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5 to the eighth power is not 2 million, it's a little over 390,000 View More
The Most Powerful Quirkless · C2
1 week ago
You could kill the mafia boss fellow. Take his fruit and give it to an item to " eat " ( I think i recall that happening in cannon ) that way the mc could have a portable castle/ treasurey. View More
Big Daddy Pirates (One Piece Fanfic). · C16
1 month ago
My first thought upon the mention of his truck was the mc( I forgot his name, if it was even mentioned ) driving around running over the goblins. I bet that'd be hilarious, especially if you could level up weapons with continued use. I'm imagining some bad a ss pickup that's like ghost rider's motorcycle. View More
Beast God · C2
1 month ago
I know it's your story and I respect that, but I hate that you chose the Uchiha clan for the mc. I get that the sharingan is powerful and all, but the senju competed against the Uchiha for hundreds of years. The Uzumaki needed three hidden villages to tale them down. While the Hyuuga were considered equal to the Uchiha in Monona( if I recall correctly, I maybe wrong ). I would like just once to see someone choose the Hyuuga clan and just go ham on training. I'm imagining some neji s hit where he does that " you're in range " thing, but instead of defense he makes a big ass rasengan around him. View More
The Supreme Anime System · C1
1 month ago
Just thoight of this, but couldn't he create spirits using his creators laptop? They aren't living so he ahould be able to create nine 100,000 year old plus rings. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C12
1 month ago
Bruh, I'm just imagining a tiny little cat " dominating " the basilisk from Hogwarts. Then in the fourth year he " hunts " the milf dragon that harry fights in his first task. View More

DeadEye12: beast harem!!!!!

Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast · C3
3 months ago
I don't know if you know this already or not, but historically European long swords were better than Katana( I assume thats the sword you'll have the Mc use ). Europe had better iron than Japan and there black smithing was nothing to scoff at. Long swords are usually longer and almost always lighter than Katana. Figured I'd point this out before real history buffs start ranting. View More
Reborn in a Harry Potter Universe · C6
3 months ago
Can he use the Room of Requirements to practice his potions and spells and whatnot please. It would be a great place for him to grind and make money by making potions. View More
Wizardry System · C10
3 months ago
I don't know why, but my first thought after reading this chapter was Draco doing some Mob Boss schtick. Something like: " You come in here, accusing me of being a future dark lord. You insult my family. " Of course this is spoken using The Godfather's voice. Eventually Norberta eats a *****. View More
Harry Potter and the Prince of Slytherin · C74
3 months ago
I don't know why in these novels the main character is attracted to something but can't get a hard on because of his age. It's normal for toddlers to get them let alone 11 year olds. And there are thousands of men who can get them as young as eight from physical attraction or horniness. View More
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C35
3 months ago
I hope the Mc will tell his family about the tower and how to get into it. Especially with such a dangerous enemy on the horizon. View More
Rebirth in a Magical World · C9
3 months ago
I agree that's it's best to keep clean, but that's why it's a fetish. It's abnormal and shouldn't be brought into everday life. Same as bdrm, dirty talk, and most other fetishes. View More

Octaeon: Smell fetish??? No thanks, I don't mean to shame but a priority is to keep clean and smell good.

· C6
3 months ago

Old_Scratch: This is nice, I feel that the armpit fetish isn't embraced well enough now a days. Though generally people like smoot underarms or at most a bit of stubble. I can't wait to see what other fetishes you bring to the table, I'm personally hoping for smell fetish( Underarms, under boob, butt, and p u s s y. )

· C6
3 months ago
Are you going to pair Alex up with that fire chick from the middle of Shrek. I don't remember a lot about the third DD Novel, but I remember her. View More
Spirit Trident Douluo · C9
4 months ago
Are you going to have him learn various languages, such as Latin, Old Norse, Mongolian, and/ or Hindi. Or maybe non-human languages like, Goblin, Mer-language, elven, or any other magical language. View More
Harry Potter Transmigration · C7
4 months ago
I just had a three minute argument with myself that your balloon analogy wasn't very good. I then came up with one for lungs which I was fairly happy with until one of the voices in my head argued it. A few minutes later I'm posting this comment. View More
Harry Potter Transmigration · C2
4 months ago
Bruh, I was also thinking griphon which is super weird considering they aren't really my favorite mythological creature. Odd coincidence. View More

Nirvanic_Sun: Thunderbird? Griphon?

Chat Group For Magicians · C10
4 months ago
Reading the comments, I personally would rather have the Mc commit incest than for him to have a dad. View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C21
4 months ago
OH NO! There is " Bi " in the title, better hurry up and drop before I get infected with gay rays. ( A. I'm joking. B. I'm really proud of my gay rays rhyme. ) View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C24
4 months ago
I don't know if you intend to do it in the future, but could you have Alex some of Hagrid's blood for Envy. It'd be pretty badass for it to get some Giant's blood. View More
Alexander Prince - Half Blood Potter · C8
4 months ago
I won't make a remark on your romance opinions because I'm a no life with little social contact. I also won't post my opinion about the " thick face " because I talk like that, but I've also read plenty of Chinese novels. However, saying " the young black man " or " the pretty white girl " is something I've seen plenty of times on American novels and it isn't something about racism usually. Of course, I have no idea why I'm defending the novel, cause I have zero interest in reading it. View More

gman12567: I don't get why so many people act likes this is some insanely good novel don't get me wrong its not that bad (at least the story isn't).
First regarding the translation I think it was MTL'd if not its at the quality of it at some points.
The story is at best above average nothing special, lots of things aren't thought out at all for example he says it would be to hard to make a iron man style suit atm so instead he has the idea to create his very own transformer which is bumblebee from scratch and acts like it would be easier not 100 times harder. And as of chapter 30 he still has not gotten any powers at all nor has he started working on a plan for it it feels like he author is trying to pad word count the only thing close to him having powers is his knowledge and the transformer that he almost completed.
There is romance (If you can call it that) but their is nothing actually romantic about the romance it just like hey we go to school together and we've ran into each other outside of school so lets date.
So far he doesn't talk to people much but all the conversations they do have seems messed up as in it's not how actual conversations go.
And finally you can really tell the author is Chinese cause it REALLY bleeds through for example the characters don't talk at all like how Americans would instead talking about stuff like having a thick face as if it were some xianxia novel which no one does in america.
Also the way the author refers to other characters really shows he's Chinese again for example referring to peter (spider man if you don't know) as "The young white man", Gwen Stacy as "The young beautiful white girl", Max as "a black man with a faint greasy scent", the receptionist as "the white woman", and the security guards as "the big black guards". I'm not some sjw or soy boy who would get offended by this stuff but you can tell the author is placing a lot of emphasis on their race so at worst the author is racist like most Chinese or at best he doesn't know how to write a description of a character and thinks only writing their skin color with few other details is a good enough description for the character

The Online Game Version Of Marvel.
4 months ago
I personally understand where you are coming from as a writer myself. When I first started writing I was taking everything I liked from webnovels and trying to shove them together like some soup made out of left over ingredients. Eventually it got to the point where my story made no sense to me and my plot was all over the place. At that point I started over and it has been going good since, I'll list some things that really helped me when I restarted.
1. Think of the plot of your chapter before you write it. Is the main character going to focus on his cultivation or is he going to meet a new character? Or maybe he spends time with his mom for a lighthearted day of fun. This doesn't mean you shouldn't add any spontaneous ideas, but try to keep them in line.
2. Sort out your system, do you want him to be a God of all of existence whose very presence bends reality or do you want an ultra powerful body cultivator. With your Library of Heavens Path, you never mentioned if the Mc was using it to learn engineering techniques and other modern uses. This leads me to #3. Focus of details. If your Main Character is using his system to become a learn engineering techniques say that, maybe read up on engineering yourself to make the story more detailed. Don't forget to occasionally add how your character feels, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Does he feel refreshed after a night of cultivation or is he feeling worried about his mom not sleeping enough ( This is just a scenario I came up with, I don't remember you mentioning anything like that ).
4. Don't forget your side characters. I personally enjoy donating a chapter to one of my side characters every now and then. It gives insight into how other characters view your Main Character and it can even give you a chance to get your creative juices flowing by focusing on somebody new to write.
All in all those are the main points I focus on, there are of course plenty of other things you could do, but those are my preferred points to keep in mind. I hope you keep writing and enjoy every minute of it. I really hope to see a great Marvel novel with a unique OcMc to completion. View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C20
5 months ago
I've noticed a few Long Live Summons Fanfiction but none of them are any good, so that'd be a neat novel. Then there's Super Gene which would also be great as well. Low Dimensional Game isn't really a cultivation novel in the truest sense of the word but it'd be neat to see. The last novel I'll recommend is The Lord's Empire, I'd personally like to see a different kingdom then the one featured in the novel maybe a Native American one or some other nation than China. View More
Serpent of the Chat Group · C26
5 months ago
All these people giving serious names, I'm just upset nobodies suggested any innuendos like; big thick snake or something like that. View More
Serpent of the Chat Group · C11
5 months ago
He would be a great partner to hanky panky with. I'd imagine his arse would be super hairy so when he's hot dogging you it feels like a really tight hair job. View More

GhostyZ: I want Hagrid in the harem.

Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C25
6 months ago
This song is about shrek, but I can't help but feel it fits Hulk as well. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06Ha1TdAcFA&list=WL&index=49&t=0s View More
I Am Hulk! · C7
7 months ago
Reading Status: C23
So this is probably the third review of a novel I have left on this site, I had to leave one for this gem. As of chapter 23, I can confidently say this is one of my favorite fan-fiction that I have read, it is also one of the best original stories on this site.

The author has written up some likable characters with some decent character interaction and development. He has also set the grounds for a decent harem of girls who aren't robots.

I'm not one who can leave reviews with a bunch of flowery words, so I'll be blunt.

This story is great, read it. View More
Reincarnated in Marvel with The Strength Force
7 months ago
This is nice, I feel that the armpit fetish isn't embraced well enough now a days. Though generally people like smoot underarms or at most a bit of stubble. I can't wait to see what other fetishes you bring to the table, I'm personally hoping for smell fetish( Underarms, under boob, butt, and p u s s y. ) View More
· C6
7 months ago
That's only 3 mph, I weigh 310 pounds and I can maintain that speed for an hour. View More

Lonmar: this hombebody succeed to walk 5 km in the desert in 1 hour?

I Found A Planet · C2
8 months ago
A comprehensive Pokemon system where I could by anything pokemon related except pokemon themselves. Meaning pokeballs, items, tms and hms, specialized training devices, and a device to let me check the stats and moves of my pokemon. ( That last thing could be intedgrated into the system itself instead of being a buy able item. )

Second wish would be a method to evolve pokemon outside of their known evolutions. It'd basically be like alolan evolutions except for all pokemon, and they wouldn't be called alolan evolutions, there could also be dozens of different evolution for different pokemon.

And then finally a way of raising my personal strength so that I could fight pokemon myself instead of always relying on my pokemon. Whether it be through a known power already in the poke verse or something you think up personally is up to you. . . Or your " friend " I should say. View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C0
8 months ago
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