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Hope you’re feeling better! View More
Naruto and the Game of Thrones (Not dropped. Not enough motivation) · C15
1 day ago

YASDASKAFRZ: The theme of teleporting into separate game instances to complete dungeons and then going back into reality have already been explored on multiple occasions by other webnovels.

What makes this novel different is the existence of a cheat the MC has that dramatically extends the amount of time he has in both the real world and during the game instances to complete the mission. This fact makes the MC seem more human and less like a super powered genetic warrior who gets a SSS+ rating on everything by virtue of being amazing at everything he does. While this MC becomes good at everything he does, he has a valid reason in being good because he simply spends more time learning.

If I’m going to be nitpicky about this sub genre, I’d say that the amount of stats and skills flying around are confusing and produce a lot of clutter. This novel doesn’t have this issue and is very clean with presentation of stats while not removing necessary details. Looking forward to more updates!

48 Hours a Day
2 weeks ago
Always happy to read the novel but take care of yourself first View More
Naruto and the Game of Thrones (Not dropped. Not enough motivation) · C14
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C92
This is a good novel, although the writing at the start is slow and a bit jenky it improves over time and increases in quality. Overall I would recommend this novel. View More
The Ancient Genes
2 weeks ago

Einlion: Worth a read. Though there are a few things that make the novel stand out as the author's first time writing, it is quite a bit better than many other fanfictions. There are also daily updates and, from what has been seen so far, the Author is open to constructive criticism and actively fixes issues in chapters.

Dropped | Gifting this Unfortunate Guy with Blessings
1 month ago
Reading Status: C1090
This novel is amazing, I had put off reading it due to the type of novel it is as I had read novels of a similar type in the past and not liked them but I finally decided to read it and due to how great it is I binged the entire thing.

Firstly the translation quality is phenomenal and I can’t fault it apart, and it’s rare of updates is great as it’s one of the best novels I’m reading/read and it’s also one of the most frequently updated.

The story development, character design and world background are some of the best I’ve ever seen making the story, world and characters feel realistic with small details that really just help a world be more easily imagined. One thing I’ve noticed is that even random streets fights take place on are named unlike other novels where it would just call it a street, while nothing to big of a deal that really just fills out a world for me.

All in all this is just a great novel that I highly recommend. View More
Lord of the Mysteries
1 month ago

manny0101: True. I know better than to write a trashy chapter. I'm writing this because I like it. I have no obligation or a time limit. I'll write it at my leasure.

Naruto and the Game of Thrones (Not dropped. Not enough motivation) · C12
3 months ago

manny0101: Can't help it bro. College before hobby.

Naruto and the Game of Thrones (Not dropped. Not enough motivation) · C12
3 months ago

WisH: From Chapter 1-96,
The story starts off with MC which undergoes transmigration into a game world that MC had played and completed. Similar premise novels include dungeon defence and the amber sword so liking those means this novel is for you. Firstly, the story's directions seems just like any other transmigrated/reincarnation novel which is in a strange environment, try to survive as much as possible while knowing the future/overpowered methods. This is how the novels are structured and it is done really well following the adventuring/questing format. While reading ,I find myself interested as there is noticeable progress by the MC in becoming strong through getting overpowered skills and epic items but the lack of variety to the story may make this novel stale or typical if you are looking for something unique. Although, there is signs of kingdom building but it is not yet happening. Score is 3.5 for fast and welldone story.
The Character is somewhat lacking as well with the MC's history not being properly explained and how he got into the world itself is unknown and the personality of MC can be supercold in ways like murdering people without much thoughts and although he was a gamer, he don't seem like one with his kind of intellectual mind and him threatening other characters so easily. Side characters are sadly not as focus in the novel so it is only focusing on MC. There are some items that shows the stats and ability but it unused 99% of the time. Got potential but its 3.3 score.
World background is 3.9 as it starts off interesting with how there is multiple species and gods alongside different places to visit. The world is going to undergo a cataclysm and MC is trying to survive. The powersystem or class is normal like an rpg but the MC seems to break much of the rule and I always wonder if the world is real or not because the the characters is living and breathing but must adhere to certain game rules or restrictions.
The update stability is 4.0, 2 chapter a day so 14 chapter a week which is not slow but it will take awhile to reach the completed 820 chapters.
The translation quality is really praiseworthy and the one keeping me from reading because it is really ****** to understand and there is no grammar issues so I can read at one go without hesitation . However, there is a censorship in one of the chapters I read and many information is lost so I did not understand for awhile but it is not the translator nor the author faults. So 4.8 score. Good Job Translator.
Overall score is 3.9, above average.

Night Ranger
3 months ago

Queen_oF_Blade: This novel is not about adventuer - chatgroup anymore.

It came to be harem king build his empire.

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C432
3 months ago

Chunchunmaru_sama: All these development to getting rich....
I wanna see how those other people in the chat group are.doing... (Just a random thought)

Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C432
3 months ago
Sounds awesome View More
Hadrian Potter x Library Of Heavens Path · C0
3 months ago

Ryan_Colman: I'll try to mix it up with goofy things and change some of it up to make it more enjoyable

My Multiverse Trip · C101
4 months ago
As long as it’s well written even if people don’t like the original (myself included) they should be able to enjoy it, looking forward to it! 👍 View More
My Multiverse Trip · C101
4 months ago
Happy Birthday 🥳 View More
Natsu Dragneel traveling the Multiverse · C64
4 months ago

Rouxk: Alright, new review

My other review seems tick someone off the chart

For me the story is good and the update is constant

Just need more chapter for me

Good job Author

System in Another World
4 months ago

RaaRonRon: How is Rose going to have a smooth life if you don’t give frequent updates AUTHOR!!

Btw! About the Novel, totally worth reading! 👌

Apparently I need 140

DROPPED: Marvels Strongest Father
4 months ago
Reading Status: C20
This is one of the best fan fics I have ever read, the plot follows the source very well while adding a nice spin to it. The powers given to midoria are really interesting and the writing/hammer are both very well done too. My only problem is that midoria is given new forms and abilities in a bit too rapid succession. Apart from that great work 👍. View More
My Monster Hunter Academia (Monster Hunter X My Hero Academia
4 months ago

CompleteNoob: Honestly last night I have been reading other DxD novels to understand what kind of competition I was dealing with and honestly... After reading it I was already prepared to have readers that will voice their displeasure about characteristics of MC's behaviours, to be honest I have no idea what this "Beta Beta" means but from what I made is the MC is confident in dealing with his surroundings, although childish at the side well he is only a child after all with a damaged soul hench the instability of his behaviour here and there.

Right now I am trying to use different circumstances to develop the MC's personality, it may appear that Akeno is "controlling" him but it's not, the MC knows his shortcomings of helping a girl before actually understanding the situation which could prove to be fatal at a later stage which is why he accepts the opinion of the girls but he himself decide whether to follow or not.

Honestly, I can't even begin to understand when some see the MC stepping back because of a girl's opinion and plans to assist the MC's shortcomings appears like he is suddenly labeled as a beta?

As for the relationship with Rias, it's complicated on purpose. I don't intend to have the MC get involved "Romantically" with her as it will destroy the original canon completely while the current situation I can still dabble with the canon since only a few characters were removed from the original team.

As for Sona, I intend to have her become close friends with the MC. I am honestly not sure what kind of relationship I wish for them to have, but right now I feel comfortable with them being close friends....

Just reply on this comment if you have any questions, I am not even sure if I am addressing all the points that makes a MC a "Beta" since I don't really understand this beta thing

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C13
4 months ago

Flaming_core: 10 out of 10 of nothingness it's a very bad novel(as intended) bad story line but great comedy bad writing but great at being nothing the worst novel would not recommend

The Worst Webnovel
4 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Gacha Sovereign · C92
5 months ago

An_Anime_Addict: Happy new year. Though i am still on chapter 1191 right now, i am jumping ahead a bit to add this comment~

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1278
5 months ago

Reign_Bloodark: Yet we crave for more chapters

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1278
5 months ago

masterplayr99: FLOOF spotted

Babel · C46
5 months ago

IHOPEfor: Vahn: I sense a disderpance in the fluff

Babel · C46
5 months ago


Babel · C46
5 months ago

LongSlumber: Ein is a genius. Know what you fans want and then give it to them. The recipe for success. Hurray for the goodest girl!!

Babel · C46
5 months ago

Lolidicked: Fenrir 2.0 incoming.

Babel · C46
5 months ago

mountfox: Goodest girl 2.0 ????

Babel · C46
5 months ago

Einlion: Even then, he told me to go write my own novel xD. I'm at almost 4m words on my novel, one of the longest ongoing on the website o3o...

Babel · C13
5 months ago
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