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kinda weird since they are inside lava and they are not supposed to even see anything, supposing that they entered it, not to mention the fact that the blood should evaporate... View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C367
3 months ago
wow dude, u need to stop paying premium if ur gonna read this novel, maybe then you will stop swearing. better, you can go and wait for a year or 2 so that the translations finish View More

SAA1188: The content has been blocked

Silver Overlord · C410
3 months ago
hey author, i have an idea, create the "seven deadly wonders of shiro"
one of them is her ass fetish and the other is her alchohol tolerance. 5 more to go View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C156
3 months ago
ermmmm heil gitler? View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C340
4 months ago
plot armor detected View More
Silver Overlord · C377
4 months ago
nope its illegal. but it IS legal for anything other than intercourse. bj and an*l not included. that said, sexual massages with happy endings are OK. the places you are talking about are illegal places probobly. ill admit that japan has its corruption. like any other place. like how the chinese sell organs for transplant but they never crack down on it. speaking of that, the slave market (human trafficing on the surface) is thriving in china View More

terminatermike: Wait prostitution is forbidden in Japan?? It’s not very hard to get one tho. There are guys literally trying to get people into their brothels areas with a lot of bars and clubs. They even have a list of girls with them to show people.

Divine Beast Adventures · C333
4 months ago
is shiro now a strange uncle or something? bribing kids with sweets? View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C115
5 months ago
thx for chap.
i have a saying for this....
Lord of the Magical Beasts · C197
5 months ago
so was that supposed to describe the apocalypse or something? View More
Silver Overlord · C280
7 months ago
the actual worth of 20000 tons of gold is between 9 to 10 billion dollars.
that said, its not THAT much, considering that hes not receiving direct profit. View More
I Found A Planet · C82
8 months ago
pffft lol, I get the joke, "noodlefish dragon" dats funny as hell lol View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C355
8 months ago
the plot thickens View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C236
8 months ago
so tielan the bug lover will now officially have a rainbow colored spider as a pet? literally? great, all we need now is a pink centipede and a silver worm View More
Divine Beast Adventures · C163
8 months ago
so basically the author of this novel had a very patriotic family and he himself sees himself as a "proud" Chinese.... well typical, at least he didn't start the crap about Japanese devils none-sense View More
I Found A Planet · C63
8 months ago
oh well, im out, this novel is too racist to be on premium. this novel is like the Chinese version of mein kampf.
the only difference is that instead of blaming the jews he blames the japanese View More
The Almighty Ring · C194
9 months ago
yeap I knew it, a nuclear bomb View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C314
9 months ago
did they just blow up an atomic bomb or something on the desert ruler? View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C313
9 months ago
somehow I saw this coming a long time ago, gonna use dumby to cripple the lords View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C309
9 months ago
thick muscular legs... is that joke on purpose? View More
9 months ago
wow so the original spiderman, the white widow, and miles morals? all we are missing now is venom I guess View More
9 months ago
did you just do a crossover for rick and morty? defuck? that's a pretty mean easter egg there View More
9 months ago
maybe you should just make a new novel called "evolution of a robot"
where someone reincarnates into the body of a butter spreader LOL View More
9 months ago
LOL rick and morty reference XD View More
9 months ago
well now we know it isn't a BIG cliff just a small one, stripey will live, mybe he will evolve to legendary or advance to lord rank View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C278
10 months ago
don't die stripey *sniffle* don't die View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C277
10 months ago
btw, I just checked and "Xiao hua" means "school belle", LOL.
it could also mean digestion or joke but from the context I guess its belle.
the irony XD View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C266
10 months ago
red "jellyfish"? you mean red monkey.... dude that's facepalm worthy, hands down View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C266
10 months ago
btw child gambling is bad, and gambling in general, and should be abolished legally.
spread the word View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C253
10 months ago
I think some element of this is from duck mcscrooge. but meh, goldie is too stupid View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C253
10 months ago
so he gave up on hes extra card rewards? or was it carried over? View More
Monster Paradise · C929
10 months ago
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