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  • Conquering Emperors System

    Conquering Emperors System


    Jason was a hardworking man, he had everything he could have wanted, the job of his dreams, a best friend he'd die for and the woman he was going to ask to be his wife and then one day he lost it all even his life. "Welcome to the Emperor System, prepare for rebirth"

  • Mutant evolution System

    Mutant evolution System


    A young man called Duke wakes up one day to find himself in a world where people with mutant powers exist and discovers his own power - The mutant evolution System-


LittleGluttonSlime: I think I will make it so like he can use the Kekkei Genkai, but not the Dojutsu(for now) and he can use, as an example the Ice Style or something, because he basically has every Affinity!

The Supreme Anime System · C3
1 day ago

LittleGluttonSlime: And also his is a Mutation, because of his Bloodline's.
It's black with white tomoe!

The Supreme Anime System · C3
1 day ago
When could the sharingan ever copy kekkai genki View More
The Supreme Anime System · C3
1 day ago
Please post more I've been looking for another god thrones fan fic for ages View More
A Great Adventure (Game of Thrones Fanfic) · C2
1 day ago
I appreciate the added female characters for Peter but for the love of God just bring back black cat View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C51
1 week ago
Chapter 6 and 7 are the same View More
In a Zombie Apocalypse with an Attribute System · C0
1 week ago
I just glad the mountain didn't kill the kids like it was described in the actual Got books View More

fearlessj2008: great chapter hopefully he is able to be with her.

Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen · C11
1 week ago
Is someone else able to continue writing it? View More
The Birth of Nihility God · C31
1 week ago
Maybe he's pretending View More

nothinsnew: No memories?

An Uchiha in Multiverse · C1
1 week ago
Well guess Im starting this one again then haha thanks View More

Wrathos: I updated the first chapter changing it. That was apart of a whole redo the story went through while back.

Transmigrated becoming a timelord ghost ninja · C13
2 weeks ago
I dont like what you've done to cat and Pete but I'm looking forward to when Pete finds out it was furys fault View More
Recarnation of ultimate Spider man · C30
2 weeks ago
I think the art is the arkham Knight batman of the future costume View More

OldAccount: Hi it's the author here, just going to let you know a few things, things like I made this novel to try and get more people writing batman fanfics and that I will still be focusing on my main novel, Blue Devil

Can't Delete.
2 weeks ago
Just started rereading them haha View More

mememaster69: No that was book 1, remember voldie used it to make hagrid talk about his cerberus and how to get past it.

The Intelligent Potter · C7
3 weeks ago
I thought he needed the rinnesharingan to travel to other worlds as he doesn't have a tardis? View More
Transmigrated becoming a timelord ghost ninja · C13
3 weeks ago
Wasn't the dragon with hagrid in another book not year 1 View More
The Intelligent Potter · C7
3 weeks ago
Never underestimate the mighty hulk View More

JakeElliott: Mighty Hulk!

I Am Hulk! · C11
4 weeks ago
Winston wick what a name lol View More
Valek The Seducer · C0
1 month ago
What difference does one year make they are still gonna be kids View More
Naruto: A Different Path · C0
1 month ago
160 IQ isn't that large considering the highest IQ is 228 View More
Re-Nisekoi · C9
1 month ago
Agreed View More

Newsourpatch: 🖕🏼

Marvel: My Own Path · C2
1 month ago
I was hoping a goblin would notice something and help him discover his origins View More
The Flame Wizard · C3
1 month ago
Will mister Potter still be attending hogwarts View More
Harry Potter and The Gamer Power · C3
1 month ago
I'm really enjoying this please make the mc help his mum View More
Reborn in MHA · C13
1 month ago
It's good just a bit short View More
##Dropped## · C0
1 month ago
No explanation on why the wand was his for free View More
Harry Potter and Deathfalls · C5
1 month ago
Is his electricity strong enough to electrocute everything thing in the water??? View More
The City of Terror · C263
1 month ago

Georiko: Oh author you.. a one handed man fighting a wolf in a Norse mythology area. I see you, especially seen as though the wolf is a descendent of Hati, who is a child of Fenrir who had bitten the hand off of Tyr the Norse god. (^ー^)

The City of Terror · C246
1 month ago
I loved Naruto the anime but if this was what we had instead as an anime or Manga it would be in my top anime of all time forever View More
Legacy (Naruto fanfiction)by cr4zypt · C68
1 month ago
Omg this was so good I've been addicted for days View More
Legacy (Naruto fanfiction)by cr4zypt · C68
1 month ago
I'd much rather you carried on with this story it's one of my favourites View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C20
1 month ago
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