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I read this a longgg time ago, I don't remember which chapter or where it was that achievement points were mentioned, but I do faintly recall them. That still doesn't mean much though because the wealth difference would still be insurmountable. The top 1% richest people literally own over 50% of the world's entire wealth as of this moment. With the exchange rate previously being 1 for 1 and people only thinking it was a game, they would've been able to get an insane amount of coins. I also thought that the achievement was also dependant on how well you did in the game, but that might be me imagining it since it has been so long. No, but seriously, their whole gimmick is them being rich and powerful, but Ouyang becomes richer than them pretty much in the start.

Also, the cultivation thing is a biological process, you don't need anything special for it except I suppose more calories? I mean the government has been aware and planning this for a very long time, I doubt they would be lacking food for the journey.

AI not being neutral is a BIG issue since one, it would mean that it was unbalanced and unfair. The government worked out a deal to give them a small head start, but they don't control or run it per se. It was human interaction. Everything after that and it must still follow a set of rules, the AI being biased implies a lot of bad and stupid planning. This isn't just a game remember, this is for humanity's SURVIVAL. Can't have bs like that running around.

He does kill people, but he doesn't actively kill them and also a lot of time he lets them go for shallow reasons. I don't recall what chapter or their names, but one of the noble girl's family betrayed them/allowed a bunch of old men to boss her around and stuff. Why submit to them? They were literally helpless. Killing them and taking over would've been a lot easier and logical. Locking away enemies so they can't respawn and escape would be even better.

I know the teleporting thing is only in allies or your own base. That is still such an OP mechanic that it would actually destroy warfare as we know it. Do you know why Hitler lost when invading russia? He over extended his lines, lack of supplies, and got boned. But if he could just teleport supplies or armies to locations then he would've completely dominated. He would've probably been able to take over the world if he could do that kind of bs.

This is supposed to train people for the new world, but in RL they don't have the ability to teleport! This is like playing warcraft or starcraft and saying you're a certified general! It's terrible training! Also, my example was what if one of your allies teleported their army into your base, then broke the treaty? They would literally be able to slaughter everyone before you could do jack ****. Maybe send in some assassins and poison the water supplies?

Imagine you're being surrounded by an army in your castle, then BOOM reinforcement from your allies arrive in your city and you charge out with an army of 2000000. Seiging would be immensely difficult. Especially since even if you block of supplies trade routes, they have a magical store to pump out food and everything else they need. Transporting using allies cities, you can literally be unpredictable and attack places from all over. It'd be absolutely ridiculous to make plans and countermeasures.

Btw, yeah they could commit suicide, but how many people would actually do that? Even if they don't die for real, that pain, that fear, I don't think many have that resolve, even if they do it's not that hard to stop them? Tie them up, force feed them, keep them in a weakened state or medical comma. Or keep them under watch and guard by some people 24/7 View More

Redanxelar: Due to all the plot holes you pointed out I can see you really didn't read this novel and I will give you answers to the plot holes.

Answer to plot hole # 1: before setting out (going into the spaceship and whatever) the people's property are calculated and changed into achievement points which will help them in the new planet (that's what the game is about, getting achievement points.) So if the rich clans tossed in tons of money into the game it reduces the achievement point they get at the beginning and if the heir in control of thier territory in the game performed less than expected then that's the end for them.

So not converting all thier wealth into gold is giving themselves a back up plan. The MC didn't do this because the amount he has wouldn't amount to a significant number of achievement points so he didn't bother holding back.

Answer to plot hole # 2: you can only teleport your troops, resources and others to another teleportation station/point that belongs to either you or your ally and to battle map and the teleportation station are always in a city so you can't teleport to an hostile force city or a neutral force city or outside. So it's impossible to teleport into a another's city.

Answer to plot hole #3: nothing in the world is forever neutral so why does the AI have to be neutral, and remember at the beginning the big clans were given silver city creation token while other people have to get Thiers you can see the AI was not neutral from the begining.

Answer to plot hole # 5: Nothing in the world is unlimited. The thing that makes them stronger and transfer thier cultivation into thier unconscious body must be limited so it's perfectly reasonable not to give everyone but only the best.

I admit my defeat in plot hole # 5

Answer to plot hole # 6: there are lots of times the MC has killed his enemies. They can commit suicide it's not like they die for real so it's impossible to lock them up.

The World Online
10 months ago
First woot and man that was a cool chapter View More
History's Number 1 Founder · C878
1 year ago
Dang, how'd you figure out my master plan?! The author and I went to the same middle school and he beat me up and stole my milk once during lunch, now all I do is write bad reviews on all his stories to get back at him. Ironically enough I guess it was working since he or she seemed to have blocked my review lol. Block all bad reviews and leaving all the good ones is a nice business strategy I suppose. View More

Cmking: i think u got some grudge witht the author to make such and underrated review
if it was this bad then why it was ranked 1 2 months ago.. and still ranked 2 last month and ranked 3 almost 2 this month?

Last Wish System
1 year ago
I'm planning to re-read your story from start to finish a few times and then find some relatable sources to help you improve or inspiration for your story rather than just say "yeah your grammar could use some work". I'm still fully intending to write another updated and more in-depth review but I'm still swamped with work and other obligations in my life at this moment. View More

Oniichan_Thickskin: he said that he would do a re-review...still waiting for it though.

System: World's Infinity
1 year ago
Reading Status: C6
This is probably literally the only story on here which has given me such a big impression. I'm honestly amazed by the quality of it. Normally I get **** for leaving "negative reviews" with low rating. Like I think almost all my reviews are like 1-2 stars overall. This one however is really well done. Like it actually appears to be a proper novel like you might expect in a book story. Five chapters in and it honestly has better written character and story development than things I've read hundreds or thousands of chapters in before. Not sure what that said store about tbh, like should I be sad a about the quality of the other novels..? Regardless I think this is gonna be rushing up the rankings of this site really fast. Hopefully the quality will keep up further in the story! Maybe I'm jumping the gun since there's been a few novels that starts out strong but slowly dies off or drags on, but I have a good feeling about this one atm! View More
Kingdom's Bloodline
1 year ago
Reading Status: C952
I gave translations quality a three for average since I have no clue how well the original is I just assume it's up to par since there doesn't seem to be any glaring mistakes. Update stability gets a two from me. Kinda slow, but whatever I guess. Everything else gets a one star.

I would first like to state I have nothing but admiration for authors and I hold the occupation in high regards. I love all forms of creativity such as art and music too, so this review isn't to put anyone down to anything.

Now that that's out of the way, I find that the story was really fun at first. This was my first sci fi wuxia I've ever read and it was pretty interesting. I really liked the character concept of the Mc and his power. I liked the weird monsters he fought and the interesting dilemma he got into, how he progressed and his journey. But after he left for space I and entered the school I felt like things started going downhill. The characters weren't really memorable, and the interactions felt shallow. And one thing that I actually couldn't stand which I find the biggest example of swallow characterization...

Spoiler alert spoiler alert



HE LEFT HIS WIFE AND CHILDS FOR MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF YEARS AT A TIME REPEATEDLY! Omg you guys don't understand how much that irritates me. Dude gets married for barely a few years, then goes to space for a few thousands years, randomly leaves with no contact or sudden lost or contact, doesn't regularly picks up his phone or reads his fricking emails, and has his wife taking care of his two kids all by herself while his parents basically turn into Otakus and weebs. Like gosh, serious? Why would you think that's ok? I am not exaggerating when I state I'm almost postive that the amount of time he has left his family behind predates the existence of the goddamn solar system.

It is most definitely older than the EARTH itself.

The dude has been married a handful of years, like five, and leaves on training trips for longer than the earth has been around. Try to wrap your head around that concept. And somehow everyone's cool with that. "Oh yeah we're immortal now, and space travel and aliens are a thing." And somehow nobody blinks an eye and just... instantly adapts to this? No backlashes? Oh, yeah it's cool since I can send emails and see you guys in VR...THATS NOT OK DANGIT! Terrible father and logic.

BTW DID I MENTION THE MOTHER****ER CAN TELEPORT?! Like teleporting is actually a pretty darn common thing. Like fricking long distance across the universe teleportation is Common! And he still barely visits. In almost 1000 chapters I can't even remember what she or her kids look like anymore besides generic Asian with flawless skin. I literally couldn't tell you her height or anything distinctive about them. After he left for space I think she and his entire family was only mentioned/ appeared again like four times. He leaves pretty early on in the series btw so like I swear it's been at least 500 chapters since she was last mentioned.

For an space sci fi adventure story it does a poor job of describing and introducing cool and interesting worlds, the powers and fights are also boring and repetitive. "I Use My Treasure A to block your Treasure B! But haha you didn't know I had Treasure C to bla bla bla" "OH NO HES BURNING HIS SOUL FOR OP POWER UP THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR A LOWER LEVEL TO STOP SINCE IT IS LITERALLY A 100000000 TIMES POWER MULTIPLIER! (I am not kidding when I say I think I might've missed a few zeros, it's literally beaten into your face repeated how op and insane the multipliers are, like it's a dick measuring contest against DBZ) but somehow the MC plot hole is actually denser than a black hole. It is repeated told how he "Barely escapes death from an attack by someone infinitely stronger than him because his op treasures block out 99.99% of the attack because that .01% was enough to kill him"

I would like to once again state that the author has my respect for his work even if only for sheer length and time and effort that went into his long project. Just because I rant and complain does his mean I did not enjoy this nor is it necessarily a bad piece of work, but it was a bit disappointing to me since I Eat Tomatoes are one of the BIG names I see around these sites for eastern webnovels. To be fair I was warned about him or her being terrible at romance... but I feel like this wasn't just bad but like abusive actually. Seriously he gets the chick preggo and leaves for so long. Idk I'm a strange person I guess. Reading about death and genocide in these novels don't really bother me much but such ****ty relationships being passed as great and understanding just pisses me off. It's like it's promoting the ideal of such things and romanticize the concept of such emotional abuse. That and it's really badly done and stupid imo. Seriously the wife mad an entire business EMPIRE taking billions of years to get to where her husband was staying at and he only met and hug her like one and it took two chapters before he left again and she has yet to be mentioned in two hundred chapters. They went on a short date and I think he might've apologized for his ****ty behavior and absence(I think, I might've just imagined that scene) and she was super understanding and ****. AND THEN HE LEAVES AND KEEPS DOING IT!!!

Like no that's not ok.

Honestly I stopped caring about this novel for a few hundred chapters but I want to know his final form and I invested so much time in this I'm reluctant to drop it now.

Btw the mechanic of the world, scale of power, and political and governmental structure or so ridiculous you need to turn off your brain and just go oh wow that sounds impressive whenever it pops up. View More
Swallowed Star
1 year ago
That's... not a little spoiler at all wtf that's the entire arc build up basically View More

THking: little spoiler: great song dynasty is nothing but small place. lu sheng will go another place after great destruction. alive people are.-shanguang juily, he xiang, lu sheng master,umbrella girl, we will see lu sheng bloodline family very soon. and little view on daunmu girl

Way of the Devil · C270
1 year ago
...On one hand, I was totally expecting this but dang, was kinda hoping he would somehow save them and either move up the ranks in the gang or split off and make his own with them later... :( View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C5
1 year ago
Oh whoops, sorry been busy with life, I have some pre obligations to do today but I'll power read it sometime tonight or tomorrow. View More

Oniichan_Thickskin: lol if I were to give anyone a Multiverse system- the first thing they thought would be getting that Waifu or invade an anime world right? ...pretty true on the last part there...just my update alone is enough to carry everything up...*sigh just some people I guess...still waiting for that guy response, if he doesn't response than- well...that going to be the stain of my life.

System: World's Infinity
1 year ago
Yeah, but his friend is basically doing an entry level job lol the dude just got out of college for like a few months and he's just putting a predesigned thing together. Also he's paying for the resources which cost millions anyways and he wants to establish a professional relationship it seems View More

Elder: He offered a small salary to his friend.
full-time capacity as a mech fabricator
pay of ten-thousand credits a month
Remind me how much profit he gets from one robot (7-15 million?)
Since this is a friend of his offer something better.

The Mech Touch · C117
1 year ago
I like this story, I think the writing quality is pretty dang good for this site, and I usually prefer fantasy swords and magic, but giant robots are also cool, but I would just like to point out that Dozens of light years in two days is a reallllllllly slow and small scale because frankly everyone would be dead before getting anywhere. Cryogenic chambers not included but even then the pace that the galactic society would grow or interact would be incredibly stunted View More
The Mech Touch · C72
1 year ago
A bit too early to play the exile card don't you think lol I mean the academy and trio organization has barely been explored and his fraction base is nearly non existent although I'm looking forward to him traveling in the future myself View More

jai_97: Was hoping he will get out of the country and travel the continent for some time. Oh well... at least we will get a chapter full of bull****ting.

World Domination System · C63
1 year ago
Just finished lol chapter 8, pretty good read so far. Pacing isn't too slow, and the villains schemes are actually logical and kind of clever. As for TWO, I loved the concept of world online, but I felt like there was a lot of unexplored potential, such as the other countries or people. Plus maybe because I'm not Chinese and not too familiar with their history...But it's not really exciting reading about the generals or kings and all the hype when I don't know who da heck they are lol. Also too many plot holes >__> View More

Nixes: It was way down on my to read list. But seeing the enthusiasm of DemonApe and how he descibes the book has me going. I will wait for chapters to collect, before jumping on it.

World Online was a good novel but poorly executed. Especially the warfare and politics. Trying to figure out everything from mtl and Lnmttl gave me headacges. 😖

Kingdom's Bloodline
1 year ago
I was going to initially pass on this, but now you guys have gotten me curious and I'm going to give it a shot lol. Also The World Online was such a let down, and I swear 60% of the chapters and 'epic' battles were info dumps and fillers. View More

Nixes: Wow. That's rare. Now, I am going to let it sit for a while and collect chapters and binge read. If possible i would have let it get completely translated and then read in one go. Lol.

Ciff hangers in good novels are worse. I hate them. Anyway. Thanks a lot. It's actually rarre to see proper characterisation and world building. About the info dump. Is it as bad as world online?

Kingdom's Bloodline
1 year ago
I'm decently sure those vaults weren't air tight, but regardless it doesn't push the suspension of disbelief too far, I find it a kind of nice change from selling magic swords or 'lost' potions and such, the use of his past modern knowledge is neat, many authors just ignore that sometimes. View More

13KillerShadows: im pretty sure it was stated at one point that it didn't matter if the ether was locked in a vault, the bugs would "somehow" get in and trinkets were the only way to stop them.( magical mosquitoes are even more annoying then regular ones apparently.

World Domination System · C61
1 year ago
The system is weird in which 1.1-1.9 still count and looks as 1 and a half star, it's been some time and I can't exactly recall what I voted but it was most likely a 2-3 for writing quality and 3 stability of updates, but world background, character design, and story development was on the lower side? I think I gave a two for development since I stopped at the first 'arc' where they went to walking dead for a few chapters. I do think you have an interesting premise and I hope you the best in writing, I'll wait for more chapters out and make an edited up to date review later if you want more specific feedback. View More

Oniichan_Thickskin: question? I know that this has been 3 weeks late.
but can you specify how you did your rating?
Grammar = # of star
Stability of Update= # of star
story development =# of star
character design=# of star
world background =# of star

because there is no way you can get that amount of star unless you gave the rating option multiple 1 star= which is by no mean possible, my grammars might have an issue sure- I'll take a two or a three star for that one, update stability I always keep it above 2-3 chapters a day- and once again that's by no mean can consider being a one star, story development- that's a two star at least or because I did put a story in it, character design- yeah I introduced my characters, so there's no way that could earn a 1 star, world background- yeah I did that one on the first chapter.

my words are pretty easy to understand for readers who are 12+...honestly I don't really get why it is a 1.5 overall.
by no mean that I dislike the review that you have written, but the rating was totally unnecessary.

System: World's Infinity
1 year ago
Seems I wasn't the only one who thought of that lol, also, if the mech just...idk...stomped on her? Because the security glass could clearly be broken by the mech running through it, even though it can block lasers and missiles, theres a good chance the sheer weight of the mech can break the shield or quickly enough drain it. View More

HatoYin: As a dediicated reader I would like to point out a plot hole...
All vincent had to do was take Caitlyn with him with tge mech hand bybsimply scooping up...

The Mech Touch · C69
1 year ago

HatoYin: As a dediicated reader I would like to point out a plot hole...
All vincent had to do was take Caitlyn with him with tge mech hand bybsimply scooping up...

The Mech Touch · C69
1 year ago
I assume that one, It'd cost a lot, I mean advancing even a lowest tier skill still costs a lot of D.P, and he has the worst Tier of aptitude so he probably has no where enough points, and it's not listed on the skill trees or on shop so he's un aware of it even if he knows it might be possible Like becoming immortal), and two that he's spent years giving up on the idea of becoming a mech pilot so it's just not a conscious thought he has, he has suppressed it after his depression. Three, His mech wouldn't be up to par with where he's going anyways so he could be ****ed, and I presume carrying around what is basically a massive weapon of destruction would be hell for him to get on his flight and enter the planet lol, and also...if thugs grab him and force him to sign a contract, they aren't going to give him time to get into the mech...nor can he easily carry a mech around, whereas a body guard...could still in a mech and follow him..? Idk he might just be hiring a body guard that follows him like a traditional one, so mechs aren't needed in this scenario unless he gets attacked by pirates, which he probably will since Vincent will probably spark a war or something while he's on the trip lol View More

Shantanu: Why the hell doesn't he do anything to improve his neural aptitude for self defense sake? I mean, he can drive them mechs to prevent hassles like now.

The Mech Touch · C67
1 year ago
Wait...20% of GROSS interest...? What the fu-....Welp Gg View More
The Mech Touch · C42
1 year ago
AESTHETICS A- OMFG LOL, maybe I'm just really tired, but that's tricking hilarious right now at 2 A.M View More
The Mech Touch · C3
1 year ago

BookGuardian: I'd like to see different concepts of "perfection" that the flock has. Maybe one is like a Zerg or Tyranid? And another could be a humanoid form but master of massive amounts of skills and knowledge in contrast to purely absorbing everything around and being a monster, maybe another makes his own kingdom and tries to become a godking. Not sure if the flock has a life span or not but maybe an undead as immortality is a form of perfection? I think seeing a flock that is maybe a fairy/small humanoid and is willful would be interesting. "I don't need another form, for I am already the epitome of beauty and perfection!" Maybe a tsudere? A female Gilgamesh like character from fate stay night?

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago
I believe he started out as a slime or a collection of cells, therefore not really a species per say but a temporary form given by the god before he eats something. Because all the other members or the flocks were given predesigned forms except for him remember? View More

Kalaris: I think it would be cool to make it so that when he eats another one of his kind (what is he exactly?) he gains all of their powers and transformations, because that would be incentive for them to fight amongst themselves as opposed to banding together

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago

OgKirito: I have to say out of all the books I have read on here this is the absolute best so far and I am utterly excited that I caught it at its earliest stages thank you for the time and effort you put into making this for us. All hail AuthorWiz

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago
Seconded, would prefer it to be small and cute but is actually op/scary when combined with his other abilities lol, imagine a small rabbit suddenly spitting out dragon fire on some arrogant young master? Hilarious in my opinion. View More

TriRain: He should eat something really weak, but later find out that it was actually something really strong. Because its species never gets to live to its full potential.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago

TriRain: He should eat something really weak, but later find out that it was actually something really strong. Because its species never gets to live to its full potential.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago
I'd like to see different concepts of "perfection" that the flock has. Maybe one is like a Zerg or Tyranid? And another could be a humanoid form but master of massive amounts of skills and knowledge in contrast to purely absorbing everything around and being a monster, maybe another makes his own kingdom and tries to become a godking. Not sure if the flock has a life span or not but maybe an undead as immortality is a form of perfection? I think seeing a flock that is maybe a fairy/small humanoid and is willful would be interesting. "I don't need another form, for I am already the epitome of beauty and perfection!" Maybe a tsudere? A female Gilgamesh like character from fate stay night? View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C36
1 year ago
I think the only parody novel I've truly tried and stayed with was history number one founder but I'll give this a shot lol please don't NTR me View More

Myumara: Some call me shameless, and they would be right.

I'm going to say English is not my native language so you will be more kind with your reviews.

I think this is the best novel I've written so...you better like it too or I'll write you into the story, make you have a happy life with a beautiful wife, all so I can NTR you for revenge...you've been warned.

Elder Scrolls: Naruto
1 year ago
Reading Status: C746
I really enjoyed reading this too, but this is also a novel with a below to average translation, some issues here and there. It's...kind of like a DBZ story later on..? There are clear levels, MC can power himself up, he goes around fighting and powering up. Theres not really any...plot? It's been almost 750 chapters and I think there's finally a 'plot' so to speak which is to save the world, but before now it's been him traveling to places and killing monsters to power up, cue villains getting in his ways. Every once in a while the author switches to him going to a city and...eating and stuff? It's not interesting. He goes and solves a 'mystery' so to speak to find a monster he can kill which will let him power up. It's not interesting like I said, but I guess the author wanted a change in pace and not let people get tired of him/or her doing the same thing over and over. Don't expect much if anything from the side characters or his friends, they, much like the MC himself actually, don't really get much of a personality or development more than what you get from the first introduction. I like the idea of it/system, of how he can summon monsters, but he can also fight as an individual. I think this is one of the better novels on here in terms of 'adventure'. There's no stupid long drawn out fights and schemes with Arrogant Young Master # 1-15, there's no 'I can do everything because I'm the MC and a Mary Sue! I'm a GrandMaster blacksmithing, pill refining, runes, magic, guns, swords, cooking, etc!', there's also no crappy romance for the sake of having a romance tag (although there seems to be hints of one of his friend liking him..?), THIS IS NOT A COMPLEX STORY, It's kinda like...not a power fantasy, but a video game? You're reading about a dude playing a speed run New Game+ basically? That's the closest vibe I can tell you. He's speeding through quests and events and skipping all dialogue he can to go to kill monsters lol. View More
Monster Paradise
1 year ago
Reading Status: C830
Translation quality is subpar, you can still make sense of the overall scenes, but sometimes they use the wrong name for characters or wrong pronoun so it can be a bit confusing. I liked the story, its a fun parody, the beginning was the best part for me, but after the sect is established it got a bit boring imo. Wasn't as humorous and fun as before. Don't get me wrong, I am up to date and am still reading it because it's still good enough that I want to find out the end, I enjoyed this series! It's just that a lot of things nags at me... for one, I don't really comprehend a lot of the Dao munbo jumbo, I mean lets be honest usually none of us really do, it's just to beef up the word count and to sound cool. But usually the power systems has a theme, a scale so to speak. In here it doesn't really make sense (and I don't mean nascent soul, aurous core, immortal soul etc) I mean in battles like it's always "WORLD DESTROYING POWER!" "BREAKING THE VOID!" "THE END OF HEAVEN AND EARTH!" but like....yo what does that even mean? All those words in the fights honestly seems like a drag and adds nothing to the story anymore besides "oh that sounds epic!...I think? Didn't he also have world destroying power like 300 chapters ago? Is this..like...a bigger world destroying power?". Like Zhu Yi's fight, "all the scholars of humanity collective chanted! Countless wisdom accumulated within his essay!" thats cool...didn't the Imperial Dragon Palace also had countless chanting of servants and **** too? Idk, in my opinion a lot of the fighting and power scale lost it's appeal, it's not intriguing, it's not philosophical, it's not DBZ power level hype since nobody comprehends feats and scales anymore...it's just a chore to get through and see plot progression. View More
History's Number 1 Founder
1 year ago
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