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I'm guessing she likely has storage type powers. View More
The First Order · C144
6 hours ago

ShouldBeStudying: club penguin is kil

Carefree Path of Dreams · C909
2 days ago

Technoviking: It was explicitly stated a few chapters ago. The amount of original designs is a requirement for the MTA to give him the title, but he can get the actual changes from the advancement before that.
It's like learning a language vs getting a certificate that says you did.

The Mech Touch · C1133
2 days ago

Meowhead: I fell for the author's trap and forgot his antagonists aren't 2D webnovel cutouts with shallow plots :(

Lord of the Mysteries · C857
3 days ago

SleepWalkingMan: I will really like it if was a little similar to it not exact copy , cuz I love that book ( house of horrors) while reading that it feels like you are there with mc experiencing the scene in front of you.👍👍

Nightmare's Call · C3
5 days ago
I like it though, so far there has been few quality horror stories here View More

burntpotato: This is just like reading House of Horrors again. Can’t handle scary stiffs but plot keeps you going. (;_;)

Nightmare's Call · C3
5 days ago
I am smelling shadow hack from this shadow clone superpower View More
The First Order · C96
2 weeks ago

SmilingReader: Well if anyone is able to survive other than Ren, this gun girl would shoot them down so she can claim first place 🥇

The First Order · C44
2 weeks ago

Moon_represent: wasnt big fan of db but has watch the og db, z kai db, gt and super...

I am Krillin! · C1
3 weeks ago
I've learnt something new View More

DemonDamian: Ethos pathos logos.

The Mech Touch · C1073
3 weeks ago

kabiy78223: But she is already lured to his house/ apartment

The Mech Touch · C1072
3 weeks ago

Zug: Ves you're doing it wrong. You're suppose to lure them into your van first before you give them candy.

The Mech Touch · C1072
3 weeks ago

Klokinator: Five seconds later...
Duke Long: "I just won, but... why do I hear boss music?"

Reverend Insanity · C1373
4 weeks ago

SaltySal: Dude is having energy form sex

The Legendary Mechanic · C579
1 month ago

Mrbaker: It’s okey the unicorn has the pistol right now

The Mech Touch · C1025
1 month ago

Remorce: Only thing to go through tovars mind:

"it's medal time!"

The Mech Touch · C1025
1 month ago
That [Infinite Wind Blade] does look like a fusion art View More
The Strongest Gene · C26
1 month ago
Yeah, Vegapunk is like 500 years ahead of the world's technology. Just because they didn't see any tech like it doesn't prove the phone is from another world. View More

Tobi_Obito_2: i think saying another world was the most idiotic part
why would they care if they know he is from another world
and what the hell they just accept it because they never saw a smartphone

Ultimate Fruit · C1
1 month ago

Davidwrn: From the subconscious habit of this particular author (as perceived on his other novels), the only people who ever comes close to discovering MC's secrets are those on the god levels. And even those gods will fall one by one once their weaknesses are exposed.

Lord of the Mysteries · C746
1 month ago

Esus: Nah, I do not think promoted faceless would be caught that easily. If not the Klein would not be able to digest the potion.

Lord of the Mysteries · C746
1 month ago
Light ability is already destructive enough, so quake is unneeded. gravity acts as fine utility type, like for training or used to slow down enemies etc.Hence this combo is already fine. Attack/speed- utility- healing View More

hammody836: i think the story will be better if he have the gura gura no mi ability as a paramcia,
phoneix ability as a zoan,
light ability as logia
so it make it he has
the fastest fruit
best attacking fruit
best healing fruit
so a perfect combination between attack-heal-speed

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C8
1 month ago

Zxaquis: Where is this editor's home? Don't worry I will not kick the shiet out of him or her.l, I promise....to not severely injure him or her but just enough so that he or her continues updating twice a day😀☠️
Address needed!

The Legendary Mechanic · C568
1 month ago
After this battle,

Joshua : would you like to see my private black hole collection View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C997
1 month ago

Horusz: Men, you're doing great, my only tip is: Don't do everything readers ask, the novel is yours and you're doing great, don't ruin it by making stupid fan wishes. Thanks for the chapter.

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C3
1 month ago
Any Zoan other than phoenix is lame, other than Buddha perhaps View More

Tobi_Obito_2: zoan it's phoenix isn't it

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C3
1 month ago
I think you have too much expectations of being transhuman. Think of it like this, the hardware of Ves has been upgraded, he can think and learn faster and his brain now has more processing power. But that doesn't make him a good schemer instantly. His software, aka his psyche, remains the same and he has to slowly experience more events to make him more shrewd and experienced. Sure he can gain progress faster now but he still has to go though the process. View More

BattleLord: Sparky Nuts!?

Obviously adding Codpieces to their Mechs would prove shocking.

While I am not on the edge of my seat with anticipation, Ves seems to be following breadcrumbs very expertly. Though as a transhuman, I am curious why he is not trying to get ahead of Leland Toll. By now he should have a contingency plan to ensure Leland takes the fall should KNG prove legit. If they prove dirty, having Leland by his nuts and adding a few sparks to he will send a clear message to his backers 'Never FUCK with Ves!' Thus 2 stars this chapter for not demonstrating Ves's character potential and paranoid nature of dealing with problems like he did Veteran Xie. Considering that was before his upgrades, her should be scary now.

The Mech Touch · C989
1 month ago

ExtremeRampage: It might be intentional to draw out all the traitors which might explain why the guy described this job as dangerous before.

The Mech Touch · C974
1 month ago
I feel like we've gone back to square one on the war arc View More
The Mech Touch · C971
1 month ago

HasaDigaEebowai: Hello itchiness my old friend, I have come to feel you again

Chrysalis · C408
1 month ago

Alessan: Formula (~4000) + characteristic (~8000?) is BANK. A very profitable trip. Not to mention a book potentially at angel level even if it’s currently useless. Danitz should sell the characteristic to Anderson for formulas and a couple thousand pounds, finding the right formulas is rare.

Lord of the Mysteries · C703
2 months ago
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