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Original Works

  • One Piece: Death Scythe

    One Piece: Death Scythe

    Anime & Comics Harem Reincarnation OP One Piece


    Seth died because he got hit by "Car-kun" when trying to save a little girl who crossed the street and got reincarnated in the world of One Piece. join him and his adventure to become one of the strong forces in the world of One piece. All credits goes to Oda for creating this magnificent Manga/Anime

  • One Piece: True Justice

    One Piece: True Justice



    Dale was fishing on his normal spot when suddenly a lightning bolt descended upon him. When he woke up he was surprised that he became a baby and didn't know what happened to him. All credits goes to Oda for creating this magnificent Manga/Anime

  • Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path

    Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path

    Video Games Sword Art Online One Piece X Sword Art online


    Red was exploring an undiscovered island. while trying to explore the unknown island Red stumbled upon a strange door. He couldn't restrain himself and being curious as to what lies beyond the door Red chose to open the door when suddenly he saw a black whirlpool that swallowed him. All credits goes to the creator of SAO.


Lize: Try to delete ryan nguyen or something review too..
That guy do this is because that ryan nguyen is spamming 5 star review..
If you want to delete the 1 star spam review.. try to delete the 5 star spam review.. like that ryan nguyen..
He post i think 4 or 5 review.. idk.. with 2 or 3 diff id..

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path · C13
10 hours ago

vashurajput269: Author don't make him always get bullied by his wife, few time is good but not every time, I hope you take my suggestion and don't get offended

One Piece: Death Scythe · C140
12 hours ago

Ryan_Nguyen_4639: The content has been deleted

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

YisusXR: :v/.................. ............................. .............................. .............................. .............................. ..................\v:

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Ryan_Nguyen_4639: Good

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Ryan_Nguyen_6225: The content has been deleted

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Yan_Asse: Hope you don’t drop this

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Nguyen_Alah: The content has been deleted

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

EijiSeishuu: i waiting for moreeeeee Chapter.......

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

97Alex: Well now this sucks, why the hell did i read it when there's only 2 chapters, it's gonna fkin keep eating me, the wait is always so horrible. Ooooh as for the review, yeah, this should be as awesome as your other novel so fck yeah, it's good.

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Gadloner: Don't drop thisssss............
..........I'm waiting.....................

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Ryan_Nguyen_4639: The content has been deleted

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Joe_Harli: The story is progressing in an interesting way. With right pace of story hehe 😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗😗

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

KingYasser: interesting story

i hope the MC will be badass like his father and i think it will be interesting if his father can contact him or at least hear his news to make his mother happy 💔

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

Varist: This is an excellent novel from what I have read so far. The character development and side character development makes the novel flow really well. I look forward to future chapers.

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

MarkDDragneel: Plz make
Red x asuna
Kirito x suguha
Chris x the ggo player/liz(blacksmith)
Hmm maybe give a special ability to red like kirito's duel wielding
That's all for now
And lol 1 ****era If u don't know how to appreciate a good novel go suck your milk

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago

HeavenlySun: Yeah your novel is the best what A bunch of Troll doing here is their not trying to make your novel better.😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
15 hours ago
Well, I just deleted his earlier review and he posted again so it's better if you make it delete himself. View More

Ryan_Nguyen_4639: Author san, you should delete this dumb toxic, immature kid’s comment.

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
1 day ago
I will try posting the day after tomorrow. View More

Gadloner: When is the update for one piece Death Scythe

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path · C11
1 day ago
Your review has flaws which are not true so it will be removed. and just "investigate" those accounts whore are deemed bots hope you enjoy ciao! View More

Greedward: He can't use two swords. Kirito gained that by random from the system. This story is flawed already.

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path · C2
1 day ago
twohanded sword is not like kirito's literally a sword in each hand. two handed sword is a big sword and you need two hands to use it. so yeah, hope to clear some misunerdstanding. View More

Greedward: The content has been deleted

Sword Art Online: Warrior's Path
1 day ago

Monstert: First haha!!!
Also I think it would be cool if you did a Pokémon fan fic. Don’t let anyone give you crap about writing less just please tell us if you do decide to drop because it torture reloading and waiting on a story you love and never get an update or know if it’s dropped

One Piece: Death Scythe · C138
5 days ago

HasaDigaEebowai: Paul is like those annoying NPCs who challenge you with their caterpie when you walking around with Groudon and Kyogre

Journey Towards Greatness · C287
1 week ago
Journey Towards Greatness · C287
1 week ago

Noob_kid: You have a bad naming sense XD

One Piece: Death Scythe · C134
1 week ago

Kitsune_Raijin: Thanks for the chap

One Piece: Death Scythe · C134
1 week ago

nayami_no_tane: Thx

One Piece: Death Scythe · C134
1 week ago
Reading Status: C1118
PerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfectPerfect View More
So Pure, So Flirtatious
1 week ago

13thPalace: I've tried my best to break down what I think of this story, sorry if this is a little long.

Does this have an OP MC?:
The MC gets strong very fast in this story, even to the point of wielding multiple devil fruits and using multiple haki types quickly. You could argue this is due to a 10x growth wish at the beginning and his OP scythe.

If you can't get over this, read another story and please don't ruin OP MC's for the rest of us who are looking for that type of thing.

So yes, he is an OP MC.

Main Character's Personality?:
The MC will do what he feels he wants to do. He may even leave characters you like to fend for themselves unless he feels like helping them, or help characters like Nami to add them to the harem. This is the type of character he is.

Everything will happen depending on his own whims and goals, he is not evil, but he is not a saint either. After all, he frequently states he does not want to harm the innocent for the hell of it and will spare people if he wants to. He wont spare annoying people who you absolutely want dead (at least thus far) so don't worry.

Not everyone other than his crew is an enemy, expect a few alliances/friendly relations with characters you know.

His ultimate goal (from what I can tell from the current chapters) is to become the strongest, even stronger than a pirate king and to protect his crew and harem members. Currently the harem member count is at three members, at the time of this review.

Writing Quality:
The story starts off very rough, the first few ten or so (maybe a few more) chapters have many mistakes (such as grammar) and not many details are written during this time.

The story also has frequent time-skips during this time, which coupled with the lack of descriptive details, makes it harder to get invested in the story.

Due to these problems at the beginning, most of the negative people (other than those with a differing personal taste) rate this novel low.

However, the further you read the story, the more the author improves and these issues become less of a problem. I recommend to at least get past this rough patch (if you have the time for something that starts bad but improves, at least around 30 chapters) before forming an opinion on the story.

I understand some people might not want to give something time to improve and expect it to be good in the first few chapters and that is fair, but if that's the case, you are better off finding a different story.

After all, the author definitely improves and is even continuing to write the story, with the last update being a week ago from this review. I'd even say the author continues to improve in their writing skill.

You definitely notice the authors writing skill growing as the story progresses.

In summary:
I've ultimately rated this story 4.2 stars overall instead of 5, for a rather shaky beginning.

If a strong MC (OP in terms of growth rate and potential) with love interests in One Piece world fan-fic is what you desire, then this story is for you.

Just get through the rough beginning with grammar mistakes etc. and lack of detail.

Anything else will be down to your personal tastes.

One Piece: Death Scythe
1 month ago
im surprised you reached this chapter. thanks for supprting!🤭🤭🤭 View More

XyaOuss: Can it really get any worse, huh ?

There are no redeeming qualities to this story nor the MC.

He is nothing more than walking, talking arrogant piece of a ****.

The dialogue is superficial at best, ' my husband this, wife that ' every two other lines.

Have some weird problem against the original characters, cuz damn, you make it sound like your MC is the Messiah, always right.

Have some weird fetish about the original female cast? Cuz you sure as hell didn't get close to them because of their usefulness, more like wanting to fu** with the Straw Hats.

All in all, gotta be in my top 3 worse one piece fanfictions, and that's saying something...

One Piece: Death Scythe · C124
2 months ago
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