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Reading Status: C273
Let's see how this goes playing video games to level up, but real games in VR, or not the idea of the MC knowing the cheats as in his last life all he did was play games makes sense but as he grows his adventures start to be much more fun as he learns from the masters in the game.

Play a game and grow
you'll face zombies and nightmares
And become stronger View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System
1 day ago
Been a while, now what will happen after this in part (2)? View More
The Summoner and Contractor System · C26
1 day ago
I referenced the Pyramid - in regard to the numbers of puppets and their levels not as he should get more of them, but if he finds a new land that could give him spirit stones...
He gets rolls every time he levels up as for techniques of course he wants more but we will see. He may have to buy them specifically. View More

Primordious_Law: Tbh he doesn't need more puppets right now more puppets doesn't mean a better network tbh... he needs his current puppets to be at higher positions to of use. Also he should do more random rolls lol he needs to give his faction other than his family members more martial techniques ... power without technique isn't good enough at the same level.

The Pleasure Lord · C80
1 day ago
Reading Status: C55
A psychopath genius love interest that is somehow better than her other choices. Sounds about right he is a business man brain surgeon who can some how do both. Somehow. This is just a depressing example of a writer not being able pick one or write two different stories. Hell if you copy paste the story lines for the two jobs and write two stories that way. Never mind.

Such a foolish girl
Has to deal with such a man
Makes you want to sigh View More
My Youth Began With Him
1 day ago
Of course the puppets are not part of a pyramid scheme.
But mo spare faith points and closer to that cultivation technique he wants. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C80
1 day ago
So getting slaughtered by students is an instance dungeon then. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C53
1 day ago
And the question with the boost will we get more 'real' world fighting? View More

SlothMan: So he can cultivate now I guess, from the sound of it, it seems like the eat weird sh!t kind of cultivation, but who knows how it will turn out 🤔, I’m sure it will be interesting nonetheless.

Fatal Shot · C84
1 day ago
The two boxes close together mean red dots on the map, more of them together mean stronger NPC's so wanting the thief gone to lessen the NPC attack is the point. View More

ericobi: That was then wen he was a monk remember

Sword Among Us · C121
2 days ago
Reading Status: C0
This time there is a empty library in his head that he has to fill up. Doesn't make sense wait a while and it will. The MC can see faults and with that get to the truth of any skill he puts his mind to with his students coming along for the ride.

Oh what to do now
As his time is running out
Hurry and learn more View More
Library of Heaven's Path
2 days ago
Time to fight, and leave the thief behind? View More
Sword Among Us · C122
2 days ago
More than one box means stronger bandits. That's why he wants to get rid of the old thief. View More

Reyne_Castamere: So... I'm confused. Wasn't it mentioned in earlier chapters that he was friends with the 13 monks? If so, then why hasn't he returned the tribute? Is it too much of a hassle, are the rewards better than their friendship, or something else?

Sword Among Us · C121
2 days ago
So say there are rats. View More
Sword Among Us · C121
2 days ago
I wouldn't bet on no cure - unless a sacrifice is needed later on as an excuse for revenge. View More

Algalon: No way to heal his sphere :( I feel bad for that master.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C127
4 days ago
Reading Status: C23
Pretty standard young boy great power where even older women become Shotacons in the early part of the book - until he grows up of course.
This time the method to get strong isn't a pagoda. It's a painting with Ghosts inside.

His strength was sealed
Unbound by old ink stained ghosts
Now ride to the top View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals
4 days ago
With NotWearingPants and Sylvanas you can see why Arthur prefers to remain silent. View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C48
4 days ago
Reading Status: C0
So in the future world of cultivation the MC gets a system, standard right. So what does he get that's new. Shadows that give him strength and can learn in his stead. as well as a VR that he can fight in. then come the new worlds and world collapses.

There in the darkness
Formed where light's hidden away
His strength is growing View More
Shadow Hack
5 days ago
So will he win any tributes? View More
Sword Among Us · C116
5 days ago
However he'll have to install an automatic revive if he did that. Otherwise he'll have no time to game. View More

PatientFall: Indeed... in fact, most of the functions are because of Bru diligently working to improve the system. Isn't this really bug-testing? What will happen when more Beta Testers come? No, actually, isn't the game eventually going to completely open???

On top of that, aren't there going to be gamers who stream and create niche genres, like cooking, dancing, brawling, and min-maxing???

The clash of one world against the next is going to be real.

I can't wait until the Gladiator "feature" gets patched in.

Gamers of the Underworld · C46
5 days ago
So they can jump or move faster probably. View More

Sogar: Pretty sure it's leeches not grasshoppers ... not sure why it changed.

Fatal Shot · C80
5 days ago
Reading Status: C118
When there are no exams for the author this book is fun, the problem is the number of exams. With a field inside he can grow rice and get stronger. His methods of combat related to farming.

Born again last time
Guided by fate who can know
But he must still fight View More
Ultimate Rice System
6 days ago
Will he buy another core in time for the next release? View More
Gamers of the Underworld · C44
6 days ago
Reading Status: C40
Well here we go again on easy mode, first he cheats a man for a statue then assaults a woman on the bus with it. This is before he goes to another world where he can tame all beasts. And of course perve the local beauties who are charmed by him.

From this world he came
To a forest he exclaimed
Now becomes a lord View More
Lord of the Magical Beasts
6 days ago
It is a nice one to isn't it. View More

Gr3yW0rmag3: The Knights of Ne are here for your shrubbery

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C67
6 days ago
There will always be some the more well known he becomes. View More

Mamba123: Yea but I do want the occasional idiot, just cause it's fun watching them get crushed.

Sword Among Us · C112
1 week ago
As for the defenses against their enemies -called it.
Now will they get out of this? View More
Fatal Shot · C78
1 week ago
Reading Status: C723
With the chance to re-do everything our MC can fix mistakes he comes across so long as he remembered to save first. So save the girl then bed her is the plan he has. Will he manage to save them though?

Lives in a new land
Cheats to make life much better
For his harem plan View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System
1 week ago
So start saving young man for the more powerful methods. View More
The Pleasure Lord · C78
1 week ago
Better for you than cigarettes. View More

Zxaquis: I see👀
The author is putting Dual Cultivation theme in this...not like we would mind right guys?🌚

The Pleasure Lord · C77
1 week ago
Reading Status: C23
A slow video game story where the MC is a master craftsman who gains strength through manufacturing. with a head start there is little chance he'll be bullied by the grinders what happens after that is going to be fun finding out.

Old man injured arm
His work is the best you'll find
Don't look down look up View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game
1 week ago
I'm just wondering if the defenses will be turned on the approaching enemies. View More

darkoneko: Ok, I get the spider-like defense system because they can get on the walls but... mantises and snakes now ?

Fatal Shot · C77
1 week ago
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