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“Make a mistake” —> “Made a mistake” View More
Reincarnated As a Fox With System · C15
23 hours ago

Luxus_Logo: Oh no he is infected with the shounen anime syndrome

Alexander Maximus (DC Universe) · C17
1 day ago
This honestly sound like a bunch of stuck up kids talking in a typical Chinese novel. Is this intentional? Because the way a person talks isn’t like how you put it unless you are a stereotypical Chinese xianxia character. A normal person amy use formal language but not all this poetic crap like “Are you a Tiger, a lion or a fox?” A way to better phrase that is “You are acting more like a Lion, or tiger than a fox. View More
Reincarnated As a Fox With System · C14
1 day ago

Not_a_Penguin: 1 - 4 wishes
Me: Those are alright, could do better though.

Then the damn 5 comes along
I'm just going to let out a long SIGH.
Of course, what was I expecting, this is FUCKING WebNovel.

Reborn in DC (anti-hero) · C1
6 days ago
Doctor Doom View More

Clown_Of_God: man, Reed built a portal to another dimension in his high school science project!!! What are armor and the arc reactor near it? he could build 10 of that

Reborn in DC (anti-hero) · C1
6 days ago

kaylenson: On [Fifth] wish
god replies: so you want op slave?

Reborn in DC (anti-hero) · C1
6 days ago
Honestly Valerie needs to shut her heretical mouth coffee better than tea? Heretic! I shall burn thy by the stake. View More
Natural Phenomena · C14
1 week ago
Question how does superman know anything about them or what theydidbto krypton when he was quite literally just born before he was sent off the planet ._. View More

Mr_ROB: Yeah but in the same way that humans kill each other a lot; they're not on par with what Viltrumites have done. Viltrumites have killed billions upon billions of sentient lifeforms. Pretty sure Kryptonians left most sentient-inhabited planets alone and mainly stuck to Krypton instead of making an empire like the Viltrumites. Only General Zod and the military of Krypton are arseholes who want to commit genocide.

DC: Invincible · C4
1 week ago

PorkIsGod: His race reminds me of a buffed version of the saiyans

DC: Invincible · C4
1 week ago

Korath25: Both of them were bright up on krypton where that say "look we take planets from inferior races to make them stronger" but in actuality they just kill off them and loot resources to sell so the main planet can live in prosperity. Superman only knows what's in the records and whoever wins the wars writes the history and Kara knows what she was taught in class so it is understandable. Superman keeping him alive was obviously how he was giving him a chance not his race which may I say only has warring people because if someone doesn't like war in their race gets killed off as said at the start. soooo... It all makes sense from different perspectives of Superman, Kara etc.

DC: Invincible · C4
1 week ago

Kilaske: Also aren't Kryptonians also conquerors and killed many other races?

DC: Invincible · C4
1 week ago

Luxus_Logo: And as for what the author said they are heroes first of all kal can destroy planets he should learn how to keep his emotions in check second he is most literally being racist

DC: Invincible · C4
1 week ago
Nope never been to a night club to young mostly. View More

Lazyy: Eh, not like they're in love or anything. Just physical attraction and lust from what's shown in the chapter. If you've ever been to a nightclub you should know that this kind of stuff happens all the time. At least in England. Probably the same for the rest of the world as well though.

People have needs and neither Kara nor the MC would have been able to satisfy these needs with normal human partners. Not without hurting/maiming them at least.

DC: Invincible · C3
1 week ago
._. And they say people from Worm escalate quickly View More
DC: Invincible · C3
1 week ago
Question for a few chapters back do you perhaps mean Enhanced Instead of enchanted because enchanting is usually used in reference to a buff being applied to an inanimate object View More
Reincarnated As a Fox With System · C6
1 week ago
He did that though? Unless he did that after posted this review View More

Garmanderter: The content has been deleted

Marvel: Immortal Throne
1 week ago
The hell... not everyone would kill someone because they ****ed their wife... it depends on if it was consensual or rape if it was rape... I would understand. If it was consensual I’m like man thats just being cheated on chill out. View More
Transmigrated as Shen Fei · C1
1 week ago

akasuna123: stop with the emoticons its annoying to read

Tales Of Demons and Gods : Dao Of Patience · C1
1 week ago
A supernova is a powerful and luminous stellar explosion. This transient astronomical event occurs during the last evolutionary stages of a massive star or when a white dwarf is triggered into runaway nuclear fusion.

The Most Powerful Supernova Ever Discovered Blasts Away Competition. The super-luminous supernova ASAS-SN15lh is the most luminous ever measured. ... All told, the object put out about 570 billion times more light than the sun at its peak, and has more than twice the luminosity of the next-most-powerful supernova ever found.

Depending on the size of the Super nova it can affect multiple solar systems but you are right it can’t be a universe ending phenomena View More

Spielmann: I like your way of writing and i find it really good. Grammar mistakes have i not really seen when i have read your story.
For the Stability of Updates here can i not see much after 2 chapters so only 3 stars.
3 Stars too, it is to new for a better rating and i can't say much for the time beeing.
The Charakter are really good writen and i think it is absolutly logical that they have a hate for humans ad will kill easy.
The world Background is not so good to the time beeing. Only a copy from DXD but the more you introduce the new World then i will give you more stars^^
Flaws in my sight.
1. A supernova destroys a "Universe" really!!! You can say our Universe has more the 1 Billion galaxys and every Galaxy has more the 1 Billion suns and now aonly 1 Supernova can destroy a Universe "grins". A supernova is a normal thing and it happens now and later. When our Sun becomes a Supernova in ca. 5 Billion years the it only affect our Sunsystem^^ When you will destroy a Universe you must use a Power on the same Powerscale how all Infinity Stones from the Marvel Universe or the Anihilarke from Ben 10^^
2: For this the Ancient One is not the Guardian of the Universe he/she is only a Guardian of Earth not more.


Marvel: Aspect of Domination
1 week ago
I understand nothing View More
The Mikaelsons in an Irregular World · C2
2 weeks ago

Juhiko: Hope never see the alien thing again this DC vs Alien hope is one thing only and only DC universe.

Dio El · C28
3 weeks ago
Yikes someone needs to chill out. The thing is everyone in the damn story is weak at the beginning it starts ramping up to holy **** wtf power levels and baam and his team mate are all left behind so of course he needs to train his team mates and Devil fruits arn’t strong enough to rule the tower or even become a high ranker without team mate so :P Have you even read tower of god? View More

kwertiyup: he is an idiot he only trains his teamates he just met wasting his time to strengthen them he is becoming more of a trainer I DONT RECOMMEND this really frustrating to read and he is really soft around girls he just let them bully him like a typical japanese beta mc he was supposed to be an assasin what a disappointment

Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God
4 weeks ago
Yes View More

Shadowrift: You mean to say im not normal if i have 1 lvl5 acc and another at lvl 4 with 1725exp? And i only used webnovel for like 2-3 yrs

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C52
1 month ago
Its a fucking mutated rabbit I swear thats all headron is or however you spell his name because he popped up like on 2 maybe 3 chapters I completely forgot how to type and pronounce his name View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C1
1 month ago
In the title you used the wrong variation of “Their” its suppose ti be “There” not “Their” because “Their” is refering to someones things as in “That was their ball” 😜 View More

TigerMan: Yes from my own creation

Gate: Thus the coalition fought there · C1
1 month ago
Woah try turning of caps lock View More





Bleach with a twist.
1 month ago
You know sometimes your just curious about things I mean if your a boy do you know what its like to be a girl? No you don’t therefore you might be curious :P View More

Horusz: "He was a little curious about what being a female was like" WTF?

A Reincarnator's Wish in Danmachi · C1
1 month ago
🤷‍♂️ View More

Sekiryuutei: At what point did I say he wouldn't be Shirou as well as EMIYA? He's the in between, between Shirou and EMIYA. He's not as naive as Shirou but neither is he as nihilistic as EMIYA. He's a combination between the two characters because apart, they honestly annoy me so much. Shirou's a naive idiot, and EMIYA is a nihilistic piece of ****. But together they make a pretty balanced person.

An Amnesiac EMIYA In a World of Anime · C1
1 month ago
Whats the point of him being Archer when he isn’t really archer anymore just another variation of shirou View More
An Amnesiac EMIYA In a World of Anime · C1
1 month ago
2 civilian kryptonians and 1 Military Cadet Kryptonian now ain’t that just a party. Oh and don’t forget the martians. View More
Dio El · C22
2 months ago
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