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Wow, being used as a source of xp... so saddening. View More

shikamaro: Xp

Klyntar · C8
1 month ago
You mean by staying in a weak spot instead of getting stronger just because one person needs to be protected? That’s soooo not stupid, let’s keep the useless person who isn’t allowing the mc to get strong and you know, not die quickly, alive so he can live a miserably life for a few months before he dies! View More

CloudLegend: Would be good if parents are dead, its annoying seeing mcs always protecting everyone

The Ruined World (HIATUS) · C3
1 month ago
Grades he shouldn’t know also View More

Seink: I honestly thought the brat was smarter than that...
I thought maybe he had some tool implanted in her bag or something...
But nooo, he was a complete idiot that uses grades as proof...

Supreme Magus · C191
1 month ago
He only has knowledge given to
Him about the MU but if he saw a dc movie or something I’m his past life he will remember that. But it won’t be as much as what he was given. View More

Scareraven: Does the MC have knowledge of DC if yes then he should have the key to speed force no?

Klyntar · C8
1 month ago
Kinda done with reading this chapters... I can understand one or two chapters without the mc but more than 3 chapters without a mc and no clue when he’s coming back? I’m kinda losing interest since I don’t care about these characters. View More
Devilish Immortal · C47
2 months ago
Ya but she’s only a ***** at the start, she gets better after a while. Still don’t like her but she’s not as bad as she used to be. View More

BeiFeng: One thing I don't like about this novel is that stiles still has a crush on that total ***** Lydia

The Moon Wolves [Teen-Wolf] · C18
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Harry Potter and The Loa's Child · C1
2 months ago
It’s because he has a system, without it it would have no level and it wouldn’t be lvl 1 View More

Newsourpatch: Tbh its stupid how he has to lvl up his instant regeneration immortality He should have just had it no lvl up crap but whatever hopefully he can upgrade it all the way at young age

Creed Levelling(Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
Ya... but then he would be found later by shield and he would have nothing View More

HAIZTAM: That is the stupidest entrance i’ve ever seen. Couldn’t he like just transmigrated low key without causing a ruckus and giving himself up like a dumb person. Anyway it looked forced and with no common sense.

Good luck for the future of the story. There is a lack of Marvel fanfic that don’t get dropped.

[EMERALD]❇️ · C2
2 months ago
He already can’t die, can learn more abilities so he doesn’t need op domains that will become useless later on. Might as well go with domains that suit him. View More

Ryujin_: I like the story but I think that the domains that you gave him are comparatively weak for someone who was one of the first gods. The domains that's you gave him don't even don't fully match up with him. I think the domains you should have gotten besides evolution should have been rebirth, destruction and creation. Also if you're going to give him a symbol that symbol should be a phoenix because it matches the best with him. Well anyway this is just my opinion and I'm just putting it out there, it's your story do you but I'm just letting you know how I feel about it.

DC: God of Evolution (Dropped) · C0
2 months ago
Ya, but they don’t understand what that means and Percy doesn’t know about Lex or that he dropped blood at that point View More

SPHTGOG: I don't like how no one's paying attention to all the golden blood it's being dropped Lex Luthor concerning what Universe he's in there is a lot of experimentation that can be done with that blood easily bringing about something very horrible not sticking well with me

Path of heroes · C4
2 months ago
They have this messed up sense of justice and that keeps getting people killed. They would save so many lives if they just killed the villains but they don’t. They imprison them and they break out a few weeks later go back to what they did before. View More

After_Wing: right on bruv.. it is this kind of thing that Gray found the Justice League not really helping the world.. they're more prone to just to protect the masses but not secured their well-being... its more intoxicating that this cycle of their destruction is not being gaze on to be fixed as someone authoritative like Batman....
the world need someone like Gray who can spread more hope to mankind and non-mankind than ever the Justice League combined

Fate/Heroes · C44
2 months ago
He didnt kill because of the justice league, and since they won’t know that’s him.... well he can kill now. View More

RealmSeeker: Whoa been anticipating his assassin instal for a while it exceeded expectations. Was surprised he killed though given his history. Perhaps like how he was overwhelmed by grief and remorse when he installed rider after recalling penthesilea and his horror at Ajaxs’ thoughts of suicide Installing King Hassan gave him a taste for death?

Fate/Heroes · C37
2 months ago
And Hogwarts isn’t even the best, they only reason people from old families go there is before of the headmaster View More

Weirdo: If the Hogwarts is detoriating, then go to other school!!!... I don't get it, since the school had detoriated, why not go to other better school? It's not like hogwart is the only school for magic... But since this is HP world, and the cruel type too, so I really hope mc would at least be a predator... Grow up some fang, fight for yourself.. No more Mr. Nice guy... And even if wizaridng world is always improving, strive to get better in magic, they still lose all because of quantity...

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C6
2 months ago
Not really, most of the people stay up in mars and never leave so they are with the same people and can’t easily go back to earth so it’s them on mars or no one. View More

Ancientdsoist: I'm so confused with the relationships, is it like a free **** for all or something. Cause ay that's just weird af 😭

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C21
3 months ago
Is that before or after wolverine getting captured and his claws being changed? View More

Worstmofowriter: 1930 to be exact

Marvel: The Strongest Avenger · C6
3 months ago
It’s nice he doesn’t expect to be better then dr. Strange, like it seems mc who learns the mystic arts thinks. View More
Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C2
3 months ago
I mean it’s not the same as being trained as a assassin by the league of shadows... but good enough I guess. View More
xHeroesXMarvelXDC · C6
3 months ago
You forget, the ancient one is already expecting him to show up so if they of to either one it won’t matter. View More

AlMutairy: How is he gonna explain him self is he gonna be like 'hey I just randomly found this place please teach me magic' most mc go to Nepal so he can be guided by the locals to kamartaj

Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C10
3 months ago
I don’t understand why most fanfics, have them going to Nepal. I mean seriously, New York has the Building that will bring you to her easier then traveling across the country and wondering till they approach you. View More
Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C10
3 months ago
Kinda wish he chose a different sword or weapon other than a katana since it seems like every story uses the katana. View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C10
3 months ago
Someone needs to hack into his computer or what ever so he can’t reply first!! He must lose! He must be defeated mubaahahahahahahahaahahahahah!!!! View More

CalmBerserker: Unbeatable. First.

A New Wolf in Twilight · C28
4 months ago
You could survive, might lose your dick though since she most likely can’t control her muscles so when she has a orgasm she would clamp down and just squeeze your dick to nothing, but other then that you would be fine. View More

MrGodlyGod01: I never thought about that but yeah i guess that's how it's gonna go down.

Reborn as Eddie Thawne in DCEU · C3
4 months ago
Only issue with that is, only the X-men know about the danger room, or at least how it’s made to some extent and shield has no clue about it or how it’s made. View More

Raixod: I think that you should add a danger room in the underground like in the X-Men mansion, so that he can train there physically and not only in his mindscape. Also he can train his sister's fire manipulate without the fear of damaging things.

Marvel: My Own Path · C23
4 months ago
He will most likely be immortal or live for a very long time, while Leah will, while live a long time, still die of old age before he will he she isn’t killer before hand. If he keeps a good relationship ship with edy, he could date her at that point. View More
A New Wolf in Twilight · C12
4 months ago
If he picked dragon and did try and fight, and since Hagrid was the one to find him I highly doubt he would have been killed View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C1
4 months ago
I was really hoping he could pick something other then a wolf, it seems like every story where the mc could turn into a animal it was either a dragon or wolf. There are a ton of options he could have been. View More

Carefree_shadow: You know a shapeshifter doesn't necessarily mean a wolf. It could be a bird, a cheetah, deer, moose, rodent, any number of things really.

I'd vote for a bear personally. Bears seem more solitary than wolves. But even a pack of wolves are cautious of attacking a bear since one good swipe could seriously injure or kill a wolf. So a shapeshifter bear could be a amazing sight or read to see

A New Wolf in Twilight · C7
4 months ago
Does he know that even if he dies he will reincarnate again? Or is that still unknown to him View More
Adventures of Bayek: Through the Void and Beyond · C28
4 months ago
I read the chapter name and looked at the time you last posted and it was 12 hours and I’m just like what do you mean your not dropping, never though you were, till I kept reading and saw you wouldn’t be posting. All made sense at that point. View More
I’m Bonnie Bennett? [TVD] · C0
4 months ago
If he didn’t have a weakness nature would go against him with everything he does. Everything needs a weakness and does expect witches since they “work” with nature View More

Juhiko: Why the third wish is the be vulnerable and able to be kill 🤷‍♂️

The Adventures with the originals · C1
4 months ago
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