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Original Works

  • Kryptonian Avenger (Dropped)

    Kryptonian Avenger (Dropped)


    Jake was an ordinary teenager with an ordinary family until an omnipotent being decided to intrude into his dreams... This is a work of fiction that draws heavily upon the original source material of Marvel. Please support the official releases and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content.

  • Infinite Sun God (Story Plot/Ideas/ForFun)

    Infinite Sun God (Story Plot/Ideas/ForFun)


    This is just a bunch of my ideas that I wished I could have used in my failed Kryptonian Avenger story. Feel free to use any of these ideas or in the comments add in your own so I can integrate them into my dream world haha. All ideas that are related to already existing novels, animes, movies, comics etc are not my own and I take no credit for the creation of powers, items etc in this fanfic idea bit bob. So no reason to sue :P If you are looking for a full fleshed out story this is not really going to be a good place to look. Ideas yes story no. Maybe if I get bored?

  • Spirit Trident Douluo

    Spirit Trident Douluo



    Alex, a young man in his prime while coming home from university is killed by a spatial anomaly, only to find himself with the opportunity to enter one of fiction’s most interesting universes, Douluo Dalu. What does he do? Who does he meet? How does his presence change the timeline and world as we know it? /////// Currently at 20,000+ words and going strong!


Wouldnt that change the whole timeline then? If the planet doesnt explode then Kal-El would never go to Earth, Zod would never have left the phantom zone and his moniker as Angel wouldnt have been born. Among other things? View More
Reborn as Eddie Thawne in DCEU · C8
4 hours ago
I just realised that even more so for him to not complain about her ‘little body’ is that he can give her a skill to change her body size. Easy peasy. View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C49
22 hours ago
Kinda annoys me how he keeps saying her body isnt legal even though she is a legal loli. Her body is hundreds or thousands of years old. And even if he doesnt want to do anything with her “little” body then he should at least say so. If I was her I would be offended by now. View More
A Commonplace Story of Overpowered Sorcerer · C47
2 days ago
I like how they are going to get some real martial arts training but I feel it is a little unrealistic that Lachlan would be beaten in the way he did. His stats are so much stronger that the other guy wouldnt be able to actually push down on his acupoints not to mention him being able to move way faster than the other guy could comprehend. Unless he purposefully reduced his physical abilities to even levels in order to see the difference in skill. And Lachlan as seen through other fights generates large amounts of fource so if he did run into the leg the other guy set out to trip him I wonder if he would fall or just smash right through it, making it mince meat haha View More
The Strongest Beast Tamer · C184
4 days ago
Alot of that is copy pasted from Fandom? View More
Marvel knowledge in DC · C2
1 week ago
I thought all the demons would be trying to kill each other? Haha. Seems so peaceful on the demons side of things and they onl want to kill the humans. View More
Dragon King of Apocalypse (Douluo Dalu 3) · C116
1 week ago

EventualUpdate: The content has been deleted

Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C16
1 week ago
I think he might be referencing his past life before Marvel? Thats where his killing intent comes from so maybe he did horrible things back then? Forgot what his backstory was aha View More

ReadingSages: What makes him the same as the hand? Because he’s ruthless and kills without mercy? Just from his killing intent she compares him to the brief introduction of the hand that she got? Why must the MC change? Didn’t he become ruthless because his enemies didn’t hold back? Will he now become a savant who won’t kill because “it is wrong”? Does he truly believe himself strong enough to be that whimsical about changing his ways of dealing with his enemies by letting them live to fight another day? Has he already forgotten about how he nearly lost his last and only loved? His sister knows how he treats his enemies and hasn’t shown any adverse reaction from what we’ve read so far so what brought on this want of change? I hope you’re not throwing character changing sentences out there just to make the MC sound cool and profound cos that would ruin the tempo of the story! I truly enjoy your work of literacy though and hope to read more from you.

Marvel: My Own Path · C25
1 week ago
You dont understand the way of the Bloody Wings! They will just buy everything from both haha View More

19SARD99: Who will be chose the man or the woman ?

The Strongest Beast Tamer · C178
1 week ago
I was thinking the same thing. Who in their right mind would have the opportunity to be reincarnated and choose to only focus on swords and pass on learning on magic. Magic is goals... View More

FBI_B1TCH: Why wouldn't Vali learn any magic besides rune magic?

Asgardian Sword God · C10
1 week ago
The Golden Crow is the mythical beast of the sun. Its on par with a phoenix so maybe since there is a phoenix force maybe he might unlock access to an ancient Golden Crow Primordial force or something when he absorbs the eternal flame? Who knows how many op primordial forces exists in the marvel universe. View More

giallao1993: This is actually a good idea... I'll think about it

Sun knight ( Marvel ) · C7
1 week ago
Two mothers? View More
Percy Jackson and the son of Aphrodite · C1
2 weeks ago
Just as a few bad ideas that could maybe create a good idea. Something like Tyrants Fist, Tyrants Will? I dont know haha. Naming is defs the hardest part View More

Wandering_Sage: Idk yet :/

Marvel: My Own Path · C22
2 weeks ago
Marvel is my preferred vote. Maybe he can be born in a different planet that most fanfics dont really touch on? Or could be the collectors son giving him celestial blood plus a good story as to where he gets his goodies from?
I had an idea yesterday about a hero with greater regenerative powers than deadpool and a skeleton laced and infused with something like an alloy of vibranium, amazonium and uru. Vibranium for ability to absorb energy, amazonium for its pure unbreakable and inpenetrable might and uru for its ability to hold extremely powerful mystic runes and allow all kinds of dimensional energies to flow through it. Would be op View More
God's Successor?! · C2
2 weeks ago
But for this chapter all I can think is “IM THE REAL DANNY RAND!!!” View More
Marvel: My Own Path · C22
2 weeks ago
What fightng style will he teach? Maybe base the name off that? I will try and think of something 🤔 View More

Wandering_Sage: For the Training School's name, think of something suitable for a traning dojo guys instead of SPEAR, SWORD, and such.

Marvel: My Own Path · C22
2 weeks ago
That whole chapter was like 10 seconds of real life time but it took me over a minute to read. Wasted minute. View More
I Am Joining The Justice League Whether You Like It Or Not! · C3
2 weeks ago
Love the chap as usual. One thing though is that will he have less of an affinity to the wingless dragon? He has perfect affinity for winged creatures. Only ask questions as I am enjoying it. Hope you dont think im being critical haha View More
The Strongest Beast Tamer · C173
2 weeks ago
Another good chapter. I wonder how he plans on getting the castle over to the island, unless he will just leave it on the other side on the other island there View More
The Strongest Beast Tamer · C172
2 weeks ago
If you do add it make sure you add some way to ensure people who are in the machine are taken out if there is an emergency. Would be a shame for someone to be playing vr when they get squashed by hulk in real life haha View More

King_P: Thanks for the V.R industry might add up later on

Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C7
2 weeks ago
Maybe he get get a mythical beast pet? Or even find a bird and for the challange decide to help it evolve to its god rank form haha.
At the academy he could take up a profession to make things? I dont know much to do in academies apart from the very generic things View More
The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon · C6
2 weeks ago
Could call the evolution something like Thermal Thundering Serpent? Thermal for control of temperature, thundering for lightning. Dont know what the dragon part is though.
Would the herbs be under 1000 years? If it had to find the fated one and he happened to be the fated one of a garden he planted over 1000 years ago, all the herbs should be 1000 years+ unless they died over and over again during that time. View More
The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon · C5
2 weeks ago
They are over 1000 years old? They must be extremely strong right? View More
The Fallen Magician was reborn as a Dragon · C4
2 weeks ago
I would say medicine as everyone else is :P. Maybe he can also dab in the virtual reality industry allowing civilians to feel how it would be like to have superpowers themselves? View More
Bruce Rogers: Brother of Steve Rogers (Captain America) · C7
2 weeks ago
The Strongest Beast Tamer · C171
2 weeks ago
Im not a ******** fan of one piece but just kinda curious if those fans of it would be able to tell what each fruit looks like? I get confused between only a couple haha View More
In Marvel With A Devil Fruit Tree · C2
2 weeks ago
I think he is saying that as the dude was named after a sun goddess. Rip View More

Aces_Mark: Its a boy if you read the intro to the novel it says young boy

.....................BVHT · C0
2 weeks ago

Ero_Usagi: Maybe i will like this novel. But i will say the way you put the cliff is utterly garbage

.....................BVHT · C0
2 weeks ago
Just about to read the chap but thought i should ask if there is a book picture on its way? Looks alot better when there is one not to mention getting more views (if that matters to you). View More
Reincarnated as Tony Stark with a Skill · C8
2 weeks ago
I say yes to all but no mother stuff. His sisters in the illusionary demon realm are a okay though. View More
Harem God of Origin · C0
2 weeks ago
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