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Nice View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C40
31 minutes ago
Want more.. :( View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C39
3 hours ago
Now I wonder if Blade is gonna be part of this... View More
Marvel: The Living Vampire · C7
10 hours ago
Is he gonna fetch Aerondight or is he leaving it for Geralt? View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C38
12 hours ago

Moustachio: Who ears the drum starting?

Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago

TheRealRussianArmy: All aboard the Hype Train. Time to wake up on a carriage and watch Helgen burn.

Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago

lolbena: Sheogorath is, without a shadow of a doubt, laughing his ass off about this ending. Best nephew ever

Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago

Nykooo: I am calling it :

We will get to read about how Sithis grant Jon and Nefertiti his blessing. Maybe also he'll be offer a retainer as his lawyer.

Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago




Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago
Dragonborn Saga · C500
14 hours ago

Wolvex: Scarlet witch

Marvel: The Living Vampire · C5
23 hours ago

Vampwalker709: Lmao what a story though curious as to why he didn't take the basilisk mutagen.

Elder Blood Witcher · C35
1 day ago

1996611q: Ignoring grammar errors It was great the first few chapters but once the author decided to add more fantasy elements it quickly fell apart.

The fantasy elements are the divine mythic Fantasy stuff and divine powers. Maybe some people are fine with it but I genuinely thought it was an ordinary guy who time traveled back in to Ancient Rome with nothing more than modern knowledge to help him, but fortunately it turned out the MC has brainwashing powers and starts introducing radically wild ideas like normal like: oh yes there’s this virus things responsible for sickness so put alcohol to disinfect.... so on

Can’t he just say : “ here’s a bottle of holy water rub it on wounds to receive the gods blessings to heal your wounds or something”

Can the MC be more subtle when introducing new stuff.

There’s also the music stuff as I’m quite dubious about ancient Roman’s musical taste with modern music.

There are other dubious parts and larger elephants in the room which I won’t state as I’m people can read the comments section.

Nova Roma
2 days ago
Thanks for the chapter! View More
Rupegia · C64
2 days ago

Daijena: Plottwist, everyone who sells horses in the witcher universe is a doppler, so now he shall never own a horse XD. (Since he's a enemy, of them now. I mean if I scream at someone, that no weeb shall ever help him and that they're the enemy of weebs,I'd doubt that that would have any weight for my fellow weebs...)

Elder Blood Witcher · C30
2 days ago
Reading Status: C63
Truly a joy to read. Probably one of the best stories on WebNovel, chapter and lengthy and we'll detailed. The characters feels very human(though non-human characters there are) and fleshed out. View More
3 days ago

thotieslayer: Oof ppl getting ntr

Elder Blood Witcher · C29
3 days ago

ZackN: My guess is that the women left the men because the men were impotent, and the women wanted to have kids.

Elder Blood Witcher · C28
3 days ago
Nice View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C27
3 days ago

ShrimpSama: Fast recap Simon is : a worgen than an orc , he transforme into a worgen again ,turn into a wargon , become a autobot and copy a wagon . He remember he was a worgen but also an orc ... the auto translate and not edited ... i will never pay for the kind of translation. Sad the story is decent

Abe the Wizard · C30
3 days ago
Rise of House Cason · C83
3 days ago
More! View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C25
4 days ago

SamStrike: "Why did you say that it doesnt matter if its not a harem" Because it doesnt matter, even if the novel is said to not be an harem, it has all the qualities of it. Being surrounded by females like that is not specifically harem, but there is not much differeces either. It doesnt mattet that the novel describe itself as having the premise of "Not harem", because in the end it's the same as harem without sex, even though it's not techniqually harem.

You said it yourself, you questioned me because I said that the MC is not an anti-hero, but now u said he isnt one yourself?

All the time he let someone dies are only implied, was there even a time where someone asked for help but he decided to not help because it isnt worth it DIRECTLY. All the time he let someone dies arent said directly, he let someone die because he didnt say something that might help them, but did he ever refused to save someone right in front of him?

Moreover I dont understand why you had to introduce so many women like that; the way you let the discussion flow and based on how important the character feels or are important to the story in general, getting more screen time than other character are almost all females? Is this not harem?

You cant put so many women with such interactions surrounding the MC, then making him having sex only with one and saying this is not harem.

You, as the author, are trying to make him look as anti-hero but whenever there is a woman introduced that need help or similar you always give out a reason to save her (that for some reason they are always female). 'Let's save her because she might be useful', 'she might be needed' is just a stupid excuse to make the mc have a reason to save the girl and having more females around. Especially when one has to risk his life for saving her, an anti-hero is described as the opposite of a hero, and a Hero is described as:

"...someone who gives of himself, risking, for the greater goods of others"

This comes back to my original claim:

-The MC is not even close to being an anti-hero
-This is just harem without sex


I dont hate the novel, it's definitevely not my type but whats annoying me is you trying to make the novel pass as something that it isnt. For example, try putting in the description. "Not harem, but he is completely surrounded by women who follows him"

4 days ago

SamStrike: and I am not questioning anyone, it's a fact. Someone that saves whoever he find is not an anti-hero, he saves all the women he find and then gives the 'reason' of why he did it to make it logical. Not seen an instance of him letting a women die because it's not his problem. Even if the novel isnt harem, does it matter? He is still surrounded by women even if he didnt do anything to them apart from one. It's just harem without sex

4 days ago

Dark3454: Why don't you expand on the witcher world make him explore it and to increase his signs power go to places of power

Elder Blood Witcher · C23
4 days ago

kirasakuya: If Reima find the research to improve his mutation, it would be nice for him to go back to Kair Mohen and gift them to Vesimir, after using them for himself of course. That way they will be able to raise more witcher.

Elder Blood Witcher · C23
4 days ago

Kaiser0000: We have tons of fanfics about anime/comics but very few about games

Elder Blood Witcher · C23
4 days ago
Damn it! I want more! View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C21
5 days ago

Dracul_Cifer: Thanks for the chap!
I know this is a Fanfic but yennefer never traveled to Kaer morren before the fight against the wild hunt.

Elder Blood Witcher · C21
5 days ago

Niggross: Maybe hearing that Geralt had gained an apprentice had provided enough reason to visit... aside from that white wolf booty call...

Elder Blood Witcher · C21
5 days ago
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