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Original Works

  • New Freshmen at Summoner High

    New Freshmen at Summoner High

    Magical Realism magic Team Battle summon high-school coming-of-age

    A moment that changed his life forever. He awoke to find that nothing was as he believed. Join Kaden P. Flanagan as he starts his new life away from home at one of the best Highschool in the universe. A crazy place hidden far from the mundane. The cover is temporary as it uses Mass Effect Art and Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou characters. Hopefully, I'll be motivated to create my own custom cover for it soon.

  • One Piece: Oh Why the Grandline

    One Piece: Oh Why the Grandline

    Anime & Comics One Piece

    Damit wrote fanfic, bad bad bad figures. Why you do that. Mind saying one thing but figures did another. Nothing special just been on a typing kick. Video games have become dull and other than ONE PUNCHMAN nothing worth watching. I have no creative ownership or rights to One Piece or any other copywritten thing that might pop up in my random tale of tales. It's just purely something I did to kill the mundane boredom of life.


He is super smart cunning man willing to do all sorts of evil if it for his sense of justice. View More

Solarious: Akainu actually rethinking!🙀

Infinite Adventure · C16
6 days ago

ikuqhfkihlfijqlsid: the lack of suspiciousness from ... pretty much all the girls in the chap is a bit disconcerting. Specially from the prostitutes that would logically have pretty much always been exposed (and abused) by the worst scum around them.
Since protag finished exponding on his expectations, maybe you could have one (or more) of the girls stand out with her(their?) own questions and/or requests ?

Long Live System · C11
1 week ago
Thought Akeno was younger then 13 when she lost her mom. View More
Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C58
2 weeks ago
I don't think Garp would care if slave got freed, he just use it as an excuse to give the kid a love tap. View More
Luffy's big brother. · C39
2 weeks ago
He need to learn how to use his power instead of it using him. I like to see how that come about. View More
Ultimate Fruit · C64
2 weeks ago

SlyOW: If I have one advice to you author as a reader, it is that you should make your paragraphs lighter, they are way too long and when I see paragraphs that takes the entire page I don't want to read it. Try to go for paragraphs with 3 or 4 lines each.

One Piece - Martialised · C6
3 weeks ago

DraconicEmperor: I disagree on changing the basis of haki from will to soul. Cuz by that logic, Brook and BM should be the strongest haki users on the planet, and they aren't. It also degrades the concept of clashing wills and the fact that, you need to reach a certain level of resolve and skill to even use haki. It also feels kind of cheap to use a different story's training method (Demon Slayer) on haki despite the fact that we already do have insights on how it's trained. It's fine if you're only trying to bring in a new different power system since One Piece's story and world structure do allow for that to happen. It's fine if you ignore this but it's just a criticism from a casual reader who only started reading your story.

One Piece - Martialised · C6
3 weeks ago
He is in Drum Island? View More
Sinful life with the strongest system · C61
3 weeks ago
All garp had to do was keep Luffy and ace in Marineford and his buddies would of made sure the kids became marines. Also ace would of been tried better because everybody knows who is grandpa was. Story would been stupid boring that way though😛 View More
Luffy's big brother. · C22
1 month ago
Why must it be a heram to have ***** theme? Like life most people with pair up with a bunch of other to fine the right fit. So why fixate on the team tag. View More
Luffy's big brother. · C15
1 month ago
Death God took his soul. So even if you heal him he would be a vegetable View More

Syxber: Why it didn't save Minato?

Gamer in Naruto · C2
1 month ago
He should go after Baccarat as she a walking lucky star View More
A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C66
1 month ago
So is he going to make a bunch little baby in the different world he visits so they can grow up and conquer them. As it's what that race does. View More
A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C64
1 month ago
Maybe they train him.. If it's after the time skip View More

kelpshake: Im getting really bad vibes from the end of the chapter. He obviously landed where the straw hats were. I REALLY hope he does NOT join them or train them.

A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C63
1 month ago
Hope he trains love ones to be strong enough to travel with him. Hate it when a mc abandoned his love one for power. Goku a total dirtbag if you look at how he leave his family all the time just to train. At least Vegeta stays with his family even if he grumbles about it. Because in the end they are more important to him then power. View More
A Saiyan in the Multiverse · C59
1 month ago
Orochimaru was kind and caring once. The war where his whole time get killed Aka Tusanda little brother, change him to push for immortality. Over time that became his obsession and twisted the reason he want to learn it. View More
Reincarnated As Mizuki · C26
1 month ago
He does not need to hump every girl in the show. One night stands I guess would be ok but devoted lover too much. Too big of a crew also make it hard to follow what each is doing or how they evolve as characters. View More
One Piece: Reincarnation (HIATUS~~~) · C22
1 month ago
So rare to read a one piece fan flick where luffy actually acts like a pirate. View More
One Piece: Reincarnation (HIATUS~~~) · C17
1 month ago
The perfect match for the mc View More

Discordia: This young lady is not naive, but idiot.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C23
1 month ago

Shadizar: He's REALLY stupid about things all things considered, not even trying to understand things and treating his new world like it's a joke when it's a life and death matter.

I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens · C5
1 month ago

TypeFantasyHeart: Dude... is his storage and size magic already forgotten? he can minimize the whole island, not to mention libraries, and even if he cant, he could minimize whole bookshelfs and store them, why BOTHER making a ship!?!?, just bring those guys to sorami island!

The Multiverse Conqueror · C230
1 month ago
Pretty sure not her parents as they are both jonin lvl ninja. She like any kid is influenced by her friends. But narutovers has some super smart toddlers as they are all 3 years old View More

Tiktark: Sakura is doing her best to corrupt ino to hate them for no reason other than followingnothers, sakura is pure scum as are her parents, i hope kirito and naruto lack loyalty ti the village, or at least kirito leaves to start his own story if the village only oppresses him.

Reborn as Naruto's Twin Brother · C12
1 month ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Ultimate Fruit · C50
1 month ago
Well from Dodlamingo point of view he is a nice guy... He even cares deeply for his main crew. That why he ruthless to those who he thinks betrayed him like his father, brother and Law. He also hate the world both Nobel and Common what happen to him as a kid. View More

Imbreak: You know...I'm kinda rooting for Doflamingo 😅 he seems so nice and approachable here 🤣

Mythical Paramecia Fruit "Olympian" · C3
1 month ago
She a sex god View More

vyziq: please dont add freya to the harem she honestly seems like a slut who would spread her legs for anyone powerful whether shes in a relationship or not

Life in DXD · C104
1 month ago
Funny how saving him would change both orochimaru and tsunda lives. Tsunda also currently single as she does not meet dan til after her brother death View More
Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C14
2 months ago
Not that Asuma could cut mt tops View More

swordgod007: Well Kenjutsu is just a way to fight and if his base power is weak then Kenjutsu can't save you... And it's not like one piece or other Xianxia where just by swing of sword one can cut mountain by understanding the way of Sword

2 months ago
Or maybe he will like Asuma wind blades. View More

swordgod007: Well Kenjutsu is just a way to fight and if his base power is weak then Kenjutsu can't save you... And it's not like one piece or other Xianxia where just by swing of sword one can cut mountain by understanding the way of Sword

2 months ago

Kain: Danzo doesn’t know if his strength? I thought he was named in kage level in the bingo book. I’ll look back to see if I skipped over something

2 months ago
Sumie is the coolest.. Anyways he is young he can play around for a while. No need to be stuck on one girl. But if he perhaps came a cross some relic like a set of poke balls they can catchme and train them before release them for a new set. Op bitches everywhere! View More
2 months ago
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