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  • lol why you looking at my description you just wasted your time reading this lol

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  • Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    Eastern Fantasy


    if your going to read this you have to listen the the music i put in the botom of the page so copy and past it in the top of the browser k lol its for background sound but the voice of them can set certain moods so thats why its not only the beat but real songs {I'm not the best with commas and similar stuff I'm going to collage to fix it soon. So give me some slack if you can get past that you will probebly really like this} {I will say when you guys can start the suggestions just not at the start} [also haters beware I will ignore you so don't get but hurt just if you don't like it don't read it don't even comment] somewhere in an alleyway a "normal" and slightly insane young high school student died a sad and tragic death by offending some drug addicts in this maddening concrete jungle and ended up having a bullet in his head. But that is not the end. Soon he found himself waking up to learn that he has merged with a mysterious entity that was on the verge of death, by saving it through the merging process, it granted him a new life- but at a cost. He will be sent to another world where swords and magic exist, this is where his journey will begin, he will have to fight his way to the peak of that new world! [A/N - System Novel that gives the user access to perks that's otherwise impossible to happen.] you dont get any spoilers lol but i will say no ntr or werd stuff like futas except 1 slime girl . XD

  • (Only for harem lovers).  World and cheat suggestions that I pray you will do

    (Only for harem lovers). World and cheat suggestions that I pray you will do


    For any harem lovers that want to make a novel I have some under used novel ideas think of them as a challenge they can be very op if used right in there worlds you can add wifu summon big system to number 2 and 3 It would be limited by 6 wifus in magi and 3 in campione

  • More ero webnovels need more scum mcs with hypnosis ability’s

    More ero webnovels need more scum mcs with hypnosis ability’s


  • Slightly insain man in new anime worlds with bull shit powers

    Slightly insain man in new anime worlds with bull shit powers


    (I am trying to write a cool novel my grammar sucks so don’t coment on it period as I already know I don’t have anyone to help me edit and my phone can’t download anything as it’s a older model so it’s unedited pls ignore any grammar mistakes). (swear tho I will not mistake the word he and fucking she how do you even do that) A dood who is. Born from king frost cheeting and a sayan royal woman some random hollow somehow made it into it and passed in his bloodline to make a unique hybrid king cold sends the kid to a planet as he can’t kill his son His son hurling through space as a lizard bitch kicked his spacecraft befor it fully left the atmosphere So he is spiraling through space and a portal opens where it leads who knows read to find out There will be a harem max of 11 min of 6 I will never ntr and beware of a few wierd kinks The mc will be slightly insane And I won’t get stuff 100 precent Also beware I’m really shameless Now I ask you to bare with me while I have bad grammar I know this and honestly can’t change it Also who like Android 18 and 21 as I can author magic them up if I get enough comments later in the story and power stones Now ima be posting in my leasure FYI On another note any who want to complain About gramer I will say do you fucking want to edit my shit for me for free cus I will tell you to do it if I see any comments For anyone who says I could do better or your story sucks i will personally go look at your profile through that very coment and if I don’t see I novel I will shame you If I do see a novel but it’s droped I will also shame you I’m normally very chill but if you do manage to tick me off I won’t even coment to you I will flat off show everyone how much of a hypocrite you are To any normal peaple I will never go this far I will only do this to total pricks don’t worry And to anyone who I go and give 1 Star to every novel really fucker that is not cool speaking of I may make a discord just for pricks like that we will call it the shame discord

  • The best hentai titles list

    The best hentai titles list


    Here is a list of the best hentai I have ever found as well as the links I hope you enjoy and befor we dive right in as a wise man once said fuck her right in the pussy

  • Sub to pewdiepie

    Sub to pewdiepie


    Sub to pewdiepie or be stuck with a corporation as the number one YouTube channel and haveing YouTube bieng dominated by corporation will ruin YouTube Also pewds has not changed much he stayed a decent guy even after his fame he continued to give 0 shits and worked to where he is Where evil t siries just threw money at YouTube to get here by hireing peaple to make a shit tun of low quality music videos

  • Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area

    Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area



    I can’t seriously believe everyone of you are going to write something I can scroll down for a menut and all I see is the spam of this shit yes it’s gotten to the point I call it shit I understand liking something but there are to many of you Can we add like a section specificity for bts Kpop and jook stuff Pls admin it’s driving everyone but them insain At least spam the romance area rarely anyone uses that like we are trying to find fanfics not a yoi story of a band that we have never herd of wtf even is it I don’t care I’m tired of it filling my phone There is to fucking much of it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE ADMIN MAKE A. THiNG JUST FOR THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Royal high human if you chose to evolve his race View More
Fate/Problem child in dxd · C6
5 hours ago
More pls I’ve waited all night for this and this chapter has not quenched my hunger that built on my sleepless night View More
Fairy tail Natsu · C2
7 hours ago
Why is the discord gone View More
Fufillment in Life (18+). · C22
10 hours ago
This a harem novel View More

UnlimitedBladeWork: I hope you like my book. I am doing this just for fun and will hopefully be updating on a daily basis. My character will not have just one lover but there will be no more than 3 girls. What girls they will be I have already decided and you can't talk me out of it haha so hope you enjoy.

Marvel: The Convergence of Souls
11 hours ago
Yo mr moist coming in with a banger novel XD bro are you going to post cus I’ll keep myself awake if you are if not pls inform me as it’s 3 am and I need to sleep so tired View More
Fate/Heroes · C13
11 hours ago
Yo this is fucking good I do think the mc needs to inform them of the multiverses thereys truth and why he is pissed
About landing in this world

And I want to imagine there reaction when they hear about zeldrich lol View More
Fate/Heroes · C13
12 hours ago
Mc needs a harem View More
Fate/Problem child in dxd · C5
12 hours ago
Fuck mr moist your writing has improved so fucking much man this is top grade drugs for me man wtf this novels so good more pls soon View More
Fate/Heroes · C12
13 hours ago
Hahahaha View More
Fate/Heroes · C1
14 hours ago
Need more putting all today’s power stones in this View More
Fairy tail Natsu · C1
14 hours ago
This novel going to be a harem View More

Bahri: This story is my childhood come to life. I cant wait untill we meet kratos!! Looking forward to more

Son Of A God
14 hours ago
This going to be a harem? View More

lobo86: Santaroxx Thank you for pointing that out to me. I was thinking of using this Enhanced Ability Learning The power to learn and enhance any powers/abilities. Sub-power of Instant Learning. Advanced version of Ability Learning. Which is what I thought I wrote in but I changed it a little. so instead of enhanced learning ability i just flipped it. Also Absolute wisdom has the application of ability learning but it does not have Enhanced ability learning. I appreciate your feedback.

DC Universe here I come · C1
14 hours ago
Yo that young justice super soldier nove a harem you stop reading it what’s going on with it I’m afraid to start reading it if it’s not a harem XD View More

shashank_bhatt: I can't understand what is it

Chronicles of Arth: Prince of Shadows · C235
14 hours ago
Have you got info yet on what side he chose I only read harem novels id rather know befor digging in View More

blueDaoist: That was a personal question not related to the fanfic.
After all a person could a harem fan but choice to like a story or create a story with any harem aspect.

The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic.
14 hours ago

blueDaoist: So Author....
You still have chosen a side... are a member of the harem sect or a member of the anti-harem sect?😏 ....

The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic.
14 hours ago
Author samma I was sent from Keanu revves as he heard about the deal you had for his son

I’ve killed them all and I expect you to give the mc someone on the level of enchantress or black cat XD

But do well to remember marval peaple revive from the dead it’s happens many times so I may have to kill them again to get the mc even more wifus as I’ve killed them
They had the bullet go clean through there brain

If I have to kill them again I expect the mc to get even more wifus

Also I expect that loyalty power to be thrown in the deal in tomorrow’s chaps as a tip for them bieng killed so fast View More

JKim02: The 4th wall is just a side bit and probably won't influence the story later... I think

Marvels Number1 Assassin · C13
19 hours ago
Keanu reves sent me to help out his son in killing you as if I kill you the mc gets a harem nothing personal

ヾ(⌐■_■) ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤─── ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

Yep that’s a bullet through his brain

Hey author samma last one down View More

JCMyers: Nice.

Marvels Number1 Assassin · C12
19 hours ago
Author samma made a deal with the mc Keanu reves heard about the deal and sent me to help out his son by killing

ヾ(⌐■_■) ︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤─── ~~~~~~~~~~-༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

Yep that’s a bullet hole through his head author samma I did the dead one more to go and the mc got his harem View More

NinjaOnion: Poor cow

Marvels Number1 Assassin · C4
19 hours ago
My bro Keanu reves sent me to kill you and help out his son┏(‘▀_▀’) _︻╦̵̵͇̿̿̿̿╤─── ~~~~~~~-༼ʘ̚ل͜ʘ̚༽

Target eliminated
Author samma first target down soon your gonna give the mc a harem his dad sent me consider it a inderect kill as his connections with his dad sent me

Still a kill he is dead 100 percent but this is dc peaple do come back from the dead occasionally nothing we can do about it
Tho I’ll kill him again View More

Ezukejyll: Oh just to let you know my name is that of a magician so use that how you will *wink* *wink*

Marvels Number1 Assassin · C13
19 hours ago
The real question is there going to be a harem you’ve not commented for 3 days so I hope youl be online soon and awnser me View More

IsaacStar: 🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅
.. Awesome Novel
Awesome readers

As to questions on whether future Characters will be there.
I'm thinking on how to fuse them with the story in the future.

20 hours ago
You have a unique laugh also Kekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekekek View More

Ryujii: Hmm u are a drug dealer cuz this fanfic of yours is like My personal brand of heroin 😋 nishishishishi

A New Wolf in Twilight · C29
20 hours ago
Even if the mc is a elder god he has to learn to control his power think about if thor did not know how to control thunder without his hammer Intel Ragnarök View More

Supernatural: What happened to MC becoming an Elder God. It's like you just mention it because it sounded cool then never thought of it again.
Also, if MC really did become a God with the source of his power being the Speed force and Strength force, I find it weird that Gaia can cut off his power to the source of his power just because she wanted to. Even if it's only temporary, that's basically saying that Gaia have the power to cut off someone like Odin's connection to the Odin force temporary.
It doesn't matter if MC is weak right now, it just doesn't make any sense that more powerful character can cut off other less powerful character's power source. If it can be done like that, more people in the comic would have done so.

The Fastest Man Alive - Marvel · C31
21 hours ago
Pls let the main mc not naruto get paruka and mei Mabie tsunade XD View More

Kira_Aurelius: True, but if i go logical, it would take me too much time to even release a chapter due to so many reasons, and besides this is fanfic, i could make it so that Kira suddenly fly for no reason at all xD. I will make it so that the Raikage knows about that secret technique but due to the clan laws, that techniqur belongs to the Kurogane Clan and cannot be shared, so only Kira's wives can awaken the Sharingan along with the Absorb bloodline. I know there will be alot of other logical problems with this reason but hey, this is a fanfic 😁😁😁

The Uzumaki and Kurogane Clan · C14
21 hours ago
Nice XD View More

Peace12345: There is not going to be any incest with his mother. As for the techniques, he already copied one from Bleach. When he fires off condensed mana from his sword I copied from Ichigo. He just has a lot more control so he can make it thin to cut his opponent to pieces.

The New Issei · C16
1 day ago
Also you guys YouTube censord the word honk honk View More
The New Issei · C16
1 day ago
Hmm he going to erase there memory’s ?

Mabie later they will break up and some mom son stuff will happen not going to judge just saying

The mc could try to make a rasangan

What would happen if Ddraig saw all the shows he saw in his last life like naruto dragon ball z and many more would he be able to replicate the powers

Could he make isse simalar to a Uchiha and instead of a regular susano a phantom verson Ddraig is there and can grow with the mc and fight with him View More

Peace12345: Just going to say this, the thing he is going to do is not that bad. It just makes him personally feel bad because it has to do with his family.

The New Issei · C16
1 day ago
Hahahahaha you wish that was reality you are in denial
Hahahahha just wait till you get a girlfriend son I’ll cuck her also hahahaha hohohohohoho I’ll have her sqweel like the piggie she is

I’ll **** her like a hentai View More

GhostyZ: W.e you say tiny dick cuck. I ****ed your mom so hard I hit her womb and then she spawn a filithy bastard like you. I ****ed all of your mom's dirty holes as her retard son which is you watched and jerked his tiny pea sized dick. I made your mom bleed with my fat monster cock.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C29
1 day ago
She loved my fat dick it was hitting her woumb View More

GhostyZ: You can't cuck sh.it with your tiny dick.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C29
1 day ago
Haha your mom douse said outherwise she said I stretched her pussy out so how’s it feel basted adopted son hahaha View More

GhostyZ: You can't cuck sh.it with your tiny dick.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C29
1 day ago
Ohh black cat Bella dona enchantress and phylock for the harem View More
Spartan In marvel · C10
1 day ago
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