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Always sitting at the table without a sound.

Looking at those awkward people speaking and scheming about the fate of a country behind the scenes, not knowing about anything and only thinking
'I wonder where this Intis Kingdom-village is. That ambass-door guy sure sounds like a bad person, sounds like a henchman of their village chief. How I wish I could participate...'

Poor Guy ^^ View More

Darkdelusion: Poor Derrick

Lord of the Mysteries · C236
6 months ago
I wouldn't say that he took his safety concerns, divination or everything thing else to casual and it's not like he was in mortal danger to begin with.
He could have used his talismans every time he wanted but wanted to avoid getting traced by the local Beyonder authorities especially the Nighthawks by using items with spirituality.

His divination is also not all powerful and needs enough information to begin with which Ian didn't provide fully and the Potion-Sequence of a Beyonder doesn't indicate how strong one is.
Kleins Seer potion gives him only a better ability for divination and his Clown potion better body control and intuition.

Furthermore getting a gun was always one of his priorities but getting one without identification was the problem to begin with and finding a Beyonder bodyguard now is only a way to get in the local Beyonder circles not for safety reasons as was already stated that a bodyguard would be useless to him and that when it comes worse to worse that he might have to consider contacting Azik but even now he considers that all those coincidences he encountered might be within the scope of artifact 0-08 and doesn't want to alarm Zangwill as the extent of power is still unknown. View More

bjanco: Klein really did a 180 on the whole safety thing. He got involved with a huge case with a gang murder of a private detective, got hustled by the gangs executioner and still decide to go out willy nilly off of a coin divination while having nothing more than tarot cards to fight with.

Now he is actually getting a gun, getting a beyonder to help and considering getting azik's help. Almost getting killed by a (most likely) sequence 9 beyonder in his own toilet really made him realize how much he has been mistreating his own safety.

Also, Klein really needs to get the *smile to hide the pain* out of the way before the act stops being an act. Its not speeding his development, and just hurting him in the long run.

Lord of the Mysteries · C231
6 months ago
Next thing she does when it happens again, going to a Psychiatrist Beyonder and finding out if her fears and dreams are signs that she goes crazy or loses control lol View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C230
6 months ago
Imo it doesn't really matter even before with the Evernight Goddess. He never really prayed outside of the Beyonder rituals in a devoted way where he also used prayers and incantations of different Gods or attended any mass on Sundays like even his siblings who don't believe that much did.

I think that the Fog Domain might be a Gods Domain or a imitation of that and all Gods can see is a sea of blinking stars if they still exist in a human form.
If that's the case it wouldn't really matter if there is one more or less. I doubt they would care at all

Like every celebrity inbox ever lol. View More

SmilingReader: Hopefully the goddess is understanding and won’t become jealous smiting Klein in anger 😰

Lord of the Mysteries · C229
6 months ago
It's probably one of Ince Zangwills plots again but I wonder if his artifact might work like divination except that it tries to change fate instead of foreseeing.

That when something is to powerful or something does not possess enough information it is harder or not able to change and might appear as irregularities e.g. that Klein will be displayed on his notebook as Sherlock Moriarty instead or that when he tries to kill Sherlock Moriarty he might not be able to or that Klein might be able to deceive his death with his fake identity if it is necessary.

Especially because most artifacts are created with the demise of a Beyonder that lost control.
I could imagine that the original possessor of the quill might have been a High-Level Seer that lost control, died and imbued the quill with fate changing properties.
That would explain why it was limited in range of Tingen and it only affected lower level people more and why Zangwill only manipulated High-Level Beyonders indirectly. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C228
6 months ago
Yeah, I first thought the same way but if you think about it a bit more, he had to at least try it once to test his ability and having a test subject that is more close at hand and weaker would be more practical especially if you know the identity.(You know, if thinks go wrong hehe)

Also I think that she perhaps can't become a 'real' Member and rather only something like a Guest because it wasn't mentioned that a symbol was formed on her hand.

Though I hope that Klein will be able to find a better way to find and examine candidates in the future. View More

ScottyForsythe: I really did not want her to join 😅 her being close to justice doesn't sit well with me at all honestly, I'm disappointed. Alger will be ticked too.

Lord of the Mysteries · C226
6 months ago
I hope she doesn't spread the incantation around in the gathering she plans to attend.

Imagine Klein getting flooded with notifications then entering the Fog Domain to see his inbox being full of spam lol View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C226
6 months ago
Now that Zreal is dead it seems like Ian will become a strong contender to become Sherlock Moriartys Assistant *cough* Watson Lestrade *cough* if author stays with the same pattern XD
(Lestrade was the inspector in Sherlock Holmes for those who don't know.) View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C224
6 months ago

ScottyForsythe: And I can't believe he dares calls divination, deduction. Shameless! Sherlock Holmes must be rolling in his grave.

Lord of the Mysteries · C223
6 months ago
Well, Detectives investigate and predict stuff. Imo it's closer to fate than Clown but that's only my feeling because of the entire detective theme that's going on lol. View More

nichaobaby: Sequence should be tied to the fate

Lord of the Mysteries · C222
6 months ago
Well, it's 10 chapter per week regularily and he already told us that he translated more because he felt like it. Probably also because it's a newer series and he wanted to get the free chapters with volume 1 done.

So, there shouldn't be much to complain if he doesn't translate 2 chapters per day anymore at least you know that you always get at least one chapter per day in the afternoon and 3 additional over the week.
Besides this isn't the only series he translates so what can you expect? to drop or cut down on the other novels that other people like just because this novel is way better and more awesome? View More

MonstrousBirdOfQin: And what's with the change in the release rate,we've been loyally pumping all our stones into this novel hoping for more chapters a day and instead it's drops down to one without a notice or announcement.I'm pretty furious tbh,At the idea of a novel this good being treated this way.

Lord of the Mysteries · C222
6 months ago
I am wondering, could the next Sequence of the Seer pathway coincidently be 'Detective'?

"Potion name unknown. The corresponding Beyonder is good at many spells that can be quickly cast. Fuses one's body's skill and supernatural powers as one."

Like I can imagine that with a sharper mind you would be able to cast many spells quicker and would be able to utilize your physical, mental and supernatural powers more efficient and better.

So, while Clown gives body control and intuition.
Detective could give a better detection and calculation ablility. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C222
6 months ago
You forgot he isn't Klein anymore.

Now, he is... Moriarty...

...Sherlock Mroriarty.


ScottyForsythe: Klein doesn't pray to the goddess anymore 🤨

Lord of the Mysteries · C221
6 months ago
Yeah, It would take somewhat away from the secretiveness and mysteriousness of the Tarot Club.

Until now I also thought that you would need to sacrifice a artifact that is somehow related to the Fog Domain to create a sigil like every other member.
At least I hope that people can't join to easily. View More

ScottyForsythe: I actually hope that he doesn't except them as members. It would throw everything off. Maybe accepting one would be fine. But not both of them. :/

Lord of the Mysteries · C220
6 months ago
Isn't the Tarot Club already like social networking.
The next thing he does is introduce Emojis because they can't see their expressions clearly XD

I can also imagine Klein creating a point system to exchange items and create a virtual shop in the Fog Domain XD View More

nirleka: Dang, the tarot club will become virtual gathering sect with goods teleportation lel

Lord of the Mysteries · C219
6 months ago
K, then all is good. What I feared the most is that the team would change translator without letting us know or split up or allocate chapters to each other to translate faster. It would probably be more efficient but the quality would suffer. View More

CKtalon: You were mistaken then. Yes, I am.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
The last piece of general knowledge- you can give me MONEYYY! in exchange for the mentioned explanation. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C218
6 months ago
Not sure maybe I am confusing sth.? but a while ago I am sure I could still access the LOTM main page from your project page through some of the chapter credits because when I normally use my notebook it always displays the mobile website which doesn't let me immediately access the LOTM main page.
Maybe it depends on the platform and browser you use or it was messed up at some point?

Well, it doesn't really matter as long as you are ok with it but I assume that you are still the main translator of this project? View More

CKtalon: Nope, it was never credited to me. I know it because I was the one who handled this?

The comment section is actually still quite useful despite the spam. It's simply that few people out of the overall readership actually wants to discuss. It's really what I've observed over the past 3+ years.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
I think that the Hidden Sage and other Mysterious Beings and Evil Gods might have actually been High-Sequence Beyonder or Demi Gods of a pathway that failed or lost control when attaining a higher Sequence or Godhood and then got corrupted.

Maybe every pathway was actually a attempt to create a unique path to Godhood or attain Power as Magic dwindled with a broken path leading you to corruption.

That would also explain why the Hidden Sage was at the beginning described as good and then turned out to be evil. He might have been a High-Sequence Beyonder and Leader of the Mystery Pryer that lost control and became a Evil God.

And the murmurings when comsuming a potion might actually be the call of those High-Sequence Beyonder that failed. View More

Lvl1Bard: PRAISE THE SUN!!! ☀️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️🤷‍♂️🙇‍♂️

Too bad Roselle didn't elaborate on the Hidden Sage... He seems to know more about him

Lord of the Mysteries · C217
6 months ago
So, does Roselle mean with
'when there are to many High-Sequence Beyonders in the same Sequence pathway, the Low-Sequence Beyonder would reduce, and vice versa'
that when there is a lack of materials and a conflict of factions that High-Sequence Beyonder would need to die to be able to create new and more Low-Sewquence Beyonder in a faction, and vice versa, assuming that the Law of Industructibility and Conservation of Beyonder characteristic allows the Beyonder characteristic for a potion ingredient of a Sequence-pathway to be interchangeable or universal. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C217
6 months ago
Really, I was sure that you were credited at the beginning and that LOTM was noted in your Profile as one of your translation works.

Imo I think the community got somewhat worse.
There is always quite a lack of communication between reader, translator and the site management. It is sometimes frustrating when a project is dropped without notice or the translator just disappears.

You can also see that the site/app doesn't contribute to a better community with the more updates that come. The Forum is not really a place where you discuss about things that you like but more a place to complain stuff and most of the people just spam reviews, comments, ratings for exp. View More

CKtalon: It was AtlasStudios from day one. Personally, I don't think the community effect was that strong to begin with. It has always been a very small minority.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago

shubii: Old news, CKtalon joined AtlasStudios because there can't be "individual translators", just teams. (or something along those lines)

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
That sure sucks, I only noticed it because they replaced all the old CKtlaon credits while browsing.

It also doesn't really make much sense why translators can't get individually credited even though they work in a team they could just add the relation to it.

I feel like that the community aspect with the translators of this site becomes more and more distant. View More

shubii: Old news, CKtalon joined AtlasStudios because there can't be "individual translators", just teams. (or something along those lines)

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
Nah, they already replaced all CKtalon credits with AtlasStudios. View More

Solterage: Wait, I thought it's always AtlasStudios? I have to go look for the earlier chapter then. Thanks.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
I think it was one of the newer changes because I started reading this novel about 2 weeks ago and now 'Cktalon' is replaced with 'AtlasAtudios' in the credits. View More

Srboslaw: Im certain that is has been atlas studios for some time now, but i could be wrong.

Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
Did someone notice? They did a translator switch from CKtalon to AtlasStudios.

So, not sure if they just forgot the one chapter today as there is also a chinese holiday (Qing Ming Jie/Tomb-Sweeping Day/Ancestor Memorial Day).

Sometimes it would be nice to get notified about such things beforehand. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C216
6 months ago
"My name's Cona... Sherlock Moriarty, or it is now thanks to some poi... Hand slipped through my chest by a secret crime organization. Now I've gotta solve crimes as a ki... The Fool while trying to get my... revenge. The clues are many and suspects abound, but I've always believed that with a keen eye for details one truth will prevail." View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C215
6 months ago
Well, if you compare it to other qiđian novels it isn't 'that' bad and if you look at the ratings only, it is already #1.

It's just because the Power Ranking is only a measure for how popular and how much support a novel gets and because the qiđian app and mobile webpage are quite bad because you can't immediately find the novels that are actually good and it's biased.

So most of them get drowned out especially with the new changes that let everyone spam reviews for exp.

Furthermore 2-4 novels in the top are normally promoted through the Energy Stone Selection and most of the top-voted ones are Romance novels and some others are overrated. View More

SAA1188: It isn't good enough for that position...

Lord of the Mysteries · C214
6 months ago
A new volume a new beginning.

Now let's get this novel to rank #1 ! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C214
6 months ago

Kanechan: "He wanted to buy a silver watch as it matched with his temperment" an exaggerated way of klein mentioning how cheap he is

Lord of the Mysteries · C214
6 months ago
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