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Original Works

  • Kryptonian Avenger (Dropped)

    Kryptonian Avenger (Dropped)


    Jake was an ordinary teenager with an ordinary family until an omnipotent being decided to intrude into his dreams... This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Marvel. Please support the official releases and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content.

  • Infinite Sun God (Story Plot/Ideas/ForFun)

    Infinite Sun God (Story Plot/Ideas/ForFun)


    This is just a bunch of my ideas that I wished I could have used in my failed Kryptonian Avenger story. Feel free to use any of these ideas or in the comments add in your own so I can integrate them into my dream world haha. All ideas that are related to already existing novels, animes, movies, comics etc are not my own and I take no credit for the creation of powers, items etc in this fanfic idea bit bob. So no reason to sue :P If you are looking for a full fleshed out story this is not really going to be a good place to look. Ideas yes story no. Maybe if I get bored?

  • Spirit Trident Douluo

    Spirit Trident Douluo



    Alex, a young man in his prime while coming home from university is killed by a spatial anomaly, only to find himself with the opportunity to enter one of fiction’s most interesting universes, Douluo Dalu. What does he do? Who does he meet? How does his presence change the timeline and world as we know it? /////// Currently at 20,000+ words and going strong!


Even if the translation is bad this scene still doesn’t make any sense. Why are they bargaining during a god damn boss fight?! Surely the lich king will just kill them all immediately since the angel is gone now.... View More

Jack_Nathan: This novel uses machine translation terms like "Blood Power" instead of HP.

There’s A Bug In Me · C2
3 days ago
This is an amazing story. Its been 8 days but I truly do hope you return. This is wothout a doubt my favourite TODAG fanfiction to date View More

0_Jordinio_0: Honestly, it's kinda sad to review your own story. But everyone else does it on here, even the top ranked stories. So may as well jump on the bandwagon right?

A Tale Of Demons and War Gods
2 months ago

03J_Tunice: Hello, my name is 03JTunice. You should know me since this is my story. I write it on fanfiction.net and wattpad and did not approve of this. I appreciate that you wrote "by 03JTunice" in the synopsis but you should have asked for permission first. I don't agree with this.

Natsu Dragneel in DXD
3 months ago
Reading Status: C9
The concept of the novel is fairly unique and hasnt been done by many so far. However the intense cringe you get when reading is hard to miss.

The mc is constantly complaining about things and always gives off a winey feel during his monologues. Not to mention the people he interacts with don’t act like normal humans in there situation.

It would be something you could read if your out of options. View More
Life With A System
4 months ago

FullSilencesSilent: For DC you can say that
For this? None of us, readers, got the slightest right to say him being unprofessional.
It's a free novel, this one.

Emperor of Spirits · C6
4 months ago
Dont really understand how that is a real family to live for. He basically made his mother into any other woman on the street by messing with her consciousness. Will probably do the same to his sister once she is older. View More
My New Life With Cheat · C3
4 months ago
Its decent View More
4 months ago
Wait what? He is the number one assasin in the world? Was that a joke or something? I am confused. Are you using Grammarly or Google translate to help with editing and grammar. Would be simple and easy to do and would increase your writing capabilities a fair margin View More
4 months ago
Feel like his own blood would be superior to any other material for the core? Or one of the scales off of Ruby. View More
Harry Potter: Rise of the Serpent · C6
7 months ago
Good chapter however every beast over 100,000 years drops a spirit bone no matter what. View More
A Lazy Man's Adventure · C77
9 months ago
Agreed. Especially since unless the person had a body way above the usual amount they would only have two whites and a yellow at her situation. Shes more talented then basically everyone in even DD3 as they only had 2 yellows than purple at that point View More

Lize: Well.. first of all..
Did zhou never teach him how to fight?
What the hell.. they should atleast teach him how to fight..
Not only using his eye and hope for the best..

Then.. the enemy..
That woman is too talented for dd 1..
At best they have 2 yellow ring and 1 purple..
But here she have 1 yellow and 2 purple..
Thats mean she genius..
And she become somekind of bandit..
Its weird.. 😅😅😅

Well.. anyway.. thank you for chapter..

Douluo Dalu : Frozen Heaven Spear Lord · C14
9 months ago
Audience gasps....

“Ye Long” “Ye Long” “Ye Long”

Haha View More
Long Live Ye Clan Second Young Master · C27
9 months ago
Im enjoying it alot author. Was the final contract he signed stating he has to stay at hogwarts for all 7 years or was that taken out? If it was then he could just grab the philosophers stone, the basilisk, sorting hat?, maybe the four ancestor house artifacts (sword, diadem, locket and cup) as they would all have magical uses and copy the books in the room of requirement. Then he could just head off to Beaux or Durmstrang for actual useful learning and possibly other artifacts etc View More

Zaje1: The story I am writing is based on a lot of fan fictions which I have read. I also added some of my own conclusions about the story.
Face it. The original book has a lot of things that do not make any sense and the only way to makes sense of them is to either make Dumbledore senile or evil.
My Dumbledore just wants to be the strongest and wants everyone to treat him as Merlin. So he wants to get rid of all competitions.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C20
9 months ago
Agreed. Chuck him in Hufflepuff. Dumbledore will not even bother looking at him. If he can find a way to use a cloaking spell that acts like a notice me not charm on himself without the teachers knowing he would then be able to bypass the house bullying. If that is not what you want then raveclaw would probably be the best. View More

Li_Cangtian: Also, Its fine if you fill harry in, but I would stay as far from that trio as possible. I would also try to be in either ravenclaw or hufflepuff, as those would attract the least attention. Gryffindor would put him too close to that trio and slytherin...well, the last smart orphan that went there ended up as a dark lord. Old bumblebee will not allow that to happen again, so he is sure to keep an overbearing eye out for our mc in slytherin.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C19
9 months ago
6th I mean haha View More

ProProcrastination: Is she going to become the 7th girl in his team?

Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend (HIATUS) · C107
9 months ago
Is she going to become the 7th girl in his team? View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend (HIATUS) · C107
9 months ago
So far so good. Quite interesting but im curious what platform you are writing this story on before copying it to Webnovel? I say this because the gaps between lines and sentences that split to new lines makes it hard to focus and read the story smoothly View More
Douluo Dalu : Frozen Heaven Spear Lord · C10
9 months ago
You probably will find that at the start more so than in the later chapters. There are major off cannon plotlines later on though. Very juicy story ahead View More

Aeternabilis: Great! Thanks, Ill try reading it further then didn't want to read something exactly the same as canon. I mean atm from what I can see it's just wulin with a colder attitude.

Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C131
9 months ago
There is a fair amount of cannon change but it still follows the same timeline. Just the outcome of events and the actions done are changed. If that makes sense? It is a very good read I personally think. View More

Aeternabilis: Um so is this novel going to be all about trust and friendship ? Basically a copy of canon with extra powers...

Can someone tell me if it does because can't be ****ed to read a boring fanfic that just copies the canon trying not to change anything

On chapter 17 but don't think anyine would have replied if I posted it that far back XD like the story idea so really hope it does change from canon

Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C131
9 months ago
I agree with my other readers that going to Kun-Lun and Kamar-Taj sometime in the future is a must! They both deal with mystical energies and properties and would be the best place to learn not only physical and chi combat but also the arcane arts related to tapping into dimesional energies.
No matter what you do though author I will probably love it. Keep it up! View More
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C17
9 months ago
Haha its sounds like the word Draakaris which means burn or something. Not actually the same but wanted to comment my observation haha. Keep up the story! View More

_SupremeBeing_: Really? Well, I never saw anything about game of thrones 😅

The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon · C17
9 months ago
Feels like a word they used in Game of Thrones? Haha View More

_SupremeBeing_: If someone want to ask, yes, it is a Draakir, not a Dragon Fenrir, why? Well, in my opinion, Draakir is a very cool race name, hehe.

The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon · C17
9 months ago

ProProcrastination: Maybe the eye of astral is the mind stone? Would fit it in nicely with how it is being used. 🤔

Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C14
9 months ago
Just had a thought on this fanfics crossover. Since infinity stones are a thing and there is a philosophers stone maybe it was created to be a artificial infinity stone? Its an extremely powerful artifact, not at the level of infinity stones but I would believe it to be an attempt at making one... View More
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C15
9 months ago
Maybe the eye of astral is the mind stone? Would fit it in nicely with how it is being used. 🤔 View More

Weirdo: Remember to send him a bit of marvel stuff like some stone with infinite energy... Preferably a mind stone..

Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C14
9 months ago
This chapter is basically one sentence with a million commas... View More
Harry Potter and Deathfalls ( Hiatus ) · C23
9 months ago
What is different about the mind arts telekinesis compared to the telekinesis gained through normal hogwarts magic spells? If there isnt much difference then I would say Force shield as I think normal hogwarts shields only block spells not physical forces and cant be released from the vicinity of the body?
I think any way you do it will be cool though! View More
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C12
9 months ago
Just found this novel and author it is a great start :)
Cant wait to see how it goes once he reaches 7 yrs old and 11yrs old at Hogwarts. View More
Harry Potter And Dawn Of Summerking(marvel+hp crossover) · C9
9 months ago
What would Hulk’s physique count as then haha. I would say he would be above that of the Asgardians. View More

iMahiro: Seeing as the grandmaster tier seems to be the peak of what mortal humans can theoretically reach, there would be tiers above that like asgardian gods' physique or thanos'.

Absolute Stealing · C18
9 months ago
Ah okay thanks for the explanation. Im aware of how marvel universes worked but dc multiverse system is new to me. View More

MrGodlyGod01: The blue(zeta) beam allowed Eddie to travel to a different universe and travel back in time.The flash, Arrow, and arrow all happen on earth 1. Supergirl takes place on earth 1.5, while my fanfic takes place on 1.75 and krypton takes place in a completely different universe.

Reborn as Eddie Thawne in DCEU · C8
9 months ago
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