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Finally a new chapter View More
Rebirth in Against the Gods with The Ultimate System · C125
2 weeks ago
Yue View More
Red Dragon Emperor in Arifureta · C17
2 months ago
More please View More
3 months ago
100 power stones are okay, but 200 is to much View More
Reborn in DxD world with a Fate System · C123
4 months ago
Option 2 View More
Fate/King of Swords · C7
4 months ago

Sabth3607: Spoilers for chapter 22
Dante: hello devil may cry how may I help you today.
Rias: I want you to kill someone for me.
Dante: who, please enlighten me.
Rias: his name is Dante, and he took my best friend and wouldn’t kiss me and then he got his tea poured first.
Dante: stop being a spoiled ***** princess.
Dante proceeds to hang up and starts to eat a pizza,

Dante in DXD · C22
6 months ago
Lion View More
Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C14
7 months ago

DarkKnight32: Hope hinata is slowly falling for him if she falls for naruto im done that guy just had himself beaten up by some civilian or was it academy students and she fsll for him he showed her kindness saved her from getting kidnapped probably will train with her in the future mening they will get closer if naruto just by doing 1 thing and never tslk to her again have her be loyal to him untill the end then if our mc cant do the same im done xD

Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C12
7 months ago

ataxia: WOOOW an update,,,😱😱😱
Thanks for the chapter 👍👍👍👍

Welcome back author 😁😁

RWBY : The Black Reaper · C56
7 months ago

SamStrike: I really cant imagine him dancing for a Z-move, I hope he will find another way

Journey Towards Greatness · C155
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: Yep sorry.....not a big fan of Z-moves....I mean love the Pokemon move sets...i don't like seeing animated/pixelated people wriggling and dancing in the most awkward fashion possible......

Journey Towards Greatness · C155
7 months ago

Bel0140: Those stats are very intimidating
They were created to torture you to death
That freaking mountain that can either choose to smash you or mess you up with it's mind 😰😰😰

Journey Towards Greatness · C154
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: From now on and until the world ends, people shall call me by my 2nd title!!!!!
Description: title gained via locking author's in a basement with/without consent and is helped by his trusty squirrel named Chloe!!!

Sincerely: former Siomai_Rice_God

Journey Towards Greatness · C152
7 months ago

Evil_God_Zarakh: I see your soul has left the dark dungeon, just stay that way.

Journey Towards Greatness · C150
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: Thanks for chapter.........a normal reply for once from me to you(author)
The Basement Keeper

Journey Towards Greatness · C150
7 months ago

Lanais: I started reading your other novel too. Brilliant work, both the novels. Do take good care of yourself. I will kill myself if you don't update chapters for a day.

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
7 months ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Anti gravity chamber... Can become gravity chamber. Some say if you train under 500 times gravity your hair turns yellow

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
7 months ago

Cangkun: So... Your parents already know about you kidn- invite Author to your house?
(i see, so that's why your parents Stock so many food in there 🤔)

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: Well apparently that's where our parents keep the good stuff ahahahahahaha. ( I knew there was food but all the food that I knew about, that was in there was canned goods and a few chips sealed in a container inside the small refridgerator). So yeah I didn't know about the box of goodies I just thought they were you know spare stuff? Clothes? Underwear? More 2.5L water bottles? But yeah apparently not just a box of Tortillas and Lays.

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: Also I found out....aahahhahaahahah I just checked my basement. I found a good box of bags of Lays and TORTILLAS ahahahahahahahah welp better eat them they expire march 2020 after all

Journey Towards Greatness · C149
7 months ago

cargo22: What is up with the kidnappers?

Journey Towards Greatness · C146
7 months ago

Basement_Keeper: *Hush!* Author sama *Hush*
It'll be over very quickly(silent tone)

-Pull out a brown bag and a rope-



Journey Towards Greatness · C146
7 months ago

fangman: Mass release

Journey Towards Greatness · C146
7 months ago
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