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Waiting for Timon and Pumba View More

Andrewjh: There was Simba now there's mufasa who's next rafiki

Gamers of the Underworld · C42
3 days ago

LigmaBallsBitch: This is really bad.

1. He returned back 10 years in time. He decided to make everything in his life better. How you say? By playing a game ofc xDD.
2. A game that just came out somehow overthrows multitudes of other VR games just by existing.
3. The only game I know to let users run for 8 hours to travel instead of adding a feature that transports players from town to town instantly, city to city or however the developer wants it. If that's not a sh8y game I don't know what is.
4. What game would require 3 times the size of earth? It's not like every single one of us would play that game right? Did we people somehow remove poverty by 2129 so even people considered poor there have VR machines? That's a nice world to live in, tell me about it.
5. Level 0 monsters give out 3 exp. Leveling from 0-1 requires 1000 exp. Quests exist but for some reason there are so few of them in the game when it's supposed to be expected that quest demand is astronomical upon launch. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to kill 334 lvl 0 monsters to lvl up. (or more if I'm in a party)
6. He's very lucky that it made him get an item with higher stats than it was supposed to before in his previous life. His luck is really heaven defying that author had to use his Trump card "lucky friend Blackie" so it won't look unnatural.
7. Zhao Yueru.
8. Several companies invested their resources in a game that just started. I don't know why they did, don't ask me.
9. There are several wars stated that had been initiated with thousands of players which coincides with point number 3 and 4. If there is no way to travel fast and the world is so big, then how??? There is the mentioned scrolls of teleportation but it's also said to be very important, everyone has it then? Idk man.
10. The time inside the game flow slower than reality, it's also possible to play while sleeping. So this game must be called Lucid Dreaming Online! Jokes aside, it's really detrimental for the brain to not rest, sleeping is not only for the body. So this game is only possible in theory, the author should have mentioned something to let me suspend my disbelief smh.
11. In addition to point 10, if it really is possible for the brain to work tirelessly even hypothetically, then surely the dedicated who play for the whole and only stop for a piss or eat will surely have an edge right? No they don't, this is so sad Alexa play despacito 2.

Ok I'll stop.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
1 week ago
Bruh, communism on the rise View More
Out of Space · C313
2 weeks ago
Oh wow, epic war is coming View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C376
2 weeks ago
I still wonder why this novel has such a low amount of votes. It is hella good. It should be more popular. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C366
2 weeks ago
Rivalry and competition, fuel for progress. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C362
2 weeks ago
Long live his majesty the heavenly emperor of the Han dynasty, destined to unify China, abolisher of slavery, just and lawful, GREAT HAN TONG! View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C359
2 weeks ago
Aaaand by this decision he committed suicide. Or at least killed most of his subordinates... Which eventually will lead to his death. View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C348
2 weeks ago

03XXII95: Still waiting for serana tho :D

Dragonborn Saga · C284
2 weeks ago

YoungestKing: Also! make sure to remember to make alliances with the dawn guard, the Companions and resolve the issue with the Dark Brotherhood, or Eliminate them!!! But the thieves guild I geuss for sentimentality sake you,should save them but definitely kill that guy and get the skeleton key!!! maybe return it..... maybe

Dragonborn Saga · C211
2 weeks ago

TomK: Don't give me that #Team_Jull or #Team_Allina bulls, give me #Team_Paarthurnax instead!

Seriously tho, so far jull best grill

Dragonborn Saga · C114
3 weeks ago

Symbiote: Off topic: i'm seated in class right now and a girl seated beside me facing towards me. Story now is im reading this novel on phone, and in my side vision i can see her legs almost seeing her underwear, her hands in between her skirt and she is pushing a button pen repeatedly (is she luring me?), i'm trying not to look. So i decided to comment it to get me distracted.

Dragonborn Saga · C107
3 weeks ago

Lilalith: Got a bit of a cold feet on this one. Girls or not, we are in Skyrim aren't we ? Draugrs won't make a difference between males and females, same thing for feral animals like a sabertooth. I thought this was already in the mind of people. :|

Dragonborn Saga · C31
3 weeks ago

Rex500r: Ya, originally thought the pseudo trump would be first to die, now I really hope its him

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C309
3 weeks ago

coffeeislyfe: At first I didn't like te langpu, but since he works diligently in Tong's government and as long as he didn't betrayed Tong I've accepted him XD

But Jiang Man is sooo wicked. He's an evil but disguise in angelic power.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C309
3 weeks ago
I hope pu jeng or whatever his name is won't be in protagonist's faction later in the story cuz well, personality of that guy according the reliable source called reality shows us that he is not from "subordinate" types of ppl as well as "just". View More

coffeeislyfe: At first I didn't like te langpu, but since he works diligently in Tong's government and as long as he didn't betrayed Tong I've accepted him XD

But Jiang Man is sooo wicked. He's an evil but disguise in angelic power.

Battle Royale of the Sinners · C309
3 weeks ago
AHAHAHAH PUTIN xD This chapter made my day. Fudging glorious novel View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C285
3 weeks ago
Where are comments :o View More
Battle Royale of the Sinners · C273
4 weeks ago
Slaaay kaarmodo Anthony!!! View More
Chrysalis · C354
1 month ago

Padoru_Padoru: Arrodes : Master, do you have a question for me?
Klein : Yes.
Arrodes : Alright, you have answered my question, now it's your turn.

Lord of the Mysteries · C445
1 month ago
Moreeeeeee empyrean bastar*s gonna die soon, hell yeah View More
Out of Space · C298
1 month ago

Epic_Landing: FOR THE HOAR.... no that's not quite right either.

Chrysalis · C351
1 month ago

Epic_Landing: FOR THE EMPOR.... hmm... Eh. F it. BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!

Chrysalis · C351
1 month ago
FOR THE FATHE... nope, Big no. View More

Epic_Landing: FOR THE HOAR.... no that's not quite right either.

Chrysalis · C351
1 month ago
FOR THE ALLI... Wait no View More

Ryan_Wagner: FOR THE COLONY!!!

Chrysalis · C351
1 month ago

Lvl1Bard: Ammon used to be an Egyptian main God, too. He used to be the dominant God before Echnaton introduced Aton (the Sun God) as the one and only God people were supposed to believe in. After Echnaton's death people destroyed Aton's statues and temples and hacked off Echnaton's face from reliefs and statues and returned to worshiping Ammon.

Would be funny if this Amon character had some rivalry with the Eternal Blazing Sun. Perhaps the city of silver was left in the darkness because the Sun wasn't willing to shine for its enemies?

Lord of the Mysteries · C355
1 month ago

YuriLover212: Every time I read the words "Shaman King" I think of that old anime Shaman King and that kid, Yoh, and his samurai ghost partner.

Lord of the Mysteries · C352
1 month ago

Tse_Blade: Scent Emoji made me laugh :)

Chrysalis · C267
1 month ago


Chrysalis · C260
1 month ago
Huh, witcher legions? Not bad View More
Chrysalis · C202
1 month ago
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