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  • The Abominable Beast Monarch

    The Abominable Beast Monarch

    Eastern Fantasy Cultivation WeaktoStrong MaleProtagonist

    "Demon beasts are born capable of sensing the energy permeating the world. Absorb the energy of the world, turn it into one's own strength; comprehend the laws of the universe, search for the Dao. This is cultivation. A talent granted to all demon beasts by the heavens, a demon beast that can't cultivate is one that has been forsaken by the heavens." Despite being born a demon beast Ma Weizhe is unable to cultivate spiritual energy. Looked down upon by his peers, and seemingly abandoned by the heavens, he must rely on himself to search for his Dao, to carve his own path towards Immortality.


Thank you! I hope you enjoy this story. I'm trying my best to make it sound alright, I know the pain sometimes when there's a good plot but the grammar or writing kills it. View More

ZoloZithro: It's a bit early for a review, as only 11 chapters are out, however, since there are currently none for this novel, I'm adding one earlier than I normally would.

The story has great potential. The writing quality is at the top level that can be found in web/light novels. The main character is unique when compared to other novels. The character interactions have been well written and intriguing.

I look forward to when a new chapter comes out and am excited when they do. I hope the author keeps up that great work so far.

The Abominable Beast Monarch
4 months ago
Thank you! I admit that my updating frequency is a little off right now but as I started this novel the same time as my college preparations it's a little troublesome right now. I'm hoping that when I find time I'll be able to take a day to write a load of chapters so that I can steadily release some everyday even if I don't find time to write in a day or two. View More

AN0LCHEMIST: It's pretty good. Honestly I'm tired of human characters and this was a nice break. And also, I hope that author doesn't just give up on his story.

The Abominable Beast Monarch
4 months ago
It'll get there! I've just been taking some of the first few chapters to introduce key characters or information. Also introducing cultivation to anyone new to the eastern fantasy genre. View More

Cosmic_Sovereign: When Is Weizhe Going To Start Cultivating?

The Abominable Beast Monarch · C4
4 months ago
No, thank you! View More

Six_Path: Thanks for the amazing chapter. This looks like a great story. Looking forward to more and hope you don't drop this.

The Abominable Beast Monarch · C1
4 months ago
Thanks! View More

JC192209Mun: Good story so far!

The Abominable Beast Monarch · C2
4 months ago
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