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Seeing as he has his own cultivation manual I don't see why he can't create his own in the kingdom with puppets as teachers. View More

NulZilch: Academy? My sixth sense is telling me that MC will use this to go on main continent after blackmailing merchant union. I hope i am wrong. I want MC to personally guide his future kingdom.

Thanks for the chapter.

The Pleasure Lord · C103
26 minutes ago
School arc or will we get a palace taster first? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C55
1 day ago
Question, will he care? View More
The Pleasure Lord · C101
1 day ago
5 now. View More

Cfourify: "I will not stop posting"

3 months ago...


A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse · C98
1 day ago
Will he tame/claim more plants and animals? View More
A New Beginning in a Mana Apocalypse · C40
2 days ago
Any threat is a threat to be removed. View More

Ishkariot: I hope that Alex won't be merciful to that city lord... I know that he is gonna win this with his small army in position.

The Pleasure Lord · C100
2 days ago
How will she react when finding out he hid his strength? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C54
3 days ago
Daddy's here. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C99
3 days ago
Yes with a new chapter the cliffhanger will be resolved.
Reads chapter.
NOoooo now there are two cliffhangers.
Thinks for a bit.
There isn't going to be a cliffhanger for all of the groups are there? View More
The Pleasure Lord · C98
4 days ago
So if the ex is in danger are the chances of her turning up as a captive when the recruiter arrives high or low. Plus chances of real sister turning up? View More
Harvest Dungeon · C17
5 days ago
So is the Lady Gemini also being sc****d by the company enough to work honestly with him? View More
Harvest Dungeon · C13
5 days ago
Why is a smiling face making me more scared? View More

Rollingpandaa: 😅

The Pleasure Lord · C97
6 days ago
Why do I have the scary feeling that we may have to wait for a week at least before the next chapter? View More
The Pleasure Lord · C97
6 days ago
Feeling hot hot Haaaa. View More
Otherworld Adventure · C50
1 week ago
It's going to rhyme with muddy. View More

Dillon_Hansel: I'm excited for these showdowns to happen.

The Pleasure Lord · C95
1 week ago
chances of someone finding out, hmmm. View More
Otherworld Adventure · C49
1 week ago
I suppose we have to wait till the family make first contact with the natives before we hear from them again. View More
Otherworld Adventure · C43
1 week ago
So if the Goldenias landed somewhere else... View More
Otherworld Adventure · C39
2 weeks ago
After this there will be a lot of time spent clearing away the bodies. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C92
2 weeks ago
So a double search will be going on, will they find each others trail? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C37
2 weeks ago
So soon in the city it will be - Spies time to die. To the music of a Australian train safety song. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C91
2 weeks ago
Dungeon coming. Will they complete it or destroy it? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C34
2 weeks ago
Considering his sword style Expendablade? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C33
2 weeks ago
Alive will be tricky. View More
The First Order · C4
3 weeks ago
To be fair it's not the MC it's the sh**y brat who cares. View More

BrightLight: It's always amusing to see an MC who is on their own in an apocalyptic world still somehow care about women being chaste when in reality it would be something they care about the least.

The First Order · C3
3 weeks ago
How to play the system. View More
The First Order · C1
3 weeks ago
It'll be a lot of fun then. View More

Ornamental: So, will this be one where the MC constantly utilizes loopholes?

The First Order · C1
3 weeks ago
I think he'll wait a bit till they're tired first. View More

mightoguy: And MC enters and defeat them all🤘

The Pleasure Lord · C90
3 weeks ago
Monsters after his hunting trip. View More

xxAlter: What do you mean?

Otherworld Adventure · C28
3 weeks ago
So how many are left now? View More
Otherworld Adventure · C28
3 weeks ago
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