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  • I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything!

    I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything!

    Realistic Fiction

    ''I can hear people’s thoughts without them having the slightest clue about it. And my goal to achieve in these 3 years of high school: Get rid of this ability until my graduation.'' The story begins with Yanagisawa Taichi as a freshman at Sakudai High, right before the entrance ceremony. He gets to meet a lot of people within and outside school; the seemingly overly serious and idolized class president, the constantly unpredictable and ruthless risk-taker, the twins no one can tell apart, the teacher that has given up on trying to find a spouse, and many more, yet no one seems to suspect his ability to hear people's thoughts. Will he be able to keep it a secret? Is he really the only one with this bizarre ability? What's the reason of its existence? Everything will be answered in this light-hearted and comedic story that follows Taichi throughout his high school years as he struggles to cope with his ability to balance it and a normal teenager's life.


Affected paragraphs:
"Her given name, Mihoko, spelled 美保子, was chosen very carefully by them to represent their gratitude.

In more detail, 美 (mi), meaning ‘beautiful’, was meant to bless the child with unimaginable beauty (because they considered her a heavenly gift, that is), while 保 (ho) and 子 (ko), meaning ‘protection’ and ‘child’ respectively, stood for one very particular thing: Their wish for the daughter to protect, to treasure her own children one day from the bottom of her heart, much like they deeply treasured their only child. View More
I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything! · C13
1 year ago
Reading Status: C5
Hi there, I'm the author of this story! To keep this short, I'll try to put down what you can expect from this story if you're planing to read it!

The story is mostly Slice of Life (not entirely, because of Taichi's ability) and a slow-paced one. I've tried my best to break the monotony of SoL situations by giving each one of the chapters its own mood, to help shape up each character in a unique way! This isn't how the entire story will progress, so rest assured that you'll see it experimenting with quite a few styles later down the line!

There's no set limit to how many words a chapter generally has. The first ones were about 3000, then 5500, and now at about 7500. This was because the plot of the arc is starting to shape up little by little, and more and more lore is included as chapters go on, which I think helps imagine the world more vividly to get immersed in it!

All in all, starting this story, my main goals were to build a cast that will show its growth and development as time passes, as well as pass out its lore slowly so that the world feel more genuine as the story unfolds, and give the readers a (hopefully) memorable experience! It's honestly my first story that has really lasted this long, and I want to see it end!

That being said, whether you're new to the story or not, I wholeheartedly hope you find it entertaining! A comment on the chapters would really help improve it, and a review would be even greater to look at the bigger picture!

**: I'll update this if something needs to be added or removed, so everything's up to date right now, no worries about that!

Oh, and please excuse the shameless score xD View More
I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything!
1 year ago
There's no option for italics or bold in the editor unfortunately, which makes it quite troublesome not just for the thoughts, but other things as well within the story...

I think I've found a satisfying solution for now to fix this though! Thanks for letting me know! View More

KingHeart: Too bad there's no way to alter the text like italics or bold letter, but if that option available, please make the thought voice in italics, this kinda confusing

I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything! · C7
1 year ago
Spelt it the British way somehow, whoops xD

Thank you for letting me now, it's fixed now! View More

DarkSideOfTheSpoon: Story spelt like storey while describing house.

I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything! · C1
1 year ago
I'm really glad you liked it, mate, next chapter is coming out in a bit! View More

KingHeart: i still waiting for next chapter before can give comment but for starter it's good

I Can Hear Your Thoughts, but it's not like I'm Telling You or Anything! · C1
1 year ago
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