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Your Dao of Webnovel has reached saint emperor realm my fellow daoist. I have seen this too and many times at that and it is the reason I dropped most Chinese novels. View More

SolitaryDemons: but for her to be a pillar she needs to have that Ice Yin Body Physique or whatever author plans to give her, then an immortal sect is going to find her talent and when Van asks if he can go there they will say it is a girl only sect and that he is too weak. Then he is going to scream that he will become strong and get her back. When he fights the sect it is going to be revealed that she has a higher cultivation level than him even though Main Character has gone through so many hardships to get power all the sister had to do was sit in a sect and cultivate without struggling to get cultivation materials.

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C16
1 day ago

SolitaryDemons: but for her to be a pillar she needs to have that Ice Yin Body Physique or whatever author plans to give her, then an immortal sect is going to find her talent and when Van asks if he can go there they will say it is a girl only sect and that he is too weak. Then he is going to scream that he will become strong and get her back. When he fights the sect it is going to be revealed that she has a higher cultivation level than him even though Main Character has gone through so many hardships to get power all the sister had to do was sit in a sect and cultivate without struggling to get cultivation materials.

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C16
1 day ago

Asamoah1992: Did Anyone notice the reference to Lord of the rings? One ring to rule them all? Love this book. It's one of my favourites.

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C7
1 day ago

InfiniteBookWyrm: not at all. assuming they're falling through air similar to the atmosphere of earth terminal velocity is somewhere around 200 km/hr, though volcanic gases mixed with hot air would probably raise that somewhat

Godking Ascending the Heavens · C4
1 day ago
This was a good chapter but still bad overall. No wonder the novel ended at 489. It's definitely going downhill. 4 chapter to kill one guy. Ridiculous. View More
Reincarnator · C450
1 day ago
This was bad. Trashy as ****. Dropped. View More
Fate Online: Shadow · C1
2 days ago

TwistedLove: Chapter one was one big synopsis. Half the time I didn’t even know what was going on. When Amanda died, I didn’t care bc I didn’t know who she was, same with Michael. You have amazing ideas, but failed to properly set the stage to “show” us your scene, instead you summarized it for us. The tenses were all over the place, pls stick with either past or present. For chapter one, this was a huge turn off. (You may want to go back and edit it bc ch 1 is critical to drawing or scaring away new readers). Background and characterization are essential for a good novel. Hopefully, some of these concerns were addressed in later chapters. I wish you luck and continued growth in your writing.

Fate Online: Shadow · C1
2 days ago

WakelessMars: And once againvthe author nerfs the m. The story is already slow enough and he does this might drop if this comtinues.

Paragon of Destruction · C143
3 days ago

Archena: He is foking 22 years old with lots of experience and killing. He is not a kid. Only a stupid like him would think otherwise.

Paragon of Destruction · C121
3 days ago

Volkov: He still is nai.ve and retarded idiot xD He doesn't have any common sense. Who would show off his wealth like that? Would gift from a so-called God be worthless?
He is only a stranger in a far away place without any protection and he just showed what he has -.- Even if that Lord had good character, enough temptation could make him kill Arren and then give some stronger guard as a compensation to Snowcloud. With Arren's experiece he should be more carefull, smarter and more vigilant.
I understand that he didn't think much of food but why? As he later noticed, it is for army building. He should stop thinking only about him and his small perspective and should start looking at bigger picture.

Paragon of Destruction · C121
3 days ago

Krader: It kills me seeing dual cultivation in the top 10 every week and then seeing this novel below 100, since this is infinitely better in all areas of storytelling.

Paragon of Destruction · C100
3 days ago

Heavens_Son: @TomVanDyke

While I can understand what you're going for with this comeuppance... it doesn't feel earned.

I know that's a weird thing to say, but bear with me. :P

The MC has received training from several multi-pillar Archmages, each one appearing to be a notable expert. Your worldbuilding indicates they are inferior to the border families, but it's only reasonable for them to be significant and powerful nonetheless.

One is the strongest mage in a major family, a backbone of power in the empire. If he's really a nobody (comparatively) then the struggle within the 6th Valley would not make any sense... because a handful of middle strength family lackeys could roll roughshod over the Empire's finest.

Then there is Fireheart, who casually disintegrates archmages.

Then there are the *literal gods* that the MC has run into - each of which took interest in him, and one of whom took time and effort to further develop him.

The guy has broken his realms open wide enough to overpower mages who worked diligently for decades.

He's eaten unfathomable riches that give him decades worth of body cultivation.

He's had all of the crazy, inexplicably lucky encounters one would expect of a Xanxia protagonist, and been given advantages that no one else could claim to have....

...and you're putting him in position to get rekt by randos in an audition for an entry level foot soldier position.

It's not a natural progression, and it makes the difference between the inner Empire and the outer families way, way, waaaay too large to make any kind of sense.

Paragon of Destruction · C94
3 days ago

CrispyMouse: Wow. Talk about idiotic. He wants to throw a fight but needs a strong opponent. The opportunity is right in front of him and he reacts on "instinct" and uses his magic. What a bunch of BS. I would be willing to believe the acts on instinct except he has been in multiple life and death fights. The reacts on instinct as applies here would be a result of panic. The fight lasted long enough that he had time to think.

Paragon of Destruction · C93
3 days ago

Pakhtun: Despite the fact that the MC realised his own stupidity, I still can’t help but want to curse him for his stupidity. He had the right opponent to lose to without making it look fake, but instincts. Instincts? Damn it, you blame it on instincts? So many things happened and you still can’t control your instincts to follow such a ****** plan that you made? It’s not your instincts! It’s your damn Plot Armour’s fault! 😂

Paragon of Destruction · C93
3 days ago
Character development????? I seriously doubt that he is getting any after coming this far. View More

TomVanDyke: Hey, I understand that his reaction is bound to piss off some readers, so I'll offer a short explanation of why he had to react this way.

Right now, he has more gold and treasure than he knows what to do with — more than he ever thought possible, and more than he currently believes he'll ever need.

In that sense, he's a bit like those athletes who suddenly earn millions of dollar, and end up wasting much of it.

The loss of some treasures currently seems like a small deal to him. Easy come, easy go.

(small spoiler: those athletes usually end up regretting it)

On the other hand, what he lacks are friends and allies. His mother left him, his father died, he left his hometown and the people he grew up with, and the friends he made during his travels are all far away.

So instead of getting angry, he ends up being dejected, feeling like this is just how the world works — everyone leaves eventually.

Right now, he’s a flawed person, and the current volume is largely about him finding stronger foundations, both in terms of magic and in terms of character.

That leads to some frustrating moments (and there are more to come…) but it’s a necessary part of his character development.

Paragon of Destruction · C91
3 days ago

Volkov: That is why MC is stupid for giving him so many good stuff. But he got new body technique so it wasn't for nothing.
And why won't he use all realms scrolls? In my opinion he is an idiot for not doing that - what would happen if he lost his void bag? He would use dozens of realms because of stupidity. Don't say that he should focus on mastering his elements he has now - just using scroll doesn't mean that he has to open realm immediately, and even then opening realm doesn't mean he has to use it before mastering his other ones

Paragon of Destruction · C90
3 days ago

FaustVoncleave: He wasn't smarter before, he's always been dumb in a way that only young people are dumb. It was even hinted that he wasn't going to study the seal seriously when he was questioning his master on it.

Paragon of Destruction · C89
3 days ago

DaoistMasterJohn: I am slightly jealous on behalf of the MC... some random side characters gets to sleep with all the women and the MC himself will probably die a virgin. RIP.

Paragon of Destruction · C84
3 days ago

Complicate: Another novel where MCs friend is way cooler than protag... sad a bit. Hes a good boy with one true love... pathetic.

Paragon of Destruction · C83
3 days ago

Neilstone: Arran eats four and is able to stay conscious the whole time. This guy eats one and passes out. I totally buy that he has near the same power level as Arran. Yup.

Paragon of Destruction · C77
3 days ago

Drellzie: I am seriously starting to dislike the MC's hot headedness and stupidity. Not really fun to read tbh, just annoying.

Paragon of Destruction · C75
3 days ago

humaenist: You haven’t read much, have you?

(Sorry, it was right in front of me, had to take it..)

Paragon of Destruction · C67
3 days ago

Zelsa: This scene was like telling a five year-old why going to college is important. A five year old can not grasp a concept like this. They would have to mature, gain wisdom and understanding of culture, society and possibly others things before understanding the weight of this advice. By the way, your main character has none of those . He doesn't even know geography, of his own world. The culture he knows very little of, politics etc. The pacing is too fast and your skipping essential world and character building that needs to proceed prior before dumping your character into this mess. Even in great books like the game of thrones, plot twist and confusing politic events happen and can be overwhelming at times but there is always a build up. Learn to walk before you can run. This story is clearly running without knowing how to crawl. This is my opinion. It's a good story. But pacing is the biggest issue this story has. Black cover manga is also fast pace, Akame ga kill is fast pace as well but they still throw in necessary world and plot development before doing anything else.

Paragon of Destruction · C65
3 days ago
Drugs he doesn't lack and always keeps finding more of. View More

Krader: He's only been able to fight them with super drugs that leave him in a damaged state. He also can only fight weaker grandmasters and that's with help

Paragon of Destruction · C64
3 days ago

EricRasputin: Aii... I kinda think that the plot id progressing too fast. Arran is still a novice but he's already dealing with masters, grand masters and archmages ... Very different from normal novels where there is a kind of build up as the MC progresses.

Kinda not liking it but lets see where this ends up. Cant hate a book just for being different :P

Paragon of Destruction · C64
3 days ago

The_Grindelwald: The mc make continually the worst choice, he is so dumb that it's become painful to read, by far the most retarded mc I've ever seen.

Paragon of Destruction · C57
3 days ago

Volkov: He is so retarded. If someone on God level made his prison that it can be opened only by force realm then why did he wasted whole week for his stupid tries? In one hour he should have already done everything he could.
And he wouldn't be in debt if he accepted that void bag and force realm scroll - he was held against his will so debt doesn't exist

Paragon of Destruction · C55
3 days ago

PandaCookie: Loving this but I have a sneaking suspicion that there will be competition for her when he gets back (her being the heiress to the clan and all)

The only reason I dislike MC couple separations is due to that overused cliché

Paragon of Destruction · C46
3 days ago

WaTDFuq: It's sad, this Jiang girl was an interesting character in the beginning but her development has had no rhythm or reason. And in the end, I can't wait to wash my hands off her. What the heck is author-san doing?

Paragon of Destruction · C42
3 days ago

Unknown47: Well seeing as this one had to be bribed to stay with the MC I’m not surprised so many people dislike her, if you want a female character who is liked for her character go read heavenly jewel change or stellar transformations

Paragon of Destruction · C40
3 days ago
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