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Ozwin: Alright a serious matter has been brought up. The Fool’s prayer gesture. In my mind, it could be nothing other than tapping ones glabella. Are we in agreement?

Lord of the Mysteries · C467
2 months ago
"Is he just dumb, or is he deliberately 'fishing'? "..... Klein my friend, I think it's both 😉 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C405
4 months ago
👻 When there's something strange~
in your neighborhood~
who you're gonna call~
Klein Moretti ! 👻
😉 View More

NVani: He is the god that Backlund deserves but not the one it needs right now. He is the Dark.... Ahem the Fool that doesn’t belong to this era, the mysterious ruler above the gray fog; the King of Yellow and Black who wields good luck

Lord of the Mysteries · C383
4 months ago
Curious to see what lies behind the bad feeling Klein got. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C367
4 months ago
This method works as well 😄 View More

Manav007: U have not mastered the dao of exp leeching
Me a master have developed a technique that gives ez XP first u post something and than u reply to your own comment and than leech the rewards
Go my disciple spread this technique to the whole world

Lord of the Mysteries · C367
4 months ago
Those history lessons are always great 😄 View More

isabant: More info about the fourth epoch...I really like when they recount that history as it helps Klein in finding out more about the secrets of the gods....they really buried a lot of them at the end of that epoch and the second epoch

Lord of the Mysteries · C358
4 months ago
I think he does 🤣 View More

AKirchner: „And the author has to smoke cannabis and be in a state of psychotic madness in order to create such a city…“ - Cuttlefish, do you want to tell us something?

Lord of the Mysteries · C342
5 months ago
It's not the usage of Mozart's works that are the most memorable to me... but the usage of Beethoven's most famous pieces 😀 That was such a laugh 🤣 View More

Lswarmruler: Roselle reminds me of the previous novel written by the author: Throne of magical arcana, where the mc Lucien Evans pretend to be a music prodigy by stealing mozart compositions...

Lord of the Mysteries · C325
5 months ago
Sounds legit...😀 View More

Lumosz: So sequence 8 is to joker that laughs like a maniac to hide his emotions while sequence 7 is batman who makes shiz load prep

Lord of the Mysteries · C320
5 months ago
For EXP 😀 View More


Lord of the Mysteries · C309
5 months ago
Same here 😀 View More

C4ssidy: when he commented about the spectator path, i was hoping MR.Fool would make a new mission for Miss.Audrey n her friend would get the Apotecary formula

Lord of the Mysteries · C307
5 months ago
Klein really knows how to find the weirdos...😅 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C306
5 months ago
Cat probably thought "Damn amateurs, that's not how you do a resurrection." 😠 View More

MonstrousBirdOfQin: When the animal is smarter than the humans,sigh.

Lord of the Mysteries · C300
5 months ago
Knowing Klein he's likely to be put in a situation where he'll have to pull himself out of a hat rather then any rabbits... View More

xR3n: Time to do the rabbit on a hat trick klein

Lord of the Mysteries · C295
6 months ago
For a moment I thought he literally ate a Demoness... 😅 View More

WannaKnot: "taste of a Demoness", I'm somewhere between curious and terrified.

Lord of the Mysteries · C290
6 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C1
6 months ago
I wonder if we'll have a "I'm Klein Moretti... You killed my captain...Prepare to die!" moment? 😉 View More

LoliStalker: I love that Klein almost lost his ****, damn I miss captain

Can't wait to see how thing goes down later, hype!

Lord of the Mysteries · C284
6 months ago
I wouldn't be surprised if he did :) View More

Darkdelusion: Maybe Emperor Roselle created it

Lord of the Mysteries · C283
6 months ago
I guess that's the fate of "The Fool". View More

isabant: Seriously....he seems to automatically attract trouble, he doesn't even get time to rest

Lord of the Mysteries · C279
6 months ago
EXP View More

EonHunter33: Exp

Lord of the Mysteries · C273
6 months ago
Let's all draw the symbol of the "blue crescent moon with pink polka dots"... :P View More

Kotylion: Well, Crimson Moon is a symbole and he is refering that symbol not any moon. Not A half moon, not a whole moon - The Crimson Moon. If the autor wanted to be exact he would have to write something like: "he traced A curved line on his chest". ;) Cent really Draw much of a moon with a finger, on your own chest :p

Lord of the Mysteries · C268
6 months ago
But if Klein reaches that level it's going to be renamed "Lord of the Poverty". View More

Eccofreerider: I think, its name is Lord of the mysteries.

Lord of the Mysteries · C265
6 months ago
They probably think it gives them credibility. You know... can't be an ancient civilization without at least one temple full of deadly traps making the temple really scary but also completely useless for any worship or anything... I think all those ancient civilizations and organizations build the temples just for show to confuse outsiders and held any prayers, meetings, or feasts in the local tavern. View More

XanTheInsane: I wonder why ancient civilisations always turn their temples/tombs into Indiana Jones style dungeons full of deadly traps.

Lord of the Mysteries · C261
6 months ago

Padoru_Padoru: The moment I read that there are seven doors, I know that they represent the seven Orthodox God

Lord of the Mysteries · C260
6 months ago
It was pretty obvious. View More

Padoru_Padoru: The moment I read that there are seven doors, I know that they represent the seven Orthodox God

Lord of the Mysteries · C260
6 months ago
I wonder if she will join the Tarot Club someday... View More

ScottyForsythe: I wonder how ms. Bodyguard's eyes are doing?

Lord of the Mysteries · C255
6 months ago
Looks like he's falling apart at the seams... physically if not mentally :) View More

missymirei: Err... that part where Mr. A licked the blood colored fragments... [shivers]

Lord of the Mysteries · C254
6 months ago

ResidentialPsycho: I think it might be an advanced sequence of the Apprentice pathway since Fors has similar abilities in regards to walking through walls. Using mirrors in such a way seems like an advanced form of that to me.

Lord of the Mysteries · C254
6 months ago
So as expected... one of the sequences is essentially a "Puppet master" :) View More

Flacile: For those curious, Nimblewrights are humanoid constructs made of wood or metal that serve their creator, similar to a golem.

Lord of the Mysteries · C251
6 months ago
Provided she doesn't get pissed at him for using her as a distraction, attacking her (even if only unintentionally) and then putting her to sleep to hide his secrets... View More

ResidentialPsycho: Wow... The bodyguard might be hiring Klein in the future after this! Her only job was to distract the assailant, and Klein did everything else. XD

Lord of the Mysteries · C250
6 months ago
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