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  • lol why you looking at my description you just wasted your time reading this lol

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  • Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    Eastern Fantasy


    if your going to read this you have to listen the the music i put in the botom of the page so copy and past it in the top of the browser k lol its for background sound but the voice of them can set certain moods so thats why its not only the beat but real songs {I'm not the best with commas and similar stuff I'm going to collage to fix it soon. So give me some slack if you can get past that you will probebly really like this} {I will say when you guys can start the suggestions just not at the start} [also haters beware I will ignore you so don't get but hurt just if you don't like it don't read it don't even comment] somewhere in an alleyway a "normal" and slightly insane young high school student died a sad and tragic death by offending some drug addicts in this maddening concrete jungle and ended up having a bullet in his head. But that is not the end. Soon he found himself waking up to learn that he has merged with a mysterious entity that was on the verge of death, by saving it through the merging process, it granted him a new life- but at a cost. He will be sent to another world where swords and magic exist, this is where his journey will begin, he will have to fight his way to the peak of that new world! [A/N - System Novel that gives the user access to perks that's otherwise impossible to happen.] you dont get any spoilers lol but i will say no ntr or werd stuff like futas except 1 slime girl . XD

  • (Only for harem lovers).  World and cheat suggestions that I pray you will do

    (Only for harem lovers). World and cheat suggestions that I pray you will do

    others harem

    For any harem lovers that want to make a novel I have some under used novel ideas think of them as a challenge they can be very op if used right in there worlds you can add wifu summon big system to number 2 and 3 It would be limited by 6 wifus in magi and 3 in campione

  • More ero webnovels need more scum mcs with hypnosis ability’s

    More ero webnovels need more scum mcs with hypnosis ability’s


  • Slightly insain man in new anime worlds with bull shit powers

    Slightly insain man in new anime worlds with bull shit powers


    (I am trying to write a cool novel my grammar sucks so don’t coment on it period as I already know I don’t have anyone to help me edit and my phone can’t download anything as it’s a older model so it’s unedited pls ignore any grammar mistakes). (swear tho I will not mistake the word he and fucking she how do you even do that) A dood who is. Born from king frost cheeting and a sayan royal woman some random hollow somehow made it into it and passed in his bloodline to make a unique hybrid king cold sends the kid to a planet as he can’t kill his son His son hurling through space as a lizard bitch kicked his spacecraft befor it fully left the atmosphere So he is spiraling through space and a portal opens where it leads who knows read to find out There will be a harem max of 11 min of 6 I will never ntr and beware of a few wierd kinks The mc will be slightly insane And I won’t get stuff 100 precent Also beware I’m really shameless Now I ask you to bare with me while I have bad grammar I know this and honestly can’t change it Also who like Android 18 and 21 as I can author magic them up if I get enough comments later in the story and power stones Now ima be posting in my leasure FYI On another note any who want to complain About gramer I will say do you fucking want to edit my shit for me for free cus I will tell you to do it if I see any comments For anyone who says I could do better or your story sucks i will personally go look at your profile through that very coment and if I don’t see I novel I will shame you If I do see a novel but it’s droped I will also shame you I’m normally very chill but if you do manage to tick me off I won’t even coment to you I will flat off show everyone how much of a hypocrite you are To any normal peaple I will never go this far I will only do this to total pricks don’t worry And to anyone who I go and give 1 Star to every novel really fucker that is not cool speaking of I may make a discord just for pricks like that we will call it the shame discord

  • The best hentai titles list

    The best hentai titles list


    Here is a list of the best hentai I have ever found as well as the links I hope you enjoy and befor we dive right in as a wise man once said fuck her right in the pussy

  • Sub to pewdiepie

    Sub to pewdiepie


    Sub to pewdiepie or be stuck with a corporation as the number one YouTube channel and haveing YouTube bieng dominated by corporation will ruin YouTube Also pewds has not changed much he stayed a decent guy even after his fame he continued to give 0 shits and worked to where he is Where evil t siries just threw money at YouTube to get here by hireing peaple to make a shit tun of low quality music videos

  • Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area

    Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area



    I can’t seriously believe everyone of you are going to write something I can scroll down for a menut and all I see is the spam of this shit yes it’s gotten to the point I call it shit I understand liking something but there are to many of you Can we add like a section specificity for bts Kpop and jook stuff Pls admin it’s driving everyone but them insain At least spam the romance area rarely anyone uses that like we are trying to find fanfics not a yoi story of a band that we have never herd of wtf even is it I don’t care I’m tired of it filling my phone There is to fucking much of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ADMIN MAKE A. THiNG JUST FOR THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Man I fucking love this novel you got talent man is there any chance we can get this every wensday and Saturday or something this novel is like crack or heroin View More
Harry Potter, Sovereign · C13
2 hours ago
They will have a hard time calling him a woman and them selves men after sieng his monster XD the mc has a **** Star shlong and it puts all the men’s in the apocalypse to shame XD lol View More
System evolution of Soul · C53
2 hours ago
😅so much bloodlust in this comment section View More

Darkzero21: Kill kill kill kill

Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C6
10 hours ago
Once again what the **** View More


Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C6
10 hours ago
What the **** View More


Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C6
10 hours ago
Fuck no harem I’m out bitches View More
I am Krillin! · C2
1 day ago
I’d rather it be inspired than be anouther pure fanfic lol View More

Aarush: Each and every character here feels inspired by DxD.

Prince of Hell: Dark Lancer · C9
1 day ago
Can we have more Harry Potter sovereign View More

Tonyorobsky: No, not after the graveyard event. But at the time of your comment and this reply, the chapter concerning his replacement wand is already out

Harry Potter, Sovereign · C1
1 day ago
Well you have not updated in 11 mounths if you were not online I’d have though truck kun took you

Or even cup of noodle kun or lightning kun View More

Elzurdomaldito: Nope

2nd life in DC comics and... · C12
1 day ago
Please kill danso View More
Naruto: Sexual Strengthening · C18
1 day ago
Hmm I bet the reason why the milf relationship will work is she has no husband as he got tired of bokugos ****

But the mc won’t have to deal with Bokugo as he will soon be a ***** and graduate hahahahha View More

Kaios: Didn't really want to do it , but it was kinda too fast for that

ReLive : Boku No Hero Academia · C7
1 day ago
Mabie like Percy Jackson getting a harem? View More

Venerable_Faceless: I changed some few details that I felt needed changing

Percy Jackson and The Olympians
1 day ago
I want a harem kinda late but I hope in the coming chappys will be a harem XD View More

harem4life: That’s pretty much my plan most likely two though.

Pokemon: chaos · C44
2 days ago

KindredSpirit: 2-3 Girls will be okay no need for a Big Harem.

Pokemon: chaos · C44
2 days ago

harem4life: Hahaha well it is in my name bro

Pokemon: chaos · C44
2 days ago

harem4life: If haram vote does win it will only be two.

Pokemon: chaos · C44
2 days ago
Mabie the mc is going to use one for all saying the quirk awakened his original quirk witch was metal bones claws and regeneration View More

Kaios: Well , how to explain . He is a hero if you consider people like Endeavor and Mt Lady a hero .

They save lives , defeat villains but at the end of the day they are chasing after fame and fortune .

ReLive : Boku No Hero Academia · C6
2 days ago
Yep lol sadly XD I try and stay happy tho so smile and listen to some crismas music View More

FBI_B1TCH: Damm bruh, this is unexpectedly depressing 😔

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
2 days ago
Strap danso and sasgay up ass up in a uncomfortable position and give some elephants some aprisdac/hormones as well as a viagra

Make danso and saskey suffer View More
The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C43
3 days ago
That Is tru I was just annoyed about the harem haters that all say the only reason why we read harem novels is we are horny for me I feel a addicting warmth from imagining I’m the mc it’s a faint feeling but it’s there like bieng surrounded by a woman that loves you sadly I have a hard time feeling outhers feeling inputs like I can feel Christmas eve less than outhers

The only time I’ve truly felt love like that was when I was young and taking addhd meds and it built up in my system
I was playing a Fostle fighters game and the two love interests were arguing even if it was a game I was a lil kid and high af to the point later that night I started hallucinating

But that feeling I felt from that game never left me
I sometimes wish I never felt it so I’d not know how this warmth feels

I can only get it from harem anime and novels

It’s not because I’m a pervert that I love harem novels it makes me feel alive and I can feel the care radiating to the mc and I don’t really feel outhers intentions as strong as I do anywhere else

The perverted ness came in later when I was in the anime community for a long time lol View More

FBI_B1TCH: No woman would want to be with a man that can't have sex. Physical intimacy is necessary in every relationship. Even if he entered a relationship with someone you know she would be sleeping with other people behind his back.

In the end, none of this actually applies to our MC though since of course he can have sex. I just think the thought of having sex with a robot is weird though. Can he even be considered alive at this point? Having sex with him would be like having sex with a high tech sex doll lmao.

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
3 days ago
No don’t do that just download the game poopdie
Brudda it will Cleanse your sins and sho you da way to enlightenment View More

FBI_B1TCH: I'm sorry sensei. 😔 I will commit seppuku

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C1
3 days ago
No don’t just download the game poopdie dada it will clean you sims my brudda View More

FBI_B1TCH: I'm sorry sensei. 😔 I will commit seppuku

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C1
3 days ago
Dude I was pulling your leg just ease of the dad jokes your cringe meter was teetering on the edge there View More

FBI_B1TCH: I will repent 😔

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C1
3 days ago
And yes two bie girls and a dood the mc is a harem View More

manny0101: This one? If F/F/M pairing is harem then yeah. But it's not a typical harem. Very different kind.

Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C52
3 days ago
The rise of the spiral View More

manny0101: This one? If F/F/M pairing is harem then yeah. But it's not a typical harem. Very different kind.

Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C52
3 days ago
Is this going to be a harem novel XD I’m asking cus you never know what’s in the mind of a author me asking this may just push you to make it a harem novel if you were not already going to XD

Bro Harem novels are the best XD
It makes my stone cold heart feel warm and tingly Lol View More

Lonefrog: Like Flash Thompson

Spider-Man (A Marvel story) · C1
3 days ago
Is your novel a harem novel?

Also how about you write a Percy Jackson harem fanfic that would be awesome XD
Mabie mix Percy jackson and marvel idk but from the comments I’m sieng on your novel it seems lit the thing that makes it breaks a novel for me is harems tho XD View More

manny0101: Hmmm perhaps I could write one. But not in Harry Potter's timeline. No use in repeating the whole thing.

Harry Potter: Rise of The Spiral · C52
3 days ago
Even if he douse not bang them there is fucking romance to it a feel you can’t get from non harem novels that is addicting why douse everyone automatically assume it’s for the ero hentai ****ady **** **** I mean serously I know we are weebs but that’s not on our mind 247 View More

Cheeky_Monkey: whats the point of having a harem if you won't bang them and could he even plant a baby in a women?

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C3
3 days ago
Lmao you had to pull a Minecraft reference all is forgiven on my side but have you forgiven yourself for this comment? I mean I was border line dad joke View More

FBI_B1TCH: He should try to find a good cave and start mining for diamond. If he can't find a good cave system he should start strip mining. Always have to remember 3 rules though.
1. Don't mine at night
2. Don't dig straight down
3. Always bring a water bucket

Marvel/DC: Techno God Raiden · C1
3 days ago
No that could be blamed on him bad thing bad
No the mc needs to play it safe as well as he douse not need to turn his only life line(his current sect) against him View More

hiewbk: Absorb 4 one of masks

Wudang: Legends Of Qi Earth · C70
4 days ago
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