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Original Works

  • The Dragon’s Path To Ascension

    The Dragon’s Path To Ascension


    The usual story of cultivating until ascension with a twist...the MC is a dragon (Warning: this is a first work and will likely not be consistent except during school breaks)

  • My Novel Ideas

    My Novel Ideas

    Martial Arts

    I have ideas sometimes that I would love to see be turned into a whole novel however I’m often too busy so here is a list of some contact me if you ever write one please


My bet is that the system is the god of this world so she’s (assumes gender oh no) never had to deal with this and gives in very easily View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C38
2 weeks ago

xinzhao: pride of habeng will be broken by mamy restaurant 👍😇😈😁

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C35
2 weeks ago

ANnA0029: Savagery wrap in cuteness 😂😂😂

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C35
2 weeks ago

Gamesempie: Hey author-chan come on over here. Don't worry I won't bite. I just want to give you something.
A swift kick in the butt!! How could you play with our maiden hearts like this 😭😭 Your so cruel author-chan.

Adopted Soldier · C186
2 weeks ago

MartialRose: Captain, the ship has left anchor” -many manly men start crying tears of joy-
“Excellent, drinks are on me tonight lads. We shall raise a glass to a long and joyful voyage.”

Adopted Soldier · C185
2 weeks ago

Tetractys: Amy, looking at the egg: I bet you'll taste delicious...

Egg: *sweats*

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C31
2 weeks ago

swaru: Chances are its a griffin and Amy keeps insisting that its an ugly duckling even after it hatches.

Then the griffin becomes completely terrified of Amy cos she will keep telling it to become a goose/swan(whatever Amy wants....) so that she may roast it and eat it.....

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C31
2 weeks ago
Have you read all of the novels and if so can you explain to me the overall story as I can’t figure it out by myself View More

tengensan: I thought that AWE was the story of Patriarch Vast Expanse, the Ghost. =)

A Will Eternal · C1301
2 weeks ago
I’ve read 2 of er gen’s novels boy am I fucking confused at the moment View More
A Will Eternal · C1297
2 weeks ago

SoulSickle: dormammu, i've come to bargain...

A Will Eternal · C1295
2 weeks ago
Bet song que comes out now View More
A Will Eternal · C1282
3 weeks ago
All of his companions came from his pill concocting in the end if you think about it View More

Tygon: Throughout the story Bai Xiaochun has had many battling companions like the Emerald Zombie, the Gargoyle, Bruiser, the Waterswamp Kingdom Beast, etc. But my favorite has to be Moonflower baby.

A Will Eternal · C1280
3 weeks ago
What? Who? View More
A Will Eternal · C1232
3 weeks ago
And he would later have his talks used as the foundation for sovereign Hawkins View More

Zangetsu0: This sovereign was definitely sovereign Einstein.

A Will Eternal · C1230
3 weeks ago
For me there was a few lulls especially once heavenspan was defeated for the first time the end of that dimension would have been a good enough end in my opinion View More

Loke500: it took 1225 chapters before i got bored of AWE, im gonna finish it anyway but still...

A Will Eternal · C1225
3 weeks ago
Slap slap slap View More
A Will Eternal · C1201
3 weeks ago

FenixDown: The face slapping is the best part xD

A Will Eternal · C1201
3 weeks ago
Well he has to go beyond the sovereign in the sky to complete his Sao so.... View More

IceTitan_04: it's as if the main character couldn't get more op...

A Will Eternal · C1181
3 weeks ago
In this case he is both the doctor and monster so Frankenstein isn’t necessarily wrong View More

animangaex: You will hate, but Frankenstein is the doctor not the monster.

A Will Eternal · C1167
3 weeks ago
For some reason I pictured her with white hair View More

FenixDown: https://cdn.[thatplace].com/uploads/deathblade/a-will-eternal/images/ytwd0uyw.kop.png

A Will Eternal · C1159
3 weeks ago
What do you mean? View More

IceTitan_04: I pretty sure they got the title for the chapter wrong...

A Will Eternal · C1144
3 weeks ago
I think of controlling those said demons and leading them on a crusade to begin the eternal darkness *insane cackling ensues* View More

muricami: When I think of home a hellscape appears deamons creep out the walls and I hide in the darkest corner

A Will Eternal · C1126
3 weeks ago
Little girl is da bomb. Literally! View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C27
3 weeks ago
It would be hard to have them with mortal women and it would take a long time for them to mature as they need a lot of energy View More

IceTitan_04: I thought it was supposed to be hard for him to have kids...but it turns out to be the opposite. He only did it with them once as well...

A Will Eternal · C1047
1 month ago
I thought he had metal and wood so would need fire and earth or am i misremembering View More

Tygon: If he gets this one he'll be missing metal and earth.

A Will Eternal · C556
1 month ago

Vrad_Zechs: Tafuq Author. You inserted yourself in? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Adopted Soldier · C28
1 month ago
24 kill streak! Tactical Nuke Ready! View More

Daoist_KenBoCole: Tatical Nukes Incoming!

A Will Eternal · C494
1 month ago
Press X to doubt View More

Hainbane: May be this finally teaches him how to be an *****. His childish bragging is very annoying.

A Will Eternal · C472
1 month ago
I have a sneaking suspicion her dad is ‘the celestial’ and he sent her out for experience View More

Sythcake: so wtf? if that ***** is so awesome then why was she wasting her time in a form of clones in the lower reaches??

A Will Eternal · C410
1 month ago
Am I truly 3rd? View More
A Will Eternal · C393
1 month ago
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