is a servant ..........................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Trials of Ortus (A DxD fanfic)
1 week ago

Blablabla45: No harmed others?
This condition is absurd i think, because if other want harm you and you can't retaliate by harm other?

Too OP!! · C27
1 week ago

Alexandroo: can't a guy with the strength of a saint dodge an old man trying to tighten his watch? How forced !!!

Too OP!! · C17
1 week ago

MagikLord: "It's a boy Kushina" Nurse 1
"And it's healthy" Nurse 2
"Thank God it's Ok" Minato Namikaze
"Can i see him" Kushina Uzumaki
"Yes" Nurse 1
"His name is gonna be Naruto" Minato og Kushina
You know what happens, Kyuubi gets out and gets controlled by an Uchiha, destroys some of the village, Minato and Kushina dies to protect Naruto aka Black Death, Hiruzen becomes Hokage again and so on.
About a year after the kyuubi attack
it's more impressive to is it op front than in the manga and anime - Naruto
"Rrrrrr" Kyuubi
"Yo kid what are you doing here?" Kyuubi
"no mucth" Naruto
when he came back he had long noticed both the ANBU and ROOT agents.
More interraction with the Kyuubi happen later down the line but it's pretty much the same.
A hidden underground complex by Konoha
"Do you have the bodies" unknown voice 1

(What a trash, do you want us to read this?)

Naruto: Fanfic a clever Naruto
1 week ago

Falener: you can write now like a demon in hoter hahaha

Otherworldly Summoning System · C61
1 week ago

Yue_Hajime: Just sit in the hotel and write all day hahaha

Otherworldly Summoning System · C61
1 week ago

DarkConquerorPR: I hope he overpowers the family that's trying to marry Violette maybe even get Violette's mother or sister if any? would be interesting

[Unrivaled System] · C105
1 week ago

Vineet_Chandane: Irene belserion in the Harem go to alverez and become the king there after battle with zeref since natsu is the Prince reunite irene with erza

Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C101
1 week ago
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